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In every household, the washroom is the most used space. Hence, none of us can’t compromise with the bathroom taps or the entire fittings. Moreover, there is no chance of frequent replacements with them as well.

We all invest one time for costly and permanent items like bathroom fittings. So, it’s necessary to have the best bathroom taps in India. Due to hard water in several areas, some common issues may occur with them.

With the most frequent uses, the taps endure a lot. Some common issues are leaks, low water pressure, clog in the shower drain, running flush, slow draining sink, etc.

To get rid of these plumbing problems, you must choose the taps and fittings wisely. Moreover, the best bathroom fittings enhance the entire appearance. It makes your washroom look extraordinary and luxurious as well.

There are several popular brands available that manufacture good-quality bathroom taps. Still, among those popular brands, you must rely on brands like Alton, Jaquar, Cera, Hindware, etc. They manufacture the taps with the utmost quality that lasts long. It lets you enjoy an extraordinary experience every day. Also, there will be hardly any plumbing issues.

best bathroom tap in India

Best Bathroom Taps in India

Alton Grace Head Shower and TapBrass with Chrome finish1.8 kg7 Years
Jaquar Sink TapBrass with Silver polish970 g10 Years
Cera Wall Mounted Sink CockBrass with Chrome finish0.68 kg7 years
Hindware F280001CP Pillar CockBrass and copper699 g12 years
Kohler Pillar TapPolished Chrome on metal1 kg10 years
Alton Aura Brass Pillar CockBrass with Chrome finish870 g7 Years
Essco Jaquar Brass Sink MixerBrass with Chrome finish420 g10 years

1. Alton Grace 3780 Brass Wall Mixer Bathroom Tap

Alton Grace 3780 Brass Wall Mixer Tap

Key features

  • The brass body ensures the quality
  • The chrome finish gives an excellent look
  • The brass body prevents corrosion
  • It has a bold and attractive finish
  • It is available with adjustable size
  • Intelligent softening stream mode
  • Mirror look technology for better appearance
  • Super quality ensures an excellent bath experience

ALTON GRACE brass wall mixer tap comes with 3 water volume adjustments. You need to rotate the handle to the left, right, and straight for achieving both hot and cold water.

You can adjust the water volume according to your need. The easy 3 water volume adjustments let you enjoy the shower. You will get pure joy while taking a bath every day.

This bathroom tap includes two S-shaped adapters. The adapters adjust the distance of export and import the cold and hot water. Here the least distance is 5.3 inches and the most is 6.8 inches.

Here, you will get the advantage of mirror look technology with this tap. This technology makes the tap very reflective and keeps the tap bright lifelong.

Besides, the mirror look technology protects the tap from any dust mite and makes it look fresh. Thus this faucet also resists any type of corrosion and lasts long.


  • This bathroom tap is affordable.
  • Includes a hot and cold water mixture system.
  • The brass body resists corrosion.
  • The installation is very easy.
  • Mirror look technology keeps it shining lifelong.


  • The mechanism needs improvement.
  • The water flow may not that fast. It also depends on the water head.

What is Best About this Bathroom tap?

The appearance of this tap is the best part. It enhances the interior design of the entire restroom. Besides, it gives a classy touch to your decor. The durable brass body and chrome finish resist corrosion and scratches. Because of these great features, it is one of the best bathroom taps in India.

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2. Jaquar Bathroom Sink Cock Bathroom Tap

Jaquar Bathroom Sink Cock Tap

Key features

  • Excellent wall-mountable design
  • Brass material for superior long life
  • Polished chrome surface for better looks
  • Lever based handle for easy operation
  • The Centre handle maintains uniformity
  • The polished finish offers luxurious bathing
  • Mirror shine enhances the appearance of your bathroom

Jaquar’s sink tap is easy to mount in a wall which offers it a stable hold. The material is always capable of withstanding harsh usage and offers superior life.

The brass-made sink tap maintains a balance of elegance and durability. A smooth polished look makes it best for decorating your kitchens and bathrooms.

The handle is placed in the middle of the faucet. It offers a uniform look and enhances the user experience. The foam-based water flow is something you can’t overlook from this tap.

For luxurious bathing, you must grab this beautifully crafted product from Jaquar. The added mirror glossy finish offers a reflective glowing environment to your restroom.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the product offers 10 years of warranty. Customer support is also the best in resolving consumer’s queries.

If you are looking for the best bathroom tap that can suit your needs, check the details below.


  • The metal and chrome coating prevents starch.
  • It offers 10 years of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The water flow is smooth and uniform.
  • Best customer care and product registration.
  • A sturdy build ensures long life.


  • The handle is very light in feel.
  • The model needs some improvement.

What Is Best About This Bathroom Tap?

Jaquar is popular for its quality products. If you want to add a premium finish to your bathroom, this brand is best for you. It is not only premium but also delivers the best user experience. The added 10 years hassle-free warranty also ensures peaceful life.

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3. Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Mounted Sink Cock

Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Mounted Sink Cock

Key features

  • Easy wall-mountable mechanism
  • The brass body ensures high build quality
  • Polished chrome finish best in offering looks
  • Centre knob handle for easy operations
  • Unique angular tap for better water flow
  • Meet all safety norms
  • 100% eco-friendly materials used
  • Adds a luxurious feel to your washroom

Easy tap mounting is only possible with Cera’s Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings. The brass-made tap enhances durability and performance in the long run.

This beautifully polished tap has a shiny chrome texture. It not only offers a smooth finish but also shines for years.

The center placed knob makes the operation much simpler. Besides, effective handling makes it more usable in different washing and kitchen needs.

This different-looking bathroom tap grabs people’s attention. So, the brand thought of offering an angular tap for better looks and water flow.

The metals Cera uses are free from toxic elements that meet all safety norms. The 180-degree swivel spout makes it unique in its class.

For a better consumer experience, the brands add 7 years of hassle-free warranty. It showcases the confidence the brand holds in its products.


  • It has optional special aerators for ensuing all green norms.
  • Longer life with 7 years of trouble-free warranty.
  • Smooth knob control for better water flows control.
  • It has a swivel-able spout and wall flange.
  • The texture and chrome coating delivers confidence.


  • The product feels lighter when compared to others.

What Is Best About This Bathroom Tap?

Cera is a brand known for offering products with premium quality and elegant design. When you install the faucet on your sink, it enhances your kitchen’s interior look. The chrome finish improves the utility and protects the sink tap from corrosion. Moreover, the product offers a 180-degree directional tap flow.

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4. Hindware F280001CP Pillar Cock Bathroom Tap

Hindware F280001CP Pillar Cock Tap

Key features

  • The sleek and tall look makes it elegant
  • The tall sculpted body offers a luxurious touch
  • Smooth water flow with single level handling
  • Ergonomic design ensures less spillage
  • Single-hole easy installation
  • 100% virgin brass ingots and 63% copper
  • Copper casting ensures a long-lasting service life
  • Automated robotic electroplating technology
  • Lustrous shine provides a premium finish

Hindware is a famous Indian brand, and its chrome finish sleekest pillar tap is the best. Everyone should add this tall and sculpted body tap in their bathroom for a luxurious feel and looks.

The foamy water flow delivers a smooth feel while washing hands. The perfect balance of water pressure eliminates the harsh water load. If you are looking for the best bathroom tap, it can suit your needs.

Now you can control the water pressures to avoid spillage and wastage of water. Its ergonomic design and single-hole installation make it superior in usability.

The products come with 100% virgin brass ingots. It is perfectly infused with 63% copper casting for longer corrosion-free life.

The automated robotic electroplating makes it much more elegant and shinier. With the luxurious feel of the product, you also get its lustrous shine.


  • Superior quality and 12 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Aerator style offers smooth foam water flow.
  • High volume water flows without any wastage of water pressure.
  • Modern design makes your washroom more glamorous.
  • Mirror look technology makes it shiny for years.


  • The overall quality needs some improvements.
  • The handle is not that strong when compared to its body.

What Is Best About This Bathroom Tap?

Hindware is India’s one of the prestigious brands offering high-quality bathroom fittings. The above pillar cock is the best example of their quality and consumer satisfaction. It is a complete package of premium and luxurious feel to your bathroom. The customer support is also good, which makes it a perfect choice for every family.

5. Kohler 75377IN-4-CP Pillar Tap

Kohler 75377IN-4-CP Pillar Tap

Key features

  • True metal built with polished chrome finish
  • Brass constructed durable and reliable product
  • The ceramic built valves for longevity and durability
  • Anti-corrosion construction satisfies all industrials standards
  • The 3 layer metal coating ensures longer life
  • 50 years of industry testing makes it perfect for every home

If you want a truly metallic pillar tap, then Kohler is the best one for you. The surface of the tap is polished with a shiny chrome finish to deliver a beautiful appearance.

The tap is fully brass built, and highly durable. Hence, it’s reliable for all household purposes. No matter whether you install it in your kitchen or the washroom it serves very well.

The valves are made up of ceramics which makes it more premium when compared with their rivals. Kohler is one of those few products which satisfy industrial grade standards.

The brands also ensure that the tap is effective in offering lifetime performance. The main advantage is that it prevents tarnishing and corrosion.

The metal is coated with 3 layered finish for longer life. The testing standards of the brand are the best as it is a 50 years old company.


  • Contemporary design offers simple and elegant looks.
  • You can easily clean it by using a wet cloth.
  • Perfect for all types of needs including basin, countertop, and vessel.
  • Tall and vibrant looking create a premium feel.
  • Customer support is simply awesome via a toll-free facility.


  • A little costly.

What Is Best About This Bathroom Tap?

Kohler offers the best bathroom taps for hard water. The superior built quality ensures longer performance and durability. Kohler products are indeed on the costlier side, but they justify their value with their quality. If you want to add a premium and luxurious touch to your washroom, Kohler should be your first choice.

6. Alton Aura-19001 Brass Pillar Cock Bathroom Tap

Alton Aura-19001 Brass Pillar Cock Tap

Key features

  • Elegant handle design for an exceptional look
  • Countertop mountable with single hole installation
  • Brass construction ensures durability and reliability
  • Chrome finish delivers the elegant appearance
  • Mirror look technology provides true shine for a premium look
  • A Long-lasting 7 years warranty makes it a trusted product
  • Neoperl aerator for high water pressure

This tap perfectly meets the combination of modern design and modern technology. The unique design of this product makes it suitable for modern bathrooms.

This tap is excellent in quality and efficiency. This faucet perfectly works without sacrificing water pressure and performance.

Here, you will get the convenience of an elegant handle design. This premium-looking handle compliments your washroom’s interior design. Thus it offers a classy look to the entire decor.

It comes with mirror look technology. It makes the tap very reflective and maintains the brightness for long years. 

The inbuilt “Neoperl Aerator” helps to overcome any defect caused by traditional bubblers. So with high water pressure, this bathroom tap can flow more water.


  • The best combination of quality and efficiency.
  • Modern technology and design for better water flow.
  • The mirror look makes it highly reflective for a bright feel.
  • Water flow offers constant bubbles without suppressing the water pressure.
  • Enhances your interior design and ease of usability.


  • The neck of the tap is a bit smaller.
  • There is a risk of getting scratches.

What Is Best About This Bathroom Tap?

The Alton bath d├ęcor delivers best-in-class design, including modern technology. The brand ensures higher quality and efficiency. The performance is something Alton never compromises with. So, we recommend you to buy Alton cheap and the best bathroom fittings in India. It offers high-class decor with a constant flow of water.

7. Essco Jaquar Brass Sink Mixer Tap With Swinging Spout

Essco Jaquar Brass Sink Mixer Tap With Swinging Spout

Key features

  • 100% pure stainless-steel construction
  • Wall mountable with single-point installation
  • Delivers beautiful contemporary styles
  • Innovative technology-infused
  • The design is something that adds elegance
  • Brass infused layering for durability
  • Brass polish makes it look extraordinary
  • Flat center-mounted handle

The Essco Jaquar sink mixer is perfect for every modern lavatory. It makes the water distribution simpler than ever.

The compact design of this tap offers an aesthetic appearance to your restroom. It is not only excellent in looks but also great in quality.

The 100% pure stainless steel construction makes this tap very durable. As the stainless steel body resists corrosion, it lasts long as well.

With a one-time investment, you can treat your bathroom with this luxurious-looking tap. You will get an incredible bathing experience every day.

The center flat-mounted handle lets you use the tap easily. The great part of this tap is that it perfectly combines both cold and hot water.


  • Stainless steel body helps in minimizing the scratches.
  • Foam water flow maintains smoothness and uniformity.
  • Superior customer service with online product registration.
  • Rigid build for a longer life span.
  • 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The flat handle construction needs some improvement.
  • You can’t use chemicals to clean this tap.

What Is Best About This Bathroom Tap?

Jaquar is best in delivering premium quality bathing accessories to consumers. A luxurious washroom does need some elegant stuff to enrich its beauty. So, we suggest everyone at least give this a chance to try out this tap. The user experience and the 10 years hassle-free warranty make this product trustworthy.

buying guide for best bathroom taps

Buying Guide to choose the best Tap for your bathroom

The overall performance of your bathroom fittings depends on the water pressure system. It also depends on the quality and aspects of the taps that you are using. Whether you buy taps for your restroom or basin, you must consider several aspects such as;

Type of Bathroom taps

Modern lavatory and basins are perfect for accommodating various types of taps. For example, a standard basin used to have two separate holes for two taps. And, the contemporary basins come with a single hole for a mixer tap. A mixer tap comes with several great benefits.

If you have small basins, you can go for the contemporary roll taps or the high-rise taps. A wall-mounted tap will also be ideal and give a sleek and modern look to your bathroom. So, you need to choose the type of taps according to your basin or washroom fittings.

Here, we are going to describe the different types of best bathroom taps so that you can choose the suitable one for your needs.

Wall mounted taps

These taps are ideal for modern bathrooms. The sleek design of these taps enhances the overall appearance. If there is no huge space in your washroom, you can surely choose the wall-mounted taps.

types of bathroom taps

Traditional basin and bath taps

These taps come with combined crosshead handles and rounded spouts. These taps are available in various configurations as well. If you prefer a traditional look in your bathroom, you can go for these taps.

The pillar taps are the most common type of traditional basin and bath taps. These taps are suitable for two-hole sinks.

It comes with two separate taps that are perfect for traditional basins. One tap draws the cold water and the other one hot water.

Pillar taps are available in two styles that include levers and crossheads. Crosshead taps come with rounded spouts. It ensures a classic look, whether levers include several designs.

Contemporary basin and bath taps

These taps are ideal for modern washrooms. It offers a luxurious appearance to your decor as well. So, if you want to spend some luxurious time in your shower room, contemporary bath taps will be an ideal option.

Regular Mixer taps

These taps can combine cold and hot water into one pillar. And, there are separate controls for both cold and hot water. For a modern lavatory, these taps are suitable enough.

Mixer taps perfectly do the job of two separate taps and look excellent. By using a single lever, these taps ensure proper water temperature.

Waterfall taps are a common type of mixer taps. These taps are quite popular nowadays for modern bathrooms. The open-top spout flows the water like a waterfall. These extremely stylish taps complement your entire decor.

High rise mixer taps

These taps look like a taller monobloc tap. Hence, it is ideal for countertop sinks. These taps look excellent with the sit-on bowls as well. It comes with open spouts as well. Thus, these taps offer a much more dramatic and eye-catching view.

Freestanding taps

Tap holes are not that suitable with bathtubs. Hence, for bathtub settings, you can go for the freestanding taps. These taps are available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Cloakroom taps

If you have installed a small basin, a cloakroom tap will be perfect for the basin. These basins are also available in both traditional and contemporary designs. (Reference: Thetapshop)

Shape and design of spout

While you are purchasing the best taps for bathrooms in India, you have to consider the spouts. The water flow depends on the shape of the spout. Hence, you can’t compromise with this aspect.

Moreover, it will be frustrating if you can’t even squeeze your hands under the running water. Hence, you must choose the taps with the properly sized spouts. You need to consider the spout according to the depth of the basin.

If you have a compact basin, then a tap with a shorter spout will be suitable. If you choose a cloakroom tap, then you should look for a short spout. For a large bathroom, a tap with a longer spout will be suitable.

bathroom tap

Size and Compatibility

Size also should get considered while you are purchasing a bathroom tap. But, most of the faucets come in the standard size.

If there will be a small space in your restroom, you should go for the compact size taps. It will save space and complement the appearance of your lavatory.

For basins particularly, you have to consider the size of the tap according to the basin size. If you choose an oversize tap for a small basin, it will look odd. So, you need to choose the tap’s size according to the size of the basin and bathroom.

Water pressure requirement

It’s essential to consider while purchasing the best bathroom tap in India. If you want your faucets to work perfectly, you must consider the water pressure. Usually, low water pressures are gravity-fed and have less than 1.0 bar. So if the water pressure will be low, you need to choose the bathroom fittings accordingly. 

For high water pressure, you can choose almost every basin tap. Pumped, mains-fed, and combi boilers are suitable for high-pressure systems.

Bathroom Tap Handles

Handles are also important to consider as the appearance of your tap depends on the handle. If you are going for a contemporary tap, then lever handles will be ideal.

For busy homes, single lever taps are suitable enough as the lever is child-friendly. It is easy to handle. If you are hygiene concerned, then also these handles will be ideal for you. Knobs are also very easy to use.

Finish and Elegance

You must consider the finish of the tap that you are purchasing. Usually, chrome-effect finishes are the most popular for bathroom taps. These taps perfectly work with a wide range of restroom fittings and basins. Always look for a gold-effect finish that ensures an attractive appearance to your lavatory.

Frequently Asked Questions about bathroom taps

How to clean bathroom taps?

To clean bathroom taps, you need to remove pots, soaps, and toothbrushes around the tap. Thus you can easily access the tap. You can use any dish soap or bathroom cleaning solution on the tap. Leave the tap for a few minutes. Then use a cleaning brush for cleaning the taps. Also, you can use baking soda or vinegar to clean the taps.

Can you use bathroom taps in the kitchen?

It’s fine to use bathroom taps in commercial kitchens. But you need to check for proper pipe settings for perfect water flow. You can use mixer taps on kitchen sinks. It works perfectly both in bathrooms and kitchens. But, if you will fix a bathroom tap in your kitchen, you should go for a small-sized tap.

What should you look for when buying a bathroom tap?

While you buy a bathroom tap, there are a few aspects you should look for. You have to consider the size of your restroom. According to the space of your bathroom, you should choose the taps. Also, consider the material, finish, water pressure, price, and taps functionality. By considering all these aspects, you can expect the best performance of the tap.

What is the most popular finish for bathroom taps?

Shiny chrome is the most popular finish for bathroom taps. Moreover, taps with chrome finish come in an affordable price range. Also, you can get faucets with nickel, or stainless steel. All these metal finishes look excellent and give a shiny look to the taps.

What is the best metal for bathroom fixtures?

Brass is the best-known metal for bathroom fixtures. Besides, brass taps last for many years. It prevents corrosion and ensures the best quality. Also, some other popular metals are stainless steel, zinc, and zinc alloys. So, if you want a long-lasting tap, you can go for any of these materials.

India’s best bathroom tap: Conclusion

In India, it’s not that difficult to get the right bathroom fittings. In fact, both over the online and offline market, you will get plenty of options for faucets.

A good quality tap ensures good water flow and makes your bathroom look much better. The best quality bathroom taps can transform an ordinary washroom into a luxurious one.

Jaquar, Hindware, Alton, Kohler are the best brands for bathroom taps in India. You can choose any taps among these brands.

In this article, we have mentioned the most desired bathroom taps. These are individually best in their performance and quality. You just need to consider the space and decor. Thus you will convert your ordinary washroom into a luxurious bathroom.

Every day you will get the most relaxing bath. Not only you but your guests also will be charmed with the amazing design of these taps.

Besides, never compromise with the taps as you can’t replace the entire decor frequently. With a one-time investment, you must get the best bathroom tap in India.

If you are still confused among the various brands, you surely can go for the mentioned brands. Make sure to go through the comprehensive buying guide and treat your bathroom with the best taps.

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