7 Best Bread Makers in India (2024) To Bake Homemade Bread

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The best bread maker in India can mix and knead the ingredients to make fluffy bread with its automated menu settings. You can use different types of flour, like sourdough, wheat flour, multigrain flour, etc., to make bread in a bread maker at your home. With various loaf sizes and crust color options, bread makers are helpful kitchen appliances for every bread-lover.

Here, we have selected top-notch products that are ideal for Indian requirements. Brands like Lifelong, Sharp, Kent, Glen, American Micronic, Hamilton Beach, and Oster are pioneers in producing the best gluten-free bread makers. So, knowing their pros and cons from the comparative review and critical decision-making factors from the buying guide will help you choose a suitable bread maker in 2024.

best bread makers in India

The 7 Best Bread Makers in India (2024)

best bread maker machines – review

1. Lifelong Atta And Bread Maker

Lifelong Atta And Bread Maker

Key features

  • 19 preset baking menus
  • 3 loaf sizes and 3 crust colors
  • 550 watts power consumption
  • Dimension: 25.5 x 35.5 x 30.5 cm
  • Weight: 5.2 Kg
  • Package: Bread maker, measuring Cup, measuring spoon, bread pan, hook, warranty card, recipe book
  • 1-year warranty

What makes Lifelong Bread Maker the best in India?

There are 3 loaf size options available- 500 g, 750 g, and 1000 g. So, it is perfectly suitable for any family size. With such a comprehensive option, you can make sweet, brown, wheat, or oats bread at your home.

This device is available with an LCD display. This helps you to check out the status of bread-making time, temperature, and other parameters. Thus, you can make the perfect bread at the right time.

Not only that, but the stainless steel bread maker also comes with 19 digitally customized programs– Basic, Quick, Sweet, French, Whole Wheat, Rice Bread, Gluten-Free, Dessert, Mix, Dough, Knead, Cake, Jam, Yogurt, Bake, Sticky Rice, Rice Wine, Defrost, and Stir Fry. Those will help you to operate the device as you want.

Do you have someone in the family who is allergic to flour?

Not to worry, as you can offer them oats bread or multigrain bread if you buy this product. Also, enjoy white bread, brown bread, oats bread, etc.

There is also adjustable crust control. It helps you to enjoy the excellent crust that you need. Go for light, medium, and dark crusts. Have your favorite bread just like you prefer.


  • Wide range of unique options and menus to prepare bread.
  • The device comes with easily detachable components.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Operating the bread maker is straightforward.
  • Pretty affordable in price compared to other products.


  • The menu button functions could be improved.

Why is Lifelong bread making machine worthy?

If you are looking for the best atta and bread maker, this is the right product for your need. The automated menus, loaf sizes, and crust control options are worthy at a reasonable price.

2. Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker For Home

Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker For Home

Key features

  • Advanced Japanese technology helps to bake soft and fresh bread
  • 2 loaf sizes with 3 crust colors
  • 12 fully automatic menus
  • 600 watts power consumption
  • Stainless steel body with glossy finish
  • Package: bread maker, bread pan, measuring cup, measuring spoon, hook, kneading blade, recipe book.
  • Warranty: 1 year

What makes Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker an excellent choice?

If you are trying to make bread at your home, this product can be a great choice. It is manufactured with advanced Japanese technologies. So, making soft and fresh bread is just a matter of fact. You get evenly bread with perfect textures without losing any nutrients. Once you use it, the wonderful aroma of the freshly baked bread and the bun will enchant all of you.

When we buy bread from a shop, we often complain about the loaf size or the color of the crust. Sometimes, it is under-baked, and sometimes over-baked. So, that is a problem with buying bread from the market.

But, with this unique stainless steel bread maker, you now get the type of bread you want. Two loaf sizes are available for bread making. One is 700 g, and the other one is 1000 g. So, you can use it for daily requirements and special occasions.

For the crust color, you also get three options. You can have light, medium, or dark crust as per your desire. So, choose the right size and crust color of the bread and enjoy your meal.

It comes with 12 automatic programs– Basic, French, Whole Wheat, Quick, Sweet, Ultra-Fast, No-Gluten, Dough, Jam, Cake, Bake, and Homemade. To use Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker, follow these simple steps-

  1. Remove the bread pan by turning it anti-clockwise.
  2. Attach the kneading blade and add ingredients to the baking pan.
  3. Place the bread pan by turning it clockwise. (the reverse process of the 1st step)
  4. Add yeast to the baking pan and then close it.
  5. Add fruits and nuts to the ingredient dispenser.
  6. Turn on the machine, select a suitable program, and start the operation.
  7. When the process is completed, take out the bread.

Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker works with a regular 220V power supply and needs 600 watts of energy. So, running this machine an hour daily will cost you 18 units of electricity every month, which is pretty affordable.


  • Stainless steel body material like no other products.
  • Inbuilt programmed menus to make your job easy.
  • This machine is so convenient and easy to use that you can enjoy bread every morning.
  • Inbuilt fruit and nut dispenser.
  • The bread pan is made of high-quality materials to give you evenly-baked bread.
  • The machine is toxin-free for making healthier bread.
  • It is easy to use and cost-effective.


  • After a long power outage, the machine restarts the baking process.
  • It is a costly device.

Why is Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker worthy?

This is one of the best bread makers in India that you can easily use at your home. The wide range of automated programs and multiple loaf sizes make it worthiest. If gluten-free bread is a must-have item on your breakfast table, it is ideal for your needs.

3. Kent – 16010 Atta and Bread Maker

KENT - 16010 Atta and Bread Maker

Key features

  • 19 multi-cooking preset programs
  • Delay Timer: 1 hour
  • Loaf Capacity: 1 Kg
  • 550 watts power requirement
  • Package: Atta bread maker, dough pan, measuring spoon, measuring cup, kneading panel remover, and user manual.
  • 1-year warranty

What makes KENT Atta And Bread Maker A Good Choice?

A multifunctional bread-baking facility is one of the significant benefits of buying this product. Today, people prefer innovative cooking as it takes less time and you can be more creative. This is one of the best bread machines available in India for such kitchen requirements.

The bread maker has a multi-cooking bowl for 1 Kg of the loaf. So, you don’t worry if you are having guests. Enjoy bread-making as much as you want. You don’t get tired of baking dough anymore. Kent atta and bread-making machine can ease the process, saving you time.

You can bake 11 types of bread with this device. So, you can offer varieties of foods to your families and make them happy. Monitor the baking status easily using the LCD panel.

There are 19 multi-cooking preset programs on this device- Basic, Quick, Sweet, French, Whole Wheat, Rice, Gluten-Free, Dessert, Poori Atta, Pizza Dough, Chapati Atta, Cake, Jam, Yogurt, Bake, Sticky Rice, Rice Wine, Defrost, and Stir Fry. So, enjoy having a full-course meal with Kent Bread Maker.


  • Bake multiple types of bread.
  • Enjoy your bread with different crusts.
  • The appliance is available with the hard-anodized non-stick coated bowl for Indian requirements.
  • The cost is affordable.
  • Easy bread-making process.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are effortless.


  • Wheat bread does not puff up as normal bread.
  • Baked bread slices are bigger than usual.
  • The outer body is made of aluminum rather than stainless steel.

Why is Kent Bread Maker worthy of buying?

Kent bread maker is an excellent choice for its useful functions to bake the tastiest bread. Enjoy your cooking with such an advanced device and limit your time in your kitchen.

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4. American Micronic – Atta and Bread Maker

American Micronic - Atta and Bread Maker

Key features

  • 19 automatic program settings
  • User-friendly soft-touch panel
  • 3 loaf sizes: 500, 750, and 1000 grams
  • 550 watts power requirement
  • 3 different kinds of curst color options
  • 1 year of warranty

What makes Glen Bread Maker best for making bread?

This product comes with a user-friendly soft-touch panel. Thus, controlling the appliance is easy. The 19 preset menus will help you make different types of bread and enjoy having healthy bread and jams and cakes.

There is an inbuilt timer with the bread maker. So, if you ever forget to put off the appliance after use, do not worry. It will be automatically switched off after preparing the dish.

Also, it has an LCD screen that will assure you of the stages of the bread-making procedure. It will help you to monitor the cooking progress and follow the next steps of making gluten-free bread.

The bread maker is provided with additional apparatus which makes your job easy. Besides the central unit, you also get a measuring cup, dough hook, spoon, and a user manual. There is a detachable non-stick inner pot. Therefore, cleaning the device is simple. You can use soap water and a soft cloth to wash it.

There are also side handles that make it easy to lift. The product is compactly designed and lightweight. So, carrying it won’t be difficult.

You can make soft and fresh bread each time you use this device. This bread maker has a warm function that can keep the bread warm for 60 minutes. Enjoy your warm bread whenever you want.


  • Large range of loaf capacity for any family size.
  • There is a viewing window to check out the bread-making process.
  • Besides bread, make jam and cakes.
  • The LCD offers better visibility.
  • Low power consumption of only 0.5 kWh.
  • It is a budget-friendly product.


  • The shape of the loaf slice is not rectangular, instead, it is square.

Why is American Micronic Bread Maker worthy?

Buying this product is beneficial as it is compact, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. Enjoy the taste of bread at home without any intoxication. If you are looking for the best bread maker for a gluten-free diet, go for this product.

5. Glen Bread Maker 3304

Glen 3034 Bread Maker

Key features

  • 12 automatic menu with 3 crust settings
  • Keep warm function: 1 hour
  • Bread Capacity: 700-1000 grams or 3.5 L
  • Memory function to run while powering failure
  • Electronic control panel
  • 615 watts rated power
  • 1-year warranty

What makes Glen Bread Maker excellent for your requirements?

Certain appliances only make bread but do not knead it. In that case, you need to knead the dough by yourself. That is tiring and time-consuming, especially when you are preparing breakfast.

But, with Glen bread maker, you won’t have any such issues. Here, you can let the machine knead the dough itself and then make the bread.

It is equipped with 12 settings for different kinds of bread. So, preparing the bread of your choice is easy now.

Want to enjoy eating your bread warm?

Enjoy fresh and warm bread after 10 minutes of making it.

For medium to large families, this bread maker is perfect. It can make 700 g to 1000 g of bread within an hour. So, enjoy your meal with your entire family together.

What happens if the power goes off suddenly while making bread?

Not to worry, as this product has a memory function. It works up to 10 minutes after power failure.


  • A detachable baking pan makes cleaning easy.
  • Available with audible signals to notify you when to add ingredients.
  • Make the bread of your favorite crust.
  • The viewing window helps you to check the bread-making process.
  • This product is available in a compact design.
  • Kneading and baking can be done easily.


  • Less number of programs.
  • Overall quality lacks than previous products.

Why is Glen 3034 Bread Maker worthy?

A compact machine can be stored easily. Go for this product as it can meet such a requirement. Being one of the best bread makers, it is durable and also has enough longevity. So, investing in it is worth it.

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6. Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine

Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine

Key features

  • Ideal for up to 2 lbs of bread
  • 12 bread-setting menus with 3 crust options
  • 650 watts power consumption
  • 13-hour programmable baking timer
  • Available with a large LCD display

How useful is an Oster bread maker machine for Indian requirements?

If you delay your breakfast, the entire routine of the day will be disturbed. You need such appliances that will make your job easy.

It comes with an Expressbake system. With this feature, bake hot and fresh bread within an hour. There won’t be any delay.

You just require to set the timer, and your bread is done. This Oster bread maker also has an LED display to show the progress and settings of the bread-making procedure.

This appliance is given a 13-hour programmable timer for baking. It allows you to get soft and tasty bread within a specific time. You can get fresh bread whenever you want.

There are also 9 bread settings to offer you different pieces of bread. Make flour bread easily in it. As alternatives, go for brown bread, oats bread, multigrain bread, ragi bread, and so on.

You will also find 3 crust settings in this appliance. If you prefer light bread, you can prepare it; otherwise, go for dark and medium bread. For making healthy bread, this machine is the best in terms of quality and durability.


  • You can bake bread, jam, dough, etc. in it.
  • The large LCD display shows you the stages of bread making.
  • This appliance is suitable for large families.
  • It is available with different settings in the menu.
  • Having soft and fresh bread is just a matter of time.


  • No warranty is available.

Why is Oster Bread maker worthy?

This bread maker is perfect for large families or when you have guests in your house. It can serve a large amount of bread altogether. Also, it is swift in baking the bread. So, investing in this appliance is worthwhile.

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7. Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker

Key features

  • 12 automatic menus and 3 crust control options
  • Modes: French, gluten-free, quick bread, sweet, 1.5-lb express, 2-lb express, dough, jam, cake, whole grain, and bake
  • 13-hour preset timer
  • 600 watts rated power

What makes this bread maker a good choice?

A simple bread maker only makes bread, while this product from Hamilton Beach can serve varieties of purposes. It can knead, mix, bake, and rise bread more quickly than any other machine. Making a 2-pound loaf is super easy with this bread-making machine.

What kind of bread do you like?

Do you prefer crispy crust, or is it the softer ones you prefer?

With this product, you can prepare any bread. Go for white bread, brown bread, French bread, multigrain ones, etc.

Don’t you have a sandwich maker?

You don’t need to buy one if you have this bread machine at home. Prepare a baked sandwich with a soft crust in this bread maker.

This Hamilton Beach bread maker machine comes with a well-designed yeast dispenser. The arrangement makes it easy to add and mix yeast to the bread dough. You don’t have to do anything manually, as it adds yeast automatically to the mixture.

While making sweet bread, gingerbreads, or banana bread, you don’t require to add yeast separately. Bread varieties, like focaccia, pizza dough, croissants, etc., can be prepared with this machine.


  • Saves your time while baking bread.
  • Getting bread with a nice aroma is easy now.
  • Make different kinds of bread in this appliance with multiple crust options.
  • This is a user-friendly device with easy features.
  • It runs automatically after pushing the button.
  • It makes gluten-free bread.

What it lacks

  • As it is imported from the US, you may need a voltage converter to work.
  • No warranty is available.

Why is Hamilton Beach Automatic Bread Maker worthy?

This is one of the best bread makers that you can get for your home. If you wish to have bread in the breakfast, go for this device. It is cost-effective and multifunctional to make your experience more fascinating.

Benefits of making bread with a bread maker

With a 32% consumption rate, Southern India stands first in having bread compared to Northern India (27%). If you belong to this group, you must be aware of the nutritional values of bread.

Bread is high in carbohydrates and low in micronutrients. Made of white and refined flour, such bread can have high gluten content. Also, buying bread from the shop costs us a lot of money in the long run.

So, if you still love to eat bread, buying the best bread maker in India is worth it for your home. Let’s explore more advantages of using this gadget at your home.

bread maker benefits
  • Making Bread with Bread Maker Is Cheaper Than Buying Bread

If you buy a bread maker machine, it will be a one-time investment. Baking bread with a bread maker saves you money in the long term. Besides, get better quality bread which is healthier than the market-made product.

  • Bread Makers are Easy to Use

The bread makers you are going to buy are mainly automatic. So, using it is simple. Not only baking, but a quality bread machine also has an inbuilt facility for mixing the dough that serves the purpose of a hand mixer or a stand mixer.

  • It Is a Healthy Option to Make Bread

When you buy bread from the market, you are unaware of the ingredients used in it. But, while you are making it with a bread maker, you know what ingredients you are using, and there are all-natural components.

You can get healthy options like gluten-free bread, oats bread, multigrain bread, and so on. And all these homemade products are free from any additives and preservatives.

  • A perfect companion for Busy People

Today, people don’t have much time to spend inside the kitchen. So, they want certain appliances that can make your job easy. The bread maker machine can prepare any bread quickly.

Not only that, but bread makers are very effective in making different kinds of recipes, like jams, cakes, sandwiches, etc.

  • The Taste Is Superior

Many of you think that the taste of bread can be different if it is made at home, by the bread makers. It won’t happen if you choose from our listed recommendations. After mixing the batter properly, you can easily make bread at your home. The taste and aroma of the fresh bread are fantastic. And when you are baking bread with different recipes, you know what kind of ingredients you are using and in what quantity. That also enhances the taste of bread.

So, these are some of the benefits of buying a bread maker for your modern kitchen. There are many bread machines available with exclusive features. Learn more about how to choose the right one for your kitchen in the next section.

buying guide for bread makers

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Bread Maker

When you have so many options to buy, finding an ideal bread maker in India gets challenging. That’s why following a thorough buying guide will help you to find the appropriate product for you.

If you are a beginner or planning to buy a new bread-making machine, follow this buying guide.

Bread Maker types

First of all, you should know the types of bread makers so that you can buy the correct variant for your home. Here are two unique kinds of breadmakers-

  1. Vertical Bread Maker: These machines are tall and shaped like a brick. Such bread makers are compact in design and affordable. Storing is easy, and it will bake soft and fluffy bread quickly.
  2. Horizontal Bread Makers: You may go for this type if you want your bread to look like the ones you buy.

Sizes of Bread Makers

The bread maker machines are available in different sizes and capacities. Knowing the classifications will help you to find a suitable bread-making machine for yourself.

  • If you have a smaller family, go for small bread maker machines of 1 lb.
  • Medium-sized bread makers can make 2 lb of bread.
  • For large families, large bread machines like 2.5 lb to 3 lb are perfect.

Know the Cost-effectiveness

This is another vital aspect you have to consider while buying a bread-making machine. If you want to buy a branded bread maker, that will be available within Rs. 9000. Besides, there are large ranges of different products based on their functions. Check out the reviews and make sure which machine you want. Pay accordingly.

Is the bread maker Time-saving?

In India, no one has that much time to cook nowadays. Therefore, people look for certain appliances that save time in the kitchen. While choosing the bread maker machine, you should know this very well.

There are traditional bread makers that take around 3 to 4 hours for making the bread. The process includes mixing, kneading, rising, punching down, and so on. But, if you go for modern appliances, those can do everything within an hour. Those will save much of your time.

longevity of the bread maker machine

While looking for a bread maker machine, ensure it is made of durable materials so that it can serve you for a long. You should always buy a product that lasts longer. Stainless steel bread makers are preferable for their distinct advantages. Also, check out the quality of the non-stick pan so that you know about the coating.

Check out the warranty period and service options to get free service if your product has any issues ever.

Make sure it makes minimal noise

Any appliance that makes too much noise will disturb you. So, while shopping for a bread maker, ensure it won’t make much noise. The traditional machines are noisy so you can stay away from them.

Instead, go for the modern appliance where you will find the auto-timer that will put off the machine after your bread is made. So, you don’t get disturbed by ringing and rattling sounds during breakfast.

Know the Number of Blades

If you want to make small loaves, then a one-blade machine will be perfect for you. But, such a machine will not be suitable for large loaves. Such machines cannot be good for kneading enough amount of dough.

So, buy two-bladed models that are perfect for Indian kitchens. From kneading to making perfect soft bread, two-bladed machines are the best.

What Else Can the bread maker Do?

A bread maker machine is not a mere machine to prepare bread, but it can do something more. So, while buying one for your home, check out that function too.

Besides making varieties of bread, a bread machine should be able to prepare jam, yogurt, cakes, baguettes, etc. Some models can also bake meat or chicken. Buying such a multifunctional product is highly beneficial.

Check out the Control Panel and Viewing Window

Are you an inquisitive baker?

A bread maker with a control panel and viewing window is for better control. The viewing window lets you check out the stages of its bread-making process. Also, it let you know the time when you want to add more ingredients during bread making.

In different bread makers, you will get varieties of control panels. The control panel with multiple automatic settings helps you to enjoy different kinds of bread. Easily read the functions and programs and use those.

Does It Come with an Alarm?

Buying a bread maker with an alarm will be helpful for you. If you prefer to add fruits and nuts to your bread, an alarm will let you know when to add those ingredients. Misjudging the time of adding those ingredients will hamper the taste and texture of the bread.

So, specific machines will give you a ‘beep’ sound, and you will know when to add those ingredients.

So, here you get the necessary buying guide for bread makers. Follow it and also talk to the dealer to know more about the particular features of the product you choose to buy.

bread maker

Frequently Asked Questions about Bread Makers

Is homemade bread healthier than store-bought?

Yes, it is always healthier than the store brought. The store brought ones to contain certain preservatives and additives which can be toxic. Besides, those are not always fresh. Again, the store brought products often come with gluten, high in carbs, and sugar content can be high. All of these are not good for your health. So, look for a bread maker machine and prepare hot and fresh bread in your home.

Is it cheaper to make your own bread with a bread maker?

Making bread with a bread-making machine is a cheaper option than buying bread from stores. Yes, you need to buy ingredients, but those are a one-time investment. And with those ingredients, prepare any quantity of bread you want. The best bread makers are speedy and can bake bread within an hour. So, it won’t cost much of your electricity in the bread-making process.

Do bread machines use a lot of electricity?

No, the excellent quality bread machines don’t use much electricity. Even it has been proved that a bread maker machine consumes less power than a coffee machine. It uses around 0.5-0.7 kWh to make bread even after using more than 15 hours. So, it won’t add much to the electric bill.

Can regular flour be used in a bread-making machine?

Experts always advise using bread flour for making delicious bread at home. But, always use all-purpose flour in your regular household. The bread with that kind of flour may not rise that much, but it will taste wonderful and soft. You can also use wheat flour, multigrain flour, oats flour, etc., to prepare varieties of bread.

Is the bread maker better than an oven?

The result you get from the bread maker is quite different from the one from the oven, even if you use the same ingredients. So, making the comparison can be challenging. One thing can be said that this machine is more beneficial as you can use it for kneading and mixing ingredients automatically, while the oven can only bake the bread. You have to do the rest manually.

How long does homemade bread last?

Usually, it can stay fresh and eatable for 3 to 4 days. If you put that inside the refrigerator, the shelf life will increase by 3 to 5 days. But, the taste and aroma you can enjoy from the freshly baked bread will be missing. Also, you won’t find the softness of fresh bread after eating it from the refrigerator.

Is it OK to leave bread in the bread-making machine overnight?

You can leave the bread inside the machine for an hour after it is done. The bread will remain soft and delicious. Also, if you want a bit crisp in it with that softness, put it inside the bread machine. But, leaving it overnight can make the sides and the bottoms too crispy that many of your family may not prefer it.

Does homemade bread make you fat?

No, it won’t make you fat. White flour contains carbohydrates and sugary content that add to your weight, whether you buy the white bread from the market or prepare it at the home. If you want to have bread and still be within the proper weight range, go for oats bread, atta bread, etc.

Why is bread from a bread-making machine so dense?

There are several reasons why bread machine bread is so dense. It can be because of the usage of dead yeast and the absence of damaged gluten. Often, if the kneading is of not good quality, you will get dense bread. So, while making bread, make sure you use the ingredients in the right amount and utilize the kneading function well.

What’s the difference between bread flour and all-purpose flour?

The main difference between bread flour and all-purpose flour is the matter of protein. The bread flour comes from whole wheat and wheat; it has more protein content than all-purpose flour. As the bread contain more protein, it is always better to use bread flour to prepare it.

India’s Best bread maker Machine: Conclusion

For healthy eating, bread makers play an important role. So, here you get thorough information on bread makers. If you want to buy such a product for the first time, hopefully, this discussion will help.

The comparison table will show you the crucial features at a glance. This will help you to find a suitable bread maker according to your specific needs.

To choose the best bread maker in India, go through all the products, check out the features well, and know the pros and cons. These will help you to know which product is perfect for you in 2024.

We have also presented the benefits of using a bread maker. Knowing those will help you to get the reasons why you should buy one.

Now, with so many products around, confusion will be there. Check out the buying guide to know what the crucial points are to be remembered. Once you follow these, you will find it easy to buy a machine suitable for your requirements.

Still, if you have questions, follow the FAQ section. We tried to answer all possible questions that will arise in your mind before buying a bread maker.

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