7 Best Built-in Oven in India (2024) for Home Baking

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Baking is a prevalent cooking choice all over India. But baking at home can be difficult without a proper method.

We may have our traditional tandoors and wood-powered ovens, but these can’t be used in apartments. It leads to people settling for regular restaurant orders. Most Indian households do have microwave ovens, but their use limits you to a handful of dishes.

We think that a built-in oven will be an excellent choice for those who love baking because of the ability to give you a versatile choice for cooking. Apart from providing more healthier dishes, it lets you cook an assortment of recipes. Also, making your own is as easy as operating any other kitchen appliance.

Are you tired of managing space in your kitchen?

The best built-in oven in India fits right into cabinet space, making things cohesive. Read the reviews and buying guide to get the help to find the finest unit for your kitchen in 2024.

best built-in ovens in India

What is a Built-in Oven?

We think you have probably guessed what a built-in oven means. By the very name, it is understandable that it’s supposed to go into the wall.

Built-in ovens can be compared to built-in dishwashers and washing machines. While designing your kitchen cabinets, space is kept to accommodate the oven.

These ovens help to provide your kitchen with a cohesive look while saving a lot of space. The ovens are available in various sizes and designs. You can even opt for the units that come with a hob.

If you are creating a new kitchen with a designer’s help, they can guide you in choosing an appropriate model. They are a must for modular kitchens to make cooking an easy and fun chore.

Best Built-In Ovens In India (2024)

Are you scratching your head while looking for the best built-in oven for home use?

Cheer up, as we have got you seven fabulous units through our meticulous research. Extra attention was given to ways in which the oven can be helpful to our Indian households.

Bosch Serie 2 60 Cm Built-In Oven66 LSingle built-in oven3D hot air/ Conventional heat/ Hot air grilling/ Variable grill/ Hot air gentle
Kaff KOV 73 MRFT Built-In Oven73 LSingle built-in ovenConventional heat/Grill with fan
Faber FBIO 4F Built-In Oven80 LSingle built-in ovenGrill/ Convection/ Fan
Bosch Serie 8 60 Cm Built In Oven71 LSingle built-in oven4D hot air/ Hot Air-Eco/ Conventional heat/ Hot air grilling/ Full-width grill/ Half width grill/ Pizza setting/ Bottom heat/ Defrost
Carysil FSCR-01 Stainless Steel Oven62 LFreestanding Built-in oven with stoveGas-powered cooking
Kaff KOV 70 BA6 Tempered Glass Oven70 LSingle built-in oven3D hot air/ Conventional heat/ Hot air grilling/ Variable grill/ Hot air gentle
Bosch HBN534BS0Z 60 cm Built-In Oven71 LSingle built-in ovenHot Air/ Conventional heat/ Hot air grilling/ Fullwidth grill/ Pizza setting/ Bottom heat/ Hot air gentle

Reviews of the best built-in oven in India from Top Brands

1. Bosch Serie | 2 60 Cm 66 Ltr Built-In Oven

Bosch Serie | 2 60 Cm 66 Ltr Built-In Oven

Key features

  • 66 liters is the total internal capacity of this oven.
  • The size of this built-in oven is about 60 cm.
  • 275℃ is the maximum temperature reached in it.
  • It has received an energy efficiency rating of A.
  • There is the use of 3D hot air to cook on three levels.
  • Five different heating types are found in this oven.
  • You can control the device through rotary knobs.
  • Rapid heating-up is available in this oven model.
  • Stainless steel makes up the body of this oven.
  • This oven contains a full-glass door in its front.

Perfect Oven for Indian Households

In India, our loving families like to eat. So, we often need a bigger space to cook more food. Bosch’s 66 liters single oven does work wonderfully for a medium to large family.

After you install it in your kitchen, you won’t stop exploring this oven. The grilling options help to make cooking much more efficient. At the same time, it is the perfect option for making juicy tandoori chicken.

Five Different Heating Factors

Generally, there are two to three heating factors in a built-in oven. But, Bosch has gone all out to make this a multi-function oven. Hence, apart from conventional heat, there are options like a full-width variable grill.

The 3D hot air option is quite impressive. It does help in even cooking when there are multiple dishes in the oven. But, in this oven, hot air can also be used to grill things.

Hence, this oven can effectively work as an air fryer, making it much more versatile.

Presented with an Elegant Design

You cannot stop and not notice the fabulous design of this built-in oven. Bosch has added a stainless steel exterior to provide durability.

Every component of this oven is even and seamless. It helps to blend with your existing kitchen. Moreover, one can also design a modular kitchen based around this oven.

What we like about it

  • It is a spacious oven for a large family.
  • The body has been constructed well.
  • The oven looks seamless in the kitchen.
  • This oven doesn’t eat up much energy.
  • It is a user-friendly oven, great for starters.
  • The five heating options are quite handy.
  • A full-scale grill helps in making great tandoori.

what we do not like

  • It doesn’t have a digital display.
  • There is no self-cleaning.

What is this Built-in oven worthy of?

Bosch is known for making efficient aesthetic products and this is the best built-in oven from them. This steel finish oven will blow you away with its features. At its price point, you get to have five different heating options in the phenomenal oven.

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2. Kaff KOV 73 MRFT Built-In Oven

Kaff KOV 73 MRFT Built-In Oven

Key features

  • 73 liters is the total capacity of this built-in oven.
  • 60 cm is the size of this built-in oven from Kaff.
  • The body of this oven has a black tempered glass finish.
  • You can open it with a long stainless steel handle.
  • The glass door has three layers for added protection.
  • It has multifunction heating along with a mechanical timer.
  • Its grill element is present at the top along with rotisserie.
  • A wire rack is included along with this built-in oven.
  • Three convenient knobs help you to control this model.
  • Kaff provides a one-year warranty on this product.

An Affordable built-in oven

Are you looking for the best built-in oven under just 40000 INR?

When we think about installing built-in ovens, it reminds us of a high cost. Yes, this oven is expensive when we compare it to an OTG. However, it is ultra-affordable as a built-in oven.

Kaff hasn’t compromised on any qualities while making this beautiful oven. Still, it is priced much lower than similar variants available from other brands.

Hence, a person who has a set budget will find this a hard deal to pass on.

Premium Tempered Glass Body

Yes, tempered glass technology exists to make this durable and break-resistant. The glass body of this oven gives it an outstanding appearance. It adds an aesthetic contrast to your kitchen.

At the same time, the tempered glass makes the oven-safe from small damages. So, you do not need to worry about denting your beloved oven while working in the kitchen.

Comes with Multi-function Heating

Kaff knows how to make their customers happy. At an affordable price, they have added multi-function heating to this oven.

Hence, you aren’t just stuck with drab options to cook only a few dishes. There are top and bottom elements for even heating. This oven also contains a grill option to enjoy tandooris and kebabs.

What we like about it

  • This oven has a greater capacity.
  • Opening the oven is easy with one hand.
  • The rotisserie function works very well.
  • The construction of this oven adds durability.
  • Its tempered glass finish looks exquisite.
  • Operating the mechanical timer is easy.
  • This built-in oven has an affordable price.

what we do not like

  • A digital display isn’t present.


Kaff has made built-in ovens available to the Indian market. If you always wanted to have one in your modular kitchen, this time is perfect to get it. The sleek black look and the multi-function heating make this oven a coveted piece for everyone.

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3. Faber FBIO 80L 4F Built-In Oven

Faber FBIO 80L 4F Built-In Oven

Key features

  • The gross internal capacity of this oven is 80 liters.
  • 60 cm is the width of this built-in oven from Faber.
  • The interior is lined with enamel for easy cleaning.
  • There is an added grill function in this built-in oven.
  • This oven has a three-layer glass door with a cool touch.
  • Its convection fan helps to distribute heat evenly.
  • It has received an A-class energy efficiency rating.
  • A mechanical timer helps to know when cooking is over.
  • The inner shelf can be set in five different positions.
  • Handy knob controls make setting this easy in this oven.

Five Levels for the Inner Wire Rack

We often are unhappy with the rack position present in an oven. Some foods need to be closer to the heating element for better cooking. So, Faber lets you choose between five positions when it comes to setting your rack.

With this feature, you also get to make space for cooking multiple dishes at a time. The oven also has more inner capacity compared to other similar models.

Hence, it adds flexibility to your cooking. Additionally, the convection fan inside this oven provides better heat circulation.

Easy Cleaning Because of Enamel Coating

Cleaning the best built-in oven and microwave becomes a chore if they have a metal interior. Regular usage of water can also rust the interior. However, Faber has ingeniously added an enamel coating to this oven.

So, cleaning it becomes hassle-free, especially when it comes to clearing out oil debris. You will just need to use a damp cloth to clean the inner surface from time to time.

Comes with a Large Viewing Window

You should refrain from opening the oven door while something is cooking. Frequent checks can lead to undercooked food. Hence, Faber has added a large viewing window in this oven.

Apart from that, the three-layered glass pane also remains cool. So, you can keep a close eye on your food without needing to open the door. Moreover, you would be safe from the oven’s heat.

What we like about it

  • The viewing window of this oven is large.
  • The capacity is nice for a large family.
  • Its inner shelf provides flexible cooking.
  • The three-layer glass door remains cool.
  • It has superior energy efficiency.
  • Cleaning this built-in oven is hassle-free.

what we do not like

  • No display to view settings, but knobs come in handy.


Faber has an ingenious way of tying up utility with style. With this built-in oven, you are getting much more than just a way to cook your favorite dishes. On top of that, the fabulous inner capacity of this model makes it a worthy buy for larger families.

4. Bosch Serie | 8 60 Cm 71 L Stainless Steel Built In Oven

Bosch Serie | 8 60 Cm 71 L Stainless Steel Built In Oven

Key features

  • 71 liters is the gross inner capacity of this oven.
  • It comes with ten different heating options.
  • There is a TFT touch display along with touch buttons.
  • 30 °C – 300 °C is the temperature range of this oven.
  • Rapid heating function is available in this model.
  • A childproof lock is present in it for added safety.
  • This oven has received an A+ energy efficiency rating.
  • It comes with EcoClean to clean off the grime by itself.
  • The body of this built-in oven is made from stainless steel.
  • Its glass door maintains a temperature of 40℃.

Comes with Ten Heating or Cooking Option

No, this is not a microwave. It is still your traditional oven that lets you bake wonderful dishes. But, along with that, this built-in oven doesn’t forget to provide more options.

If you genuinely want to use a versatile and flexible oven, then this model ushers you standing at the front. It has ten different heating or cooking options, including eco modes. You can even defrost items using this oven.

We do like the inclusion of a pizza mode to make the process quick and efficient.

A Piece of Modern Art

When you look at this Bosch built-in over you will think of modern art. Everything from its stainless steel body to its glass display makes it a worthwhile buy.

Yes, Bosch has taken its time to make it aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, they have also thought about the needs of a modern home. This oven becomes your friend to cook daily.

Compared to other models, this does let you cook dishes faster in a more healthy way. The addition of the TFT display is a highlight of this built-in oven.

Built with an Eco Friendly Approach 

Are you tired of thinking about paying hefty electricity bills? You don’t need to worry about it when you get this oven.

Yes, it is expensive, but it has also received an A+ certification for energy efficiency. Hence, it eats up only a tiny amount of energy units.

Bosch has even added eco-cooking modes to make it far more energy-efficient.

What we like about it

  • This is a high-end luxury built-in oven.
  • It has all the latest features for efficient cooking.
  • Eco options help to save a lot of energy units.
  • It can clean itself and cleaning it is super easy.
  • The temperature range of this oven is great.
  • The ten different heat settings make it versatile.
  • There is a touch display to make controls easy.

what we do not like

  • It is very expensive.
  • Maintenance is needed to keep this oven shiny.


Do you have the budget to buy one of the best built-in ovens currently available in the Indian market? If yes, then think no more and invest in this amazing oven. Apart from having all the top-notch features, this also becomes the highlight piece of your kitchen.

5. Carysil FSCR-01 Stainless Steel Oven

Carysil FSCR-01 Stainless Steel Oven

Key features

  • 62 liters is the total capacity of this oven.
  • You need gas to power this oven with its burners.
  • There is an additional hob on this handy oven.
  • The four SABFF Burners have even flame distribution.
  • The body of this oven is made of stainless steel.
  • The timer with the LED display makes cooking easy.
  • There is a grilling rack for perfectly cooked foods.
  • The burners of this oven can support thick pans.
  • Easy knob controls are present in its front.
  • Opening the oven is easy because of the straight handle.

Save Space with this Oven

Generally, we think about buying hobs and ovens separately. India never really got into the trend of purchasing freestanding ovens for their kitchen.

But, you can make a change for yourself. This convection oven comes in a two-in-one package. You will only need to create proper space in your kitchen.

Once installed, these hubs can last for a long time. It lets you the option to cook on readily available LPG gas.

Ample Amount of Cooking Space

When it comes to freestanding ovens, people often worry about the cooking space. This oven has enough space for a medium to large family. There are multiple levels so that you can cook more items at once.

It also has two separate knobs to operate the top and bottom heating elements. So, cooking becomes flexible when you have this oven.

Has a Helpful LED Display and Auto-Ignition

Gas-powered ovens seldom have an LED display. But, this one from Carysil does have a display along with a useful timer. So, you wouldn’t need to guess the cooking time.

Alongside, the oven also has autoignition for the burners. It provides additional safety against needing to use a lighter or a matchstick near this oven. (Also Read: Best Auto Ignition Gas Stoves)

What we like about it

  • This oven provides two-in-one cooking.
  • The convection oven works fast and efficiently.
  • It has enough cooking space for a large family.
  • Autoignition makes lighting the burners easy.
  • The small LED display is helpful in cooking.

what we do not like

  • It runs on LPG gas, so you will need to spend on it.
  • Cleaning it will take time, so be prepared.


Many people dream of owning a freestanding oven in their kitchen. This model of the oven is especially preferred by professional chefs who like the ease of having a two-in-one product. Rather than needing to buy separate pieces, you get a cohesive cooking hub with this oven.

6. Kaff KOV 70 BA6 Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Oven

Kaff KOV 70 BA6 Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Oven

Key features

  • The total capacity of this built-in oven is 70 liters.
  • This oven has a superior stainless steel body.
  • There is a tempered glass covering on its body.
  • A long stainless steel handle is there in the front.
  • Rotary knobs are present to control the settings.
  • The glass door is see-through and has three layers.
  • It has a wire rack for holding food closer to heat.
  • Both heating elements are complemented with fans.
  • Defrost option is present in this built-in oven.
  • Kaff provides a one-year warranty on their ovens.

Get it at an Affordable Price

Kaff is quite professional when it comes to pricing their products. The features that you are getting in this oven are generally included in the high-end models.

For the price of a regular oven, you actually get to have a high-tech kitchen appliance. The user-friendliness of this model ensures that everyone will be able to use it with ease.

Includes the Defrost Option

Most of us have never even paid attention to the defrost option in an oven. But, once you start using it, there is no going back. The convenience of defrosting items like frozen meat and fish helps in fast cooking.

Generally, the defrost option isn’t available in all built-in ovens. However, Kaff has thoughtfully included it in this model even though it is a low-budget oven.

Maintaining the Oven is Easy

This oven comes with a tempered glass covering on its body for added protection. The tempered glass prevents dents and scratches on the stainless steel body of this oven.

It also helps in regulating the outside temperature to protect against accidental burns. The glossy black finish of its body also adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.

What we like about it

  • It is one of the most affordable built-in ovens.
  • The defrost options help in cooking meat.
  • Two fans provide even heat distribution for cooking.
  • The halogen light inside the oven is bright and clear.
  • Its tempered glass look provides a classy look.
  • Opening this oven is easy due to the long handle.

what we do not like

  • There is no display, but a mechanical timer is added.
  • Technicians may charge extra for installation, so talk with Kaff.


The affordability ensures that the initial investment is within your budget. With this built-in oven, many people will have the option to enhance their kitchen. Kaff maintains a good quality build for this built-oven which makes it extra appealing in 2024.

7. Bosch HBN534BS0Z 60 Cm Built-In Stainless Steel Single Oven

Bosch HBN534BS0Z 60 Cm Built-In Stainless Steel Single Oven

Key features

  • 71 liters is the maximum capacity of this Bosch oven.
  • It has a standard width of 60 cm like other ovens.
  • 50 °C – 275 °C is the temperature range of this model.
  • There are seven different heat settings in this oven.
  • Two retractable control dials help in controlling it.
  • There is a big LED display for the timer and controls.
  • A cooling fan has also been added to this oven.
  • Safety is maintained in this oven with a child lock.
  • EcoClean makes cleaning this model fuss-free.
  • It has received an A grade in energy efficiency.

Cleaning Done by Itself

You do not need to tire yourself by cleaning this oven after every single use. The EcoClean technology helps to get rid of all the grime by itself.

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of this oven, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. The sleek and smooth facade of this oven makes it the right choice for your modular kitchen. Bosch has even gone forward to make the dials retractable to provide a flat look.

Comes with Seven Heat Settings

Forget about the time when ovens used to have one or two heat settings. The enhanced heating elements of this oven make cooking versatile and fun.

You can choose to turn on the bottom element, or even set the whole oven to pizza mode. Bosch’s hot air grilling feature makes eating baked food much healthier.

Save on the Electricity Bills

You do not need to worry about substantial recurring electricity bills. This oven wouldn’t consume a lot of units even after daily usage. It has an A grade in energy consumption which is excellent according to the market standards.

0.97 units per cycle are the energy consumption of this oven. Hence, it is much more efficient compared to a simple light bulb.

What we like about it

  • Cooking is versatile with various heat settings.
  • The ecoClean tech removes the hassle of cleaning.
  • This built-in oven doesn’t use much energy.
  • Kids are safe around this oven for the child lock.
  • The capacity of this oven is good for a big family.

what we do not like

  • It is expensive because of its top-notch quality.
  • The display could have been larger.


We have mentioned Bosch products multiple times in this list. They are notable as the best built-in oven brand because of such great models. This oven makes baking a hassle-free and fun activity for you while keeping the dishes healthy.

Benefits of Built-in Ovens

Benefits of Built-in Ovens

Knowing about the benefits of a product is crucial before you make the purchase. The pros of owning a built-in oven will make it a more feasible expenditure for you.

When you purchase a product according to your taste, you will obviously end up using it more. So, here are some of the fabulous advantages of having a built-in oven in your kitchen.

Easy Accessibility

One of the best things about built-in ovens is their proper fit in your kitchen. You do not need to fuss around with them on your countertop or in some corner of your kitchen.

Brands design their units to make them easily accessible for you. The ovens are usually installed at eye level to make using them hassle-free. But, as a user, you also have the discretion to place it according to your need.

Baking becomes Easy

The essential advantage of being a built-in oven is to make baking as easy as possible. These built-in models tend to be spacious, which is suitable for cooking various types of dishes.

In an OTG, you are often stuck with some dishes, but that wouldn’t happen in such an oven. You can bake everything from roasted chicken to big birthday cakes right in your kitchen.

Also, baking in an oven provides a delectable taste to your dish. You can easily create restaurant-like dishes with a little effort. It is far easier than mimicking the act of baking in a stove-top oven.

Provides a Seamless Look

The built-in oven has been the hallmark of modular kitchens. Your dream of having a kitchen out of a foreign film becomes a reality with such an oven.

The unit fits right into its specified space, making it cohesive with the kitchen’s design. You do not need to keep on moving it from one place to another. Moreover, it doesn’t take up your precious countertop space.

Standalone ovens also eat up a lot of floor area in your kitchen, but that is never a problem with built-in models.

Make Healthy Food with the best built-in Oven

As time progresses, we are getting accustomed to eating low-quality unhealthy food. The baked dishes that you find in stores come loaded with preservatives and processed ingredients.

Having your built-in oven can help you to cook nutritious baked products from scratch. We Indians love our bread, chapatis, and tandoori chicken.

An oven provides the opportunity to cook healthier alternatives to store-bought food.

Become a Versatile Cook

Do you want to truly ace continental cooking? Owning an oven is the best option to hone your cooking skills.

It gives you a pathway to experiment and make numerous dishes right from scratch. As baking is a predominant cooking method around the globe, there are endless options.

A built-in oven also provides you with flexibility while cooking. You can use it to heat food or even make quick things like baked vegetables for a fast meal. (Also Read: Best Vegetable Choppers)

Buying Guide for Best Built-in Oven in India

Are you thinking of investing in a good built-in oven for baking? If yes, you need to focus on some of the factors that will make it the perfect piece for your kitchen. Our thorough research on these ovens has led us to these ten important points.

buying guide for built in oven

Analyze your needs

The very first thing that you need is to find out your needs from an oven. Many people think of including an oven, but they end up ignoring it completely.

It is always better to invest in such an item that will come to your use. So, before you buy an expensive home appliance like an oven, spend time thinking about it.

A built-in oven is a spectacular appliance when it comes to cooking new dishes as well as baking goodies. But, at the same time, cooking in an oven is slow. It might take hours at an end to cooking a dish.

Also, keeping an appliance unused can lead to degradation in its health. Hence, buy a built-in oven if you are going to use it frequently.

Get the correct capacity

Now, ovens come in various capacities. Generally, the size of a built-in oven is about 60 to 90 cm. But, the capacity stands for the space present inside the oven.

An oven’s capacity defines the amount of food that can be cooked at once. These ovens have capacities varying from 55 to 85 liters. So, make your choice carefully.

An oven’s capacity defines the amount of food that can be cooked at once. These ovens have capacities varying from 55 to 85 liters. So, make your choice carefully.

People who have cooking for more people may find it better to spend on an oven with larger capacities. However, the usable spending often tends to be smaller than the one stated by a brand. Hence, we suggest you check out the model physically before investing in it.

Types of Built-in Ovens

Yes, there are four different types of built-in ovens. Many can have the same size of 60 cm, but they may vary in design. Generally, the types include double, single, compact, and built-under.

A double built-in oven takes up a little more space, and they tend to have a bigger capacity. You will often find two doors in such a model.

Single ovens are more compact and more versatile when it comes to placing them in your kitchen. Built-under ovens literally go under your hob or kitchen counter. Compact ovens are smaller in size, best for those who cook for fewer people.

Placement of the Oven

A catch of having a built-in oven is to make space for it. Hence, you cannot buy such a unit on small notice. It is important to choose one that goes well with your kitchen.

Therefore, spend time researching the model that you like the best. Take its measurement and run it by those who are working in your kitchen. They will need to make adequate space for your unit.

Heating Elements Present in the Oven

Ovens have gotten smarter over the years. Brands do not just stop at giving it a lightbulb. The common components include:

Conventional oven

These have conventional heating elements that cook the food. It is a common component found in all built-in ovens and standalone ovens. Generally, there are two heating elements in an oven.


Fans were an innovation that really helped to even out the temperature of an oven. These days fans have become an indispensable part of conventional ovens. The fans help to distribute and circulate the heat throughout the oven. It results in evenly cooked dishes that take less time to cook.

Multi-function Ovens

When it comes to fancier ovens, the multi-function option makes them stand out. It definitely provides an oven with better versatility. Apart from the heating units and the fan, these also tend to have a grill. In many models, the temperature can be set differently for both levels. The option of defrosting is also included in them.

Power Consumption of best Built-in Ovens

As the oven runs on electricity, you need to think about its energy use. In India, the energy efficiency star ratings relay the energy consumption of a unit. So, have a look at the stars present in the sticker placed on an oven.

As ovens tend to take a longer time to cook, they do have a higher energy intake. Hence, keep that in mind while choosing a built-in oven.

Cleaning of Oven

Cleaning an oven can be quite a task. Many people do not anticipate the hours that they are going to spend on cleaning an oven. Hence, think about the experience of cleaning a unit before buying it.

It is highly recommended to buy one that has the option to self-clean itself. Most ovens come with an easy-clean surface that makes the chore hassle-free. Moreover, a particular model’s manual will also talk about the correct way to clean an oven.

Fancier built-in ovens come with self-cleaning technologies like Pyrolytic and Nano cleaning.

Additional Features

We are yet to talk about the features that may make or break your decision to buy a built-in oven. You need to pay attention to the features that come in an oven.

Some features to look for in a built-in oven include,

  • Safety Child lock
  • Multiple racks and removable racks
  • See-through front glass
  • Automatic cooking modes
  • A bright and clear display
  • Timer Control
  • Easy touch buttons or dial controls
  • Auto-defrost
  • Separate switch for preheating the oven

You may not get all of them in a single oven, but try to find one with most of them.

features of built in oven

Built-in Oven brands

Usually, quality is specified by certain brands. They have been working towards making the best units to build our trust. Hence, research the best built-in oven brand before getting a unit.

In the above section, we have mentioned some of the best brand-based built-in ovens available in the market.

A crucial point of buying a branded product is the warranty. It helps in troubleshooting your appliance quickly and efficiently.

Finalize Budget

Now, built-in ovens come in a diverse budget. When you go for elaborate units, they can cost up to Rs 1,50,000 or more. Thus, researching a product is important.

If you will frequently use the oven for professional use, it’s better to go for an expensive product. It will assure durability along with cutting-edge features.

But, if you are just starting to bake, an entry-level, low-budget oven might be the best option. Try to compare and shop around before fixating on a choice.

Use these ten parameters to judge the best built-in ovens for your home. You may need to go deeper into a point if it is of extra importance to you.

built in oven

Frequently Asked Questions about Built-in Ovens

Is a built-in oven worthy of buying?

Yes, it is definitely worth buying a built-in oven. There are several reasons to buy one. The most prevalent reason to buy is to save space and to start baking. An oven also provides healthier alternatives compared to just frying your food. It is great for anyone who will make regular use of it.

Why are built-in ovens so expensive?

Built-in ovens are indeed more expensive than common OTGs and Microwaves. At the same time, these ovens come with more premium features. A built-in oven can last you for years, and some even last decades. Built-in ovens are also made with more premium materials. Brands do pay attention to their aesthetics and features to make it a wholesome experience for their customers.

Which brand is best for a built-in oven?

Currently, the best brands for built-in ovens include Bosch, Faber, Kaff, and Crysil. These brands do a good job of blending features with aesthetics. In the above section, we have mentioned some great products from these brands. Apart from them, they also carry a diverse range of items. You can also use our handy buying guide to get yourself a good unit from other prevalent brands.

Does a built-in oven need ventilation?

Yes, it is usually required to leave a 5 mm gap between the oven and a wall. As a built-in oven will be likely installed by a company person, they will do it professionally. You can also consult the user manual provided along with the built-in oven. It will always have the needed safety guidelines.

What is the size of a built-in oven?

The size of a built-in oven depends on the specific product that you buy. 60 and 90 cm are the most common width sizes, but it will differ. While hunting for an oven make sure to check its capacity. Choosing the correct size will also help you in making space in your kitchen.

How to measure a built-in oven?

The company does the measuring for you as they mention all dimensions of their product. It helps you to make space for the built-in oven. But, alternatively, you can take a measuring tape to find out the size yourself. Take the length, breadth, and width to do the calculations for the oven.

How to use a built-in oven?

Follow the user manual to use a built-in oven in the best possible way. Or, you can simply use instructional videos found on the internet. Modern built-in ovens are user-friendly and getting used to them only takes a while. A pro-tip is to always preheat your oven before cooking, especially while making bread that you can also do with a bread maker.

How much does a built-in oven cost?

The cost of a built-in oven will depend on its capacity as well as its brand. Generally, in India, the price varies between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 depending on its specifications. Some budget-friendly options are available but they have smaller capacities. Though built-in ovens significantly cost more, they also tend to last for a long time. 

India’s best built-in ovens: Conclusion

All things considered, this is everything that you need to know to buy the best built-in oven in India for 2024. Yes, purchasing it does take up some brainstorming as you will want to make a good investment.

Good quality built-in ovens can last for a long time. And, ovens are always a thoughtful addition to any kitchen. Even after being reasonably new in the Indian kitchen, ovens have a versatile use.

Ovens also allow you to learn an impressive new hobby or skill like baking. Hence, you ought to be careful while researching for the unit you purchase.

We have taken care of the challenging part of the work and given you a fair sketch of choosing a product. However, you will need to go a little deeper into the market and sift through the various options.

Do not want to do that? Don’t worry!

Get any of the seven built-in ovens that we have mentioned over here. Each of them comes with the assurance of good quality apart from being loaded with features.

What are you waiting for? Search your hunt for finding the best built-in ovens for home use in India.

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