6 Best Casseroles for Roti in India (2024) from Top Brands

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A casserole is a useful cookware for keeping food warm, delicious, and nourishing. Roti, chapati, and paratha are such Indian foods that taste flavourful when served hot.

Borosil Insulated Casserole set is the best casserole in India for 2024, ideal for keeping roti and chapati hot. It retains the heat with the help of the polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between the cookware walls. Moreover, it is safe to clean in a dishwasher. Built with a sturdy and durable material like stainless steel, it is long-lasting.

As choice varies from person to person, check the other best casserole brands like Borosil, Milton, 4square, Warmeo, etc. Also, read the buying guide to know the crucial decision-making factors to choose a suitable casserole for your needs.

Best casserole brands in India (2024)

Warmeo Solid Casserole1/1.5/2.5 LStainless steel
Jaypee Glasserol Casserole Set0.8/1.2/1.7 LGlass & stainless steel
4square Wooden Striped Casserole1.5 LWooden and stainless steel
Milton Crave Jr Casserole Set0.47/0.8/1.38 LCoated stainless steel
Asian Plastic Casserole0.6/1/1.5 LCoated stainless steel
Milton Divine Jr Casserole0.43/0.83/1.4 LCoated stainless steel
Best Casserole For Roti And Chapati In India

The best Casseroles For Roti In India

1. Warmeo Stainless Steel Solid Casserole

Warmeo Stainless Steel Solid Casserole

Key Features

  • Package: 3 casseroles with Lid
  • Capacity: 1000 ml, 1500 ml, 2500 ml
  • Material: Heavy-gauge stainless steel with polyurethane
  • Weight: 2.39 Kg

How useful is Warmeo casserole for keeping roti hot?

Warmeo Solid Casserole is ultramodern with a fantastic material combination of polyurethane and stainless steel. You can depend upon the casserole set for lunch and dinner, and they are worth the money for years. Made up of food-safe materials, it ensures freshness and hygiene.

It is an insulated casserole which means it can store heat. Keep the warm roti without losing its freshness—that’s why it is the best casserole for roti in India. As heating loses half of your foods’ nutrition, it is an ideal option as they keep the food supplements intact.

The eye-catching design of the cookware is available in different sizes. Use the smaller 1000 ml to store desserts, while the medium-sized 1500 ml variant is great for storing any heavy recipes, including roti, chapati, and paratha. Apart from it, the largest casserole of 2500 ml capacity is excellent for storing and serving food for the guests.

As alternatives, Warmeo has casseroles with a capacity range of 2.5 L, 3.5 L, 5 L, 7.5 L, 10 L, 15 L, 20 L ideal for commercial usage. So, if you are looking for a stainless steel casserole, Warmeo is your ideal choice.


  • High quality build materials increase its longevity.
  • It keeps the food warm for a long because of insulation.
  • It helps in keeping food the safe in heated condition. 
  • Three-set cookware serves you, your family members and guests anytime.


  • You cannot use it on Induction cooktops or microwave ovens.

What is Warmeo casserole worthy of?

Warmeo Solid Casserole is a tri-set with a wide choice for capacities. So, you can use them as per your desires and requirements. Moreover, the polished double-walled stainless steel steals the deal. Don’t miss out on this. 

2. Jaypee Glasserol set of 3 Casseroles

Jaypee Glasserol Casserole Set

Key Features

  • Material: Food-grade stainless steel and plastic body, PUR insulation
  • Size/capacity: 800 ml, 1200 ml, 1700 ml
  • Weight: 3.36 Kg
  • Package: Set of 3 casseroles

How useful is Jaypee casserole for roti?

Food quality remains high with the food-grade stainless steel casing, which is non-corrosive against acidic recipes. As the PUR insulation pretty efficient to keep the dish warm, you can store the food without losing the aroma. It is one of the best casserole brands in India that facilitates keeping roti, paratha and chapati warm, tasty, and healthy.

You can use the cookware in the way it suits you as various sizes and shapes will cater to multiple dishes, be it chapati, hot food, or roti. The chrome plating gives it a lustrous look that stylizes your serving table.

The unbreakable knob and glass lid improve its durability for a lifetime, and the safety hole prevents any spillage by locking the lid. Hence, it is cost-effective cookware.

Top-notch insulating materials like top-PP, Ring-ABS, and Base-PP make up the casserole. While Polyurethane material helps in insulation, virgin food-grade and BPA-free plastic assure the nutrition of the food.


  • Food-safe materials make it healthy.
  • The attractive finish gives it a beautiful look.
  • Proper insulation retains the heat.
  • Knob and glass lid is highly durable.
  • It is safe and easy to use.


  • It is incompatible with dishwasher and microwave oven.

What is Jaypee casserole worthy of?

Jaypee Glasserol Casserole Set is great for keeping roti warm with top-class food-grade materials and superior insulation. As the cookware is BPA-free, you can safely use it during lunch or dinner.

3. 4square Wooden Striped Casserole

4square Wooden Wooden Striped Casserole

Key Features

  • Package: Set of 1 casserole with a roti mat cover
  • Size/Capacity: 1.5L
  • Material: Wooden and stainless steel
  • Weight: 494 grams
  • Dimension: 19 x 19 x 8 cm

How useful is 4square casserole for keeping food warm?

Keep roti and chapati warm in this wooden casserole without the fear of sogginess. Its brilliant design with adequate insulation specializes in keeping hot food, making it one of the best casseroles for home in India. This product comes with a roti mat cover that absorbs the extra moisture of chapatis and rotis to keep them fresh for a longer time.

The thoughtful design with stainless steel vessel is beautiful inside out. You can properly store the food warm as well as bars terrible odor.

The outer being made of natural resources like wood and stainless steel exterior, the casserole is healthy and well-insulated. Your dishes won’t spoil due to chemical dissipation, and this insulated wooden container protects your recipes from any harm. Hence, all the micronutrients and minerals retain more flavor and nutrition.

A higher holding capacity of 1.5 L allows you to store more food for many people. You can also depend on it to batch make and keep warm food for guests during any special occasion. This will brilliantly save your time and energy. In terms of safety, it is heat-resistant and accident-proof.


  • Exceptional performance to keep roti hot.
  • The roti mat cover keeps the chapati warm.
  • The wooden material combined with stainless steel is healthy for use.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.


  • You cannot heat the cookware on any cooktop or oven.
  • It is not washable in a dishwasher.

What is 4square casserole worthy of?

The wooden casserole is impressive to look at for its remarkable capacity to keep foods like roti warm. You can choose it for your family members and guests. Such skilled carvings, along with useful features, make it enjoyable.

4. Milton Crave Jr Inner Steel Casserole Set

Milton Crave Jr Inner Steel Casserole Set

Key Features

  • Package: 3 casseroles
  • Size/Capacity: 470 ml, 800 ml, 1380 ml
  • Material: Stainless steel inner bowl and insulated virgin plastic outer
  • Weight: 1.53 Kg

How useful is Milton casserole for storing roti hot?

The stainless steel structure is insulated by the plastic body and insulation materials that prevent heat from escaping. Since plastic does not heat itself, you can keep the food warm for a more extended period.

The snug fit lid of this casserole entraps the entire amount of heat, making it the best casserole to keep roti hot for a long duration of 3 to 4 hours. You can carry the casserole and serve warm food easily by holding the integrated handles.

You can store roti for an entire family inside the Milton Crave Casserole with 380 ml, 800 ml, and 470 ml capacities. The aesthetic design of the casserole makes it a befitting vessel to serve lunch or dinner. Place it on the dining table or the kitchen top, and the dual-color tone will glorify the spot.


  • High thermal locking efficiency, making it an ideal choice to keep roti warm.
  • Large capacity of the casseroles caters to your needs.
  • The stainless steel interior is food-safe, rust-free and easy to clean.
  • The beautiful cookware set catches everyone’s glimpses.


  • It is not Induction cooktop and dishwasher friendly.

What is Milton casserole worthy of?

If you are in search of an affordable casserole, then it is the best choice. This casserole has all the aesthetic designs and features, and you can rely on the cookware for keeping food warm.

5. Asian PUF insulated Plastic Casserole

Asian Plastic Casserole

Key Features

  • Package: 3 Casseroles
  • Size/capacity: 600/1000/1500 ml
  • Material: Stainless steel inner, plastic outer and PUF insulation
  • Weight: 500 Grams
  • Warranty: 1 year

How good is Asian insulated casserole for keeping roti warm?

It is a set of 3 casseroles of varying sizes and colors like green, orange and pink. While the 1500 ml casserole will cater dishes for an entire family, 1000 ml and 600 ml casseroles are ideal for medium and small families.

Excellent materials make the vessel comfortable for use. The 18/8 grade food-safe stainless steel traps the taste, and the PUF insulation retains the food’s warmth. Use it regularly as it is safe from wear and tear. The stainless steel interior with a top-grade plastic exterior makes it excellent for daily use. 

All the foods you store inside the Asian’s casserole are safe as they prevent any hazardous chemical seepage. So, you don’t have to worry about any carcinogenic material seeping inside the dish. This is also the best casserole to keep your roti warm when carried outside the home.

The vibrant color binds with the stainless steel material for a glow. These three casseroles will be the highlight of your food time. Stylize your dining table with this attractive casserole set to hold the gaze of your guests. 


  • 18/8 stainless steel interior makes it food-safe to use.
  • Set of 3 casserole stand to your requirements.
  • The bright color of the outer coating gives it a fantastic look.
  • PUF helps in keeping the recipes warmer.
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • It is not microwave and cooktop safe.

What is this casserole worthy of?

This is the most affordable casserole set for 2024 to keep your food warm. The lightweight design and compact shape allow you to carry it for picnics and outings.

6. Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole

Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole

Key Features

  • Weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 430 ml, 830 ml, 1400 ml
  • Package: Set of 3 casseroles
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, Pink

How useful is this casserole for keeping roti hot?

It is spacious enough as you can rely upon the 1400 ml, 830 ml, and 430 ml casseroles. Store hot roti in this double-walled casserole to keep it warm without losing the fragrance and taste.

This casserole set is versatile as you can also store curds, ice packs, or even keep ice-creams and custards to keep them cold. Serve any dessert, salads, roti, or any other dish in the freshest form. PU insulated inner stainless steel assures you warm or cold food in the safest condition. Serve lunch with a fresh aroma that satisfies your mind and gut.

Precaution and safety play a huge role in food serving. When you are carrying the food, there is enough chance of slippage. There are always chances that the dish can leak. But this casserole’s tight, snug fit lid guarantees easy-peasy carriage. The ergonomic side handles provide you with a proper grip, making it easy to use.


  • Wide range of capacities and PU insulation make this casserole set versatile to keep different food hot.
  • Ergonomic side handles help you serve the food.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It has an attractive design with three different color choices.


  • You cannot reheat food with this casserole on gas stove, Induction or microwave oven.
  • You cannot wash it in a dishwasher.

What is this casserole worthy of?

Milton Divine Jr Inner Steel Casserole is an attractive choice for casseroles. Its insulating features allow you to keep roti warm and curd, custard, and desserts cold. Because of these versatile uses, it is the best hot and cold casserole in India.

buying guide to choose the best casserole to keep roti warm

How to choose the best casserole to keep food warm?

Choosing a good quality casserole from a reputed brand in India will help you to keep foods like roti, chapati and paratha hot for a long time. But, to select a suitable product for your needs, go through the key decision-making factors as explained-

Different purposes of casseroles

Casseroles are great cookware that you can use for different purposes- storing, cooking, reheating, and keeping food warm. Many casseroles are cooktop and cooktop-safe. So, heating the food is no big deal. Learn the proper uses, keep the leftovers inside the casserole, and warm the following day.

Be it chapati, curry, or another dish, they will remain fresh inside the casseroles. You can even prepare side dishes like curd, custard or some desserts. You can easily make rotis in an automatic electric roti maker or on a roti tawa and them keep them warm inside a casserole.

Apart from preparing, serving, and heating, casseroles are very efficient that leverages your cooking and fooding habits. If you want versatile purposes, go for a compact, lightweight casserole. 

Heat retention capability

When food becomes cold, it loses its aroma and flavor as well. You can’t carry warm food away from home. But casseroles are highly beneficial in that case. 

The best casseroles are made with pure stainless steel that is insulated. Hence, it traps all the heat at a go and is ideal for keeping foods warm. You can put roti, hot desserts, or recipes, and they will stay warm. The interior walls made of stainless steel will retain the maximum possible heat. So, the dish will remain fresh longer without getting soggy. 

The snug fit lid in the casserole is a great assistance to retain heat. Also, the overall design keeps your food warm. Keep recipes with their aroma and flavor through a casserole. 

capacity of casseroles

Casseroles are of varying sizes starting from 0.5 L to 12 L. Most of them in our list come with a set of three cookware.

The 1 L and 1.5 L casseroles have the most common sizes for Indians, catering to your different cooking needs. You can store any dish and keep it hot as per your preference. For commercial purposes, get a giant casserole with a capacity of 5 liters and more.

On the other hand, for traveling purposes, the smaller ones are ideal saving a lot of space. For serving purposes, rely upon the medium-sized ones. 

Material of the casseroles 

Stainless steel, ceramic, wood, glass, borosilicate, or even earthen casseroles are there in the market. The wooden casserole, glass casserole, and beautifully carved ceramic cookware are eye-soothing.

SS 304 stainless steel is the most durable inner material for casseroles. It will serve you and your family for decades to come. The stainless steel cookware body with a beautiful outer layer makes the best casseroles in India attractive in and out. You can fetch a cool-designed casserole, but they won’t prevent wear and tear.

Coming to the insulating material, triplex casseroles with an PUR or PUF layer in-between is supreme as they retain heat efficiently. Always check whether food-grade materials make up the casserole. This ensures that your recipes remain unaltered from chemicals. 

Durability of the lid and handles

A good quality casserole pot’s lid and handles are made up of materials like plastic, ceramic, glass, or stainless steel. 

The handles must be durable and heat-resistant to ensure convenience and ease of use. They help you grip the vessel properly so that it doesn’t slip. 

The lid must be highly durable and a snug fit to prevent leakage of heat and gravies. Glass lids are great because they are heat-resistant, and, you can also easily see through. 

Best casserole brands in Indian market

  • Borosil is a reputed Indian company that has its footprints worldwide. You can rely on the brand because of its high quality products and excellent customer service.
  • Ducati glasswares encompass several cookware sets. They are known for their classy design and durability. It is the best in terms of longevity and great looks. 
  • Jaiprakash Associates Limited, in short Jaypee, is another trustworthy brand. It is an Indian company that is renowned and has a high threshold in manufacturing premium cookware like a casserole. 
  • Milton is an Australian brand that was inaugurated in 1938. This brand needs no introduction as it is internationally acclaimed. You can rely on Milton for their fantastic casseroles.
  • Stahl is an Indian brand that pioneered making tri-ply stainless steel casserole. Triplex casseroles are perfect for cooking and serving. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What Are Casserole Dishes Used For?

Casseroles serve various purposes like cooking soup, broths, stew, desserts, etc. Other than that, you can use a casserole dish for keeping food like warm roti. You can serve them on the same cookware. For carrying food, a casserole pot can be handy.

How To Keep A Roti Hot In A Casserole?

Place a cotton cloth in the interior of the casserole. Cover the entire surface with that cloth without leaving an inch. After you prepare warm roti, you can toss them inside the casserole now. This simple hack will help you keep the roti warmer for a long.

Are Casserole Dishes Microwave Oven Safe?

You can only use borosilicate casseroles to use in a microwave oven. The common materials like plastic and stainless steel are incompatible for microwave heating purposes.

How Many Casserole Dishes Do You Need?

One casserole dish serves the purpose right. But having a 3 set casserole with different sizes fulfills your needs. The differently sized dishes will aid you in cooking, carrying, or even heating purposes.

Can Casserole Be Kept In The Fridge?

Casseroles are made of various materials like ceramic, glass, wood, etc. These materials can easily be stored in your refrigerator. So, you can keep all the leftovers in the casserole and place it inside.

So, which is the best casserole in India?

A casserole is the most cost-effective solution to keep food like roti hot for a long time among all the valuable kitchenware. A good quality casserole is made of food-grade materials in a wide range of capacities.

Borosil Stainless Steel Insulated Roti Server is the best casserole for roti in India for 2024, with high durability and heat retention capability. As alternatives, you can choose a casserole from brands like Jaypee, Warmeo, 4square, Asian, and Milton. All of them are excellent to store rotis hot for your dinner.

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