10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India (2024) for Home Use

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If you’re in the market for a new microwave oven, you may want to consider a convection microwave oven. These powerful appliances not only heat up your food quickly, but they also offer additional cooking options like grilling and baking. But with so many models to choose from, how do you know which one is the best convection microwave oven in India?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top convection microwave ovens available in India for 2024. From size and power to cooking modes and convenience features, we’ll help you make an informed decision so that you can find the perfect convection microwave oven for your kitchen. So, let’s dive in and discover top-class convection microwaves!

Top Convection Microwave Ovens: Comparison

Convection Microwave OvenBest ForPower ScorePrice Link
LG 32 L Convection Microwave OvenBaking and Defrosting900-2400 Watts9.5Amazon
IFB 30 L Convection Microwave OvenPrice under 15000 INR1200-2000 Watts9.3Amazon
LG 28 L Charcoal Convection MicrowaveGrilling and Roasting900-1950 Watts9.3Amazon
Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave OvenRegular Home Use1400-2900 Watts8.9Amazon
Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave OvenExcellent Design1000-1950 Watts8.7Amazon
IFB 20 L Convection Microwave OvenSmall Family1200-2200 Watts8.5Amazon
LG 28 L Convection Microwave OvenAuto Cooking 1200-1950 Watts8.4Amazon
Panasonic 27 L Convection Microwave OvenDual Grill900-1400 Watts8.4Amazon
Amazonbasics 23 L Convection Microwave OvenAffordability800-1300 Watts8.2Amazon
Haier 20 L Convection Microwave OvenAll Purpose800-1000 Watts8.1Amazon
best convection microwave oven in India

The Best Convection Microwave Oven in India (2024)

1. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM)

Best For Baking and Defrosting

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 900-2400 W | Rotisserie: Yes | Child Lock: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Overheating Protection: Yes | Steam Clean: Yes | Weight: 22.6 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

You can cook dishes automatically using the microwave. A vast range of 211 Indian automatic cooking options welcomes you. From ghee, dosa, paneer, curd, etc., you can make almost anything. Not only versatile cooking, but it is the best convection microwave oven in India for baking cakes and cookies. With the largest holding capacity of 32 L, it encompasses food for a large family.

The microwave comes with specially designed accessories for better warming and baking—Bake pastries, brownies, and cupcakes in a delicious brownish way. 

Using the diet fry feature, you can prep nutritious foods. Cook any dish with less oil using this feature. You and your family will be safe from chronic diseases, and cardio-related conditions because oily food will stay away. Proper defrosting helps in appropriate cooking, which you can gain using this oven. Thanks to such a practical feature, you can make healthy Indian dishes.

Grill and roast your favorite kebabs, barbecue, and tikkas using the rotisserie that runs on the motor. First, preheat the machine using the option available. The rotisserie allows you to make crispy and tastier recipes. Restaurant-style grilling is possible using this convection microwave. 360-degree rotatory rotisserie saves you from strenuous efforts. 

After completing the task, run the “Steam Clean” function to get rid of the leftover food particles, grime, and oily substances from the interior.

Pasteurizing the milk is a big task because there’s always a chance of bacterial attack. For this reason, you need to make an informed choice by pasteurizing in a coveted manner. This convection microwave has all the facilities to boil milk in a better way.

LG provides this convection microwave oven with a non-stick tawa that assists you in cooking. It is extra helpful for dishes that need more browning at the bottom. Inside the microwave oven, there is a cavity made of food-safe stainless steel. This material is also rust-proof and a good reflector for the microwave to heat the dish uniformly. While moving the bowl inside, you won’t get any burn injury on your hand as the oven has a quartz heater.


  • Baking is made easy with this convection microwave.
  • Make healthy homemade curds to ease your appetite.
  • You can roast effectively using the 360-degree rotisserie.
  • Accessories like non-stick tawa help you cook different dishes.
  • The Diet fry option assists you in cooking healthy foods.
  • You can make ghee rapidly within 12 minutes.
  • Grilling barbecue and paneer is effortless.
  • It is efficient in defrosting food.


  • There is no deodorizer.
  • Expensive product.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

If you need a microwave that caters to all your family’s needs, then this is it. A voluminous 32 L capacity with facilities like baking, grilling, roasting, preheating, and defrosting is available. You can even batch make the dishes and store them away.

2. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30BRC2)

Overall Best Under 15000

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 1200-2200 W | Rotisserie: Yes | Child Lock: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Overheating Protection: Yes | Steam Clean: Yes | Weight: 20 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

It is a fantastic kitchen appliance that you can use for most cooking purposes. From baking cake to easy grilling, it executes all. Not only a better facility but also faster cooking is available. You can make dishes with a snap of your finger.

With the express cooking facility, you can select the weight of your dish and the options accordingly. Grilling is also effortless with the motorized rotisserie. It turns the kebab and tandoor at a 360° angle to heat them uniformly. Thus, you can serve your guests for a brief period.

This convection microwave oven has a massive 30L of space. Such a generous space can heat vast amounts of food. Defrosting frozen foods makes them more user-friendly. Preheating is much easier than ever. With 101 cooking menus, it is effortless to make cakes, cookies, pizza, barbecue, popcorn, tea, coffee, rice, biryani, sausage, nuggets, satay, etc.

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven is perfect for preventing any thermal dangers. The auto switch on and off triggers when the temperature crosses the safety mark. It prevents any kind of overheating. You remain safe from any possible dangers. Such an excellent safety net where the heating element works in your favor and saves you.

Using the timer option, you get to know the power level, and cooking time throughout the Period. It increases the cooking performance of the microwave oven. Also, you don’t have to stand near the gadget all the while. You can stay updated with the cooking phase using the timer option.

In the end, the steam cleaning mechanism helps to clean the microwave oven of any oil stains and grease. You can get all these advantages from one of the best convection microwave ovens at a price of 15000 INR in different stores.


  • Baking, grilling, preheating, and defrosting can be availed with it.
  • Overheating protection shields you from thermal dangers.
  • Using express cooking, you can comfortably cook any dish.
  • You can save time by setting the timer to cook the food.
  • Cleaning is not a big task with steam cleaning.
  • 30L of cooking space will cook food for a large family at a time.
  • The price is worth the benefits it provides.


  • The position of the exhaust cooling fan is on the top side. Thus, you should not place any goods on top of the microwave oven while it is running.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven is an affordable product for all purposes. You can rely upon the gadget with premium functions like reheating, defrosting, thermal safety, and so on. 

3. LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven

Best For Grilling and Roasting

LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 900-1950 W | Rotisserie: Yes | Child Lock: Yes | Overheating Protection: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Steam Clean: Yes | Weight: 33.5 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

A rotisserie with 360-degree motorized rotation provides you with delicious tikkas. You can roast using the motorized rotisserie that avails you of both the bar and handle options. The unique charcoal lighting heater makes the food crunchy and tasty, increasing the energy efficiency of the gadget. You get juicy and delicious barbecue and tandoor without an electric barbecue grill. This is why it is the best convection microwave oven with rotisserie for grilling crispy, finger-licking veg and non-veg culinary.

It is an exemplary device that assists you in cooking 211 types of Indian cuisines with its auto-cooking menu. All these nutritious and versatile cuisines are available at a single touch. Churn out fresh paneer, curd, and ghee with this convection microwave oven. It is a perfect option for people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. The diet fry option needs minimal usage of oil while making cuisines.

LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven is made up of a sturdy steel cavity that aids in keeping food warm. It retains warmth for 90 minutes. You can use this all-in-one microwave to prepare delicious Indian foods with no oil. Make varieties of rotis with the roti basket function. It is suitable for as many as 12 types of rotis like nuns, kulchas, missi rotis, lachcha parathas, etc.

Pasteurized Milk” is an advanced feature of the LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven. It helps you to avoid the hassle of conventional milk boiling on gas stoves or induction cooktops. You can preserve the nutrients and prevent contamination in the milk using this feature.

The convection microwave incorporates various handy accessories. A recipe book will guide you about the different microwave recipes to start easily. Using the multi-purpose tawa, you can cook effectively. This non-stick Tawa will cater to dishes that need better heating. 


  • Excellent for grilling and roasting.
  • Keep warm feature prevents heat dissipation.
  • It has a classy floral print that glorifies your kitchen.
  • The microwave oven recipe book offers easy-to-make delicious food recipes.
  • The stainless steel cavity assures even heating.
  • The motorized rotisserie helps you roast crispier foods.
  • It is easy to use for first-time users.
  • Steam cleaning is useful after cooking.


  • No deodorizer to remove foul odor.
  • Lesser capacity compared to the previous 32 L convection microwave oven from LG.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

The charcoal convection, rotisserie, and steel cavity makes it ideal for grilling and roasting chicken, paneer, tikkas, etc. Fetch this convection microwave for a better cooking experience.

4. Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

Best For Regular Home Use

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 1400-2900 W | Deodorizer: Yes | Rotisserie: No | Child Lock: Yes | Overheating Protection: Yes | Steam Clean: No | Weight: 17.5 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

You can quickly fry using this convection microwave oven. The slim fry technology ensures that the food quality remains top-notch. Warm air moves all along and makes the food crispy close to what an air fryer does. Along with grilling, the friendly air aids in faster and better baking. Apply 80% less amount of oil and see the magic. You will be left with tastier and healthier food without any oil stains.

This microwave oven incorporates advanced fermentation technology. You can prepare unadulterated, homemade curds and doughs that way. All you need to do is select the correct settings and the gadget will prep the needful accordingly. So, it is better to prepare them at home authentically.

The unique auto cook function makes it the best convection microwave oven in India for home use. It is the microwave that performs Indian cooking effortlessly. Preheat it to make different cuisines be it Western-like pizza or Indian-like curry. You can also prepare different types of rotis and naans with this oven as you do with a roti maker.

Automatic defrosting allows you to cook nonveg well. Just select the option you require from the menu. Eventually, the microwave will heat the machine accordingly. Therefore, you can serve your family in the way you need. 

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven ensures overall safety. The ceramic enamel cavity with a 10-year warranty provides a great user experience. It also prevents any microbial infection and increases the longevity of the product by assuring safety. Now you know it is food safe. The child lock feature also makes it thermally and electrically safer. 


  • The ceramic enamel cavity keeps it hygienic and bacteria-free.
  • Auto-cook menus help you cook food efficiently.
  • You can prepare curd and dough using fermentation technology.
  • Bake cakes and other food items easily.
  • Slim fry lets you cook nutritious foods.
  • The machine defrosts automatically.


  • The steam cleaning system is unavailable.
  • There is no rotisserie.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven is great for cooking purposes at your home. If you want a wholesome experience with cooking, then this is it. From preparing curd to air frying, it has everything. Don’t miss this one!

5. Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

Best For Excellent Design

Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 1000-1950 W | Rotisserie: No | Child Lock: Yes | Overheating Protection: Yes | Deodorizer: Yes | Steam Clean: Yes | Weight: 15.11 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

When you need to do a cooking spree, then Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave Oven is perfect. Why so? It is because when you continuously cook, the odor remains intact. So, in a tight-fitting oven, this odor can affect other foods. That’s why a convection microwave with a deodorizer is beneficial. It keeps all the natural flavors intact. Thus, you can cook fresh foods in the best possible manner.

Cleaning a giant gadget like a convection microwave oven is a huge task. Most often, the dirt remains in the corner. As you are unable to clean every tad bit of corner, the machine can become toxic. Being one of the best convection microwave ovens in India with an excellent design that incorporates steam cleaning. So, the gadget cleans any oil stains or food particles on its own. 

Enjoy delicious foods for parties or a get-together using a home device. Roasting your favorite chicken and mutton dishes is now easy with the inbuilt rotisserie. The dual grilling roasts faster and better. Modulated roasting allows you to select the intensity of the cooking.

Godrej’s convection microwave oven has a multi-distribution heating mechanism and preheating option. In other words, you can cook your cuisine at a faster level. As the heat uniformly spreads, the raw veggies cook amazingly well. Be it morning or afternoon. You can attend meetings without worrying about cooking time.

There are settings for 260 auto-cooking recipes with 125 Insta-cook menus. You get to choose from a plethora of options like baking for desserts. Therefore, you can serve your guests as well as your kids adequately.


  • The deodorizer removes all the foul air.
  • A dual heating system helps in baking.
  • Fry healthy tikkis, samosa, or pakoda with minimum oil.
  • Multi distribution heating system warms the cuisines effectively.
  • Cleaning stains is easier by using thorough steam cleaning.
  • You can defrost by selecting the timer.
  • Baking, grilling, and reheating are also effortless.


  • The capacity is comparatively low.
  • It does not come with a rotisserie.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave Oven is a versatile cooking powerhouse. Its fantastic design makes the device more comfortable for a medium-sized family with 2-4 members. If you want a versatile and comfortable cooking experience, then fetch this convection microwave oven.

6. IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2)

Best For Small Families

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 1200-2200 W | Rotisserie: No | Child Lock: Yes | Overheating Protection: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Weight: 14.3 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

Many users face the problem of cooking various dishes. A microwave that does not support versatile cooking ends up troubling you. But not IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven. You can cook as many as 24 cuisines with its auto-cooking facility. It is a perfect choice for home use that suits all your cooking needs. Thus, you can satisfy different palettes with flavorful dishes.

A bachelor or a nuclear family does not need a large microwave. That will only eat up space and nothing else. A 20L holding capacity makes it India’s best convection microwave oven to cook for a small family. You get all the features in this compact oven. Save your kitchen from getting messier with this product.

You can use the countertop microwave for varieties of usages. Grill your favorite recipes and non-veg items effortlessly with 1200W of power—Preheat beforehand, or defrost the frozen culinary. Get an entire range of freedom while cooking. For convection baking requirements, it will consume 2200W of energy.

Thermal gadgets run on several dangers that can trouble your kid. The child lock feature with this convection microwave oven protects your toddler from any thermal danger. You can select the child lock, and thus any electrical or burning hazards are prevented. Apart from it, the starter kit that accompanies the microwave is essential.


  • Auto cook lets you cook in 3 different cooking modes.
  • Its auto-reheat assists in heating the food faster.
  • The combination of cooking methods allows cooking varieties.
  • It is efficient for baking, grilling, defrosting, and preheating requirements.
  • A starter kit comprises everything in need for newbies.
  • Child lock prevents your kids from any harm.
  • It is more affordable than the previous convection microwave ovens.


  • It has a comparatively low holding capacity of 20L.
  • It does not include a rotisserie.
  • Does not have a steam cleaning feature.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven is suitable for a small family. It incorporates all the premium features in a compact microwave. Thus, it is a perfect match for people who want a convection microwave for their homes.

7. LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846SL)

Best For Auto Cooking

LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 1200-1950 W | Rotisserie: No | Child Lock: Yes | Overheating Protection: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Steam Clean: Yes | Weight: 17.8 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

It has a quartz heater that prevents any hand injury when operating the oven. So, when you place the food for baking or cooking, you need not worry. The premium heater is a gem that would assist you in staying away from danger. It works at a faster rate to help you batch-make or cook more food than a go.

The convection microwave can make various unique dishes through grilling. This is one of the best convection microwave ovens in India for its incredible 251 auto-cook menu with 175 Indian recipes. You get restaurant-style fancy European dishes. Also, Indian decadent recipes like ghee, paneer, and curd make are easy.

When eating Indian foods, many people remain concerned about their health. Spicy and oily foods can cause detrimental effects on our bodies. The health plus menu comes with varieties of healthy recipes. You can select any of the options and cook healthy dishes. 

The more the food is warm, the more it is fresh. Keep your foods warmer for longer durations with the preheat option. The fantastic inner heating elements got your back. The food will stay warm for 90 minutes when you use this microwave. So, you can enjoy your deliciously fresh meals.

A device that allows you to control and sweep across it comfortably holds immense value. This convection microwave oven works with a touch keypad. You can choose any function like defrosting for easier cooking. Do away with the rigorous button machines and enjoy the feather touch experience. 


  • Health Plus menu keeps you healthier.
  • A quartz heater prevents any burns or blisters.
  • Stainless steel cavity cooks food faster with better warming.
  • You can make dishes like ghee, paneer, and curd.
  • Retain heat for 90 minutes using the keep warm feature.
  • Easy to bake, grill, defrost, and preheat.
  • Steam cleaning is an additional advantage.


  • It does not have a child lock.
  • There is no deodorizer.
  • It does not come with a Rotisserie.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven provides you effortless control over baking, defrosting and cooking. Along with that, you get a premium heating mechanism. So, if you want a top-class convection microwave oven, but do not want a rotisserie, then here it is.

8. Panasonic 27 L Convection Microwave Oven

Best For Dual Grill

Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 900-1400 W | Rotisserie: No | Child Lock: No| Overheating Protection: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Steam Clean: No | Weight: 20.4 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

You can cook, bake or roast any recipe as per your needs. The versatile facilities give you wings to prep your comfort delicacies. The convection microwave oven’s 101 preset auto-cooking menus are helpful to make dishes like tikka, tandoor, soup, poha, biryani, pizza, halwa, custard, and a lot more. Select the option from the menu, and you get what you want.

The “magic grill” feature allows you to cook in the fastest possible way. So, you don’t have to wait long hours while you cook. Also, the dual grilling system present at the top and back does the entire job with 1400W and 1000W of power. So, it retains heat for a longer duration and evenly distributes them. The tight sealing saves all the heat. As a result, you can cook food well. You can make excellent quality food like pizza and cake.

Heat before and after cooking using the preheating and reheating options. You don’t need to worry about the leftovers anymore. Also, preheating the convection microwave oven beforehand will aid in cooking faster. You need to touch the buttons or options as needed. 

Defrosting the non-veg items will eat a considerable time. But that can impact your busy schedule. So, to do away with such hefty time-consuming tasks, this convection microwave is useful. You can defrost the meats and vegetables in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the easy-breezy countertop microwave that suits all your necessities.

900W sturdy power becomes the fuel for better cooking for a large family of 3 to 4 members. You can cook mouth-watering delicious foods at a faster rate. 


  • The dual grill system cooks tikka and barbecue well.
  • Its efficient heating elements preheat perfectly.
  • Reheat the leftovers using the option in some minutes.
  • Defrost quickly without any fuss using the defrost option.
  • You can auto-cook Indian or foreign dishes.
  • 900W power is high enough to cook at a better rate.


  • No child lock is present.
  • Rotisserie is unavailable.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven works perfectly for baking, grilling, defrosting and preheating. You can rely on this oven for cooking versatile Indian dishes.

9. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave

Best For Affordability

AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave

Power Consumption: 800-1300 W | Rotisserie: No | Child Lock: Yes | Overheating Protection: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Weight: 15.8 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

You can cook delicious goodies in a shorter period. Unlike ordinary microwave ovens, you can preheat this one. The oven will distribute the heat evenly. As you place the food, you will be able to boost the speed of cooking. For baking purposes, this is a great scope. You can bake amazing desserts that capture your family’s heart.

Without proper cookware, it becomes challenging to handle versatile cooking. This convection microwave oven can grill your favorite dishes. Other than this exceptional advantage, you can quickly cook everyday food items. All you need to do is select the specific button and enjoy the cuisine. 

It is the best convection microwave oven for home use under 10000. The auto defrosts technology effortlessly defrosts frozen items. Thus, you can save time as well as energy. Select the defrost option, and you are all set. Great cooking technology will effortlessly heat non-veg and other frozen items.

Safety and security matter the most. When it comes to microwave ovens, a safe child lock program will protect your babies. After you lock the gadget, your child won’t be able to operate it. So, they will stay unharmed from electrical damage.

AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave has a unique, eye-catching design. The sleek and ergonomic structure will take lesser space. Glorify your kitchen with the perfect microwave oven.


  • The child lock function prevents thermal dangers.
  • 65 auto cookbook lets you cook your favorite recipes.
  • LED display panel showcases all the ongoing cooking.
  • Defrost the frozen non-veg using the defrost option.
  • Reheat the cold food and enjoy.


  • 23L Capacity is less for larger families.
  • No rotisserie is present.
  • Steam cleaning is unavailable.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave is the most affordable product. The high-class definition and features make the microwave a must-have for small families and couples. If you want a budget-friendly option, then go for it!

10. Haier 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

Best For All Purpose

Haier 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

Power Consumption: 800-1000 W | Rotisserie: No | Child Lock: Yes | Overheating Protection: Yes | Deodorizer: No | Steam Clean: Yes | Weight: 11.6 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year

When you cook, you are probably going to invest a lot of time. But how will you save yourself from such hectic chores?

The answer is simple. You need this convenient convection microwave oven as its multistage cooking mechanism allows you to have a better grasp. All the necessary steps that you take one after another, you can do at once. Therefore, while cooking, you can rest, and the machine will operate on its own.

Cook homemade tasty and nutritious foods using this convection microwave. Use a minimal amount of oil and keep your family and friends healthy. This brilliant microwave oven healthily cooks yummy dishes using 66 auto-cooking menus. You can bake desserts like cake, or even prepare pizza. Execute any cooking recipe in the most nutritious way.

When you are in a hurry, then you wish you had superpowers. This convection microwave gives you superpowers while cooking. The two combi function helps you conglomerate different modes like defrosting and preheating. Thus, you can cook any dish in a better and more efficient manner. Save your time during emergencies. Your morning schedule won’t be interrupted if you want to cook a delicious dish.

It is the best convection microwave oven in India for all-purpose cooking in 2024. The relishing design incorporates a quartz grill. Roast in a hassle-free manner using this microwave. Similarly, cleaning is easier with the steam cleaning feature that removes all the greasy substances from the cavity. The great design is there for you at every phase.


  • It ensures high security through child lock.
  • Control efficiently using a jog wheel plus option.
  • Cook at your pace using the multistage feature.
  • The combi mode function helps you with faster cooking.
  • You can cook food without any oil.
  • Auto defrosting is a remarkable advantage of this oven.
  • Steam cleaning helps to keep the microwave oven hygienic.


  • Lower holding capacity of only 20L.
  • There is no deodorizer.
  • No starter kit was provided by Haier.
  • No rotisserie is available.

WHY should you buy THIS convection microwave oven?

Haier 20 L Convection Microwave Oven is a perfect fit for bachelors, couples, and small families. It can perform all the essentials functions like baking, grilling, and defrosting. If you have any such requirements, it is the ideal choice.

uses of convection microwave ovens

Applications of convection microwave ovens

A microwave oven is an essential appliance for all modern kitchens. Convection microwave ovens are known to be the most advanced with a wide range of uses-

1. Baking

baking in convection microwae oven

A convection microwave is powered to bake anything. After making the batter with a stand mixer or electric beater, you can bake desserts like cakes, cookies, pastries, etc., in the convection mode. Unlike other microwaves, you can bake easily. So, you need not use other cookware like OTG oven for baking.

All the convection microwave ovens that we have mentioned can be used for baking. You can bake crispy pizza using the Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven.

LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven can make different types of rotis and parathas since it acts like an oven and a microwave to bake. Use this technology to prepare bakery food items. 

2. Grilling

grilling in convection microwave oven

Grilling is the method of rapid heating to cook a recipe. You can make non-veg items like chicken, mutton, or fish—also, prepare veg items like paneer, tofu, or veggies tikkas. 

Some convection microwave ovens have a multi-distribution heating mechanism. Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave Oven is one such example.

Using this heating facility, you can comfortably get restaurant-style foods.

Charcoal lighting technology in LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven infuses warmer air for better grilling. In contrast, you can combine this mode with other modes in Haier 20 L Convection Microwave Oven. For grilling sandwiches, prefer a sandwich maker.

3. Roasting

roasting in convection microwae oven

Using the rotisserie, you can roast different cuisines. It can be chicken tikka, mutton tikka or others. You can make any form of kebabs using convection microwaves. So, you can make restaurant-style aromatic classic dishes. 

You can roast any north Indian cuisine at ease. Some of the convection microwave ovens include rotisserie handles and equipment. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven has a 360-degree rotating rotisserie. You can roast evenly without degrading the food quality.

4. Preheating & Reheating

preheating in convection microwave oven

Preheating saves you time and energy. A convection microwave allows preheating, wherein you can heat beforehand.

The heating fans circulate hot air over the cooking time. 

Preheating sets the tone of the recipe. The cuisines that slowly cook like bread needs preheating. With better preheating, you can attain softer bread.

For baking pizza and other dough, you need to preheat. The preheating temperatures and time differ as per the dishes. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave allows preheating for faster baking. Similarly, reheating refrigerated food can also be done in convection microwave ovens.

5. Defrosting

defrosting in convection microwave oven

Auto defrosts technology in all the convection microwave ovens makes them effortless. You can defrost any frozen food for comfortable cooking.

Bring frozen meats, veggies, and other food items to room temperature. 

Defrosting is a vital technological feature in a convection microwave. So, all the convection microwaves we have mentioned comprise defrosting technology. 

These five applications are preferable for convection systems among the functions and uses of microwave ovens. Check the following chart to know the ranking of each of the top 10 convection microwaves according to the performance of baking, grilling, roasting, reheating, and defrosting-

Convection MicrowaveBakingGrillingRoastingPreheatingDefrosting
LG 32 L MC3286BRUM1st2nd2nd3rd1st
IFB 30 L 30BRC22nd3rd3rd1st3rd
LG 28 L Charcoal3rd1st1st4th4th
Samsung 28 L4th6th4th2nd2nd
Godrej 25 L5th4th7th5th5th
IFB 20 L 20SC28th5th5th6th6th
LG 28 L MC2846SL6th7th6th8th7th
Panasonic 27 L7th8th9th7th8th
AmazonBasics 23 L10th9th8th10th9th
Haier 20 L9th10th10th9th10th

Why is convection better than solo and grill microwave ovens?

  • Convection microwaves have a different heating system. It influxes the entire warm air throughout the oven and cooks food faster. A solo or a grill microwave heats food from up and below. In contrast, a convection microwave heats evenly from all sides.
  • Convection microwave ovens distribute the heat through fans (convection heat transfer). But traditional ovens heat using only microwaves. Thus, using convection microwave ovens can increase your energy efficiency. Eventually, they will save your electricity bills. As they cook faster with better heating technology, so they are energy efficient.
  • Auto cook options are available in a convection microwave. The default cooking menu will cook any needed dish efficiently. It will set the temperature and timer, respectively, as you choose from the menu. Thus, a convection microwave is a better choice for everyone. The newbies can implement the auto cook facility to cook quickly. In comparison, professionals can use autocook to save time. LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven has 271 cooking menus in the auto cook option.
  • Solo microwaves are unable to grill or roast. On the other hand, some good-quality convection microwave ovens have rotisseries for roasting. Products like Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven have dual grills that are more efficient than ordinary ones. They help in better roasting. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven has a motorized rotisserie that roasts well.
  • Products like IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven has baking facilities. Therefore, you can bake your favorite desserts like cake and pastries. Make them extra brown and soft. Make pizza bread, and pizza can be made in a convection microwave. But you won’t get so much freedom in the traditional microwave.
  • Preheating is another prominent feature of a convection microwave. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave can preheat for better cooking. You don’t get this feature in other microwaves—preheat the microwave beforehand to save up on time. For making bread and dough, preheating is necessary. So, you can cook varieties of delicacies, be they continental or European.
  • Safety and security play a massive role in a convection microwave. The child lock feature aids you in preventing your child from any harm. Be it overheating or electrical dangers, your child remains safe. It is a premium safety precaution that makes it a safety powerhouse. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave has such a feature.
  • Convection microwave ovens are much healthier since they transform radiation into heat. LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven has a health plus option. It retains the minerals of the food.

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How to choose the best convection microwave oven for home use?

To choose a suitable convection microwave oven, it is essential to find a product that complies with IS 11676 that describes the specifications of microwave ovens for household and similar purposes. All reputed brands follow these guidelines created by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Apart from it, the following points are crucial to get the best quality convection microwave oven for your needs-

Choose a suitable capacity

How many members do you have in your family?

The first thing to consider is the capacity that you want to get. It is generally measured in liters. So, you will find convection microwave ovens listed with capacities of 17L, 25L, 34L, etc. Your choice will depend on the amount of food that you want to cook or reheat.

Larger families need to have more giant ovens. A microwave oven measuring 30L to 34L is suitable for families having 4-6 members. But, you may also need to choose a more significant appliance if you want better options.

Family SizeIdeal CapacityRecommended Convection Microwave Ovens
1-2 people17-20LIFB 20 L 20SC2
2-4 people21-30LSamsung 28 L, LG 28 L Charcoal Convection, IFB 30 L 30BRC2
4-6 peopleAbove 30LLG 32 L MC3286BRUM
Family Size vs Capacity of Convection Microwave Ovens

Check the electricity rating

When choosing a convection microwave oven, it is essential to check the rated power. Convection microwaves usually come with three modes of electricity usage- grill, convection, and microwave.

For example, IFB’s 30BRC2 convection microwave consumes 2200 watts of electricity in convection mode. Similarly, power usage in grill and microwave modes is 1250 watts and 1400 watts, respectively.

Higher wattage means more use of electricity. So, check the variable wattages while buying your oven. The power consumption or output also differs between brands.

Your priorities for cooking

If you have different cooking habits, then a convection microwave oven is one such machine that can meet your needs. It is indeed great for households to match the Indian cooking style perfectly. Most of these ovens come with both grill and convection options.

cooking priority in convection microwave

A convection microwave oven has an additional heater and a fan to make cooking even better. It also tends to come in a larger capacity. So, the fan helps the warm air to move around for faster and equal cooking. You will find them to have a tonne of preset menu options.

Availability of auto cook menu

Microwave ovens can be tricky when it comes to judging the perfect amount of time. So, the best bet is to have auto presets given by a company. You can easily find them on the menu or in the instruction manual.

Try to find a convection microwave with the presets of your choice. Companies have tried to go all out when it comes to including Indian food choices. You can even get models that pasteurize milk or make paneer and ghee. Here are some food items in the auto cook menu from the user manual of the LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846SL)-

Auto cook menu of LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846SL)

The auto-cook menu is crucial, so you should never neglect it. Some models even have quick options that cook your food with the touch of a button. Note that, you cannot pressure cook rice or vegetables in a convection microwave oven. For such purposes prefer an electric pressure cooker or a rice cooker.

Now, controls are the way to toggle through the settings. Generally, convection microwave ovens have touch panels, tactile buttons, or knobs, depending on the company. All of them are great, but the ease of use is always a concern.

inbuilt digital display

It is also crucial for microwave ovens to have digital displays. They make the operation a lot easier by showing the timer and temperature. If you have selected a menu, it will show on the digital screen. Some convection microwave ovens include alarms that let you know when the cooking time is over.

digital display of convection microwave oven

Most brands have included good-quality digital displays in their microwave ovens. They are often missing in more straightforward and inexpensive models. Thus, it is crucial to check if such a display is available in the oven.

Warranty and Brand value

Protecting your newly bought appliance is very important. Now, the warranty period tends to differ based on the company. Some companies provide a more extended warranty, whereas most stick to the 1-year policy.

These days brands even provide additional warranties for the magnetron. This is important as it helps you to get help if the device gets into trouble. Also, make sure to read the warranty policies and guidelines to abide by them. Here is a comparative chart for warranties of 10 best convection microwave ovens in India-

Convection Microwave OvensWarranty Period
LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM)Oven: 1 year, Magnetron: 4 years
IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30BRC2)Oven : 1 year, Magnetron: 3 years
LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave OvenOven : 1 year, Magnetron: 4 years
Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave OvenOven : 1 year, Magnetron: 5 years
Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave OvenOven : 1 year, Magnetron: 5 years
IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2)Oven : 1 year, Magnetron: 3 years
LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846SL)Oven : 1 year, Magnetron: 4 years
Panasonic 27 L Convection Microwave OvenOven : 1 year, Magnetron: 4 years
AmazonBasics 23 L Convection MicrowaveOven : 1 year, Magnetron: 3 years
Haier 20 L Convection Microwave OvenOven : 1 year, Magnetron: 3 years

Convection microwave Accessories

Many brands include start-up kits with their convection microwave ovens to make things easy. They often come with various types of microwave-safe of utensils. For example, LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM) comes with a non-stick tawa useful for browning the dishes. Many other brands provide borosilicate utensils with their products.

Most convection microwave ovens are built with mainly two types of accessories for various operations-

  1. Turntable
  2. Rotisserie

The turntable rotates the dish horizontally while cooking food. It helps the consumables to get heated uniformly. Turntables are usually built with stainless steel. Similarly, rotisseries are motorized to rotate the barbecue and kebab at a 360-degree angle. It helps the get crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inner parts.

Also, it is advisable to get a microwave oven cover to protect the appliance from gathering dust.

Budget for quality convection microwave oven

While you are in the market to buy any appliance, it is crucial to check the prices. The first thing to do is to set a budget for your purchase. A convection microwave oven tends to be a little more expensive, but it is worth your money. Here is a price chart for the top 10 convection microwave ovens listed in this article-

Convection Microwave OvensAvg. Market Price*
LG 32 L MC3286BRUM Convection Microwave OvenRs. 19000
IFB 30 L 30BRC2 Convection Microwave OvenRs. 15000
LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave OvenRs. 18000
Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 12000
Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 12000
IFB 20 L 20SC2 Convection Microwave OvenRs. 11000
LG 28 L MC2846SL Convection Microwave OvenRs. 13000
Panasonic 27 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 12000
AmazonBasics 23 L Convection MicrowaveRs. 8000
Haier 20 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 8000
*Price can vary for different stores
cooking on convection microwave oven

FAQ on Convection Microwave Ovens

Are convection microwave ovens worth it?

A convection microwave is indeed needed. These microwave ovens are a fusion of solo and grill microwaves with the added functionality of convection baking. It means you get a lot more features. Not just for cooking, but are also suitable for reheating, defrosting, and roasting as well. So, you can make cakes, kebabs, roasts, and fancy cuisines. The auto cook feature assists you in preparing everyday foods. Thus, it is a budget-worthy option. It incorporates premium cooking options at a low price.

Which brand is best for a convection microwave oven?

LG is undoubtedly the best brand for convection microwave ovens with unique charcoal lighting, quartz heater, and milk pasteurizing features. The reliability and longevity of LG convection microwave ovens are the best in the market. They also have a reputed customer service network all over India. IFB and Samsung are the closest competitors of LG in terms of quality features.

When should I replace my microwave?

A microwave oven usually lasts more than five years. With proper cleaning and maintenance, a good quality microwave oven should last 7-10 years. Replace it when the heating efficiency reduces, increases noise, or the door does not seal properly. These are some vital signals that you must not ignore.

What are over-the-range and built-in convection microwaves?

An over-the-range microwave fits on the cooktop. They are like countertop microwave ovens with exhaust vents like a chimney but are more efficient in removing the damp odor from the cavity. Similarly, a built-in convection microwave performs an additional cooking function like preheating, defrosting, etc.

What is an inverter microwave oven?

An inverter microwave oven is built with inverter technology that saves a significant amount of electricity. With its even energy flow, you can cook, bake, grill, defrost and reheat the food perfectly. This function prevents any unnatural heating. Both your recipes and the microwave remains safe.

Can a microwave oven be used for baking?

If you want to bake in a microwave oven, go for a convection microwave oven. You cannot bake in a solo microwave oven, but a convection microwave oven is perfect for it. A microwave-compatible utensil is suitable for baking cake at your home. They even have specified baking menus that give you the ideal results. We will also advise you to check recipes primarily meant to be used with microwave ovens.

Can I fry in a convection microwave oven?

Yes, you can fry in a convection microwave oven. All of the top 10 products listed above come with features for cooking with no or minimum amount of oil. Some of the best quality convection microwave ovens can fry food with quality like an air fryer.

This is all you need to know about convection microwave ovens. Check the crucial decision-making factors from the buying guide and compare the features. Read the pros, cons, and various reasons for choosing a suitable product for your requirements in 2024.

For instance, the best convection microwave in India is LG’s MC3286BRUM model which comes with all advanced features for baking, grilling, defrosting, and reheating. Also, check products from other brands like IFB, Samsung, Haier, Godrej, and Amazonbasics.

So, which convection microwave oven suits you the best? Let us know in the comments. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or further queries.


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