8 Best Electric Egg Boilers in India (2024) for Home Use

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Doctors prescribe eating an egg a day. If you are into muscle building or not, boiled eggs are great for your health. So, your body mustn’t miss this enriched source of protein.

Egg whites are a rich source of lean protein. There is a specific reason why a hard-boiled egg is much more nutritive than a pan-fried egg. All the nutrients are contained in a boiled egg whereas, in a poach or an omelet, there is unhealthy use of oil.

For Indians, eggs can serve as a replacement for breakfast or can even be taken as a supplement with other foods. Since eggs are so fulfilling, you can rely upon this simple dish to stray from hunger.

However, with the fast-paced life in the internet world, boiling eggs can be a burden. The traditional boiling method would require the eggs to boil for as long as 15 minutes. Also, the additional tasks to fill the pan with water and keep a constant check can be difficult.

So, is there any way to remove the burden?

Yes, there is a way out. With the best egg boiler machine, now you can rescue yourself. Egg boilers are machines that are meant for the only purpose to boil eggs. A single-button machine that smoothens your boiling process.

Just with a single touch, you can make yourself a delicious breakfast or a supplementary lunch. The sensors fitted in the egg boilers keep a vigilant check and stops as soon as the egg is perfectly boiled.

The first up on our list is the exquisite Prestige egg boiler one of the best egg boilers in India. Apart from Prestige, brands like Butterfly, Kent, and Tormeti also have high-quality egg boilers in 2024.

best egg boiler in India

Best Egg Boilers in India (2024)

Prestige Egg Boiler360 watts1 yearAmazon
Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler300 watts2 yearsAmazon
Russel Hobbs Egg Boiler Machine360 watts1 yearAmazon
Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler360 watts1 yearAmazon
Tormeti Egg Boiler And Poacher350 wattsNoneAmazon
Goodway Electric Egg Cooker360 watts1 yearAmazon
Kent Electric Egg Boiler200 watts6 monthsAmazon
Rylan Electric Egg Boiler200 wattsNoneAmazon

1. Prestige Egg Boiler

Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB - 01

Key features

  • The dimension is 12X12X12 cm
  • It weighs only 1.5 Kg
  • One-touch operation
  • It has multi-level boiling options
  • Distinctly marked measurement cup.
  • Automatic Switch Off Sensors
  • Can boil a maximum of 7 eggs at a time.

Review of Prestige Egg Boiler

Prestige is a well-renowned company all across India. Known for its brand value, the company brings this amazing egg boiler to your kitchen.

With the classy design, it comes with specific marked levels for boiling the eggs. The 3 levels of boiling options include- low, medium, and hard boil. Thus, the eggs can be boiled appropriately, neither under-boiled nor over-boiled. The hardness of the eggs can be measured along with the level of water boiled.

There is a one-touch option through which the entire cooking will proceed. There are sensors instilled that switch off the machine as soon as the egg is boiled.

The large intricately marked measurement cup is a great tool to manage the boiling. By pushing a single switch, the entire cooking process can be executed. With a sleek design, the boiler is durably made with top-notch quality materials.


  • It is built with supreme quality material.
  • The boiler has a classy design.
  • It is very handy to use.
  • It has an automatic on and off system.
  • Eggs can be boiled hard or soft as per the requirement.
  • Several eggs can be boiled at the same time.
  • Very light material that is portable.
  • The material will last for years to come.
  • Water also can be boiled when needed.


  • Mismanagement in the on/off switch faced by some users.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

This product comes from the best egg boiler company- Prestige who has a satisfied customer base in India. This machine can hold several eggs at a time. It can ease out the checking process with the automatic on and off in-built mechanisms. The unique design comes with a portable facility due to its lightweight. The measurement cup is a boon for you since it provides a customized experience in 2024.

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2. Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler

Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler

Key features

  • It has a measurement of 15.8X 15.8X 16.4 cm
  • weighs up to 1 kg.
  • 7 eggs can be boiled at a time.
  • One-touch facility to control.
  • In-built on and off switch that automatically boils the eggs.
  • A multi-level measuring cup is available.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Egg cooker, serving bowls, measurement cup comes all along.

Review of Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler

This egg boiler comes with a great design that is not only durable but looks stunning too. When it comes to boiling eggs, Butterfly electric egg boiler can be an amazing addition to your kitchen.

With the highly built quality materials, the boiler will last for years. The tough quality material provides the egg boiler a supreme product to showcase. You can experience a customized experience with this product as it is user-friendly.

You can boil a single to as many eggs at a go without any arousal of problems, due to the 7 slots provided. The 3 level boiler system helps to boil the egg as hard and soft based on your particular need.

It comes with a portable quality as it is lightweight that enables the boiler to be carried anywhere.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Customer-friendly due to the one-switch mechanism.
  • The eggs will be boiled as per your need.
  • Built by high-class durable material.
  • The brand offers a returnable one-year period.
  • Customized boiling with the 3 levels of boiling.
  • Measurement of the water can be done.


  • Difficulty while cleaning and washing.
  • Eggs can crack sometimes.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

This best egg boiler machine is curated to boil eggs based on the customer’s needs. The multiple levels marked cups in this product are a great tool, which eases your difficulty. With all these advantages, it can act as your savior.

3. Russel Hobbs Egg Boiler Machine

Russel Hobbs Electric Boiler

Key features

  • The dimensions are 20X15.5X13 cm.
  • 900 grams is the product’s weight.
  • It works on 300-watt power.
  • A measurement cup is included.
  • It has 3 levels of boiling.
  • The product has a 2-year returnable policy.
  • 2 poaching pans come along the boiler.
  • In-built sensors to switch on and off automatically.

Review of Russel Hobbs Egg Boiler Machine

It is a highly efficient machine for boiling eggs in a short time without any hassle. Russel Hobs is a great electric egg boiler machine that utilizes 300 Watt power, the minimum amount of electricity to boil the eggs perfectly.

The sleek design renders the egg boiler with increased efficiency. The user-friendly nature of this product helps everyone to operate it easily.

The one-switch option enables you to easily settle back after switching on the egg boiler. 3 modes of the boiling system provide you with the user-friendly facility to boil the eggs as per your taste.

Apart from it, the 2 year warranty period is enough to highlight the top-class materials with which the product is designed. Thus, you can rest assure to trust this popular brand due to its durability.

It comes with a multitasker facility that can help the users to the largest extent. The poach pans that come along with the product make it a multi-tasker. So, you can now boil the eggs as well as cook poaches if you desire. If you like fried eggs more, check the best omelet pans for your home.

The measuring beaker makes it easier to check the water level and the amount of the egg’s hardness. Being delicate makes the boiler very difficult to handle but its portable quality garbs this disadvantage.


  • Easy operations with great design.
  • No breakage due to the durable materials.
  • Easily portable due to its lightweight.
  • Automatic sensors that stop boiling at the correct time.
  • Poach can be cooked using the poach pans.
  • Several eggs can be boiled in a period.
  • Power-efficient machine.
  • A user-friendly measurement beaker comes along.
  • Boil the eggs as per your likings.
  • Highest warranty period.


  • No specific indicators to declare that the eggs are boiled.
  • The product is highly delicate so storage is difficult.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

You should buy this product because if you want to enjoy a comfy product. The unique facility of poaching along with boiling the eggs can be very useful during a time crunch. With one push-button and automatic button, this supreme product is user-friendly.

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4. Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler

Inalsa Chic Egg Boiler

Key features

  • Measures around 18.2X15.7X12.3 cm
  • It weighs 680 grams.
  • Boils eggs in 7 minutes.
  • The heater is made of stainless steel.
  • 7 eggs can be boiled directly.
  • The same container is eligible to boil vegetables.
  • 1-year returnable policy.

Review of Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler

This product comes with multiple facilities that can help the user a lot. In the egg boiling industry, Inalsa chic has its brand value. This great time-savior egg boiler comes with different kits.

All the necessary products such as measuring cups, multi-purpose steaming bowls, and removable egg trays all come at the same price. The measuring cup can be utilized to measure water heating quality.

You can prepare different delicacies as per your need. With the help of a steamer, you can attain a perfectly boiled egg. If you are someone who has nothing to do with eggs or are a vegan you can use the appliance to boil vegetables as well.

So, this supreme product can be put into use every day to save time.

Safety is one of the top-most criteria for egg boilers. The heating facilities are safely sheathed which ensures thermal protection. One switch system and automatic sensors do all your works maintaining your safety.


  • The product can easily be handled.
  • Management can be done using a single-switch button.
  • Automatic switching off option induced by the sensors.
  • Different types of boiling can be accomplished.
  • Additional water measurement cup comes along.
  • It is a supremely durable machine.
  • Ensured protection from damages for a year.
  • Eggs can be hard-boiled as well as just steamed.
  • The egg boiler supports a vegetable boiling facility.
  • Extremely safe product, with assurances.
  • Comes with a piercing pin to know whether the egg is boiled or not.
  • Water measuring beaker to perfectly boil the water.


  • Water can overflow due to irregularity in the automatic switch-off button.
  • Build quality needs some improvement.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

You can buy this classic product if you want to boil eggs at your ease. The superior stainless steel acts as a protective sheath that cuts off rusting. So, you can use this genuinely benefitting product for several years down the lane. With other facilities, the egg boiler is highly customer-friendly.

5. Tormeti Egg Boiler And Poacher

Tormeti Egg Boiler

Key features

  • Facility to steam 7-14 eggs at a time.
  • Measures approximately 150X150X220 mm/6X6X8.7 inches.
  • The power rating is 350 W.
  • Made up of stainless steel or plastics.
  • It includes additional egg boilers, measuring cups, and a tray.
  • The product assists in heating and cooking facilities.

Review of Tormeti Egg Boiler And Poacher

If you are looking for an egg boiler with versatile quality, then it can be ideal for your needs. Tormeti is a good brand that manufactures cooking items.

For a fast healthy breakfast, you can use this ultra-useful egg boiler. Other than boiling an egg, the boiler is pretty useful for making other culinary like poach. You can prepare different mouth-watering delicacies that render it a versatile quality.

Easy breezy cooking of eggs is one of the important features of this product. The entire set that comes along with the egg boiler is a much-needed relief system. You can do your easy-breezy cooking, with the help of the Tormeti egg boiler.

If you want to enjoy hassle-free, disturbance-free cooking, then you must rely upon this product. The measurement cups are a great tool as they help measure the water and egg boiling levels.

As per the top-rated customer reports, the water never boils above the level needed while it also never boils below the level. Although the racks make it uncomfortable, they are the ones that aid in cooking tasty dishes.


  • Superfast cooking can be achieved.
  • Several eggs can be boiled at a single time.
  • The stainless steel prevents corrosion.
  • Efficient electricity usage techniques.
  • It can cook other culinary.
  • Easily washable and cleaned.
  • Layers of racks advance the cooking process.
  • This egg boiler has an affordable price.
  • Cute and supreme designs.
  • Suitable regulation options are available.
  • Hassle-free, easy boiling of eggs.


  • Several racks in the boiler make it uncomfortable to carry.
  • The product comes with no guarantee.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

This egg boiler is unique because it allows you to cook food items than other egg boilers. Cool racks are provided that facilitates cooking, other than that an entire set of tool kits are provided that suffices the cooking process. So, you can buy this boiler if you are planning to prepare other dishes as well.

6. Goodway Electric Egg Cooker

Goodway Electric Egg Cooker

Key features

  • The product measures 18.29X16.51X16 cm.
  • 500 grams is its weight.
  • Sensors that support automatic cutting off of the electricity.
  • It works on a power of 200 W.
  • An electric egg cooking machine is an additional product.
  • Comes in a variety of colors like orange and white.
  • The boiler material is made up of stainless steel.
  • At a time, a maximum of 5 eggs can be boiled.
  • 6 months of the warranty period.

Review of Goodway Electric Egg Cooker

Goodway electric egg cooker is great if you want a small, lightweight portable cooker as it just weighs about 500 grams. Versatility is maintained well in this product. The boiler comes with a cooker facility as well, using which other dishes can be prepared.

From an external view, the product comes in different colors such as white and orange. Varied shapes and sizes of eggs can be boiled or steamed. Overall variety is maintained due to the different levels of boiling buttons.

As it is user-friendly, anyone can operate it well. On top of that, you can cut down the electricity usage using this boiler. It is built specifically to suit your time crunch routine, you can use the boiler in a busy schedule.


  • Boils eggs at a relatively faster pace.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Easily portable from place to place.
  • It weighs very minimal.
  • Hassle-free usage with one-touch cooking.
  • Various boiled egg versions can be obtained.
  • Saves time with its high-speed boiling facility.
  • A large number of eggs can be boiled at the same time.
  • The automatic cut-off system abolishes the constant check.
  • The boiler is made up of erosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Uses less power, thus saves electricity.


  • The materials utilized in making the boiler needs improvement.
  • Just 6 months warranty card is provided with the product.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

The egg boiler comes with a brand modern design that is surely going to gear up your kitchen look. You can buy this product because of its useful qualities such as it saves electricity, the one-switch mechanism, it’s lightweight. This product boils the eggs the exact way you want it to be, with a regulations button. If you are a picky person then grab this item.

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7. Kent Electric Egg Boiler

Kent Egg Boiler

Key features

  • It measures around 18.5X15.5X16 cm.
  • The weight of the machine is 500 grams.
  • Inclusive of 1 year warranty period.
  • The heating equipment is built of stainless steel.
  • A one-touch button that boils the eggs.
  • Manual is included along with the products.
  • Egg needle, measuring cup, steaming bowl are additional items.
  • Automatic-switching off in-built mechanism is there.
  • 3 modes of boiling can be executed.
  • A maximum of 7 eggs can be boiled at a time.

Review of Kent Electric Egg Boiler

Kent is a famous brand that is well known for its water purifiers. It has also come up with this great egg boiler machine. The product is curated in a user-friendly way as it supports boiling 7 eggs at a single time.

With the automatic switch-off mechanism, the boiler is great to rely upon. The product even takes care of safety as it has thermal protection and corrosion protection.

The egg boiler is built with a cool design. With inner features, this quality product can win hearts with its savvy look. The look can glorify and vamp up your kitchen’s interior design.


  • It supports even boiling of the eggs.
  • Built with stainless steel that protects corrosion.
  • Mishaps and accidents are prevented.
  • Several eggs can be boiled at a time.
  • Highly durable material quality.
  • Comes with a returnable policy of a year.
  • Additional equipment assists in the easy boiling.
  • Varieties of steaming can be attained.
  • A measuring cup assists in pouring water perfectly.
  • Supreme features make it classy.


  • Sometimes incomplete boiling of eggs occurs as reported by some users.
  • Difficulties are reported with the on and off switches.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

You can buy this product if you want to boil eggs easily, without any tension. This egg boiler is ready to protect you from any electrical or thermal disasters due to the protected coverings. Durable top-level quality material comes with a 1-year guarantee, so you can trust the product service. You can buy this egg boiler if you are looking for customer-friendly equipment.

8. Rylan Electric Egg Boiler And Omelette Maker

Rylan Egg Boiler

Key features

  • The product measures about 13X12X6 cm.
  • It weighs 299 grams.
  • Egg boiler functions at 350 W.
  • The working voltage is 220V.
  • The cover is made up of transparent materials.
  • The pan has a non-stick coating.
  • Supports boiling a maximum of 7 eggs at a time.
  • Suitable to prepare other dishes as well.
  • The egg frying pan is an additional set of products.
  • It is a single switch system.
  • Hard, soft, or even medium boiling is aided by the product.

Review of Rylan Electric Egg Boiler And Omelette Maker

Because of its sleek design and multi-cooking facility it is the best egg boiler and omelet maker in India. Not only the looks but this cool design makes it attractive and super easy to clean.

This boiler is specifically made for egg lovers who want to avoid the hassle of boiling on the oven. 3 levels of boiling can be attained that is hard, soft, and medium steamed eggs. It is a 2 in 1 egg boiler and pan that supports both fryings as well as cooking.

So, if you mismatch in cooking tastes with your family members then surely this product is there to rescue you. All these features make it versatile in a great way for egg lovers.

The egg boiler comes with great features that make it worthy of buying. Even though there are reported problems with quality, it can never be denied that this machine has some great features. The one-switch system eases out your difficulty with checking the boiling pattern constantly.


  • Works excellently using less electricity.
  • Worth wasting money upon.
  • It is an affordable product.
  • Eggs for many people can be boiled at a time.
  • The food items do not stick to the device.
  • Eggs can be fried using this product.
  • Customer-friendly cleaning and washing can be done.
  • A manual is provided that bestows easy instructions.


  • Quality is not the best.
  • Does not come with a guarantee coupon.

What is Best About this Egg Boiler?

The Rylan egg boilers are a great time saver as they can boil up to 7 eggs. Not only boiling, but the extra egg frying pan is also bliss for egg lovers. You must buy this product if you have a craving for eggs that can be satiated using this 2 in 1 egg boiler and pan.

benefits of best egg boilers

Benefits of Best Egg Boiler Machines – Why they are worthy

In this era of newer technologies, egg boiling can seem like an insignificant task. But there are many reasons why an egg boiler is a must in your kitchen appliance.

An Egg boiler saves a lot of your precious time

Egg boilers are known for boiling eggs at a faster rate than stove boiling. A lot of your precious morning time is saved through this appliance.

All other chores can be executed if you put an egg boiler to boil the eggs. Help your busy self-buy gifting a boiler.

The eggs remain intact without any breakage

To boil the eggs in an egg boiler, you need to pierce them. After you have correctly pierced the eggs, you can place them on the tray.

These whole procedures can sound hectic but behold crucial importance. It is because of the piercing; the eggs won’t suffer any breakage. You can then peel off the shells easily unlike the eggs boiled on a stove.

Multiple numbers of eggs can be boiled at a single time

Egg boilers can boil up to 5-12 eggs at a time based upon the capacity of the boiler.

At home, you might not own utensils with such capacity. Multiple egg boiling facilities can be a safe option that is ready to deliver boiled eggs for guests. If you belong to a large family or joint family, common in India, you will thank egg boilers.

You can boil eggs in the context of your need

Food habits can never be generalized. Every being posses different taste buds, which affects their choice of food.

With egg boilers, you can satisfy everyone. The extra measurement cup is of great help since it can measure water as needed. The cup is capable to measure the quality of the boiled eggs.

Therefore, you can have hard, medium, or soft steamed eggs. 3 modes of boiling can be obtained using egg boilers.

Some boilers support vegetable boiling, poach making, or egg fry.

They are Easily portable and Need Less Space

 Egg boilers are small appliances that don’t require much storage area. Unlike traditional appliances, it takes up less space.

You can boil eggs easily while traveling using electric egg boilers. The gadget is generally lightweight so it is very portable. You can carry the egg boiler anywhere and everywhere.

Best Egg Boilers are highly affordable and Safer

No other highly effective machine can be bought at such an affordable price. Only egg boilers are among the few appliances that do not require you to spend huge cash.

The automatic power cut system in the best electric egg boilers prevents any electrical and thermal accidents. The single switch boilers do not require your constant vigil. An automatic power cut-off system saves your pious attention.

If you are using auto ignition gas stoves or any external medium, then accidental changes prevail. But electrical egg boilers are accomplished to prevent such disasters.

These are the reasons why you must consider buying the right egg boiler machine. The time that is saved can appear to be very minimal but as they will add on, you will enjoy significant time with your family at the breakfast table.

So, there won’t be any “hurry-up”, “running late” scenario in your everyday morning routine.

egg boiler

Electric egg boiler Vs egg boiling on Stove

Basis of distinctionBoiling on OvenBoiling on Electric Egg Boiler
Peeling egg’s shellWhile boiling in the oven the water quantity cannot be measured. As a result, the shell gets tightly strapped. It becomes difficult to peel off the shell, thus a mess occurs.An electric egg boiler comes along with the measurement beaker/cup. Using this cup, the water ratio, and the hardness of the eggs can be measured. So, the shell can be peeled off with ease.
The time is takenYou can never rely on eggs boiling in the oven to work at a faster rate. Since there are no tight coverings/lids, the pressure evaporates out. So, the time taken in stove boiling is much higher.An egg boiler machine comprises tight lids. These lids grips over the boiler set tightly creating needed pressure to boil. Thus, boiling occurs at a relatively faster rate. Some boilers allow you to set the timer similar to a microwave oven.
HueBoiling eggs in an oven can have a bad effect in terms of appearance. The hue or the color of the eggs alters from white to a greyish hue. This can disturb the look of the dish when served.  Electric egg boilers do not aid color altercation. The lustrous white eggs remain white throughout the cooking process. Hence, the appearance of the dish served will be attractive.
VersatilityThe taste of the boiled eggs remains the same. You cannot attain cooked eggs as per your desire. Other equipment is unavailable.   No versatile options are there.The taste of the eggs can be altered accordingly. Egg boilers usually encompass 3 boiling modes. Utilizing the measurement cups, you can get hard-boiled, medium-boiled, or soft-boiled eggs. Certain boilers have additional poach cups. Thus, you will have a versatile machine.
SafetyCooking eggs on a gas stove does not provide any safety. There are no automatic sensors to notify the eggs are boiled or not. So, overheating and underheating of the eggs can occur.An electric egg boiler ensures high safety. There is an automatic power cut switch that takes away your tiring continuous vigil. Thus, any forms of electrical/thermal mishaps are prevented.

Buying Guide for Best Electric Egg Boiler in India

You must be looking for the right egg boiler to fulfill your specific purpose. The difficulty arises when there are too many options available. Different points must be kept in mind while buying an egg boiler.

buying guide for best electric egg boiler in India

Choose the Right Storage Capacity

A lot depends upon the storage capacity of the egg boilers since your necessity might change with time.

Egg boilers have a range of egg slots ranging from as low as 5 to as many as 14.

You can pick up any egg boiler based on your daily needs. The number of individuals who will savor eggs must be kept in mind while buying an egg boiler.

If you want to buy a boiler for just yourself then you can buy the minimal slotted one as a 5 slotted product.

For large family members, there are numerous slotted boilers are available in the market.

It is advised to buy a bigger boiler that aids multiple egg boiling at a time in case of any get-together or party occasion.   

Make sure it saves energy

Energy-saving capability is a vital box that must be ticked while buying any electrical appliances including egg boilers.

You must buy an efficient egg boiler that saves up electricity that will cut down your monthly expenditures. Thus, an egg boiler that considers this must be kept in mind.

Always remember lesser the watt usage, the lesser will be your bills.

Fast Boiling Time

You must choose a boiler for the main purpose that is the time consumed.

With speedy requirements in breakfast-making in this 21st century, you should buy an egg boiler that actively catalyzes the boiling process.

All the egg boilers have a time limit of 5 to 15 minutes. So, you should select the one that will suit your lifestyle. Not only the time but also the tastes of the eggs rely on the time for which the eggs are cooked as discussed above.

The Essential Safety Measures

Along with various features, you must consider safety. The best egg boiler machines keep customer safety above other phenomena.

The safety measures include both sounds as well as visible indicators. It is recommended to buy a boiler that includes automatic switching off option, that cuts the current as soon as the boiling is over.

This way, you are saved from any electrocution accidents as water along with electricity leakage can create havoc. You should select an egg boiler that covers up the wires from thermal accidents.

Inbuilt timer setting facility

If you have a busy schedule, then you should opt for an egg boiler with a timer setting.

Most of the egg boilers in India have automatic power cut options have a timer setting facility.

Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or medium steamed eggs can be cooked by implementing the correct timer setting.

Is it versatile Enough?

Versatile refers to the choice you get while cooking your favorite eggs. The egg boilers that take care of your family, as well as your choice, should be given priority.

Most of the egg boilers have 3 boiling modes—so eggs be hard-boiled, medium boiled, or soft steamed. You should fixate your buying based on these criteria, other criteria can even be considered. A few egg boilers also encompass egg frying pans.

While some of the boiler machines include additional poach cups to make tasty poaches. From an individual perspective, if you are a fan of all types of dishes then surely these cookers would be sufficient.

If viewed from the perspective of the family and guests, then you are all ready to serve any of the dishes they crave for. Certain cookers incorporate a rack system, using which various steamed delicacies can be prepared.

We would recommend buying an all-inclusive cooker where other veggies can even be steamed. Keeping a tab on versatility, you will gain more than just an egg boiler. So, this question is worth considering.

Durability always matters

The cookers are built using 3 types of materials—either steel, aluminum, or plastic.

You are advised to buy steel cookers since they have high durability than plastic ones. Plastic cookers can be picked if you want a lighter version for storage enhancement, but surely it won’t last long.

Aluminum cookers are less in the market but they are not compatible with the steel ones. The prices would vary based on the lid and the boiler material but you should always incline towards a durable cooker, capable of years of service.

Warranty and Customer Service

Checking the warranty is a needed step. The boiler you are buying should have at least a returnable policy of 6 months.

Warranty equal to guarantee. So, it is better to spend on a durable yet expensive product rather than spending cash on a cheap yet bad product.

Most of the best brands for an egg boiler provide a guarantee of 1 to 2 years even, you can choose them if needed.

Space Requirement in the kitchen

Is it possible that you can get all the brilliant facilities with a cooker that consumes less storage space?

If we dive deeper, then yes there are some cookers if not many. Cookers that have a tray system are easy to handle as they take up very minimal space. On the other hand, steel cookers are not as flexible as such.

If you have a shortage of storage space, then you must select a small cooker. Also, if you are satisfied with a heavy cooker then you can go for it provided you have space to store the equipment.

What additional tools are included?

All the boilers have additional equipment. You can choose a boiler based on the list of tools that comes along.

  • Measurement cup: A well-marked measurement cup is essential to measure the amount of water being poured. It also measures the amount of boil the egg has gone through.
  • Frying pans: Some boilers have egg frying pans as extra tools.
  • Poach cups: Certain boilers provide you the facility to poach the eggs using the additional poach cups.
  • Extra lids: In case the original lids get broken or lost, you can rely upon extra lids.

All the additional equipment to ease the process of boiling are mentioned, you can select anyone based upon your specific requirements.

Other Important Buying factors

Varieties of egg boilers

There are two types of boilers, mainly oven boilers and electric boilers.

You are good to go with an oven egg boiler that has all the facilities and functions based on external heat. They are good for saving electricity.

Regular electric egg boilers work on heat generated by electricity. There are other boilers like the countertop and microwave egg boilers. Countertop egg boilers are great boilers that incorporate temperature control options. Although microwave egg boilers work similarly to microwave ovens, most of them lack a temperature control facility.

It is advised to buy any of the boilers mentioned as they have their advantage and disadvantage.

Dishwasher safety

The power wires and the main base must never be placed together, to ensure protection against any electrocution.

You should buy a dishwasher that aids cleaning and washing.

How to use an egg boiler Machine?

Egg boiling can seem to be an extremely trivial task. If you are one of those people who has this notion, then you are wrong!

The recent digital times are resulting in a hardship period for the gen-Z people. With tight schedules, egg boiling can become your nightmare!

using an egg boiler

What must be kept in mind while boiling an egg?

  • Types of eggs used as per the taste: Whether you eat a farm-fresh or a market egg, a boiler or native brown eggs, a hen’s egg, or a duck’s egg, everything is the deciding factor.
  • It depends upon the utensils utilized: If you use a close led utensil then the egg will cook faster while an open utensil can increase the time.
  • The time frame: An egg is perfectly boiled or not, whether it is hard-boiled, soft, or medium-boiled depends upon the time you allow the eggs to boil.
  • External heating equipment: There can be altercations in the quality of a boiled egg due to the flame intensity in a gas stove.
  • The amount of water poured: The quantity or liters of water you pour in the vessel can catalyze or slow down the boiling phenomena.

The notion of an egg boiling to be an easy task must be broken by now, isn’t it?

steps to use an egg boiler machine

Steps to use an egg boiler

After you have bought the egg boiler, let’s get started! By following this guide you will be able to use it to prepare your favorite recipe for the meal.

If you want to get started with the newly bought machine, then the manual can rescue you. However, the steps are discussed broadly to quash any dilemma.

Step 1: pour water

this is the first step in boiling the eggs. Measure the water to be poured using the measuring cup. most of the egg boilers have an additional measuring kit. You must put the beaker or cup in use.

You should remember certain points while measuring water:

  • Different machines have respective measuring beakers.
  • The water to egg ratio is an important factor that determines the quality of the boiled eggs.
  • Increase the water ratio if you need hard-boiled. Decrease the water quantity for medium and soft boiled eggs respectively.

Step 2: eggs must be pierced

let’s jump into the main part that includes our ingredient, egg. Pierce the eggs cautiously. To prevent any mishap or mess, locate the broader side of the egg.

Then pierce using the needles provided by the boiler.

Step 3: place the pierced eggs properly

following the piercing procedure, you must place the eggs properly in the rack.

Caution must be taken to prevent any leakage from the eggs. This can be attained by putting the narrower facing the bottom.

Step 4: cover the boiler with a lid

after you have placed the eggs, you must properly cover the boiler with a lid. Tight coverings will boil the eggs faster.

Step 5: wait for the indicator

switch on the machine. set the timer if your boiler has any such option. Machines with automatic power cut facilities are beneficial in this case.

Their indicators will let you know as soon as the eggs are boiled. In this case, you won’t need to switch off the machine manually. The powerful sensors are capable of carrying out the task.

Or, Step 6: switch off the machine

if your machine does not include an auto-power cut system, you will need to switch off the machine manually.

Step 7: wait for some time

do not rush out with the eggs after the machine switches off. You can get burns if you put them in your hands directly after the steamer is off.

To prevent that, wait for at least 2-3 minutes after you have opened the lid.

Step 8: put the eggs in a cold bath

make sure to immerse the eggs in cold water. This step is necessary to prevent any cracks.

After completing the boiling process, you can use the eggs to consume directly or for any recipe. You can prepare egg sandwiches using a sandwich maker and the boiled eggs.

Operating Safety for Electric Egg Boilers

Safety comes first when using any appliances. With equipment that works on thermal or electrical energy, safety precautions play a major role.

The egg boiler machine is a time-saving instrument but prevention measures must be taken while operating. Accidents can be prevented by maintaining certain protocols.

Read the manual

Before taking any strides, you must read the manual. It has all the important guides, information, and details.

What you can do is take a few minutes out and read the basic guidelines. Most of the boilers come with a manual that highlights the safety measures that must be taken.

Reading the manual is also vital because every boiler has its specific maintenance needs.

Automatic switch-off mechanism

Boilers with one-switch mechanisms have in-built sensors that cut off the power after boiling is over. You must go for these machines because you won’t have to bear any burden by constantly checking the machine.

Any accident due to thermal overheating will be barred with an automatic switch-off facility.

Safety from the steam-releaser

There is a steam releaser in all the boilers, you must save yourself from coming in touch with it. The steam-releaser can be in the form of a small hole, through which hot vapors releases.

Since steams have a higher capacity to cause burn and boils in comparison to hot water, you must stay away from steam releasers.

Pierce the egg before boiling

You must pierce the egg before placing it into the boiler. This simple yet necessary step is often ignored.

However, by ignoring this petty process you are inviting danger. The eggs can burst or leakages can occur if the eggs aren’t pierced properly.

Protect the electric cords

Electric egg boilers come with cords that must be covered and must be extracted from the plug points when not in function.

You must keep these electrical wires away from water. This is to ensure any short circuit.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Any appliance needs proper maintenance, similarly, an egg boiler needs it.

Washing and cleaning the boiler after every use is recommended to prevent any waste clutter.

You must frequently clean the machine even when not in use to prevent any malfunction due to no use.

Store the egg boilers at correct place

Storing the boiler at a cool temperature can increase its longevity.

Although the boilers are heat resistant but continuous heat exposure is not good for their functioning. Avoid operating with wet hands. Wet hands can threaten your life when operating an electric boiler.

A sudden electric mishap can be fatal when used with wet hands.

Frequently Asked Questions about egg boilers

Is an electric egg boiler good for health?

The egg boilers are a comparatively safer option than the traditional stove cookers. With the self-switch off/ auto-switch off option, any electrical pr thermal accidents are prevented. You should buy boilers with these safety features. However, if you have an old version that doesn’t include any such option, then you need to switch off the machine as soon as the indicator signals. These machines have no adverse effect on health.

How much does an egg boiler cost?

The price of an egg boiler varies by brand and quality materials. With additional tools and sets, the range rises of the cooker rises. You can buy egg boiler machines starting from Rs. 700 to as expensive as Rs. 2,000.

How to choose the best egg boiler?

You should choose an egg boiler based upon both its internal well as external features. The external features include its design, the size of the boiler, and how cost-effective the boiler is. While internal features comprise of quality of the material it is built, its egg holding capacity, easy switching options, versatile cooking facility, others.

How does an egg boiler work?

An egg boiler works by the heating principle. After you switch on the device, the water in the boiler starts heating. The cooking commences with the steam that rises from the heated metals.

How long does it take to boil an egg in an egg boiler?

It takes around 5 minutes to 12 minutes for all the egg boilers to steam the eggs.

How to clean an egg boiler?

Open the lid and the boiler mains, then place it in water. You can wash with premium appliance cleaners like Colling. Other than that, a mild vinegar or lime solution can be prepared. Use any of these solutions to wipe off the dust from the machine.

How much water should you put in an egg boiler?

The amount of water to be poured into the boiler depends upon your food choice. With higher water to egg ratio, you will get hard-boiled eggs. If the level of water is decreased, then you can attain softer and moister eggs. Measuring the quantity of water to be poured, implementing the measurement cup is an advantage.

Why does an egg boiler use less water for more eggs?

When numerous eggs are placed at a time, then the evaporation process quickens due to increased surface area. Thus, an egg boiler requires less water for more eggs.

How do you know when an egg is boiled?

The boilers which do not have an automatic switch off the system have indicators. You must pay necessary heed to these beeps or tunes, that convey the eggs are boiled. With automatic power cut systems, an egg boiler machine will stop operating in context with the boiling.

Are plastic egg boilers safe for home use?

Yes, plastic egg boilers are safe to use. But there is a danger that always looms around, so you must take safety measures.

India’s best egg boiler: Conclusion

Egg boilers are taking a common shape in Indian kitchens. Of course, there are many reasons due to which, the audience has granted egg boilers with open arms.

All detailed information regarding the best egg boilers in India is articulated in this well-researched article in 2024.

If you are still hovering in a dilemma about whether to buy an egg boiler or not, then you should give your thinking mind a break.

Since these mini appliances are here to shoulder your load. Built for the sole aim to boil eggs, egg cookers are a pro in this field.

Your breakfast, lunch, or evening snack schedule will roll faster. With the hectic strenuous chaotic routine, you must opt to buy a good egg boiler machine.

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