8 Best Electric Toothbrush in India for Kids and Adults (2024)

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In a time when gadgets occupy our life, changing to an electric toothbrush is necessary. They protect your teeth and help you to maintain better oral hygiene and remove stains from your teeth.

But, are there enough options in the Indian market?

Definitely! More brands have come up with their take on the best electric toothbrush in India for both kids and adults.

Oral B Pro 600 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush stands out amongst many choices in 2024. Dentists recommend using the toothbrush because it fights well against germs. The sleek design of the product makes it super handy. This electric rechargeable toothbrush comes with long 14-day battery life so that you can remain fuss-free.

We can never go wrong when it comes to a product from Philips.

Doesn’t it sound interesting?

We have covered more about it and other best electric toothbrushes. Read the Buying Guide to know more to pick the right battery-operated toothbrush for maintaining the perfect oral health.

best electric toothbrush in India

The 8 Best Electric Toothbrushes in India (2024)

Oral B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush1 AA battery2 YearsAmazon
Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush2 AA batteries2 YearsAmazon
OralScape Electric ToothbrushLi-ion battery1 YearAmazon
Oral-B Electric Toothbrush For KidsLi-ion battery2 YearsAmazon
Wurze Electric ToothbrushLi-ion battery1 YearAmazon
Oral B Vitality 100 Electric ToothbrushLi-ion battery2 YearsAmazon
Caresmith SPARK Electric ToothbrushLi-ion battery1 Year + 6 MonthsAmazon
Colgate Electric Toothbrush2 AAA batteriesNoneAmazon

Best Electric Toothbrush in India For Kids And Adults: Reviews

It can be a tough job to shop around in the market. So, we took up the job and looked into some quality options. We studied the quality, durability, and features of various electrically operated toothbrushes. These are the 8 best electric toothbrushes in India with pros and cons that have made it to our list.

1. Oral B Pro 600 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Pro 600 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Key features

  • Works with the 3D action technology from Oral-B.
  • It has a round brush head with crisscross bristles.
  • Comes with a dedicated 2-minute time button.
  • The effective cleaning angle of it is sixteen degrees.
  • There are two settings of daily use and gum care.
  • Operates with 48,800 vibrations per minute (brush movements).
  • It comes with a charging dock for easy recharging.
  • 255 grams is the total weight.
  • The toothbrush runs on a 1 rechargeable AA battery.
  • Oral-B offers a two-year warranty.

Action Packed Cleaning for Oral-B

When it comes to dental hygiene, Oral-B is a renowned brand. They know that reaching every corner makes a toothbrush much more effective. In this toothbrush, you will find a round head with criss-cross bristles. With the 3D technology, the bristles can reach each corner of the mouth.

No added flossing is required because of the powerful cleaning of hard to reach areas. The bristles clean at a 16-degree angle that fights off all the plaque depositions. The Oral-B cross action toothbrush fights against 100% more plaque compared to the usual toothbrush.

Provides Dual Care Option

Your gums need a much calmer treatment compared to your teeth. The gum care option with inbuilt pressure sensor of this toothbrush helps a lot to keep them healthy.

Oral-B cross action electric toothbrush prevents bleeding of gum and cleans the area of any germs and food remnants. The battery-operated toothbrush is perfect for the daily care of your oral hygiene.

a Sleek and Handy Design

Gone are the days when electric toothbrushes used to be clunky. Oral-B has made this cross action toothbrush stylish and handy.

Holding it won’t make you uncomfortable. The brush even has grips on the body to make it much easier. It also comes with a useful charging dock to keep it juiced up.


  • It can remove a lot of plaque.
  • The body has an excellent design.
  • Cleaning at an angle works better.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • Handling and operating it is easy.
  • The pressure sensor helps to put optimum pressure on the gums.
  • The two-minute smart timer is helpful.


  • The battery drains quickly, but it comes with a handy charging dock.
  • There aren’t any speed controls, but the brush performs smartly.

What is Best About this Oral B cross action Electric Toothbrush?

Oral-B has collaborated with Braun to make this lovely toothbrush. This is a handy toothbrush that will please almost everybody. It is the best electric toothbrush in India for removing stains and dirt from your teeth. We like the combo of criss-cross bristles and the 3-D technology for effective cleaning.

2. Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ Electric Toothbrush

Key features

  • Comes with Philips’ very own Sonic technology.
  • The battery can last up to fourteen days.
  • It notifies you when the brushing time is over.
  • Comes with two types of built-in timers.
  • The toothbrush has a click-on brush head.
  • 275 grams is the total weight of the product.
  • It is safe for people who have braces.
  • Runs with 31000 pulsations per minute.
  • Easy-to-start one-touch operation is present.
  • A two-year warranty is provided by Philips.

Designed for Exceptional Plaque Removal

Plaque deposits lead to numerous dental problems. Along with the contoured bristles, this toothbrush uses water in the best way.

The Sonicare technology circulates water through the gaps of your teeth and cleans the hard to reach areas. It breaks down the plaque formations to clean them out thoroughly. As per Philips, it removes 3 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Using Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ electric toothbrush is like visiting a dentist daily. With 31000 pulsations, you can rest assured about maintaining clinically proven dental hygiene. It works exceptionally well for those who have braces or retainers. The sleek brush head allows it to glide in your mouth easily.

Equipped with Intelligent Timer Settings

You do not need to feel lazy about brushing your teeth anymore. The Quad-Pacer makes sure that you spend enough time in each quadrant of your mouth.

The smart timer keeps the brush going till the two minutes are over. Your teeth will come out shiny and bright because of the powerful cleaning.

An Easy-to-Use Model

We often feel scared when it comes to electronic gadgets. Using an electric rechargeable toothbrush for the first time can seem difficult.

Philips has made the process as smooth as possible. You can start the program with a single touch. The toothbrush lets you adjust your pace for the first fourteen times.

With long battery life and a fuss-free design, this battery-operated toothbrush has been a favorite of many. Because of these advanced features, it is very useful as the best electric toothbrush in India. Now, let’s check what Philips Sonicare toothbrush is good at and its limitations.


  • It has a sleek and stylish design.
  • The battery lasts for two weeks.
  • The sonic technology is pretty helpful.
  • It isn’t hard to understand.
  • Can remove three times more plaque.
  • It can reach all corners of the mouth.
  • The toothbrush is very powerful.
  • Assembly of the product is easy.


  • A little expensive.
  • Extra heads aren’t provided.

What is Best About this Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush?

Philips was one of the firsts to launch electric toothbrushes in India. You want to have the Sonicare model because of its long battery life and powerful operation. It is perfect for those who have always battled with plaque-related problems. The bristles, combined with water, protect your teeth to keep you smiling.

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3. OralScape electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

OralScape Rechargeable Electric Waterproof Toothbrush

Key features

  • It is an FDA-approved product.
  • It runs with 40,000 vibrations per minute.
  • Powered through a lithium-ion battery.
  • Comes with a separate sanitizing chamber.
  • The brush has four different cleaning modes.
  • A smart timer of 2 minutes is present in this model.
  • It has a dedicated tooth whitening mode.
  • Extra brush heads are provided in the pack.
  • 110V-240V is its voltage capacity.
  • OralScape provides a one-year warranty.

Programmed with Four Different Modes

How many modes can you expect from an electric toothbrush? OralScape provides four fabulous modes to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Apart from the clean mode, there is the soft mode for people with sensitive teeth. It also has a whitening mode for getting bright teeth in only a few weeks. There is also the massage setting that cares for your gum.

The powerful rotation capacity cleans the plaque sediments present on your teeth. OralScape also claims that it can fix receding gums without hurting you.

Comes with its Sanitizer Hub

Toothbrushes go in our mouths, so it needs to be as clean as possible. OralScape includes a sanitizing hub with their toothbrush. It removes the viruses and bacterias to keep it clean and fresh.

OralScape also provides you with extra brush heads. It is helpful as you need to change the head every three months. A healthy toothbrush cleans your teeth much better.

Approved from the FDA

When a toothbrush is FDA-approved, we can be assured of its quality. OralScape provides you with a powerful toothbrush that cleans your teeth. Because of this reason, it is undoubtedly one of the best electric toothbrushes in India. Oralscape also makes sure that you remain healthy and free from germs.

Choosing an option is easy due to the button provided on the brush. A single push starts the toothbrush to show its magic.


  • It comes with a sanitizing hub.
  • Comes with three brush heads.
  • It also has a whitening feature.
  • The battery health is pretty good.
  • It has a powerful stroke speed.
  • Has a dedicated on/off button.


  • An expensive initial investment, but it comes with all the necessary things.
  • It had an international plug before, but now they changed it to an Indian version.

What is Best About this Oralscape Electric Toothbrush?

OralScape isn’t widely available in India, but it comes with all the qualities of an international product. The power toothbrush has four modes which are better than most Indian versions. We like that they have worked on including a sanitizing hub to keep the users healthy.

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4. Oral-B Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush For Kids

Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Key features

  • It comes with a Lithium-ion battery.
  • The toothbrush works with a rotating head.
  • There is a two-minute Disney timer.
  • Comes with extra-soft bristles for the kids.
  • Available in attractive Disney designs.
  • Connectivity with the Magic Timer App.
  • It is meant for kids above the age of three.
  • Oral-B provides a 2-year warranty on it.

Keeps the Kids Engaged

Making kids get involved in brushing is tiring. Most kids aren’t gullible enough. They especially hate the idea of needing to brush their teeth twice a day. What can be done?

Oral-B has come up with an ingenious way. They have designed electric toothbrushes to look like their favorite Disney characters.

It keeps the kids engaged with the task of brushing. They love the bright and colorful presentation of the gadget.

Comes with the MagicTimer App

Oral-B wants to take care of the hygiene of your kids. The MagicTimer Apps connects to the toothbrush. It has interactive rewards for the little ones.

You can track the kid’s progress by brushing on the app. The children can see their favorite character brought to life on it. It is an excellent way for parents to engage their kids with proper oral hygiene.

Designed to Protect teeth and gums

Children often have specific needs when it comes to using a battery-operated toothbrush. Oral-B has given this brush softer bristles to protect the teeth and gums of the kids.

It also has a small head and a sleeker design. Kids can comfortably hold the brush. Oral-B has also made it durable for regular usage.


  • Kids find it very attractive and fun.
  • The battery lasts for about a week.
  • The bristles of the brush are soft on gums.
  • Available in several color options.
  • The MagicTimer app works as a tracker.
  • 2D cleaning takes care of plaque.


  • A little expensive, but it has exceptional quality.
  • Comes with only one mode which is okay for kids.

What is Best About this Oral-B Electric Toothbrush?

Brands like Oral-B are much more invested in their customers. Kids love it when you personalize their brushing experience and Oral-B has done that successfully. The toothbrush will remind kids of characters that they love. Brushing becomes a fun chore for them with one of the best electric toothbrushes in India.

5. Wurze 1901 Super Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Wurze 1901 Super Sonic Toothbrush

Key features

  • Runs with 40000 strokes per minute.
  • It has a two-minute smart timer with 30-second gaps.
  • The brush comes with extra soft DuPont nylon bristles.
  • USB charging is available in this model.
  • There are five cleaning modes in this brush.
  • Two replaceable heads are included in the pack.
  • 170 grams is the total weight of this toothbrush.
  • It comes with crisscross bristles to remove plaque.

Comes with a Long-Lasting Battery

People who travel frequently will love this Wurze toothbrush. It comes with a powerful Lithium-ion battery that lasts for a month on a single charge.

You wouldn’t need to charge it every day which makes it extra fuss-free. Charging it is also easy as it uses the standard USB charger.

Wurze has done a fabulous job in making a travel-friendly electric toothbrush. Its battery is much better when we compare it to similar models from other brands.

Available at an Affordable Price

If you are on a budget, then go for this toothbrush. It comes at an unbelievably lower price with all the qualities of a high-end product.

Wurze also includes a replaceable brush head along with the battery-operated toothbrush. So, you are getting a value for money deal.

The electric rechargeable toothbrush is as powerful as other similar models. It is efficient enough to remove 99% of the plaque to leave a clean and healthy mouth.

Programmed with Five Cleaning Modes

We enjoy those brands which take time to design their products. Wurze provides five different cleaning settings in their electric brush.

They are simple yet effective modes to get a cleaner and healthier mouth. We especially like that they have included a dedicated polish mode. It will make your pearly whites shine brighter.

The dedicated gum massage mode is also quite helpful. It makes your gums resilient to gingivitis and frequent bleeding.


  • It comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • IPX7 waterproofing saves it against water damage.
  • A single charge lasts approximately a month.
  • There are five different cleaning modes.
  • The brush has an attractive and sleek design.
  • The battery life of this brush is fabulous.


  • No information about the warranty, but the quality is excellent.
  • Bristles have a uni-directional movement, but it is indeed powerful.

What is Best About this Wurze Electric Toothbrush?

Wurze brings you a budget-friendly toothbrush. Wurze doesn’t curtail on the features; instead, they give you much more than other brands. It is the best electric toothbrush available in India for those who want to make a superb investment.

6. Oral B Vitality 100 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Vitality 100 Rechargable Electric Toothbrush

Key features

  • Cleans with the help of 2-D technology.
  • The brush cleans with 8000 moves per min.
  • There is a 16-degree angle to the bristles.
  • It has a powerful Lithium-ion battery.
  • The battery generally lasts for a week.
  • A two-minute smart timer is there.
  • The toothbrush’s total weight is 300 grams.
  • The cross-action bristles clean all plaque.
  • It comes with a round toothbrush head.
  • Oral-B offers a two-year warranty on it.

Designed for Better Oral Health

Oral-B is a brand that stands for assurance when it comes to oral health. This model is an entry-level electric toothbrush from their side.

It works with 2-D technology that gets to all your teeth. The 8000 movements per minute are enough to get rid of a lot of plaque. This is a great model for transitioning from an ordinary toothbrush.

The crisscross bristles are set at a 16-degree angle. It helps the bristles to get into the gaps between the teeth. The brush leaves you with a clean and fresh mouth.

Good Oral Hygiene at a Budget Price

Oral-B electric toothbrush doesn’t need to be super expensive. It is one of the budget-friendly models from their side. It has all the features that are generally present even in high-end products.

The battery-operated toothbrush has an attractive body design. At 300 grams, the Oral-B toothbrush is exceptionally lightweight and even travel-friendly. Its battery also lasts reasonably long for about a week. This is the perfect example of a product that gives you quality at an affordable price point.


  • It cleans your teeth at a powerful speed.
  • The body has a durable design.
  • It is a travel-friendly toothbrush.
  • The brush’s price is budget-friendly.
  • The battery lasts a week on a single charge.


  • It lacks an indicator light, but the timer is helpful.
  • Only one single mode is relatively powerful.

What is Best About this Electric Toothbrush?

Are you looking for a decently priced Oral-B toothbrush? If yes, then this model should be your choice. It is the best electric toothbrush in India with a perfect combination of useful features at a pocket-friendly price in 2024. You get to have the quality of Oral-B on a comfortable budget.

7. Caresmith SPARK Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Caresmith SPARK Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Key features

  • It provides about 40000 vibrations per minute.
  • There are six different modes in this brush.
  • There is a dedicated deep clean mode.
  • A single charge lasts for about 20 days.
  • Comes with a soft and a medium brush head.
  • Charge it through a standard USB cable.
  • The quad auto timer of 2 minutes is present in it.
  • The toothbrush is powered by a sonic motor.
  • There is a contoured design on the bristles.
  • Comes with an IPX7 waterproof design.

Powered by a Supersonic Motor

Supersonic electric toothbrushes are known for their robust quality. This toothbrush cleans your teeth at a speed of 30000 strokes per minute. No germs or plaque can remain in your mouth once you start using this brush.

The speed is also incredible for removing external stains on your teeth. Use the massage mode to take care of your gums. As it is powerful, the brush can help to produce more saliva to prevent dry mouth.

Inclusion of Smart Modes

Can you believe that this toothbrush has six different modes? The brush comes with varying modes of intensity for preference-based cleaning.

The deep cleaning mode is unique to this toothbrush. This is one of the best electric toothbrushes in India for those times when you want to have a thorough cleaning of your mouth.

Caresmith also includes two different brush heads with medium and soft bristles. So, you can choose a bristle quality according to your preference.

Innovative DuPont nylon Bristles

Caresmith has included a brush head that is equal to a standard toothbrush. But, there is contouring on the Dupont nylon bristles to enhance the cleaning quality. It helps the bristles to get to your teeth to remove all the germs and bacterias.

The design is also quite comfortable, and it prevents damage caused to your enamel or gum.


  • It cleans with powerful supersonic technology.
  • The battery lasts for a long time.
  • It has a slim and attractive design.
  • The brush has six different cleaning modes.
  • Two different brush heads are included.
  • Auto-shutoff is present in this brush.


  • The bristles are small, but it helps them to reach every corner.
  • You may not end up using all modes.

What is Best About this Caresmith Electric Toothbrush?

Caresmith is a relatively new brand in the toothbrush market. They have assembled all the essential features of this toothbrush. With its supersonic speed, it cleans your teeth and keeps your mouth fresh and tidy.

8. Colgate PROCLINICAL 150 Sonic Charcoal Electric Toothbrush

Colgate PROCLINICAL 150 Sonic Charcoal Electric Toothbrush

Key features

  • The brush runs with 20,000 strokes per minute.
  • It has charcoal-infused bristles for protection.
  • There is a two-minute smart timer for ideal brushing.
  • Requires two AAA for powering the brush.
  • It is not a rechargeable toothbrush model.
  • 100 grams is the weight
  • Colgate claims that it reduces plaque by five times.
  • It has a soft floss tip with spiral bristles.
  • Not much sound is made while brushing.
  • The toothbrush is super gentle on the gums.

Best Option for Budget Buyers

Do you want to get an toothbrush that has a budget price? If yes, then Colgate has the perfect solution for you. It is the cheapest electric toothbrush that we have on our list.

The only difference is that it isn’t a rechargeable model. You will need to change the two AAA batteries to replenish their power.

We like the supersonic vibrations produced by this battery-operated toothbrush. It gets rids of plaque formations as well as germs to give you a clean mouth.

Works Well for Sensitive Gums

Many people experience bleeding gums from their usual toothbrushes. As a reputed brand Colgate also has got your covered with a tongue cleaner. Your gums will remain protected when you use this electric rechargeable toothbrush.

The soft bristles glide on your gums without causing any form of damage. It will repair your gingivitis in no time rather than aggravating it.

As there is a smart timer, you won’t end up spending extra time brushing your teeth. It helps in preventing any additional damage to your gums or the enamel.


  • The bristles come with floss-like cleaning.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The cleaning is quite powerful and effective.
  • You can see a reduction in plaque formation.
  • Best for people with sensitive gums and teeth.
  • The tongue cleaner is pretty beneficial.


  • The battery isn’t rechargeable, but the AAA lasts for a while.
  • A warranty would have been good even when we trust Colgate.

What is Best About this Colgate Electric Toothbrush?

Is there anyone who doesn’t recognize Colgate as a brand? They make products for everything, and this is the best electric toothbrush in India primarily for people who have a limited budget. Without spending a tonne of money, they get to have a power-packed brushing experience.

benefits of electric toothbrush

Benefits of electric toothbrush – Why Should You Buy One?

Are you in the market hunting for the best electric toothbrush in India?

You must have come across the electrically-operated toothbrush because of its increasing popularity. Do you think that it is okay to splurge on buying the toothbrush?

On comparing the price of a manual and an electric rechargeable toothbrush, we get a clear difference. Most people will never think that of buying such a product. But, we have concluded that you should invest.

Uncomparable Plaque Removal

Plaque is the leading cause of bad oral hygiene. The remnant of food sits on your teeth and in-between the gaps. Along with bad breath, it is likely to cause gum ailments.

Regular brushing does remove plaque, but a power toothbrush is much more effective for hard to reach areas. Most of us become lazy while brushing our teeth. But, the rotating or pulsating bristles of an electric brush make it easier.

The best quality electric toothbrush can clear 21% more plaque compared to manual toothbrushes. The bristles get to every corner of your mouth, providing fantastic results. It is better to go for battery-operated toothbrushes with oscillating heads.

Works with a smart Timer

Most of us end up never covering the ideal two minutes required to brush our teeth. Many people also go overboard, which can damage their teeth. Most toothbrushes come with a set timer.

The two minutes help you keep a tab on the brushing. Brushing your teeth for an ideal time leads to good health of your teeth and gums.

Some models even have 30-second timers for each quadrant. You can easily maintain your oral hygiene without needing to fuss over it.

Using an Electric Toothbrush is Much Easier

To use an electric toothbrush, you need to push a button. Most of the products in India are intelligent enough to do the rest of the job. The brushes are especially great for kids and older people.

People with arthritis or other ailments may find it hard to hold a brush. Electric toothbrushes are great for them as it is easy to use even when someone has limited mobility.

Brands have also started to include gripping on the brush body. It aids in having a better grip and a comfortable hold.

Maintains Gum Health

Bleeding gums is a common dental problem. Most of us have faced it, and we were clueless about it.

You may be shocked to know that using improper manual toothbrushes can cause the ailment. Harsh bristles can often lead to bleeding and painful gums.

The soft and well-sculpted bristles of an toothbrush fight against germs. They are gentle on your gums to prevent it from getting hurt. Many electric brushes also come with a dedicated gum care mode.

As the electric toothbrush works smartly, they produce an even pressure on the gums. It can even reach places that you may omit while using a manual toothbrush.

Good for People with Braces or Orthodontic Problems

People who have braces have a hard time brushing their teeth. Food debris may get between the wires, and it is hard to get them out. A power toothbrush works as a savior in such situations.

It can quickly get between the gaps to clear out all the gunk. You get much better breath due to the effective cleaning. It also helps to get more even pressure. So, people do not end up hurting their teeth or gums.

buying guide for best electric toothbrush in India

Best Electric Toothbrush in India – Buying Guide

There are several different versions of electric toothbrushes available in the market. Which one will work best for you? We have come up with ten points that will help you to come out of the conundrum. Your search for the best electric toothbrush in India will end if you follow these points.

Who will use the toothbrush?

Choosing a toothbrush in India may seem relatively easy, but it isn’t always like that. Knowing the user is very important when you are deciding to buy a toothbrush.

Kids will need a model that has extra soft bristles. Brands even have special electric toothbrushes which are meant for kids. Older people also face a similar situation.

So, you need to think about your teeth before getting any electric toothbrushes. People who have issues with their teeth, may want to go for a more sensitive model.

If you are in doubt, talk to a dentist for the best advise. He/she will assist you in choosing the right toothbrush according to your need.

Another essential decision to make is the quality that you want. You can either go for a basic vibrating toothbrush or choose something smarter.

Type of Electric Toothbrush

There are various types of electric toothbrushes. Different brands have come up with nifty designs and technologies. Here are some of the most common models:

types of electric toothbrush

Rotating Electric Toothbrush

In these battery-operated toothbrushes, the head is generally shaped like a round or circle. The head rotates or spins to clean your teeth. These are some of the most common electric toothbrushes you can get on the market.

Rotating and Oscillating power Toothbrush

Rather than rotating, the head also oscillates in these models. The good thing is its ability to reach between the gaps in your teeth. Its multi-direction movement is excellent at removing plaque.

Pulsing Electric Toothbrush

Pulsating can dislodge the stubborn debris present on your teeth. The function is often added to rotating and oscillating toothbrushes.

Side-to-Side Electric Toothbrush

The heads of these toothbrushes are more like manual models. Rather than rotating or oscillating, they use a side-to-side action. It mimics the way we generally use a toothbrush.

Sonic/ Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

The combination of speed and movement make these the best electric toothbrushes. Yes, they are costlier than the usual electric models. But you will fall in love with them.

Some sonic brushes even use fluids to clean out any food remnants. Using them feels like visiting your dentist.

The higher movement makes them fantastic at cleaning plaque. Most of these toothbrushes also come with different modes.

Brush Head Design

The makeup of the brush head does speak a lot about comfort. Many people prefer rounded heads over the usual flat heads.

Toothbrushes with round and crisscross bristles are better at getting into the gaps. Whereas, flat brush heads provide a more sensitive cleaning process.

Kids benefit from using brushes that have smaller heads. They are also great for people who have smaller teeth.

Battery Requirements

The battery is a crucial component of your electric rechargeable toothbrush. Some require rechargeable AA batteries, whereas others come with Lithium-ion cells.

You should pay attention to the battery life of an electrically-operated toothbrush. They are available in simple models to more elaborate toothbrushes that have charging hubs.

We like toothbrushes that last for weeks. As you will brush regularly, it is redundant to wake up to a dead toothbrush.

Generally, most electric toothbrushes have lasting battery life. Go for a model that comes with a hub so that you can keep it charged.

People who travel with an electric brush should pay extra care to its battery life. It is better to go for a model that can last without a charging session for weeks at an end.

Like any other electronic device, its battery life will reduce with time. So, invest in the best product on the first go.

Frequency of Changing the Brush Head

You should regularly change the brush head. The rule of thumb is to change it after every three months. But, the frequency may vary according to the brand of a toothbrush.

Generally, you will need changeable heads for a toothbrush. You should also choose an electric toothbrush according to your budget.

Changing the brush head is costlier than buying a manual toothbrush. So, go for a model that lasts longer or has inexpensive brush heads.

Timer Settings

Your toothbrush needs to have a dedicated timer. It is generally two minutes. But, many models have a smart timer for each quadrant.

The toothbrush generally gives you some signal before they stop working. We like those models that come with an LED indicator.

Quad pacers are fabulous at making your mouth as clean as possible. Toothbrushes with pressure sensor are much smarter while dealing with your mouth.

Tooth Cleaning Modes

Cleaning modes allow you to have a personalized experience with an electric toothbrush. People with sensitive gums may want a toothbrush that has a separate gum care mode.

Brands are continually coming up with new modes to make your brushing experience better. Some even have a teeth whitening mode for shinier and brighter teeth.

You should check out the modes that are important for your teeth. We will tell you to go for a battery-operated toothbrush that comes with at least two cleaning modes.

Travel Friendliness

A toothbrush is our forever companion. We do need to travel with it. So, it is better to choose a model that wouldn’t give you any trouble.

There was a time when electric toothbrushes used to be chunky. But, they are currently available in sleeker models. Choose something that easily fits in a bag or a purse.

Go for lightweight models as they are easier to carry. A bonus is that they are comfortable to hold. We will also suggest you get a separate case for your toothbrush.

Another factor is the durability of a power toothbrush. Most toothbrushes in India come with waterproofing as they are battery-powered.

We want you to choose a toothbrush that will stay with you for a long. Look for toothbrushes that have a sleek yet sturdy design.

Branded Electric Toothbrushes

Do not go for knock-off or local electric toothbrushes. They may look the same, but it can be damaging to your teeth.

Branded toothbrushes are tested and approved by dentists. You will get quality brushes that keep your teeth healthy and shiny.

Brands like Oral-B and Colgate are known for their quality and assurance. You also get to enjoy a warranty period. The company also assists you if a problem arises with the product.

You can go further and look for toothbrushes that have approval from certified agencies.

Set Your Budget

Losing your mind is justified when you are out hunting for the right toothbrush. Every brand claims its product to be the best electric toothbrush in India for removing stains from the teeth.

So, you need to work smart. Do not spend on an overly expensive toothbrush if you have minuscule requirements.

It is always better to set a budget according to your needs. Come up with a list of products that you like and they should fall within the budget.

Compare between electric toothbrushes to come up with the best one in your price range. You should also pay attention to the cost of changing the brush heads in India.

Electric toothbrush vs regular toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush Vs manual Toothbrush

Are manual and electric toothbrushes really that different? Should you even think of changing to an electric toothbrush? Let us check out the key points that set the two apart.

Electric ToothbrushManual Toothbrush
Electric toothbrushes run with the help of a rechargeable battery.No battery is needed for a manual toothbrush as you need to operate it manually.
They come with changeable heads that you replace regularly to maintain the health of the brush,Manual toothbrushes are generally disposable, you get a new one when the bristles are in bad health.
The electric-powered toothbrushes have a motor that gives them movement to clean their teeth.You need to create movement while using a manual toothbrush.
Electric rechargeable toothbrushes can remove 21% more plaque and reduce 11% more occurrences of gingivitis than manual toothbrushes.Manual toothbrushes are definitely effective at cleaning your teeth, but they are less inferior when compared to electric toothbrushes.
Electric toothbrushes can easily get into the gaps of your teeth to clean food debris and germs. These toothbrushes aren’t very precise at getting to the gaps, so you often have to combine it with flossing.
People with limited hand mobility can use a battery-operated toothbrush much more easily.Holding a normal toothbrush and using it for two minutes can be painful for people who have limited movement of their hands.
Electric toothbrushes are careful on the gums. They are much more sensitive and prevent any occurrence of bleeding gums.Using the wrong toothbrush often leads to bleeding gums. Everyday use can actually aggravate the issue even further.
Power toothbrushes come with pressure sensor that can reduce the movement or notify you when too much pressure is applied.It is easy to go overboard with manual toothbrushes. People often apply too much pressure on their teeth which leads to damage to the enamel.
Electric toothbrushes come with two-minute timers. So, you get to brush your teeth for the ideal time period. Some even have 30 second times for each quadrant.You need to guess the time when it comes to a manual toothbrush. People generally brush their teeth too long which may lead to enamel or gum damage.
It does most of the job for you. So, people aren’t generally bored of it. They can easily brush their teeth with the push of a button.People often feel lazy when it comes to brushing their teeth with a manual toothbrush. Some even skip brushing their teeth twice a day because of the mundane nature of it.
Kids love to use electric toothbrushes and they find the brushing experience interesting.It is often a huge task to make a kid brush their teeth with a manual toothbrush.
There are different brushing modes. The best electric toothbrushes in India even come with a whitening feature.You need to use manual force to use this type of toothbrush.
Electric rechargeable toothbrushes are costly than manual toothbrushes.They can be dirt cheap depending on the quality you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions about electric toothbrush

Let us answer some of the burning questions that people generally have about electric toothbrushes. We have tried to accumulate as many questions as possible to give you a wholesome overview of our best electric toothbrushes in India. The brief answers let you know more about getting and using electric toothbrushes.

How to choose an electric toothbrush?

Several factors come into play while choosing an electric toothbrush. You need to look into the type of toothbrush you want along with its features. In the above section, we have mentioned ten points that will help you to get the best electric toothbrush in India. Pay attention to your personal needs from it.

Is it worth buying an expensive toothbrush?

Yes, it is worth buying an expensive toothbrush if you need it. All electric toothbrushes aren’t costly. You can definitely search and get one that falls under your budget. But, you can definitely splurge on a battery-operated toothbrush if it fits your purpose.

Which electric toothbrush is most recommended by dentists?

Oral-B is a toothbrush brand that is often recommended by dentists. But, your dentist can have an entirely different view. It is always better to consult your own dentist before you take a drastic step. They can guide you to get the best electric toothbrush that will suit the needs of your oral hygiene.

How does an electric toothbrush work?

A power toothbrush works with the use of a battery. The battery powers a motor that creates the movement that cleans your teeth. Understanding the mechanism of an electric toothbrush is not that hard. The different movements help the bristles to clean your teeth of all germs and impurities.

Which toothbrush brand is the best?

Several brands make fabulous electric toothbrushes. Oral-B, Colgate, and Phillips are the most widely known. They have toothbrushes that have been widely loved by people. The brands also offer a more extensive choice when it comes to getting the best electric toothbrush for home.

Which is Better Oral B or Sonicare?

Choosing the best electric toothbrush will depend on your personal needs. Oral-B is a brand that is trusted widely by common men and dentists. They have quality electric toothbrushes that maintain your teeth. Sonicare is also another great brand when it comes to electric toothbrushes. It is better to compare their products to arrive at the best conclusion.

How often should you replace your electric toothbrush?

Three months is the general rule of changing the head of an electric brush. But, the frequency may change according to a specific brand. So, check the instructions for the toothbrush that you have purchased. Change the brush head rather than using one with damaged bristles.

Should you use toothpaste on your electric toothbrush?

Yes, toothpaste works as a cleaning agent for any toothbrush. You need it so that the hbrush can easily glide on your teeth. It is recommended not to use a bare toothbrush on your teeth as it can lead to enamel damage. So, choose toothpaste according to your need and taste.

Can you pour water on the electric toothbrush?

Yes, you can pour water on the electric rechargeable toothbrush as it is waterproof. But, you should never let the toothbrush sit in water. Also, make sure to prevent water from seeping into the battery or motor of the electric toothbrush.

Does using electric toothbrushes damage gums?

No, on the contrary, electric toothbrushes are much better for your gum. They work well at preventing bleeding gums and gingivitis. Many models also come with a dedicated gum care mode. Go for a toothbrush with extra sensitive bristles if you are worried about the health of your gums.

India’s best electric toothbrush: Conclusion

Several studies have shown that using a power toothbrush is much better. It can get to the nooks and crannies of your mouth to clean out the germs and debris.

Electric toothbrushes are beneficial when it comes to maintaining our oral hygiene. Most of us still resort to regular toothbrushes as we take them to be a much easier tooth.

Electric rechargeable toothbrushes have become mainstream internationally because of their numerous benefits. Operating an electric toothbrush is pretty easy as all you need to do to press a single button. It is an excellent investment, especially for those who have struggled with oral health.

We have tried to cover all the aspects of getting the best electric toothbrush in India for 2024. Our research confirmed that they deserve the popularity and hype.

The ten points that we have mentioned will help you to get a perfect electric toothbrush. Along with that, we have mentioned some of our favorite picks. You wouldn’t regret getting any one of them, as they are of exceptional quality.

You should include an excellent electric toothbrush in the ever-expanding list of home gadgets. Be careful about choosing a battery-operated toothbrush that suits your dental needs.

Are you looking forward to brushing your teeth without needing to fuss about it?

Use our tips and tricks to get a suitable electric toothbrush available in the Indian market! And Keep Smiling!

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