The Best Idli Makers in India (2024) for Idli, Dhokla and Momo

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Idli is a staple diet in south Indian states like Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. But being tasty, people all over India love this cuisine. To cook idli at your home, get the best Idli maker in India 2024. These idli dhokla makers are affordable, convenient to use, and easy to clean.

To choose a suitable idli maker, consider its multipurpose applicability (idli, dhokla, momo, etc.), number of idli plates and carvings, and material. Brands like Luxuria, Pigeon, Prestige, Hawkins, BMS and Kuber Industries produce the best quality idli makers and cookers in India.

Read the buying guide to understand the critical decision-making factors for dhokla, momo, and idli makers. In the next section, know the comparative features of the top 10 idli makers.

best idli maker in India

Top 10 Best Idli and dhokla Maker in India (2024)

Idli MakerBest ForNo. of PlatesCapacity/ CycleCheck Price
Luxuria Idly Pot and SteamerIdli, Dhokla, Momo421 idlisAmazon
Pigeon Idli MakerIdli624 idlisAmazon
Amazon Solimo Multi KadaiDhokla, Idli, Momo, Pathra614 idlisAmazon
Alisha Steamer and Idli MakerUtthapam, Vada, Dhokla413 idlisAmazon
SUN1 Idly MakerIdli624 idlisAmazon
QSEC Steamer and Idli CookerMomo, Idli, Dhokla514 idlisAmazon
BMS Lifestyle Idli MakerIdli416 idlisAmazon
Hawkins Idli StandIdli4-612-16 idlisAmazon
Prestige Classic Idli CookerIdli416 idlisAmazon
Kuber Industries Idli MakerIdli, Pathra, Dhokla715 idlisAmazon

Review of the best idli makers/cookers in India

1. Luxuria Idli Maker Pot And Steamer

LUXURIA Idli Maker Pot And Steamer

No. of Plates: 4 (including 1 mini idli plate) | Idli Capacity: 21/cycle | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimension: 26.7 x 26.7 x 21.6 cm | Weight: 2.3 Kg | Compatible With: Gas Stove

This idli maker contains 3 Idli plates, and another extra one for mini Idli speaks volumes about how it does not occupy a lot of space. It has a compact design, engineered to hold more volume, and buyers need not rack their brains to find a lot of space to store it.

The compact design of Luxuria idli maker can hold 3 big plates of Idli, having 7 carvings each, and one large plate containing 21 mini-idli carvings. Beside making idli, this product is also suitable to cook dhokla and momo using the steamer plate. It will get your work done faster but will take less closet space!

The material used to design this Idli dhokla maker is food grade stainless steel. Idli is a dish that leaves behind sticky residue after it is cooked, making it difficult to remove. With stainless steel, the surface provides quick and hassle-free removal of the sticky residue, making it shine like new after every use. It means less time cleaning and more time enjoying those delicious idlis.

Luxuria Idli Maker’s heat-resistant handles and knob make it easy to handle the vessel and control it. There is no accumulation of heat on the handles or the knob atop the lid. This makes it easy for even beginners to use.

What we like about it

  • Easy to clean and rinse after cooking.
  • The body is made of pure Stainless Steel.
  • Occupies less space while storing.
  • Easy to handle due to heat-resistant handles.
  • Huge Capacity to make 21 Idli at once.
  • No water clogging happens in the carvings.

what we do not like

  • The Idli in the 2nd and 3rd plates might get hard due to steam accumulation on the top plate.
  • Incompatible with induction cooktop.

Why should you buy Luxuria Idli Maker?

The Luxuria Idli maker is the best in India, favored chiefly for its vast capacity and stainless steel frame. Moreover, the idli maker is easy to handle and control because it is heat resistant. The cookware is easy to rinse, and most importantly, there is no water clogging in the bottom of the plates’ carvings.

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2. Pigeon Stainless Steel induction Idli Maker

Pigeon Stainless Steel 6 Plates Idli Maker

No. of Plates: 6 | Idli Capacity: 24/cycle | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimension: 21.5 x 21.6 x 19.7 cm | Diameter: 8.8 inches | Weight: 1.45 Kg | Warranty: 6 Months | Compatible With: Induction Cooktop, Gas Stove

The Pigeon Idli Maker has a heavy structure mostly owed to its robust framework, which provides durability and reduces wear and tear and damage. To top it off, the stainless steel body provides zero accumulation of rust and helps in the effective cleaning of the vessel.

The Pigeon Idli Maker’s insides are lined with a thick gauge that improves its durability and minimizes wear and tears through usage. It also prevents scratches on the surface of the vessel due to the gauge’s thick padding. Now, you can pass this utensil on to your children!

Apart from being usable on a gas stove, the Pigeon Idli Maker is also easily usable on Induction cooktop. It can absorb high levels of heat, and the bottom of the vessel does not stick to the cooker’s surface upon reaching higher levels of heat.

So, no hassle with gas and burners as this induction idli maker makes your life easier. For these reasons, we highly recommend it as one of the best idli makers in 2024.

The Pigeon Idli Maker can hold 6 Idli plates with 4 carvings on each, thereby allowing one to cook 24 Idli at once. This saves time and a lot of gas or electricity when cooking on a gas or induction stove.

Reasons to choose it

  • A sturdy frame reduces impact damage.
  • Stainless Steel body that doesn’t accumulate cooking stains and dust.
  • Easy to clean and rinse after cooking.
  • Compatibility with induction and gas stove helps in easy cooking.

Reasons to skip it

  • Short handles can be inconvenient to control when the vessel is hot.
  • It cannot cook dhokla.

Why should you buy Pigeon induction Idli Maker?

The Pigeon Stainless Steel 6-plate Idli maker has the advantage of being solid and sturdy, which saves it from damage. The stainless steel body makes it easy to clean and prevents rust. Its capacity to cook 24 Idli at once is an added advantage because it saves time and resources significantly.

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3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Multi-Kadai Idli Maker

Amazon Brand – Solimo Induction Bottom Idli Maker

No. of Plates: 6 | Idli Capacity: 14/cycle | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimension: 32.9 x 32.29 x 31 cm | Diameter: 27 cm | Weight: 2.7 Kg | Compatible With: Gas Stove and Induction Cooktop

The Solimo Multi-Kadai idli maker comes with a heavy gauge stainless steel structure. It reduces wear and tears at the bottom of the vessel. The stainless steel body of this idli maker facilitates easy cleaning and does not accumulate rust on the body.

The ferromagnetic flat bottom empowers this idli maker to work on induction cooktop. So, besides cooking on the gas stove, you have another option.

The Multi-Kadai idli cooker facilitates Idli cooking and you can use it for various steamed dishes, such as Dhokla, Momo, Pathra, etc. It comes with 1 kadai, 2 idli plates, 1 mini idli plate, 2 dhokla/momo plates, and 1 pathra plate. This facility makes it a complete steamed food-maker package. So, if you are looking for the best idli maker for your home, it is a good choice.

The knob on the lid and handles on either side of the Solimo idli maker are made up of Bakelite, a heat-resistant material. It helps in the easy handling of the vessel, which makes this idli dhokla maker easier to carry and use. There are no chances of suffering burns while handling the vessel due to the heat-resistant knob and handles.

The remarkable benefits

  • All-in-one solution for Idli, Dhokla, Pathra, and Momos.
  • Solid and heavy gauged stainless steel structure provides for reduced wear and tear.
  • You can make a large quantity of Idli with 14 Idli or 21 mini-Idli at once.
  • Zero accumulation of rust on the body even after regular rinsing.
  • No water clogging in the bottom of the Idli carvings after rinsing.
  • Bakelite knob for easy lifting of the lid and preventing slipping.
  • Bakelite heat-resistant handles for smooth and efficient handling.

The “not-so-good”s

  • It is a heavy vessel with a whopping 2.7 Kg of weight.
  • The batter must be thick and dense. Otherwise, it may leak through the tiny holes on the idli pits.

Why should you buy Solimo Multi-Kadai Idli Maker?

Overall, the Solimo Induction Bottom Multi-Kadai provides an all-in-one solution for all steamed delicacies that one can make in the kitchen. This idli maker is best to prevent wear and tear due to its strong, heavy-gauged stainless steel structure. It also prevents the accumulation of rust. The heat-resistant Bakelite knob and handles make it easy to control.

4. Alisha Stainless Steel Idli dhokla Maker

Alisha Stainless Steel Idli Maker

No. of Plates: 4 | Idli Capacity: 13/cycle | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimension: 31.3 x 23.5 x 22.7 cm | Diameter: 28.5 cm | Weight: 1.83 Kg | Compatible With: Induction and Gas Stove

The Alisha Idli Maker has an attractive design with a sleek body made up entirely of stainless steel. Its efficient design makes it easier to store in tight spaces despite being relatively big. Its design also facilitates better heating and faster cooking. The stainless steel body prevents the accumulation of rust and provides for ease of cleaning.

The Alisha Idli Maker has a relatively strong frame, making it durable and reducing wear and tears from regular vessel usage. You can use this idli maker on both the induction cooktop and gas stove. Being the 5th best idli maker in India, it also prevents accidents from hot steam.

The idli maker comes with two 4-pit idli plates, one 5-pit idli pit, one mini idli plate, one dhokla plate, and one steamer plate. Not only can the Alisha Idli Maker be used for Idlis, but its extra plates also provide for cooking other delicacies like Utthapam, Vada, Dhokla, Noodles, Momos, and so on. It also provides for steaming vegetables and fruits for other purposes.

The enormous structure of the Alisha Idli Dhokla Maker provides for cooking 13 Idli at once. You can use the extra plates to cook/steam other dishes or items all together. This makes the idli maker energy efficient and time-saving. Cooking for your family will not be a task anymore as Alisha is here to help you.

What we like about it

  • You can use the idli maker for cooking Idli, Vada, Dhokla, Uttapam, Noodles, Momos, etc.
  • Dynamic design occupies minimum space when being stored.
  • Faster heating, which facilitates faster cooking.
  • Stainless steel body provides for easy cleaning.
  • No accumulation of rust occurs on the body after regular contact with water.
  • Idli plate carvings do not accumulate water after rinsing.
  • It is a wide choice for cooking idli, dhokla, pathra, and momo.

what we do not like

  • The heavy frame makes it difficult to carry and control for some users.
  • Quick heating may cause items inside to get overcooked if the user is not attentive.

Why should you buy Alisha Idli Maker?

The Alisha Idli Maker is an all-in-one solution for Indians. It provides the facility to make Idli and many other steamed dishes consecutively at a comparatively lower cost. Its stainless steel frame provides for easy cleaning durable structure. The idli maker is best suitable for fast cooking, thereby saving time and resources.

5. SUN1 Stainless Steel 6-Plates Idli Cooker

SUN1 Stainless Steel 6-Plates Idly Cooker

No. of Plates: 6 | Idli Capacity: 24/cycle | Material: High Quality Stainless Steel | Dimension: 10 x 9 x 8 cm | Diameter: 8 inches | Weight: 0.66 Kg | Compatible With: Induction Cooktop and Gas Stove

SUN1 Idli Maker comprises a robust stainless steel structure that is rust-proof and durable. It facilitates easy cleaning, and Idli residue does not stick on the plates. If you are looking for the best stainless steel idli maker, it is a good option.

SUN1 Idli Maker has the capacity of steaming 24 Idli at once. There are 6 Idli plates with 4 carvings on each. The carvings on the above plate are not symmetrical to the one below. It facilitates the even distribution of steam throughout the 6 plates.

Besides gas stoves, SUN1 Idli Maker can easily be used on Induction Cooktop. The thick gauge at the bottom prevents the vessel from suffering damage and maintain stability when cooking.

The Idli Maker’s design has been engineered to facilitate faster heating. This, in turn, facilitates faster cooking of the items inside. Faster cooking saves time and is also a reduced burden on electricity or gas.

The pros

  • Stainless steel prevents the accumulation of rust on the body after repeated rinsing.
  • Easy to clean and rinse with water after cooking.
  • No food residue stains are left behind after cooking.
  • High durability due to the thick gauge below the vessel.
  • Large capacity to cook 24 Idli at a time.
  • The idli maker has a smartly engineered design for faster cooking.

The cons

  • The big size might make it difficult to store in tight spaces.
  • Fast heating may cause food to get overcooked at times.
  • It is heavy, which may make it difficult to handle and carry around.

Why should you buy SUN1 Idli Cooker ?

The SUN1 Induction Idli Maker is a cost-effective solution if one is looking for an Idli Maker that provides quantity, quality, and low price. Its stainless steel build makes it strong and durable and easy to clean. There is no accumulation of rust. It is the best idli cooker engineered for rapid heating, which facilitates fast cooking, saving electricity and gas.

6. QSEC Multi Kadai Idli Steamer with dhokla Cooker

QSEC Stainless Steel Idli Cooker

No. of Plates: 5 | Idli Capacity: 14/cycle | Material: SS 304 Stainless Steel | Dimension: 30 x 27.2 x 21.5 cm | Diameter: 28.5 cm | Weight: 1.5 Kg | Warranty: Lifetime for the vessel | Compatible With: Gas Stove

The QSEC Idli Cooker is just not an ordinary Idli-maker. It comes with 2 plates for Dhokla, 2 plates for idli, and an additional plate for making Pathras and Momos. This is the best idli maker in India with multipurpose cooking, and users can enjoy making any delicacies. You can also use it for rice steaming, deep-frying, biryani making, and many other purposes.

The multi-kadai has an attractive design, made up of a stainless steel body, making it worthy. It is sleek and easy to carry and handle.

This Idli Cooker has a copper bottom with 3 mm thickness, making heat conduction faster and, therefore, faster cooking of the contents inside and is a time-saving solution.

The Idli Cooker has a thick and heavily gauged stainless steel frame, which protects from regular wear and tear. It makes the vessel long-lasting. Stainless Steel body also provides for efficient and easy cleaning. It also prevents the accumulation of rust.

The advanatges of QSEC

  • Faster cooking owing to its Copper bottom.
  • This idli maker is energy-efficient which is mainly owed to its fast-cooking technology.
  • Easy to store in tight spaces due to its efficient structure.
  • You can use this idli maker for cooking Idli, Dhokla, Pathra, and Momos.
  • Easy to clean and rinse after cooking.
  • A strong and heavy stainless steel frame provides durability.

The drawbacks

  • Handles made of stainless steel might get heated up, making it difficult to control.
  • It does not work on induction cooktop.
  • Dry heating can damage this idli cooker, so be cautious when cooking.

Why should you buy QSEC Stainless Steel Idli Cooker?

The QSEC Idli-Cooker Multi-Kadai All-in-one can easily provide value for money because it is used for cooking Idli, Dhokla, Pathra, and Momos in one vessel. It has a sleek design with a Copper bottom, which facilitates faster cooking to save time and resources.

7. BMS Lifestyle Stainless Steel 4 plates Idly Cooker

BMS LIFESTYLE Induction And Gas Stove Compatible Idli Maker

No. of Plates: 4 | Idli Capacity: 16/cycle | Material: 18 gauge Stainless Steel | Dimension: 24 x 24 x 17 cm | Diameter: 7.75 inches | Weight: 1.16 Kg | Compatible With: Induction and Gas Stove

The BMS Lifestyle 4 Plates Idly Cooker has a classy design. It comes with a robust stainless steel structure but is relatively lighter, making it simpler to handle. The durable and food grade stainless steel body prevents the accumulation of rust, and its lightweight makes it easier to carry, use and store. Also, you can use this idly maker on induction cooktop, with a broad cooking choice besides gas stove.

The knob on the lid and the handles on either side are made up of Bakelite, making it heat resistant. It prevents accidental burns on the hands and facilitates easier control, meaning you do not have to be a pro to serve those soft and delicious delights.

The BMS Lifestyle Idly Cooker has ample capacity to cook 16 Idli at once despite being relatively small in size. The small size makes it easy to carry; thus, you can take the idli maker to picnics, and its capacity to steam 16 Idlis at once makes it a quick solution. This takes off the workload as now you can enjoy those delights with your family and friends without having to worry about quantity or extra work.

The Idli Cooker has a steam vent on top of the lid, facilitating the efficient escape of the excess steam, which prevents the Idli from being too soft and soggy. The steam vent is made so that the escaping steam lets out a whistle for an alarm. The perfectly balanced idlis are ready to be made as the taste is guaranteed by you, while the texture is guaranteed by BMS Lifestyle.

What we prefer most about it

  • The light frame facilitates ease of carrying.
  • The idli maker has a classic, attractive, and eye-catching design.
  • Stainless Steel body increases longevity.
  • No water logging occurs at the bottom of Idli carvings.
  • The idli make has an ample volume despite being relatively small in size.
  • The idli maker has a heat-resistant knob and handles for smooth control.

The reasons to dislike it

  • A wide structure makes it difficult to store in tight spaces.
  • The whistling steam vent might cause noise while cooking.

Why should you buy BMS Lifestyle Idly cooker?

It is the best idli maker at a budget price for Idli fanatics. It comes with the facility of allowing the user to steam 16 Idli at once despite being flatter. The Bakelite knob on the lid facilitates easy lifting. The heat-resistant handles help in easy control and carrying. Its stainless steel body prevents the accumulation of rust.

8. Hawkins Idli Stand for pressure cooker

No. of Plates: 4-6 | Idli Capacity: 12-16/cycle | Material: Aluminium | Dimension: 16.5 x 19.1 x 15.2 cm (for 12 idli cooker) | Weight: 0.2-0.9 Kg | Compatible With: Pressure cooker with 3, 5, 6.5 L or more capacity

Unlike other idli makers, Hawkins Stainless Steel Idli Stand does not come with a vessel. Instead, it has only the stand with attached plates that you can put inside a pressure cooker. The following chart explains the compatibility of these variants according to dimension, weight, material, and the minimum compatible capacity of the pressure cooker.

SizeDimensionWeightNo. of PlatesMaterialMinimum Capacity of Pressure Cooker
12 (small)12.7 x 12.7 x 11.4 cm295 grams4Aluminium3 Litres
1214.2 x 14.2 x 13.1 cm454 grams4Stainless Steel and Aluminium5 Litres
1816.5 x 19.1 x 15.2 cm907 grams6Aluminium6.5 Litres

Although Hawkins idli maker has a sturdy build, it is very lightweight. Most of this is owed to it being made of Aluminium. Aluminium is a lighter material than steel. Thus, the lightweight of the stand makes it easier to handle.

Hawkins idli stand has the traditional tall but narrow design. Hawkins Idli Stand, the cheapest idli maker, facilitates easy storage inside a pressure cooker. It provides faster heating of the vessel, which in turn helps in faster cooking.

What we like about it

  • It is the most affordable idli maker on this list. Durable and robust Aluminium/ Stainless Steel body that provides added longevity.
  • The slim build makes it easier to store in tight spaces.
  • Faster heating facilitates faster cooking of idli.
  • Lightweight, which makes it easy to carry without much hassle.

what we do not like

  • It does not work without a pressure cooker.
  • The stainless steel design is available for only 12-idli stand. The other two stands are manufactured of aluminium.

Why should you buy Hawkins Idli Stand for pressure cooker?

This Idli Maker provides a sturdy and durable aluminium build. The lightweight build makes it easier to use. Its narrow design helps the buyer to store it without hassle. With a wide capacity range, this is the best idli maker under 1000 in India.

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9. Prestige Classic Idli Cooker

Prestige Classic Idli Cooker

No. of Plates: 4 | Idli Capacity: 16/cycle | Material: SS 304 Stainless Steel | Dimension: 30 x 27.2 x 21.5 cm | Weight: 1.5 Kg | Warranty: 1 Year | Compatible With: Gas Stove

The Prestige Classic Idli Cooker provides the buyer with the relief of not thinking much of where to store it. The Prestige Classic Idli Cooker occupies less space, whether it is with regards to height or width. Its small stature also makes it easy to carry around on outdoor picnics too.

Its stainless steel body makes it rust-free and provides the buyer with the ease of cleaning it. Idli stains are generally sticky, but with its stainless body, you can quickly get those stains off it with zero hassle and in no time.

The Prestige Classic Idli Cooker has a separate steam vent on the lid. It facilitates easy ejection of extra steam and is quite durable. Thus the idli maker works very well. If you are looking for the best idli maker with decent quality, it is your perfect choice.

What we prefer about it

  • Easy to clean owing to its stainless steel body.
  • Do not accumulate rust after regular rinsing with water.
  • The smaller size makes it easier to store in tight spaces.
  • You can easily carry the idli maker around without any added effort.
  • You can cook 16 Idlis at once compared to its small size.

Things to dislike

  • Incompatible with induction cooktop.
  • This idli maker is high priced as compared to other products in terms of capacity.

Why should you buy Prestige Classic Idli Cooker?

The Prestige Classic Idli Cooker is convenient to store due to its small size. Its capacity to cook 16 idlis at once despite it being small is quite economical. The idli maker is also easy to carry it around.

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10. Kuber Industries Idli Maker

Kuber Industries Idli Maker

No. of Plates: 7 | Idli Capacity: 15/cycle | Material: Aluminium | Dimension: 23.7 x 23.7 x 28.7 cm | Diameter: 9.5 inches | Weight: 0.4 Kg | Compatible With: Gas Stove

The Kuber Industries Idli Maker provides an all-in-one solution. It can cook 15 Idli at once with its 4 idli plates. It also comes with 2 plates to cook dhokla and 1 plate for pathra. Therefore, it is a complete package for any Indian steamed delicacies.

This Idli Maker has the added advantage of being extremely light, weighing only 400 g. Most of that is owed to its Aluminium build. The lightweight makes the vessel easy to carry around and easy to handle and control.

The idli maker tall in structure, but it is narrow enough. This allows the user to store it effectively in tight spaces, provided that the cabinet/shelf is tall enough. Because of these facilities, we have found it to be one of the best idli makers in the Indian market.

What makes it worthy

  • This is the most lightweight idli maker on this list.
  • Ample volume with 4 Idli plates and 3 extra plates for Dhokla, Pathra, etc.
  • Faster heating and cooking make it more effective and efficient.
  • Time and energy-efficient because the idli maker is engineered for rapid cooking.
  • Sturdy Aluminium build, which lasts long and is durable.
  • Large volume allowing users to cook 15 Idli at once.
  • Extreme Lightweight makes it easy to control and carry around.

What makes it least desirable

  • The aluminium body may have stains left behind from cooking if not washed adequately.
  • Aluminium handles, which get heated quickly, making them difficult to handle if not careful, may also cause burns.
  • Aluminium is incompatible with dishwashers and induction cooktops.

Why should you buy Kuber Industries Idli Maker?

Kuber Industries Idli Maker is, as compared to the other Idli makers, made of Aluminium. The sturdy Aluminium build provides for durability. The idli maker has a large capacity to make 15 Idli at once and has extra plates for Dhokla and Pathra. Weighing only 400g, it is easier to carry around and handle. The narrow structure makes it easier to store.

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idli made with idli maker

Benefits of using Idli Maker at Your Home

Traditional methods of making Idli are time taking. It might often get frustrating for modern-day people who are always on the clock but still want to take time out to enjoy life. For South-Indian cuisine fanatics, Idli has to be one of their favorite delicacies.

Having an Idli Maker at home provides users with the ease of making Idlis with the least hassle and in almost no time. The quality of the Idli is similar to the traditional ones or maybe even better. Idli makers provide users with the joy of having Idli at home whenever they want.

Some of the benefits of having the best idli maker are as follows-

benefits of idli makers

Saves Time and Unnecessary Travelling

Not everyone who loves Idli has the convenience of staying at a place that has a South-Indian food shop nearby.

However, South-Indian food outlets are rare in many parts of India. Also, modern-day people hardly get time to enjoy life.

Therefore, to help such people to enjoy their favorite South Indian delicacies from the comfort of their homes, having an idli maker is a lifeline.

It saves time because people do not have to travel long distances just for a plate of Idli or two, and Idli Makers being designed for fast cooking saves a lot of time and resources.

Idli Can Make For A Delightful Meal

Idlis are just not a fancy South-Indian delicacy. They form part and parcel of the diet of South Indian people. Idlis are known for being heavy and keeping the stomach full for a long time. Therefore, for those who rack their brains every morning thinking of breakfast and lunch, Idlis are the solution.

Having a good quality idli maker in India can provide you with the relief of making Idlis in no time, and it reduces the considerable burden of deciding what to make for breakfast or lunch. They have large capacities and save a lot of time.

Use for Other Steamed Dishes

Idli makers can not only be used for Idlis, but most of them also come with an all-in-one solution whereby there are extra plates for making other dishes.

Idli makers can be used to make a variety of steamed delicacies, such as Momos, Noodles, Dhokla, Pathra, Uttapam, etc.

Therefore, an Idli maker provides you with a one-stop solution to make all of your favorite steamed delicacies from the comfort of your home.

dhokla made with an idli dhokla maker

Proper and Even Steaming of Food Items

Traditionally made, Idlis can often be imperfect due to the shape not being perfect or erratic steaming. The idli makers are designed and engineered for efficient cooking of Idlis through effective and even steaming. The Idli plates and carvings are arranged asymmetrical, which provides for even distribution of the steam.

The enclosed structure of the Idli cooker does not let the steam escape. The excess steam is released through a steam vent on top of the lid of the utensil. Therefore, the best quality idli makers provide an efficient steaming system, making the perfect Idlis.

High Energy Efficiency

Idli makers are engineered to facilitate fast heating of the food items inside. Fast heating facilitates faster cooking of the items. Therefore, apart from saving time, Idli makers also provide users with the added benefit of being an energy-efficient solution. It consumes less electricity if it is being used on an Induction cooker. Cooking requires less gas if the idli maker is being used on a gas stove.

buying guide for best idli makers in India

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Idli Maker in India

Some of idli makers have a steam vent attached on the top of the lid of the utensil. You can release it manually to let the excess steam escape. Other Idli makers do not have a steam vent. It depends upon the customer which mechanism suits them the most.

To choose a suitable idli maker for your own requirements, consider the following critical decision-making factors-

traditional type of idli maker

Types of idli maker

Idli makers range in a variety of types. Some are just Idli makers; others provide facilities for cooking Dhokla, Uttapam, and other steamed items. As a customer, according to the use, you should determine the type of product they wish to buy-

  • Standard Idli Maker: The traditional idli maker that we are using for a long time.
  • Induction Idli Maker: This type of idli maker can be used on the induction cooktop.
  • Induction cum Gas Idli Maker: It can be used on both the induction and gas stoves.
  • Microwave Idli Maker: This idli maker is usable with microwave ovens.

Some idli makers come with a steamer plate or dedicated plates to make dhokla and momos. But, if you want just an Idli maker, you should look for Idli makers only, and if you want an all-in-one product, you should look for the ones who provide Idli plates and extra plates for other steamed food items.

Which is the best material for idli makers?

A crucial factor to consider while choosing the best Idli maker is the type of its build material. The brands use either Aluminium or Stainless Steel to make their Idli makers. Both the materials, i.e., Aluminium and Stainless Steel, have their advantages and disadvantages.

You can clean food grade stainless steel Idli makers easily, and it leaves behind no food stains. Whereas Aluminium idli makers are difficult to clean, and stains of food are often left sticking to the surface if not rinsed thoroughly. Most stainless steel idli makers are compatible with induction cooktop and gas stove.

But, stainless steel idli makers might accumulate burn marks and are generally heavier and difficult to control. On the other hand, Aluminium idli makers do not accumulate burn marks and are incredibly lightweight and easily carried around.

While stainless steel and aluminium idli makers are suitable for induction and gas stove, you cannot use them in microwave ovens. The microwave idli makers are usually made of food grade plastic materials that are cheap but not as durable as stainless steel.

How many Plates do you need?

Various Idli Maker brands offer a different number of Idli plates. Some brands also offer extra plates to make other delicacies like Dhokla, Uttapam, Pathra, etc.

You should decide how many Idli plates you need according to your requirements and then decide which Idli cooker to purchase.

Some Idli makers which you can use to make idli only offer 3-6 Idli plates. On the other hand, those Idli Makers, which you can use for other steamed food items, generally offer 2-3 Idli plates and 2 plates for Dhokla, and 1 for Pathra/Momos.

Number of plates and carvings in idli maker

The number of Idli Carvings

Another critical factor to consider while buying the Idli maker is the number of Idli carvings on each Idli plate. While the number of Idli plates is a crucial factor, the number of carvings on an Idli plate is equally important.

In India, many Idli maker brands offer 3-4 Idli plates with 6 carvings on each plate and an additional plate consisting of 21 small-sized carvings for mini-Idli. However, a thing to consider is that the more the carvings on a single plate, the more difficult it is to place the Idli batter into them, which may cause overlapping, resulting in the idli being joined together.

A lesser number of carvings (4 or max. 6) and more plates are good for making idli. Lesser carvings on a plate make the carvings spread apart, and the batter can quickly solidify to make perfect idli without getting conjoined with each other.

How much should you spend on idli maker?

The cost factor is one of the most important ones to be considered before buying an idli maker. The best idli maker brands vary from a price range of ₹700 to ₹2000. Of course, the ones at the lower price range spectrum have fewer features than those at the higher spectrum of the price range.

Again, generally, the Idli makers on the expensive side are all-in-one makers; that is, you can make idli and other delicacies like Dhokla, Uthappam Noodles, Momos, etc. The Idli makers that can only be used to cook idli are generally cheaper. That is upon the buyer to decide what to buy.

Therefore, the first thing to consider is the price range corresponding to the product you want.

homemade idli with best idli maker

Frequently Asked Questions about Idli Makers

Which Idli maker is the best, Aluminium or Steel?

Aluminium and stainless steel – both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. While Aluminium idli-makers are lighter and are easier to control and handle, stainless steel idli makers are relatively heavier and are challenging to control. Stainless steel idli makers are easy to clean and are more durable than their Aluminium counterparts. Thus, you should purchase the Idli maker according to your preferences.

Can Idli be made in a momo stand?

Yes, if you are an expert at making round Idlis by hand or do not care about the shape of an Idli, you can make Idlis in a momo stand. After all, idli makers are steamers, and the same goes for momo stands. However, if one cares about the shape of Idlis, then no, momo stands would not be favorable for them.

Which rice is recommended for making Idli?

There are two types of rice available in India- raw rice and parboiled rice. Parboiled rice is the best for making Idli because they are easier to steam and have a soft texture upon steaming, which is typically the one that is needed for making the perfect Idli.

How to choose the best Idli Maker?

There are a lot of factors that you should consider before buying an Idli maker. The primary factors are price, size, the material used, item capacity, number of idli plates, and number of carvings on idli plates. Buyers should thoroughly scrutinize each of the factors and choose the one best suited to their needs.

How much water to put in Idli Maker?

The Idli batter should be appropriately placed in the Idli carvings on the plates, and approximately 1 to 2 cups of water should be poured into the Idli maker to let it boil and formulate into steam. Do not let the water touch the Idli plates’ surface or go over the Idli batter.

What is the right capacity of Idli maker for medium-sized families?

The term medium-sized is subjective; however, assuming it to be a family of 6 to 8 members, Idli makers with a capacity to cook 24 Idli at once shall be the best choice. It will provide at least 3-4 idlis to each person who is a sufficient number. Also, there’s the advantage of cooking 24 Idli at once, which saves a lot of time and resources.

What else can you make using an Idli maker?

The best idli maker brands in India provide Idli plates with their product and provide 2 or 3 extra plates for making other steamed delicacies like Dhokla, Uthhapam, Pathra, Momo Noodles. Thus, you can make any steamed delicacy using an Idli maker.

Can you wash the Idli Maker in a dishwasher?

For the sake of keeping the Idli maker patch-free and to keep it durable, we recommend not to wash the Idli maker in a dishwasher. Also, idli-makers being bigger than plates, it’s not feasible to wash them in dishwashers. For the best results, it is best to clean Idli makers separately.

How long does it take to prepare Idli in Idli maker?

Good idli makers are known for their ability to cook Idli in no time and save time and resources. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes for the Idli maker to prepare a wonderful batch of fresh Idli.

Why should you use muslin cloth to make Idli?

It may so happen that the water accumulated on the batters may seep to the ones below through the holes, thereby spoiling the shape and making the Idli diluted. To prevent that, it is advisable to use a muslin cloth to cover the Idli batter to prevent the water from seeping into the Idli batter.

What is the function of holes on the Idli plates?

The Idli batter produces the best Idli when the steam is evenly spread across the batter. There are holes on the sides of the Idli plates to let the steam enter the plates to facilitate it. Then the steam spreads evenly across the Idli batter to cook it.

dhokla made with idli maker

Editor’s Pick: Best quality idli makers

Variety of Idli maker brands provide a one-stop solution for all Idli fanatics from the comfort of their homes. They are energy efficient and save a lot of time and resources as it hardly takes 30 minutes to make Idli with the Idli maker.

Idli cookers cannot only be used for making Idli but can also be used for making other steamed delicacies like Dhokla, Upma, Pathra, Momo, etc. Idli makers have various capacities, ranging from making 13 idlis to 24 idlis at once. Some Idli maker brands also provide an extra plate for mini-idli.

Luxuria Idli Maker Pot And Steamer and Pigeon Idli Maker are the best idli makers in India for 2024 due to the following reasons-

  • They can make 21-24 idlis at once.
  • 4 and 6 number of plates.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Easy to use and clean

Apart from these two products, you can also check the alternatives from brands like Prestige, Hawkins, QSEC, Alisha, Solimi, BMS, Kuber Industries, and Sun1. Also, read the buying guide and reviews of quality idli makers to learn how to pick the best one.

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