6 Best Marble & Tile Cutters in India (2024) from Top Brands

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Indians have a rich history of architectural excellence. Be it the stupefying monuments or the marvelous carvings on stone and marble, the country’s sculptors have always crafted some of the great designs. Automated tools were a far cry from reality in those days.

However, so much has changed in the present day! Isn’t it?

There are powerful and smart tool kits like a marble cutter machine for our rescue. Gone are the days of sleepless nights when someone had to manually dig a hole or cut a marble tile based on their physical agility.

Cutting stones and marbles is easy like never before. The best marble cutter in India for 2024 has powerful buttons, a motor, and blades perfectly designed to cut marble tiles or stones with utmost efficiency and precision.

Most power tools such as marble cutter machines come with comfortable handles for the right grip you need. Some of them do not emit much noise.

Brands like Bosch, Stanley, and iBell manufacture marble cutters in such a way as to avoid any kind of accident. Their power tools have safety features that make it a favorite among professionals.

best marble cutter in India

Best Marble Cutters in India (2024)

Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter1250 Watts12000 RPM2.5 Kg
Stanley STSP 125 Tile Cutter Machine1320 Watts13500 RPM3 Kg
IBELL Marble Cutter1050 Watts13000 RPM3 Kg
Planet Power Tile And Marble Cutter1200 Watts12000 RPM2.8 Kg
Aegon Heavy Duty Marble Cutter1200 Watts12000 RPM2.8 Kg
Akshar Marble Cutter Machine1050 Watts12000 RPM2.8 Kg

1. Bosch GDC 121 Marble cutter

Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter 5-Inch GDC 121

Key features

  • Comes with 1250 Watt motor which gives it a lot of power.
  • Comes with airflow cooling system for temperature control.
  • Dust insulator is present that can ensure safety while using.
  • Weighing just 2.5 kg, this is very light-weight and compact.
  • This is non-battery equipment ensuring constant plugging.
  • Comes well-equipped with buttons for easy management.
  • Has safety features that make it really convenient for amateurs.

Why is it good for cutting marble?

Cutting marbles and stones is not an easy task unless you have the right marble cutter in your toolkit. The blades are the critical part of marble or any other stone cutter that lends precision to the stones.

The Bosch GDC 121 marble cutter is a powerful tool to cut marble with high precision. It is designed in a manner to allows you to cut the stone with great ease.

This marble cutter from the house of Bosch can work under different conditions. You can in fact use this quality product for vertical and slot cutting.

It is a compact device with an easy-to-follow user guide and power-packed buttons for efficient usage. Additionally, the best marble cutter blade with 5 inches size makes the machine ideal for vertical and horizontal surface cutting.

Often many power tools perform sub-optimally if the surfaces are sticky or wet. The Bosch marble cutter consists of a base plate which makes it a perfect tool that you can even use in water.

The presence of an adaptive system makes it effortless to operate. Moreover, it consists of a high-efficiency motor that is energy efficient as well.

With proper care and maintenance, this product can serve you for years and help you craft out great shapes from marbles.


  • It is manufactured by Bosch, a brand with good repute.
  • This has high production efficiency.
  • It is an ideal machine to use in various adjustments.
  • The product has a large 5-inch blade.
  • It makes every cut, a precise one.
  • Moreover, it can work well even on wet surfaces.
  • Lightweight marble cutter.
  • Easy to use the machine.


  • The no-load rotational speed is slightly low.

What is Best About this Marble Cutter?

Bosch is a company of great repute carrying a popular name. The GDC 121 marble cutter is a bestseller product that is not only powerful but also super easy to use with convenient buttons. The blades are great to cut marble, steel rods, or any other stone.

2. Stanley STSP 125 Tile Cutter Machine

Stanley STSP 125 Tile Cutter Machine

Key features

  • The machine weighs nearly 3 kilos which makes it easy to carry.
  • There’s a one-year warranty period which can be availed in case of any issue.
  • A salient feature of the cutter is it can dig up to 20 mm, unlike most other products.
  • It’s powered by an input stream of 1320 Watts which makes it suited for industry usage.
  • It can fit a blade wheel up to a diameter of 125mm which covers a good amount of area.
  • The handle allows you to have a strong grip and prevent the cutter from falling off.
  • It comprises of a lock on and off switch which can help in efficient power utilization.
  • This cutter machine emits a very little sound or vibration making it a great product to use.
  • It boosts a speed rotation of 13500 RPM for cutting tiles really fast.

Why is it good for cutting marble?

Stanley STSP 125 tile cutter is one of the best marble cutters for cutting marble and tile. It is associated with the cutting of various types of tiles. Owing to its versatile nature, it is a popular product among professionals involved with cutting stones, tiles as well as other surfaces.

Often with power tools, the amount of pressure to be exerted by hands leads to easy bruising of the skin. A convenient handle makes this particular machine safe and convenient for handling.

It is convenient to operate given the buttons and light-weight of the product. The high speed of the blades and depth which it can cut makes it ideal for use at construction sites where drilling large depths might be required.

While purchasing any electronic device, no matter how versatile or exciting it might look at first glance, a major concern is how durable it is. This cutter comes with a one-year warranty period to ensure your investment is protected during this period. It is applicable for any damages or issues and defects the products might have.


  • With a one-year warranty period, this is a great product.
  • A comfortable handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold.
  • Owing to its high blade speed, it can finish off any drill work quickly.
  • Low in noise, it is a product not hard to your ears.
  • Can be used for commercial purposes where deep drills are required.


  • The cutter is a bit expensive.

What is Best About this Marble Cutter?

Stanley is a popular brand that has been selling electronic products for a long time. Customer service and any other assistance is quite seamless. It has a one-year warranty unlike many other sturdy tools in the market.

3. iBELL marble cutter Machine

IBELL Marble Cutter

Key features

  • It has a powerful motor of 1050 Watts which makes cutting fast.
  • In total, it works with a speed of 1300 rpm in a no-load condition.
  • The product comes with a total warranty period of six months.
  • It is multipurpose and can cut wood, steel, and stones as well.
  • An electric back up helps charge up this marble cutter.
  • It weighs around 3 Kg which makes it lightweight to operate.
  • For safe handling by the user, it comes with a comfortable handle.
  • It is quite sturdy to use and can switch to various modes.
  • Lastly, it is reliable for drilling large holes which might be deep.

Why is it good for cutting marble?

iBELL belongs to an Indian company situated in Kerala and known for churning out some of the finest quality machines over the last few years.

It has recorded high sales owing to its ease of use especially at construction sites or even for home repairs.

Moreover, this marble cutter is not only a mere marble cutter. It is much more versatile. No matter if it’s a marble, a steel rod, or any wooden surface, this is an ideal multi-purpose cutter.

While it is power-packed with different useful features and functionalities, there is no reason to stick to it while working. The cutter is extremely portable. It is small and compact which makes it super easy to carry. 

To sum up, the iBell cutter is a leading and promising tool in the market that is not too heavy on your pocket and could be a great buy.


  • It is a lightweight product and easy to carry.
  • It is versatile in nature and can cut different surfaces.
  • The material used in this product is sturdy and durable.
  • Despite its popularity, it is extremely budget-friendly.
  • A powerful engine makes this product value for money.


  • This marble cutter needs more care and supervision while using it.

What is Best About this Marble Cutter?

For those of you who are particular about using indigenous products, this could be a savior in 2024. Due to the presence of a powerful motor, it can work for longer periods of time. The product comes with great inbuilt technology that is of good quality and is a great buy both for home improvement needs as well as commercial requirements.

4. Planet power Electric tile cutter for marble

Planet Power Electric Tile And Marble Cutter

Key features

  • Comes with 1200 Watts power which is great for cutting tiles or marbles.
  • Characterized by a high rotational speed of 12000 rpm. for fast cutting.
  • A comfortable handle for easy grip while cutting hard surfaces.
  • This is powered by electricity directly through cords.
  • Weighing about 2.8 Kg makes it easy to carry and operate.
  • You get additional accessories such as pipes, rubbers, etc.
  • You also get up to a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The machine can work with a frequency of 50 Hertz.

Why is it good for cutting marble?

Planet power tile/electric cutter comes with a net weight of 2.8 kilos which makes it lightweight and convenient to carry.

A great thing about this solid and sturdy power tool is that it comes with an electric backup. This can not only be a great tool for outdoor usage but also indoors when power is not there.

The machine has a powerful blade rotational system coupled with a power output of 1200 Watts which makes the cutter a pretty powerful gadget.

It has a six-month warranty period against any manufacturing defect, unlike most other marble cutters. Because of these wide advantages, it is the best marble tile cutter for precision works.


  • A strong rotational speed makes cutting real fast.
  • It has long durability as it is made of material of good tensile strength.
  • The product does not create noise pollution.
  • It is sturdy and versatile and can be used to cut tiles and marbles.
  • Designed in a way such that holding the cutter does not cause much strain.
  • Cutting marbles and tiles are easy with this power-packed gadget.


  • It does not come with a blade; you need to buy it separately.

What is Best About this Marble Cutter?

Planet power is a trustworthy brand dealing with electronic devices. People all across the globe have purchased the product and found it valuable. It is ideal for industrial use owing to its great working efficiency even though you need to buy a blade out of your pocket separately.

5. Aegon AC4 heavy duty marble cutter

Aegon Ac4 Heavy Duty Marble Cutter

Key features

  • Comes with a 1050 Watts power motor.
  • Have a non-load rotation speed of 12000 rpm.
  • Have a handy design for ease of use.
  • Can carry a blade of up to 4-inch width.
  • Consist of an air-cooling feature.
  • Have a dust insulator as well.
  • The total weight is 2.8 Kg.
  • Pertains a lock on and off the system.
  • Have a warranty duration of 6 months.
  • Complete measures of safety are present.
  • Have gear set to produce less noise.
  • Do have control for less vibration.

Why is it good for cutting marble?

If you are someone who is looking for an ideal marble tile cutter then Aegon Ac4 heavy-duty multipurpose can be the right choice. The machine with its total net weight of 2.8 Kg turns out to be very easy to use, portable, and a handy device.

The overall features in the machine allow it to cut not only marble but also tile, porcelain, granite, etc. The renowned company, Aegon has designed it in such a way that it can deliver an unmatched precision.

The tool is rated high in terms of safety, durability as well as efficiency. Most importantly, it adheres to high quality. The tool is manufactured to be used in a wide spectrum like industries, construction sites, etc.

It can fit a blade of up to a wheel diameter of 110 mm plus and can fit a blade of 4-inch at a time. Moreover, the blades are replaceable. For this reason, it is the best tool for cutting marble tiles.

With timely maintenance, the tool can work for longer periods of time. The presence of a handle makes the usage of this product easier. In addition to this, it has easy to use which makes it possible to use the machine in reducing angles to prevent the risk of accidents.


  • It has a high-efficiency motor that makes drilling fast.
  • Packed with safety features, it is reliable to use.
  • It is a stable tool and durable for long-term usage.
  • Comes with a blade replacement system for easy maintenance.
  • Its use is fatigue-less as it is convenient and requires no strain.


  • It needs expert supervision and isn’t ideal for starters.

What is Best About this Marble Cutter?

Aegon Ac4 heavy-duty multipurpose machine is a tool that perfectly fits your bills. It is cost-effective and most importantly, it has a high-efficiency motor that makes cutting really easy and convenient. It can be used for vertical cutting as well which makes it a perfect choice for professional marble cutters looking for precision.

6. Akshar marble Tile cutter machine

Akshar Marble Cutter Machine

Key features

  • Comes with a 1050W, high-efficiency powerful motor.
  • It is an electric power tool with field coils.
  • Has a rotational speed of 12000 rpm.
  • It is a budget-friendly machine.
  • Can accommodate a blade of diameter 110 mm.
  • Holds a warranty for 6 months.
  • Overall net weight is 2.8 kg.
  • Compactly designed for easy usage.
  • Uses the latest technology and is highly efficient.
  • Is a versatile and multi-purpose tool.
  • Comes with a host of safety features.
  • A sturdy handle makes operating with it comfortable.
  • Durable when properly maintained.

Why is it good for cutting marble?

Over the years, Akshar has been manufacturing fine-quality machinery. Most of these machines come with high rotation speed and high-efficiency motors that are efficient for cutting. If you are looking for the best marble cutter in India, it can be a good choice.

If you are looking to buy something that has the latest advanced technology and is yet pocket-friendly, this cutter from Akshar is the perfect choice for you. Similar to other power tools available in the market, the Akshar marble tile cutter is also a multi-purpose tool.

The machine is compact and light-weighted which does not create a lot of hassle to handle. Therefore, it can be used with great ease and comfort. The product also undergoes high-quality testing before its launch in the market.


  • It is a high-performance tool for professionals.
  • The machine is affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Motor performance is proficient.
  • Blades can be replaced with ease.
  • It consists of advanced technological components.


  • It is suitable only for dry surfaces.
  • Doesn’t consists of a noise controller.
  • It needs skilled hands to operate.

What is Best About this Marble Cutter?

The machine is authentically built and manufactured by Akshar, a renowned company. The company holds a reputation for designing the evolved forms of machines. It has a high standard of motor and owns every safety feature. It is well-built with safety features to prevent accidents. Before being launched, each product is examined with care. Isn’t it great at such a reasonable rate?

What is a Marble Cutter and How does it Work?

Marble Cutter is an easy-to-use device that runs mostly on electricity. It is a user-friendly and economical product that is easily available in the market that can be a useful addition to your collection of handy tools or DIY workshops. It is a hand-held machine that is generally used to chip or cut various types of materials such as stones, tiles, concrete, bricks, marble, wood, and more; into the shape as required.

The body of a marble cutter consists of different parts such as a blade that cuts the material, a motor to run the machine, a base plate to rest the machine on a platform for ease of operation and a handle to hold the machine.

The blade design, thickness, and material vary depending upon the precision of work required and the strength of the material to be cut. These parts are clubbed structurally in a fiber or metal-covered body.

A marble tile cutter is basically a saw with angular teeth, mounted on a circular axis; which rolls at a high speed to cut the material. It is a machine with compact size and weight in between 2.5 kgs to 3.5 kgs.

The Working Method

A marble cutter is a handy, lightweight yet sturdy tool that can perform robust cutting jobs. It requires very little maintenance as well as compared to most other power tools. The machine needs a 15A Socket to be plugged into the power supply. It has a 1-kilowatt motor that cuts through marble slabs of thickness 1-inch thickness.

This easy-to-operate device saves the excess manual labor to be invested in cutting as well as getting well-finished edges. A marble cutter cuts the material in two ways – the wet and dry method. The difference between the two is that in the wet method water is used just to prevent the blade from getting overheated while cutting. The circular blade rotates around a horizontal axis with a speed of 1200 RPM and above.

Using this device, the dust particle expulsion is curtailed down during the cutting procedure thereby getting the job done in a short span of time. Its frictionless working refines the finish of the cut material with utmost precision. Most marble cutters have a waterproof body. 

Uses of Marble Cutter

A marble cutter is usually used in Interior design projects, building construction tasks, home renovation projects, road projects, and many others. The best marble cutter is suitable for cutting flooring tiles, stones for kitchen platforms, wooden planks for carpentry works in interior projects, steel rods for RCC work, and chipping the concrete slabs.

It comes in handy on many DIY projects. If you have a hobby of woodwork, then this is an essential tool you could go for. It can be used to cut the material in a straight profile as well as in an angular profile. After the cut, the edge portion doesn’t have an uneven edge but has a smooth finish due to the high-speed motion of the blade.

A supply of a small jet of water along the cutting edge helps in easing out the process of cutting. You can easily change the blades as per the cut requirement. You can go on working hours with this tool without feeling exhausted. Due to the fine thickness of the blade, this tool can be used for intricate jobs that require high precision with less strain.

marble cutting machine

Benefits of Marble Cutter Machines

A marble tile cutter is an easy-to-use, handy device. All we have to is attach the right blade, plug the device in a 15A socket and start cutting the material. Thus, no special training is required to work with the device. Here are some of the

Customize Blades for Cutting

You can change the cutting blades as per the requirement. A variety of well-designed cutting blades are available for use. Due to the well-defined design of the cutting blades, there isn’t much of a variation in the cutting quality of materials. It can be used for cutting jobs of slab thickness ranging up to 50 mm.

Smooth Finish of Marble

Present-day marble cutters come with high-speed ranging from 1200 RPM and above thereby rendering a smooth finish to the edges of the material after cutting. They generally come with high-power motors which makes it suitable for most surfaces.

Low Maintenance Cost

It is a low-maintenance device. The fiber or metal body of marble cutters prevents the driving motor from water and dust getting inside which makes it less prone to any cleaning work. Supply of jet of water along the line of work keeps the temperature of the blades in check. This helps further reduce the wear and tear of the blades.

Budget Friendly Device

Most marble cutters are economically priced and available at stores nearby or even eCommerce stores. For the best marble cutter machine in the Indian market, the price ranges from INR 1,500 to INR 4,500 with standard cutting tools. However, price varies depending on the manufacturing company, the overall quality, and the efficiency of the product. Here is a list of top-quality marble cutters in India with price list-

Marble CutterMarket Price*
Bosch GDC 121 Marble CutterRs. 3100
Stanley STSP 125 Tile Cutter MachineRs. 3000
IBELL Marble Cutter MachineRs. 2500
Planet Power Electric Tile Cutter For MarbleRs. 2700
Aegon AC4 Heavy Duty Marble CutterRs. 2200
Akshar Marble Tile Cutter MachineRs. 1800
*Price can differ slightly in different stores.

Multipurpose Cutting Machine

Most marble tile cutters are multi-purpose tools. They can be used in cutting a variety of materials like stone, tiles, wood, metal, etc. The blades used for different materials vary in size, thickness, and design. There are different cutting blades for different materials depending upon the strength of the material and precision required for the job to be done.

Compact Tool for Marble Cutting

Due to its compact size, most marble cutters do not demand a lot of working space. This makes them flexible for use in small and intricate areas. They can be used for straight, circular, or angular cuts even making it suitable for delicate flooring design or carpentry work.

Most marble cutters weigh around 2.5 kgs to 3.5 kgs which makes it easy to work with. This ensures a less tiresome exercise with the cutter.

buying guide for best marble cutter in India

Buying Guide for Best Marble Cutter in India

Now, you know quite a bit about marble cutters. However, the market is filled up with a plethora of products, and picking the right marble cutter might seem to be a daunting task.

Here’s a quick guide that can help you narrow down your choices.

Check the Motor efficiency

The motor is an important part of the machine. This is a part that keeps a check on how the blade works. The blade operates efficiently just because of an efficient motor. You could choose and pick a cutter that has a high blade rotational speed for example around 1200 RPM or a powerful motor.

Cordless or Corded Marble Cutter Machine?

A marble tile cutter machine should mention whether they are electric-powered or needs to be operated manually. Most customers find a corded machine with an electric backup system more useful. It is because the corded device decreases the fatigue of the user.

More fatigue while working can be harmful. Further, a corded machine is useful for industries or construction sites. These places do not face any electricity shortages. But some places do face such shortages and a cordless device running on the battery can be beneficial in such situations.

Quality and Durability of Cutting Blades

Blades are another important component of a marble cutter. The sole purpose of blades is to cut the material. The wheel diameter of blades is something you should look out for while buying. A blade of the best marble cutter should not be prone to rust.

A marble or tile cutter machine should be well-built to ensure its durability. A marble cutter machine generally should be multipurpose. The versatile nature of the machine decides its market value and all over the purchase.

Safety measures for best marble cutter

A good marble cutter machine should consist of all safety measures. It currently comprises buttons that control the locking system of the machine. The system control lock on and off prevents the risk of an accident. You should ensure these safety features are present before buying the product.

Warranty and Customer Service

A marble tile cutter machine should state its warranty period clearly.

Generally, the one-year warranty period is a standard; however, you might find a warranty of six months as well. It is wise to watch out for the warranty on the label.

The customer care service should be responsive and transparent. This is why you should prefer marble cutters from the best brands.

Before purchasing a marble cutter or tile cutter, you need to ensure that the product is value for money.

Efficiency and Portability

A standard marble cutter machine should be easy to handle. It should be of an optimum weight of between 2-3 Kg. Lightweight makes it easy to carry and portable.

While checking the blade quality, you should also pay attention to the speed. Anything below 1000 RPM is not quite efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marble Cutters

What is the best way to cut marble?

A marble cutter comes generally with a circular saw with a sharp blade. The first step to cutting is to prep the blades by moistening them. By this method, you can easily control the temperature of the blades and maintain their cooling effect.
Then you can make a mark on the marble to fix the position you want to cut. After this, place the marble on a stable surface to prevent any scratches. You need to ensure to cut the marble by aligning it to the sharp side of the blade.
After cutting, you can clean the cut side with water and sandpaper. This makes the edges smooth and properly finished.
Tip – Make sure to wear gloves and eyewear while working.

Can a marble cutter be used to cut wood?

A standard marble cutter with a motor of 1kW is capable to cut a marble piece of thickness 1 inch. When the same machine is used for cutting wooden material then you need to change the blades. The same cutter with the same 1kW motor can cut the wood with a similar thickness.
However, for wood cutting, you need a wood cutting blade. A circular saw is also capable enough to cut wood.

How to change the blade of the marble cutter?

The blade of a marble cutter can be changed with the help of an instruction manual. Each marble cutter is of a different model. Every blade has a specific set of stages to complete before you can install it. You need to make sure that you are skilled enough to change the blades in a marble cutter.

Can we use a marble cutter to cut concrete or metal?

A standard marble cutter can be used to cut concrete and metal as well. Moreover, it totally depends on the thickness of a marble tile slab, concrete, or metal piece. All you need to make sure is that the blade needs to have an optimum diameter and sharpness to cut the material.

What are the best marble cutter brands in India?

To cut the marble slab precisely you need to purchase the best tile cutter for marble in the Indian market. Some of the great brands of marble cutters in India are- Bosch, iBELL, Planet power, STANLEY, Aegon, and Akshar.

Can every marble cutter cut at a 45-degree angle?

Different marble cutter models have different ways of cutting material. Marble cutting depends on the stone or countertops. For 45-degree angle cutting, some models of marble cutter are really well suited. A miter saw is generally an ideal choice for such angular cutting. You can check out miter saws online to see which suits your specific requirements.

So, are Marble Cutters worthy in India?

Cutting marbles can get cumbersome and especially if you are using the wrong product, it could mess up the expensive tiles. Investing in the right marble cutter is really important whether you are doing a DIY project at your home or the service at someone’s place.

A marble cutter is definitely worth buying in India. Whether you require the marble cutter for a construction site or sculpting, choosing and knowing about the different cutters available is critical.

Often as a buyer, you need to have an overall understanding of the different components in a marble cutter. The blades, for example, are a critical part of marble or any other stone cutter that lends precision to the stones.

With the market flooded with so many different variants of marble tile cutters even for a single company, it gets overwhelming for the buyer. This article serves as a reference guide for new as well as experienced buyers who would like to evaluate the best marble cutter in India for 2024 and make an informed purchase decision.

Most importantly, the product should fit the bill – it should cater to your specific requirements; it should be of good quality having great value for money. Warranty is something you should certainly watch out for alongside customer reviews if you are buying online.

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