6 Best Sandwich Makers in India (2024) for Home Use

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Today’s busy world demands to grab healthy snacks in an instant, which seems to be a difficult deal. This is especially true for busy mothers, working women, office goers, party mongers, food lovers, food-shop even lazy creative minds, and so on!

Thus, just like an OTG oven, sandwich toasters/grillers come to the rescue, making yummy crunchy veggie cheesy snacks. It is ideal for breakfast or tiffin in a jiff, grand barbecue grills, and firm seafood preparations on open flames at outdoor kitchen parties.

Following extensive research and a market survey, we have concluded that Our Top Pick Borosil Super Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker is India’s best sandwich maker for 2024 with high durability, energy efficiency, and user convenience. It has shown a consistent output in terms of its performance, durability, and design. Also, the price of the product is affordable as per the market standards.

As the choice of a suitable product varies for different persons, we have selected the top 6 sandwich makers in the Indian market.

best sandwich maker in India

List Of Top 6 Sandwich Makers in India (2024)

Borosil Sandwich Maker2000 Watts2 YearsAmazon
Prestige Sandwich Maker800 Watts1 YearAmazon
Philips Sandwich Maker820 Watts2 YearsAmazon
Lifelong Grill Sandwich Maker750 Watts1 YearAmazon
Pigeon Sandwich Toaster750 Watts1 YearAmazon
Prestige Electric Grill Sandwich Maker1500 Watts1 YearAmazon

the Best Sandwich Makers in India

This review will compare the top 6 sandwich makers which are top pics and best buy in the Indian market in 2024, which our expert team has researched to confirm the validity of our recommendation.

We can know that buying a suitable sandwich toaster/griller as per your family’s appetite or your commercial business performance, is never a cakewalk. You can totally count on this extensive unfailing research!

1. Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Maker

Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-WattGrill Sandwich Maker

Key features

  • Huge grill plates for 4 slices
  • Special Tray for oil collection to remove extra fat
  • An easy Slide locking of plates
  • Cool handle touch for safe cooking
  • Thermal insulation fuse for excessive safety
  • A comfortable cord length of 1 meter with cord wrap to store easily
  • Knob for controlling the temperature

Advanced Technology for making Sandwiches

This Jumbo-sized veteran of Sandwich griller is a fantastic worthy investment that is suitable for making four sandwiches at a time. Unlike other products, it is built with some advanced sandwich-making systems that are easy to use. For home, this product can suit you best.

It is also suitable for large-scale food grilling with supportive technologies like- an oil collector, sliding lock handle, automated indicator, and temperature control. Borosil also provides a 2-year warranty service with this sandwich maker!

Power-efficient grilling with high performance

The USP of this product is its all-comprehensive, large-scale grilling designs like removable super-heat resistant grill plates for chicken breast grilling or large seafood grills!

The rated power of this sandwich maker is 2000 watts which makes the non-stick grill plates heat faster. It helps to make the sandwich quickly and effortlessly. So, the heating efficiency of the grill plates is outstanding in this particular product.

Coming off at a cheap price and best suited for an outdoor party of food lovers, this model is no doubt a coveted, durable, high-quality product that secures a jumbo rating too.


  • Best brand value with the longest warranty service provided.
  • Grills are super-heat resistant with non-stick coating and added spatula for cleaning
  • The space-saving vertical compact storage system
  • Fastest heating technology with 2000-watt power usage
  • It has added features of oil collecting plates and a spatula for cleaning.
  • Provides large-scale barbeque grills.
  • Ensures safety lock, and easy cleaning.
  • Automatic green and red LED light indicator for heating.


  • It is costly.
  • Having a high capacity, it is not suitable for a bachelor.
  • High power rating.

Why is this sandwich maker worthy?

This heavy-duty machine will definitely give your money’s worth. It is light in weight and has a high-speed level of performance and making it the best sandwich maker in India. The product comes with a good temperature controller which allows the utilization of the exact heat needed. The non-stick aspect also makes it very easy to clean. Your safety worries will also be taken care of with its automatic grill locking feature. This for sure can cater to all your needs!

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2. Prestige Sandwich Maker

Prestige Sandwich Maker (PSMFD 01)

Key features

  • Cutting-edge design
  • Bakelite body of heat resistance
  • Durable die-cast grill plates of aluminum
  • The non-stick coating of Greblon German technology promotes oil-free toasting
  • Utility power indications
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • One-year warranty from the purchasing date
  • Power Rating of 800 watts

Easy making of sandwiches

The Prestige sandwich maker is made with advanced non-stick German technology. This helps in adding the easiness and convenience of preparing delicious and healthy food. Also, a very minimal amount of oil is required for cooking. Thanks to the non-stick plates.

Power-efficient sandwich maker

Unlike the previous product, this sandwich maker comes with an 800 watt of power rating. So, if you use it for 15 minutes, you will need only 0.2 units (kWh) of energy per day. If the rate of electricity in your area is Rs 8, the sandwich maker will cost you only Rs 48 for electricity in 30 days.

Exclusive user-friendly features

The toaster unit with two ready-light indicators of ready-to-cook and heating-up modes, eases use and safety, making healthy sandwiches. Also, the high-quality matt finish and non-stick modern surface make it durable and easy to clean.


  • A good sandwich maker that can fit large-sized bread.
  • The toaster needs no oil or butter to grease.
  • The sandwiches are toasted to good quality crispness.
  • It is available in both horizontal and rectangular models.
  • Easily carried in a purse due to its small size.


  • It may not have a removable plate but can be even used for pizza making.
  • It used to have no grill; however, you can toast or grill any sandwich type.


This is your pick if you are looking for something highly durable along with easy affordability. The matte finish body of the product makes it highly scratch-resistant. You can make all kinds of sandwiches in a very short time with complete safety. Also due to its lightweight, the portability factor comes in as an added advantage. Considering all these advantages, we found it to be one of the best sandwich makers for home use just under 1500 INR. It’s worth giving a try!

3. Philips Sandwich Maker

Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker

Key features

  • The toaster uses high power of 820 Watt to quickly heat-up
  • Cord length: 0.8 m
  • On or off switch ensures maximum safety
  • Non-slip rubber feet ensure an easy grip and stay in one place
  • One-year warranty from the purchasing date
  • Cool handle for safe touch and use during toasting
  • Non-stick coating on grill plates

Get delicious sandwiches with complete safety

This sandwich maker comes with some attractive combinations of high temperature and power. It is provided with cut-and-seal technology which seals the ingredients inside. It is also built with easy lock and storage facilities, giving sound compactness to the product.

User-friendly technology

The sandwich maker has a cord winding facility along with a rubber fit at the bottom. This ensures it stays in the proper while in use. The nonstick coating of the plates makes it very easy for cleaning.

Low power consumption of the sandwich maker

The rated power is also low as the previous product. 820 watts of electricity is good for home use if you have a small or medium-sized family with up to four members. If you have a bigger family, go for our first pick Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Maker.


  • The warranty is covered for two years.
  • It has a high-quality food-grade coat.
  • Cut and seal plates allow sandwiches to be cut diagonally and the ingredients like cheese, salads, etc. are well sealed.
  • It is available in triangular places and can be used to toast large-sized bread.
  • The automatic switch on or off mode makes it safe to use.
  • High-power technology for quick toasting.
  • Easy to secure lock system by simply pushing down
  • Cut-seal plate designs for sealing cheese and ingredients safely inside the sandwiches
  • The high-temperature operation makes evenly tasty and crunchy sandwiches
  • Easy cord storage or cord winding facility


  • It may not have a removable plate, but its superior qualities make it a good choice.
  • It may have no grill-type plates; however, you can easily accommodate four slices at a time of any sandwich type.


If you are a sandwich lover and love making a variety of them, this product from Philips is ideal for you. Being one of the best sandwich makers in India, it prepares your most favorite meal in a jiffy and you do not have to worry about its safety measures at all! It also caters to all bread sizes and gives you an easy lift of the sandwiches after they are prepared.

4. LIFELONG Grill Sandwich Maker

LIFELONG LLSM115G 750-Watt 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

Key features

  • 750-watt power consumption to quickly heat up, operating at 220-240 volts
  • Non-slip rubber feet ensure an easy grip and stay in one place
  • Two full-year replacement warranties from the purchasing date
  • The bread slice intake capacity is 4
  • Weighs 1 Kg

Good service guarantee with useful features

This sandwich maker boasts a complete two years replacement service warranty from the date of buying. Nevertheless, one cannot forget the 25 years old Lifelong brand for Kitchen wellness and personal care!

The sandwich maker is a top pick for its safety plug, cool handles, heat resistance, griddling, and Teflon coat that ensures delicious and healthy grilling options.

Innovative grilling design with a compact finish

The USP of this product is the exclusive grilling Teflon coated heat resistant, easily cleaned plates that make simultaneously, 2 real crisps yet soft sandwiches, never minding the excessive fillings in them. Its versatile features yet compact size ensures easy storage and portability, making it value for money.


  • Coveted warranty and services covered for two years.
  • Easy cleaning Teflon non-stick plate coating
  • Three-pinned earth plug for ideal safety
  • Housing with high heat resistance
  • Anti-skid rubber feet for easy grip
  • Hinged lock for grilling sandwiches well
  • It has a high-quality Teflon non-stick coating.
  • Drips excess fat or oil off the grills.
  • Ensures safety, storage, and easy cleaning.
  • The model has had an old reputed brand value of 25 years.
  • Very affordable product.


  • Grilling burgers requires extra care for the delicate upper grills, as in most grillers, but food can be prepared in just five minutes.
  • Although toasts cannot be made in this griller, it offers a lucrative option of making deliciously crispy waffled butter toasts with frying options.


This sandwich maker prepares you with amazing speed and great taste. One of the biggest advantages of using this product is that its handles are always cold. This is very essential as it slows you in opening and checking on your sandwiches. Also, you can prepare two toasts at the same time with this product. This one of the best sandwich grillers which comes on a pocket-friendly budget under 1500 INR.  

5. Pigeon Sandwich Toaster

Pigeon Egnite Plus Sandwich Toaster 750W

Key features

  • Power LED light indicators
  • Ease of safe handling facilities
  • One full real replacement guarantee service
  • One of the famous kitchen cookware brands and in high demand
  • Instant cooking technologies with non-stick plates coating
  • Quickly heating 750-watt power usage
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 volts

Deeper and bigger, easy-to-clean sandwich maker

The range of “Egnite Plus” has the USP of the unique evolution of the existing sandwich maker version, making it even deeper and bigger in size, without a price hike! It is an easily cleanable, comfortable everyday bread griller with regular value for money.

Instant Grilling technology at a minimum price

The USP of this product is easy-safe handling and instant bread grills on a large scale with greater surface plates. It is comfortable right out of the box, boasting a large price advantage! Thus, if you have a limited budget and looking for the best sandwich maker under 1000 INR in India, this is the right product for you.


  • Innumerable bread meal experiments can be done with bigger, deeper bread grill plates.
  • Sensitive, automatic LED light indicator for safety.
  • Well-furnished and easy-to-clean product.
  • Value for money.
  • The grill plates are deeper and bigger.
  • Easy to clean technology.
  • Safe cooling inbuilt features.
  • Very budget-minded yet comfortable.


  • Fish and chicken grills are not possible, which on the other hand makes this bread griller an absolute fit for vegans!
  • The cord length is less than a meter, however, being smaller in size compared to most large sandwich grills, it can be easily stored.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-use sandwich maker with added advantage on evolutionary features yet without a hiccup at price, this safe grill finisher is ready to tackle your every day grabbing chores instantly!

6. Prestige Electric Grill Sandwich Maker

Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster

Key features

  • Elegant body fish with a steel top
  • Brand value of the formidable Prestige group
  • Deep tray with a huge surface area for large-scale grills
  • Temperature controller knob for optimal heating
  • Comes with a user manual and warranty card for comfortable usage
  • Easy handling and floating press type to close griller while grilling thicker burgers or steaks
  • Easy oil residue cleaner with an oil detector that is detachable
  • Superior non-stick and a high-quality food-grade coating
  • Easy storage and safety heat-resistant commercial griller and toaster
  • Heating up in seconds with 1500-watt power consumption

The greatest brand with multifaceted innovations

This prestige product boasts mega-performance with extra robust cooking technologies and out-of-the-box innovations than any toaster or griller listed.

This electric griller has a great portfolio with reliable and durable features with a formidable brand seal, coming at a competitive price.

Hi-cut quality grill with safety and finish

What sets this higher model aside is its excellent features meeting high expectations like, a powerful motor with a power of 1500 watts, throwing a BBQ party of mouth-watering sizzlers, and juicy steaks.

It is a superior quality non-stick, with a detachable oil collector, a floating hinge lock, a deep tray, and temperature control, coming from Prestige, the best brand of Kitchen appliance that has quality and safety as its top concerns.


  • Classy LED indicator for safe heating and cooking purposes.
  • It has a high-quality non-stick coating of excellent food grade.
  • A negligible amount of oil or fat is required to grease.
  • Ensures the highest quality and highest safety with easy clean techniques.
  • The model comes from the glorious, evolutionary, and competent Prestige brand.


  • Grill plates are not removable, which is the case for most grillers, however, the plates are ever-evolving in quality and design as is the case for Prestige innovations.
  • It can be a bit pricey, however, it is an absolutely guaranteed value for money on your one-time investment.


Although the model is priced above the average range, the prestige brand says it all! Nevertheless, it is aptly priced for the consumers based on its elegant, all rounding mega-features. So, if you are looking for the best sandwich maker in India for commercial purposes, or, to support your kitchen art, we recommend that this product will worth every penny of it!

worthiness of the best sandwich makers

Why should you buy the best sandwich maker?

In today’s busy world, everyone is striving for time-saving cooking as well as eating. So, what do you think can be the fastest to cook rather than deliciously filled crunchy sandwich delights?

However, to enhance the convenience of sandwiches, electric sandwich makers evolved. It is a perfect choice for people with super-busy lifestyles and also creatively lazy souls. After making bread in a bread maker, you can use it for making sandwich recipes. It is perfect for busy mothers, office goers, and bread lovers too.

Whether you adore Paninis filled with fresh veggies or the classic model of cheese toast, an electrical sandwich toaster is not only an indispensable rescuer but also a magic wand to make tasty delicacies in just a few minutes! Hence, the tremendous necessity of a toaster in every house and food shop.

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working of sandwich makers

How Does a sandwich maker work?

A sandwich maker works at the technical specifications of 220 to 240 V nominal range of voltage, with a 50 Hz nominal frequency and 700-watt power-rated input. The fundamental mechanism of a simple/single sandwich maker starts with the basic principle of fitting/laying two bread slices with fully packed fillings in between the bread.

Then it is heated with a heating element, making the warm, healthy, crisp crust in minutes! From mini to professional toasters, a few modern and multipurpose automated features are a mandate in a sandwich maker.

Some examples can be the power range of the toaster, plate shapes, thermal insulation in the non-stick coating, and the handles. Apart from these, a latch or push-down lock panel blocker, LED light indicator, timer set, and temperature controller are most desired by consumers.

types of sandwich makers

Types of sandwich makers Available in India

Sandwich makers are typical of two types:

1. Panini Press Sandwich Maker

Panini press type of sandwich maker has two grills-first is the top floating and hinged grill, with the help of which the bottom grill is pressed, where the bread is placed.

Generally, this type of sandwich maker is found in burger shops, making an unlimited version of sandwiches from simple bread to vegetables and meat/fish. Naturally, it is more expensive than the four cut-and-seal triangular toasters.

2. Four Triangle Sandwich Maker:

Replenished by decades, this is the most fundamental kind of homely and affordable sandwich maker. It has no removable grill plates, just divided into squares of cut-and-seal triangular-shaped heating plates that seal fully-loaded sandwiches, toasting but not grilling them.

sandwich maker

Grill sandwich maker vs normal sandwich maker

Although both electrical kitchen appliance prepares our lunch, breakfast, and dinner, a sandwich maker has smooth, flat plates, which prepare the toast more extensively, saving more effort and time. In a sandwich griller, the grooved lined plates toast the food extra, which is placed directly on the grill rack and leaves grill marks.

An open-flame sandwich griller can be used in the outdoor barbeque party, with long, large, huge-sized food like meat, firm fish, poultry, seafood, innumerable bread sizes, etc. Since excess fat/oil drips off the griller, health-conscious buyers always go for the sandwich griller.

Again, the best sandwich maker is easily affordable and an ideal home requirement with a 6 to 8 bread-slices intake capacity.

features of the best sandwich makers in India

How to choose the best sandwich maker in India?

We all love having delicious sandwiches for our breakfast or snacks. Making sandwiches at our homes has been easier with the best sandwich makers available in India. Here are some key decision-making factors to choose a suitable sandwich maker machine for your home.

1. Design of the sandwich maker

A strong and heat-resistant outer body surface of a sandwich maker is very essential. To save yourself and your family members from any accidents, heat resistant outer body should be given the top priority. Also, the plates should be non-sticky as this helps in removing the sandwich easily from inside the appliance with much ease and safety.

2. Convenience and Durability of the Handle

It has been seen that in some sandwich makers, the handles are made either of steel or plastic. The steel handles are much preferred as the plastic ones tend to give a poor performance over time. They break easily with continuous usage. Moreover, the handles that come with a locking system should be given preference. This prevents accidents or other mishaps.

3. Size and Capacity of the machine

The size that you want for your sandwiches decides the size of your sandwich maker. The bigger the size of your appliances, the it will be easier for you to fit almost any size of bread you have at hand. However, the larger sandwich makers are more expensive and might not give you the desired shape. If you are mostly into grilling, the bigger ones will serve the purpose better.

4. material of the Plate

The non-stick plates that are used nowadays are the top pick for most consumers. This serves two purposes. Firstly, the amount of oil that is needed for the purpose is much less. Secondly, non-stick cookware helps the cleaning technique in a much more convenient way.

To add crunchiness to your sandwiches and toasts, aluminum plates come to great use. On the other hand, cast iron plates are more durable and resistant in nature.

5. Components of the Sandwich Maker

Different sandwich makers are loaded with a variety of components. The higher price you pay the extra benefits you shall get. Depending on your budget and requirement, you should consider the various attributes that each sandwich maker has to offer.

But some of the most demanded attributes that are demanded by users include auto switch off, cool handles, cut-and-seal geometrical shaped plates, presence of thermal insulation, panel blocker, temperature controller, timer, and heat-readiness indicator, etc.

6. Locking facility and storage

In families today, with the increased use of electrical appliances, the number of accidents has also gone up. Thus it is imperative to look for the auto-locking feature that comes with most sandwich makers. This helps you in using the device safely at home. Also the advanced storage systems including vertical storage help in the neat use of the sandwich makers.

7. Ease of Operation

For proper use and best utility, it is recommended to buy sandwich makers which have an anti-skid technique to prevent jerking while in operation. Rubber fits are mostly preferred as they have the best skid-resisting capacity. They also help the sandwich maker to remain in its proper place when in use.

8. Power consumption

power of a sandwich toaster is one of the most essential features that you should check. A powerful device heats up fast and also helps you in saving time. You should go for sandwich makers that have a power range of around 700-750 watts. A high-powered sandwich maker helps you in preparing your sandwich and that curtails your electricity bill as well.

9. Number of slices

Some of the best sandwich makers in the Indian market offer you several slots for placing a slice of bread in them. It should be kept in mind in one size for all doesn’t give a very good output. Hence, depending on the needs of your family you should decide on the toaster that comes with a minimum of 2 or 4 slices.

 10. Adjustable heat settings

Some of the selected brands come with this technology. This added feature helps you to prepare sandwiches with a wide level of crispiness and color. Some of the sandwich makers come with a set of green and red lights that indicates when it is the right time to switch off your appliance. But these are limited to a few brands only.

11. Budget and Price of Sandwich Maker

Last but not the least, one of the most important factors that you should consider is the price of the product. The sandwich maker that best suits your budget along with all your needs should be your pick. In this aspect, the kind of after-sale service and warranty they are providing should also be checked.

best brands of sandwich makers

Best sandwich maker brands in India

1. Prestige

Prestige is one of the most sought-after names in the market. Being the best brand for sandwich makers, they have advanced technology and a non-stick coating on their products. This gives you the taste of your favorite restaurant sandwich from the comfort of your home. So, from basic grilled cheese to a much more elaborate sandwich, you can prepare almost every mouth-watering sandwich you can name!

2. Philips

Philips is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to sandwich makers. With the help of this appliance, you get perfectly toasted sandwiches anytime anywhere you want. They come with high-temperature and power attributes along with the facilities of cut and seal plates. Surely one of the most useful sandwich grillers you can find.

3. Lifelong

With the help of Lifelong’s sandwich maker, you can get the advantage of making two sandwiches at the same time! With amazing affordability, their products are a must-have for all sandwich lovers. The super-efficient grill plates give you perfectly grilled super delicious sandwiches with the proper marks as well.

4. Borosil

To get the best product in the market, go for this sandwich maker. Immensely popular for its efficient performance and high quality, this appliance is designed to serve all your needs. This will give you 4 huge sandwiches at one time with excellent taste. This amazing product from Borosil will make all your work extremely easy and simple.

5. Havells

Havells is one of the best brands for sandwich makers in India. Their products come at affordable prices along with efficient features like non-stick coating, deeper droves in plates, a hinged lock, a cool-touch handle, and many more. With this sandwich maker, you can get the tastiest and crunchiest sandwiches ever.

How to use a sandwich maker for the first time?

best sandwich makers in India

The best sandwich makers in India are very easy to use. Follow these points when using such a sandwich maker for the very first time.

  1. Brush lightly on the non-stick surface using any cooking oil.
  2. Open the lead and heat the device for at least five minutes.
  3. Now, allow the cooling down of the device. Also, ensure the removal of excess oil using absorbent paper.
  4. After completion of the previous step, turn on the power supply connected to it, the LED red light on the sandwich maker will indicate power on.
  1. After reaching the optimal temperature for cooking, the indicator light will turn to a different color, indicating that the maker is ready to cook sandwiches. However, this feature is restricted only to some of the few brands that come with this amazing technology.

Learn more about how can you use a sandwich maker in an efficient way.

How to clean A grill sandwich maker?

  • You should never attempt to clean a sandwich maker with soap and water directly or place it in the dishwasher as it is an electrical appliance after all! Just carefully unplug the sandwich maker machine and dismantle the cooking/ heating plates.
  • Then remove any food crumbs or dust present in the gaps of the plates or beneath.
  • Now, you should prepare a solution of either vinegar-lemon-water or soap-water and delicately scrub the plates as they are made of brittle items.
  • Drying of the plates has to be ensured before inserting the plates back into the device. Alternatively, using wet wipes or tissues is recommended to wipe clean the sandwich maker part by part.
best sandwich maker

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Sandwich Makers

What can you make in a sandwich maker?

Besides delicious crunch toasts, you can make tasty breakfasts as well as quick and easy dinners with a sandwich maker. Potato fritters, French toast, pockets of pizza with added shreds of perhaps mozzarella or salami and sauce, puff pastries with creative fillings like bacon, spring onion, cheddar cheese, etc., triangular omelet or fried eggs, golden brown fluffy doughnuts served with icings like sugar/honey, melted chocolate or Nutella, are just to name a few, to fall in love with the appliance right away!

How much electricity does a sandwich maker use?

The toasting-baking-roasting, kitchen wonder, a sandwich maker, definitely is the most energy-efficient kitchen cookware. A toaster oven typically runs on a power of say, 1200 watts at 450 Degrees Fahrenheit for 50 minutes, whereas an electric built-in oven, consumes 2500-5000 watts, using the energy of 2 kilowatt-hours for 60 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, according to ENERGY STAR Industry & Market Scope Report on Oven Toasters, a microwave, functioning on electromagnetic radiation uses 1200 watts of power, compared to a slow-baking toaster which needs just 800 watts, saving your electricity bill no doubt!

Can a sandwich maker be used with waffles?

You can certainly make the best waffles in a handy-dandy sandwich maker with satisfactory features like an open-face griddle, Panini press, and waffle iron. A waffle toast has the benefit of having no holes like the normal waffles, which is precisely fit to prepare in a sandwich maker. Just make sure to pre-grease with oil/butter at medium temperature before pouring the final batter. You get an incredible texture of fully packed toast.

What separates a mediocre sandwich maker from the best one?

Feature-wise, the Panini press feature, sandwich maker with removable grills plates, a triple-duty toasting-frying-waffle sandwich maker, thermal insulation, cut, and sealed finish, etc., are a few of the modern features, which distinguish a great sandwich maker from a mediocre/simple one. However, a great sandwich maker basically supports the making of a wholesome breakfast in a blink, with a hassle-free use of multiple appliances and machines, for busy workers who barely possess the time for meal-making or lovers of bread who like to experiment with fills.

Which grill sandwich maker is better – Closed type or Press type?

Both Grill sandwich makers are good, nevertheless, the pressed type has certain added advantages over the closed-type grillers. For instance, a press-type griller needs no closing, and hence possesses more surface area for cooking than the closed type, making easy the grilling of larger, taller, and longer foods like pizzas, burgers, donuts, etc. In a Panini press type, foods like cake batter, bacon fried with long heated eggs, grilled veggies, or healthy halloumi or pancakes for kids can be quickly and easily made. Again, a closed-type grill is affordable and much in demand in making simple homely grabbing of sliced bread menus.

Which is better – a grilling function or a toasting function?

A toaster time-saving effortless electric cooking appliance, with an intake capacity of 6 to 8 bread slices in thermal radiation or conduction, making diagonal split-half lines on the sandwich. On the other hand, food like meat, veggies, firm fish, or lots of bread slices, are directly cooked on the grill racks of dry heat, making few horizontal lines. A toaster proves toast with the best quality whereas a griller gives a healthy meal as it separates oil/fat from food and is used in outdoor barbeque parties. A griller is pricey due to removable grooved plates, melting cheese better in higher temperatures than mild heat toasters.

India’s Best Sandwich Maker: Conclusion

Our recommended Sandwich toaster/griller models were selected after analyzing exclusive details. All of them are great options to consider for a healthy lifestyle in 2024. The best sandwich makers we have reviewed above, have overwhelming customer reviews/ratings and also are available in most online stores in India.

Let us know your favorite sandwich maker model in the comments below.

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