Top 10 Best Spin Mops in India (2024) to Clean Floors

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For every household, mopping is one of the most tiring jobs to do. But you can’t ignore this work at least to maintain the hygiene of your home. So, there’s no way to leave your home messy.

Now the question is, what will be an easy way?

Here, all credit goes to the modern cleaning mop equipment. With these magic mops, you don’t have to hurt your delicate hands, back, or knees anymore. They come with an adjustable handle, a wringer, and a bucket. The best spin mop in India is great for cleaning floors.

These magic mops not only save your time but also save you from that tiredness after mopping. If you have pets and children in your home, a bucket mop will be very beneficial for you.

Here, we are providing a list of the Top 10 Spin Mops so that you can pick the right product suitable for your need. Still, among all models, the Gala e-Quick Spin Mop is the best spin mop with a bucket in 2024. The excellent build quality and performance make your moping job easy.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic home is no more a difficult task. This spin mop can be your real savior as it reaches every corner and cleans your home perfectly. People with severe back pain will get some relief from this incredible innovation.

Your hands won’t get dirty anymore while cleaning the floors. You will surely be surprised by seeing the shiny floors. Also, the hygiene will be maintained with crystal clear floors.

best spin mop in India

Top 10 Spin Mops in India (2024)

Gala E-Quick Spin Mop2.5 Kg1 YearAmazon
Prestige Clean Home Magic Mop2.88 Kg6 MonthsAmazon
Milton Spotzero Classic Mop1.74 Kg1 YearAmazon
Scotch-Brite Bucket Spin Mop1.3 KgNoneAmazon
Duverra Spin Mop3.52 Kg3 MonthsAmazon
Bathla Heavy Duty Spin Mop3.14 KgNoneAmazon
U.P.C. Handsfree Spin Mop4 KgNoneAmazon
Wotra Spin Mop2.87 Kg1 YearAmazon
Greenchef Spin MOP Set2.8 Kg6 MonthsAmazon
UPC Pureatic Spin Mop2.5 Kg6 MonthsAmazon

Best Spin Mops with bucket in India

1. Gala E-Quick Spin Mop

Gala E-Quick Spin Mop

Key features

  • Self-Wringing mop
  • Superior deep clean Microfiber
  • Effective storing bucket for drying
  • Suitable for all types of floors
  • Pivoting head for 360-degree rotation
  • Strong stainless steel handle with easy locking
  • 1-year warranty

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

The Gala e-Quick Spin Mop promises to carry the mopping experience to another level. All the characteristics of it make it reliable. Thus, this mop is a must for all residents. It helps you to keep the surface flawless despite getting your arms in the dirt.

The whole mop package comes with a container that seems to have a bottom wheel. The wheels help you to pull the bucket effortlessly.

This mop’s self-wringing function makes the sweeping process more accurate, quicker, and simpler.  Thus, extra water gets removed from the mop. And, no excess moisture is left behind during mopping.

The top of the mop is constructed from micro-fiber wool. The water absorption ability increases the washing of different kinds of surfaces efficiently. It arrives with easy cleaning spin mop mats as well.

The Gala Mop includes an adjustable stick with a fantastic handle locking mechanism. Hence, you can consider this mop as the best spin mop for cleaning floors in India.

The total length of the mop is approximately 117 centimeters which can be adjusted as per the height of the person. The main attractions of this mop are solid grip, robust handle, and 360-degree rotating functionality. Thus the whole mop has been one of the consumers’ favorite preferences.

The mop offers a self-wringing capability, which ensures mopping both better and quicker. There seems to be a spinner inside this container, which makes it much easier to force extra water out of the head. Yet, it gets wet enough to clean the surface.


  • It ensures hygienic clean floors.
  • No direct contact with water and hands.
  • The perfect cleaning helps to save time.
  • An effective stainless steel handle provides a better grip.
  • It cleans every corner perfectly.


  • No draining port, you have to tilt it to unload dirty water.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

The great feature of this bucket mop is its spinning handle. It gives the 360-degree movement of the mop head. Thus you can clean the sides, edges, beneath the chairs, and other areas that are difficult to access. Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the handle. Thus it lets you adapt it to the convenience during mopping in 2024.

2. Prestige Clean Home Magic Mop

Prestige Clean Home Magic Mop

Key features

  • Twin Bucket construction
  • Steel rod mob with superior movement
  • 360-degree mopping feature
  • Easy draining and hassle-free operation
  • Large 5 liters storage
  • Height adjustable mop stick

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

Are you looking for the best spin mop with a bucket in India?

If so, this is another perfect spin mop for Indians. It perfectly disinfects hard surfaces made of stone, tiles, ceramic, or acrylic, wooden, or granite. It provides simple and fast cleaning on each surface. Undoubtedly, you can consider it as one of the best magic mops available in the market.

The mop comes with a dual container configuration which is made of superior plastic material. The build material is lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable to use. Within it, there is a 360º stainless steel spinnable mob to clean out the fabric pad quite easily.

There are a set of good quality wheels at the bottom of the container to push it along for quick mopping. Also, the included drainage port at the bottom helps contaminated water to discharge.

The mop includes a built-in rinser and a solvent sprayer feature. It enables the correct amount of moisture and solvent. Thus, the mop doesn’t cause any environmental damage. The surface cleaner includes a stainless steel stick with a height-adjustable feature.


  • The mop is easily washable.
  • Detachable and dries quickly for better hygiene.
  • No dripping of water on the floor.
  • Superior material ensures good quality.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.


  • The pulling handle can feel a little weak to some users.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

The microfiber cleaning technique results in improved moisture absorption. The covering is composed of a non-lint-free substance. It ships with wider wheels, which makes it much easier to carry on rough surfaces. The unit uses a 360-degree mop. It guarantees quick and thorough cleansing with even challenging floors.

3. Milton Spotzero Classic Mop

Spotzero By Milton Classic Mop

Key features

  • Lint-free microfiber mop head
  • Big wheels for easy movement
  • Expandable mob stick
  • Water outlet
  • Easy locking system for height adjustments

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

The brand Milton manufactures this mop with exceptional effectiveness. It comes in a fantastic price segment also. The fashionable aqua green color offers this mop a much more trendy appearance.

It includes a dual container configuration with a spinnable mop stick. This ensures the mop handle’s quick stroking.

This spinning mop incorporates an ultra-soft mop base. It is lint-free and somehow extremely smooth and fluffy to be used on every kind of surface. The microfiber mop has a superior absorption ability. Thus the mop can clean the surface despite leaving any debris or stains.

Along with that, it can clean up a wide space at a time because of its big container. It can store more water so that you can use it for the entire house in a single go.

The basket comes with wide wheels and a self-folding lifting arm. This design makes it much easier to drive the mop around the property for scrubbing. Thus, if you are looking for the best spin mop for cleaning floors, it can be a great choice.

The water drain valve at the bottom of the container flushes out the polluted water when the cleaning gets done. Also, the stick lock mechanism strongly latches it to a certain position.


  • Effortless cleaning of the house.
  • Toxic-free cleaning functionality.
  • Lightweight and you can lift it without any hassle.
  • The water outlet removes the dirty water directly.
  • 1-year warranty on the product.


  • Build quality may need improvement.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

The 360-degree rotating of the stick enables maintenance extremely effectively. This makes it even easier to enter the minimal space as well as edges. It also includes an adjustable mop stick. The adjustable handle can be conveniently changed as per the required height. So, you don’t need to bend over when cleaning, and thus this mop does not hurt your spine.

4. Scotch-Brite 2-In-1 Bucket Spin Mop

Scotch-Brite 2-In-1 Bucket Spin Mop

Key features

  • Unique dual bucket spinnable mop
  • Easy water drainage feature
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Telescopic handle for height adjustments
  • Adjustable locking mechanism
  • Superior microfiber mop

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

This spin mop comes with a dual bucket for washing and squeezing in an advanced way. Besides, the container seems to be very solid and durable in design. These lightweight and compact containers are also good to carry around. It not only offers a good cleaning solution but is also comfortable for storing.

Well, it arrives with a circular mop handle for outstanding mopping. You will use its special head to disinfect rough, narrow areas and multiple floors such as chairs and so on. The circular mop makes quick collecting of dirt and grime.

Thus, it makes the cleaning process smoother and much more effective. Its special 360-degree spinning top lets you reach inaccessible places like underneath table corners and edges.

The spin mop from Scotch-Brite is perfect for convenient scrubbing. It is user-friendly with lightweight nature and robust finish. Also, it provides effective sanitation of all flooring varieties. You can clean tiles, ceramics, wood, asphalt, carpet, MDF, etc. with this mop.

Buying this product can be beneficial as it is the best spin mop under 1000 INR that you can easily get in the market.


  • Hand pressable mop stick for better cleaning and drying.
  • Being lightweight, it is easy to use and shift.
  • Strong sturdy built for long-lasting performance.
  • Best mop for cleaning corners.
  • Safe for your hands.


  • Newbies may need some time to learn the locking mechanism.
  • No warranty available.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

The most amazing feature that helps the above spin mop being a terrific tool is its microfiber mop head. With all its insane absorption ability, this can trap dust particles from the surface. It guarantees a perfectly clean and dust-free surface. Besides, the effective cleaning procedure eases mopping into an enjoyable job.

5. Duverra Stainless Steel Spinner Bucket Spin Mop

Duverra Stainless Steel Spinner Bucket Spin Mop

Key features

  • Twin bucket
  • Superior grip
  • 360-degree rotational hand
  • Stainless steel rod
  • Microfiber heads

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

The Duverra Spin Mop is a great mop with superior built quality. The construction makes it durable and long-lasting. It is one of the best spinning mops that come with a lightweight design for easy carrying. The whole design is made with premium quality plastic and stainless steel.

The washable fiber cleaning innovation for this commodity is very intelligent. It’s also robust, which allows outstanding water absorption. The package is equipped with 2 fillers consisting of non-lint-free content. You can continuously refill to occupy a wider area, and thus it is environmentally safe.

You can use it on both dry and wet surfaces. It is convenient to use, place, as well as hold.  The package contains a drainage hole for removing dirty water. The oval container has a dedicated washing and wringing part.

Apart from it, the tank includes a handle for ultimate lift convenience.  So it’s multifunctional too. You also can use it to disinfect water, dirt, mud, fur, including microorganisms.


  • Non-toxic cleaning keeps your hand safe.
  • Cleans every corner and maintains a hygienic stay.
  • It is durable.
  • 100% virgin plastic with no side effects.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Expensive but justifies the money with its quality.
  • Heavy to carry.

what is Best About this Spin Mop?

The special advantage of the whole commodity is its longevity and high performance. The name of the product is well known for providing reliability. And thus it comes with a return policy of 1 year from the date of buying. You can easily get it at an incredible price on Amazon India. So, why are you waiting to tap the BUY button and grab one for your family?

6. Bathla Ultra Clean Heavy Duty Spin Mop

Bathla Ultra Clean Heavy Duty Spin Mop

Key features

  • Model: UCM Plus
  • Single bucket design
  • Superior quick-drying technology
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Lightweight container
  • High-quality microfiber refill
  • Weighs 3.14 Kg

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

Are you looking for the best spin mop in India for your home?

If so, you can trust Bathla with the quality.

It is a reputable brand with a record of success in achieving consumer trust. The brand is versatile in its offerings. It supplies everyone with a range of commodities required for many domestic activities.

This spinning mop comes in a particular design that is intended to last for a very long period. It is manufactured utilizing strong plastic polymers, including stainless steel components. The materials result in improved toughness as well as enhanced product longevity.

It has insanely large wheels, which offer the item a unique look and make it much easier to move. There seems to be an appropriately positioned drainage knob. It makes things simpler and easy to empty the contaminated water.

There are two reinforced rubber handles on the container. One is exceptionally strong for raising and transporting. While the other is protected and quick to drag the container from one spot to another.

It also has a solvent spray container that ensures cleanup satisfaction. It includes an extreme water-absorbing microfiber wobble as well as an optional attachment.


  • Great design to handle and carry on mopping.
  • The dual handle helps you to shift and lift easily.
  • Superior cleaning with liquid dispenser spray.
  • Hygienic stainless steel wringer for healthy cleaning.
  • You can adjust the mopping stick as per your height.


  • No warranty is given with this product.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

The thin metal wringer is made of stainless steel for strength and durability. It helps in the long life of the commodity, offering a cleaner spin. You can change the telescopic mopping stick according to your requirements and needs. It is crafted out of premium-grade stainless steel.

7. UPC Handsfree Squeeze Microfiber Flat Spin Mop

U.P.C. Handsfree Squeeze Microfiber Flat Spin Mop

Key features

  • 360-degree advanced mopping technology
  • Reusable high-quality microfiber pads
  • Wet and moisture-free cleaning
  • Hands-free squeezing
  • Flat mop for superior surface contact
  • Fast water absorbing technology

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

This microfiber mop by UPC is perfect for getting your cleaning things done. It’s appropriate to use on wooden floors, MDF, marble, concrete, and stone flooring. So you can use it practically anywhere around your homes and offices.

Microfiber cleaners effectively remove more dust and dirt than conventional mops. Besides, these mops are easy to wash, and even you can wash them in a washing machine. In other words, you won’t have to consider replacing this mop as often.

You can use it for seamlessly mopping and brushing surfaces! Top-quality replacement mats suck up particles, collect liquids, dirt, and fur. You easily can wash the three reusable microfiber pads to protect the natural environment. Once you have done cleaning, thoroughly rinse the pad in the clothes washer, and it’ll be ready to use once again.

You can operate this microfiber mop easily for both wet or dry mopping tasks. It can remove all messy food drops and animal fur.  Already many consumers are satisfied with this mop’s ability. It is lightweight, compact, and convenient to use.

It helps users to sweep the debris mostly from extreme areas of the room. The container handles make it easy to shift the tub from one position to the next. Buying the best spin mop would be good as it is suitable for hardwood and laminated floors too.


  • Convenient drainage feature for healthy and hygienic cleaning.
  • The mop offers an extendable handle, which is best for every individual.
  • It provides you dry and wet cover for a better contamination guard.
  • You can easily clean your windows with a 360-degree mop.
  • It provides a sturdy grip with its superior stainless steel pole.


  • The product doesn’t come with a wheelbase.
  • Need to fill the container to its most for wetting the mop.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

Its strong water-resistant microfiber head collects extra liquid. It allows smoother cleaning than most of the standard mops. The use of such a substance is still restricted to removing impurities from the floor. But it can also be used for cleaning vehicles, frames, and many more.

8. Wotra 360° Wheel Bucket Spin Mop

Wotra 360° Wheel Bucket Spin Mop

Key features

  • Large water storage of 7.2 liters
  • Separate dry and wet containers
  • Thick microfibre refills
  • 360-degree spinning mop
  • Side handle for better handling

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

It is one of the most durable and handy spin mops in India This product is a complete game-changer as far the exceptional household cleaning is concerned.

This spin mop is easier to use than a lot of others in this particular genre. It comes with proprietary mop pads that make it perfect to clean the mop head. Happiness is assured, and no strength is required to make the mop head rotate.

The above spinning mop machine has changeable handles. So, you will not have to repeatedly buy the entire product. Besides, the stainless steel mopping rod offers a durable and powerful tool. It cleans the dirtiest floors. This mopping device eliminates the need for a huge amount of muscle force.

It comes with it a basic mechanism that allows mop rotation to stay protected for your palms. The spin mop makes it easier to clean some of the most inaccessible places with an adjustable handle.  The luxury cleaner tub is super sturdy and robust. It ensures the most washing effectiveness.

The WOTRA Quick 360° Spin Mop is a safe and efficient product. It is perfect for all who would like to experience quick mopping. It continues to be a major alternative if you want to mop faster.


  • Easy to use when compared with others.
  • Long handle for better cleaning.
  • Stainless steel handles offer durability.
  • Works for all types of floors.
  • Non-toxic material for superior cleaning.
  • 1 year of warranty.


  • Slight costly.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

The ease and ability to disinfect the floors make it a choice for any property owner. Get this spin mop to enjoy the benefits of easy-to-turn and sturdy stainless steel handles. You will also get several other potential advantages.

9. Greenchef Spin Mop Set

Greenchef Spin MOP Set

Key features

  • Adjustable handle
  • 360-degree mop handle
  • Durable microfibre cleaning technology
  • Oval container with a drainage system
  • Multipurpose usable

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

Greenchef Microfiber Rotating Magic Spin Mop is great for your everyday mopping tasks. It is one of the best professional mops available in the market. This mopping solution aims to save your resources, real money, and moisture while you do your scrubbing activities.

This groundbreaking equipment includes a 360º architecture. The design is perfect for mopping a wide range of substrates. You can clean the toilet, bedroom, car dashboard, lounge, and much more. It comes fitted with an extremely thin microfiber and an incredible absorbent capacity.

The unique design ends leakage and disinfects the entire surface efficiently. You can change the stick’s angle from 45 to 180 degrees for a proper and convenient cleaning posture.

Greenchef Spin MOP does not need electric power to function, and you can use it whenever you would like. Just make sure you have a liquid and disinfecting solution. For aesthetic purposes, the above spin mop involves two heads.

The wheels are very well tailored both for cleaning and scrubbing. Most crucially, the spin mop head is easily washable and ensures greater durability. This Magic Spin Mop showcases the productivity layout.


  • It is good for all types of floors.
  • Flexible handles offer comfortable mopping.
  • It provides you spill-free cleaning.
  • High-quality microfibre is suitable for wet and dry cleaning.
  • No external power is needed.


  • No major drawback was found.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

It aims to reduce your scrubbing time and save energy. It features an adjustable stick. The handle protects you from being confined to a fixed location that can be exhausting. This mop is suitable for both cleaning and mopping the floor.

10. UPC Pureatic Spin Mop

Pureatic By UPC Spin Mop

Key features

  • Advance mopping technology
  • Modular design
  • Aesthetic looks and feature
  • Wringer Basket with a better splash guard
  • High-quality stainless steel structure
  • Detachable design

How good is this spin mop cleaning floors?

Pureatic by UPC is an excellent and well-known manufacturer in Indian. It is compatible with the requirements of customers in India. They have launched a spin-mop that offers the current spin-mop firms strong competition.

It is integrated with fresh and enhanced features as well as excellent pricing. This commodity is already a big success in the Indian market.

The mop ships with a dual container, which helps reduce water loss when cleaning the ground. The above item makes it easy to clean the entire house in a couple of minutes.

You don’t have to practice the time-consuming conventional way of floor mopping. Hence, consider it as the finest quality cleaner across India.

You can quickly empty the wastewater once you have finished washing everything. Despite attempting to flip the container, you have to discard the polluted water.

Again a distinctive function of this product is the solvent injector. Though it is not available on every spinning mop on the marketplace. The fluid spray can be filled with the surface cleaner solvent. Then you can use the solvent on the surface while you mop up.

Because of all these reasons, we find it one of the best spin mops for Indian homemakers.


  • Big wheels for smooth movements.
  • Great quality materials ensure the longevity of this product.
  • Water drainage outlet for cleaner mopping.
  • 360-degree stainless steel spinner for superior hygienic mopping.
  • It protects your hand from dirty water.


  • The material of the product may need a little improvement.

What is Best About this Spin Mop?

This mop head is made from high-quality grade microfiber fabric. The material facilitates instant and most efficient mopping. They can indeed be removed from the mop handle as well as disinfected in the machine.

How does a spin mop work?

While you are looking for the best floor cleaning mop in the Indian market, you must be eager to know how it works.

You will see the handle’s up and down motion generates a turning motion in the mop head. When you put the mop inside the bucket, the mop rotates in a certain direction. So, if you think of your childhood science classes, you must remember centrifugal force.

Centrifugal force acts outward on a particular object that moves around a center. The spinning bucket uses that centrifugal force. This specific force removes the water effectively. So, the faster and longer you will spin the mop, the more centrifugal force will push the water out of the mop.

But there are a few steps that you need to follow to use a few steps.

  • You have to fill the bucket with water and add your preferred cleaning solution to it.
  • Then put the mop head in the water, lift and keep it in the spinning basket.
  • You can either use the foot pump or the handle to spin the basket. You have to spin the basket until the mop gets as wet or dry as you need.
  • Now, you can mop a section of the floor and repeat the whole process.

Thus you can easily get a slightly damp mop if you need it. Some spinning mops come with foot pedals on the bucket. You can operate the spinning basket with that foot pedal. Also, some spin mops come battery or electric powered.

Types of spin mops

According to the various designs and nature, we can get four types of spin mops. Here, we will focus on every kind of spin mops that include-

Flat Mops

Flat mops are the most common type of spin mops. These mops come with a flat head along with an attached disposable pad. The flat mops are the most regular ones that are perfect for everyday mopping tasks.

Flat mops are easy to use, and you just need to put a little effort into cleaning the floor. These mops are perfectly clean in every corner of your home. It is even capable of cleaning stubborn, stuck-on food particles. As this mop is budget-friendly, almost everyone can use it.

The rectangular head of the flat mops effectively cleans small areas. You also can use this mop as dust mops to clean dust and dirt from dry floors. Due to the compact design, you can store the flat mop easily in small spaces.

String Mops

String mops are manually operated mops. These mops are made with long-looped, simple cotton strings. This unique design of this mop lets you clean the floors easily.

These mops are perfect for cleaning floor tiles. Cotton and rayon are used to manufacture these mops. These mops are manual as you have to use your hands to wring the water to dry the floor.

These mops are not only affordable but also easy to use. The string mops come in two models, including; manual and twist mops. The twist string mops come with a wringing system. In contrast, the manual string mops come with an attached pedal.

As these mops are considered the most traditional mops, you will easily get them online or offline.

Strip Mops

Strip mops come with a built-in wringer. The cleaning head of strip mops is made with long loops of rags or cloth strips. Thus, the cleaning head reaches the steep corners and gives a perfect cleaning. 

Due to the unique design, these mops give perfect cleaning and are easy to maintain. Besides, as the cleaning hades dries quickly, these mops don’t get smelly or gross.

Steam Mops

Steam mops are electrical mops that generate steam by using electricity. So, these mops not only clean your floors but also disinfect your home effectively. So, you don’t have to use any disinfect solution separately.

These mops come with refillable water tanks. It heats the water by using electricity and turns the water into steam. The mop spreads the steam through the reusable mopping pad onto the floor.

Thus these mops perfectly clean your home by removing every possible germs and insect. These mops are a bit more expensive than the traditional mops. But you can go for these to get a well-cleaned floor.

Benefits of using a spin mop with bucket

Mopping seems to be an extremely difficult task. To clean perfectly, you have to wash nooks and crannies. The spin mop invention made it much easier for mopping. The spin mop comes with a rotating head. The mophead allows the wet mop to spin inside the bucket and expel all dirt and debris along with water.

As a result, it replaces the need of using hands to wring that mop to dry properly, like other conventional mops. Besides, that spinning head helps to enable easy and effective mopping as well. Spinning mops are mounted either with a foot pedal or a handle lever that operates the entire spinning process.

benefits of best spin mops

The advantages of spinning mops are so many. Some reasons behind using a spin mop are-

Efficient cleaning

Compared to regular mops, the reliability of Spin Mops is far better. The spinning process extracts dirty water first from the mop from the tub.

It ensures the mud does not adhere to that same floor after the initial cleaning has been rolled out.

You don’t have to use your hands to handle that debris as well as wiping solvent. It ensures easy accessibility for each individual.

Versatile Operation

To construct spin mops, premium-quality microfibers, as well as other components, are used. Spin mops also cleanse any type of surface, including wooden, crafted, laminated, translucent. 

You can use these mops as a dry mop for the cleaning purpose of carpeted sections too.

Easy Maintenance

The spin mops come with removable heads. The head locks are mostly mounted on the stick or handle, and it can be wiped off. Most of the spin mops contain extra mop heads to replace broken or messy heads.

Swivel movement

The spin mop’s swivel action at 180 to 360 degrees allows a deep clean despite leaving any debris or dust particles. The swiveling motion often offers adequate shovel washing from the centrifugal force. This force gets developed mostly by a spinning mechanism. It helps to remove dirt effectively.

Saves water

Wiping with a spin mop requires quite less amount of water than any other traditional mopping process. The main reason behind this is that the water amount you used to wipe up can also be handled. Thus, you need less amount of water with a spin mop.

Easy Washable

Unlike conventional mops, spinning mops don’t need frequent washing. The microfibers never get filthy spontaneously. Also, the self-washing feature works appropriately. You have to wash it infrequently.

Delicate washes may quickly clean many spin mop models throughout washing machines. Spin mops that may not be cleaned by machine use, might be cleaned through the manual wash by using bleach and detergent.


For use at any working surface, the spinning mop is gentle enough. It ensures that you don’t have to worry about any scars and abrasion.

No Need For Electricity

You don’t need electricity or any power source to use a spin mop. The rotating of the mop head acts as a mopping dryer as the mop eliminates some extra moisture.  Yet, this entire process runs through a basic mechanical spring load concept, apart from a wash cycle.

Easy To Maintain

A spin mop is a hassle-free washing product. No further maintenance and repair is required. You may leave the bucket along with the mop head to dry in the open air.

The best spin mop with bucket in India

Buying Guide to choose the Best Spin Mop

Both over online and offline marketplaces, you will get plenty of brands of spin mops. Hence, it’s not that easy to choose a suitable spin mop. There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider while buying the best floor cleaning mop in India with a bucket. Some important elements include-

Determine the type of the floor

You should go for a spin mop with the mop head with microfibers for a wooden or laminate floor. These mops can absorb the most amount of water at a time.

For ceramic or porcelain floors, any type of mop will be perfect. If you clean the floor daily, then a microfiber mop will be the right choice. You can go for a sponge mop as well.

If you are looking for a mop for stone floors, you can go for any spin mop. You just need to use plain water with a neutral pH cleaning solution for precise cleaning.

For concrete floors, a steam mop will be the perfect choice for you. The steam mops perfectly disinfect the floor along with ideal cleaning.

Last but not least, for linoleum or vinyl floors, a microfiber mop can also be a great choice.

Choose the type of mop

In India, there are several types of spin mops available. Before we have discussed the four types of spin mops. These four types of spin mops include; flat mops, string mops, steam mops, and strip mops.

It’s completely up to you which type of mop you will choose according to your requirements. All of these mops are individually great with their performance. You just need to choose the best mop according to your budget and need.

Select the Size of the mop head and Handle

Before making a purchase, you also have to consider the type of mop head. If you go for a cheap-priced spin mop, the mop head will not be that durable. Hence, we recommend you go for a mop with a robust and flexible mop head. Thus the mop will last longer and clean perfectly.

The size of the mop head is also important to consider before purchasing a spin mop. Always keep in mind, a bigger size mop head ensures more effortless cleaning. A bigger mop head not only cleans a larger space of the area but also provides more absorbance.

The mop handle is another crucial aspect to consider. We recommend you choose a spin mop with adjustable handles. Thereby, you can adjust the handle according to your height. Also, consider going for a sturdy handle for most durability. A sturdy handle with a comfortable grip ensures precise cleaning as well.

Choose the material of the spin mop

Material is also an important factor to consider while you are purchasing a spin mop. Various materials are used to manufacture the different parts of a spin mop.

So, before purchasing a spin mop, you have to consider the material of the mop. We recommend you go for a durable and long-lasting material. Thus, it enhances the efficiency of the mop.

Some of the mop handles are made of plastic or wood. But you should go for the mops with plastic handles. The plastic handles are stronger and more durable.

For the other parts, such as the bucket winger, you can go for stainless steel or plastic. You should go for the best spin mop that is durable and will last longer.

Compare Usability and Ease of Use

Whatever spin mop you choose, you must choose a mop that will be easy to use. If you suffer from back pain frequently, you should go for a mop with a long handle along with a trigger into the handle. Thereby, you don’t have to bend down much for mopping. 

You can easily mop the floor due to the adjustable handle. The adjustable handle lets you adjust the height of the mop according to your height. Also, make sure to consider the weight of the mop that you are purchasing. An easy-to-use spin mop will let you clean the floor more precisely and faster.

Availability of Foot Pedal

The features of the spin mops vary according to the various designs of the spin mops. When it comes to choosing the right spin mop, you should go for a bucket with a foot pedal. Most people use a spin mop with a foot pedal.

When you press the foot pedal, the bucket winger spins. So, the more you will pump the pedal, the mophead will wring more amount of water. If you go for a high-quality foot pedal, you have to put less effort.

The only disadvantage with foot pedals is, aged people may find it difficult to push the pedal. Due to misbalance, the pedal may get loosened.

Check Included Accessories

While purchasing a spin mop, don’t forget to consider the accessories as well. Though, some spin mops don’t include any accessories. But we must recommend you to go for such spin mops that come with extra accessories.

A bucket will be the most common accessory that you should consider. You must go for a bucket that comes with a handle or wheels. Thus, you can carry the bucket more easily.

You also can go for a spin mop with a drainage outlet. Or, a spin mop with two separate buckets will be more efficient for cleaning. 

Besides, a liquid dispenser will also enhance the efficiency of your cleaning. It will not only save your time but also save your effort as well.

According to your requirements, you should consider the accessories. The more accessories, the more efficiency you will get with the spin mop.

Set Budget for the best spin mop

Last but not least, you should not forget to consider the budget of the spin mop that you are purchasing. The spin mops come in various ranges. If you want to get many features with your spin mop, you have to increase your budget.

Though, it doesn’t mean that low ranged mops are not that ideal. Still, high-priced spin mops offer great efficiency and performance.   

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Frequently Asked Questions about Spin Mops

Which is a better spin mop or flat mop?

Both spin mop and flat mop are excellent with their performance. But if you want to clean fine dirt particles, you should go for the flat mops. Bigger dirt particles or hairs can get stuck to the spin mop heads. But flat mops can easily clean it. So, flat mops are more efficient than the standard spin mops.

Are spin mops worthy to buy?

If you consider the great advantages of a spin mop, it is surely worthy to buy. Spin mops can reach remote places like under the bed, or refrigerator, or chair. You will face less difficulty in cleaning the floors due to the adjustable height as well. Besides, with the bucket wheels, you can easily move it. So, according to quality and efficiency, spin mops are worth buying.

How much does a spin mop cost?

Both over online and offline marketplaces, you will get several brands of spin mops. The features and performance of a spin mop vary according to the price. Though high-priced spin mops offer wonderful features and performance as well. Usually, a standard quality spin mop costs INR 1200/- to INR 2500/-.

Which brand is the best for spin mops?

Several brands like Gala, Spotzero, Prestige, Bathla, Scotch Brite, WotRa manufacture spin mops with great quality and features. Still, for the best reliability, you can go for the Scotch Brite or the Prestige brand. Both of these brands offer high-quality spin mops.

How to assemble a spin mop?

To assemble your spin mop, you have to follow some steps that include;
-You have to install the upper and the lower handle. You should screw the upper handle clockwise to the lower handle.
-Then install the lower handle and the mop base.
-Finally, pair the upper disc and push them together until you get a click sound. Now, the mop is finally assembled.

How to clean the mop head?

We recommend you clean the mop head with hot water. If the mop head is not machine washable, then you can make a mixture of half bleach and water. Then soak the mop head in that mixture for at least 15 minutes. Rinse the mop into that mixture until the water gets completely clear.

How long can you use a mop head?

Usually, mop heads should be replaced after 15 to 30 washings.  If the mophead is made of cotton, then you can use it for slightly longer. And, for modern microfiber mop heads, you can use it for at least 500 washings. Still, if you maintain the mop head properly, it may last longer.

Can you use a mop for dry cleaning?

For dry cleaning, surely, you can use a mop. Even you can use the mop to clean dust from the walls or the ceiling. The long handle with the cotton mophead lets you dry clean your floors more efficiently. You can even pick up soil or dirt from the floor with the mop. After dry cleaning the floor, you just have to shake the dust off outside of your home.

Can a spin mop be washed in a washing machine?

Yes, presently, most of the spin mop heads come with the facility of machine washability. To wash a spin mop head in a washing machine, you just have to follow some steps carefully.
-You have to detach the mop head first.
-Then choose a detergent according to the type of your mophead and determine the wash cycle.
-Set the mop head into the machine.
-You can add bleach for extra cleaning.
-Thus, you can clean your spin mop in a washing machine.

How to prevent a bad smell from the mop?

To get rid of the bad smell, you can use a cup of vinegar with the washing mixture. Properly dry the mop head. If possible, put the wet mop head into direct sunlight. Thus you can prevent the bad smell from occurring in your mop.


For every Indian household, a spin mop is a must-required product. If you are habituated to clean the floors with traditional cloth mops, you must go for spin mops.

Maintaining a hygienic and clean home is essential for all of us. But, proper maintenance of a home is quite difficult. Even many people don’t get enough time to clean the floors every day.

Here, spin mops can be a great way that lets you clean every corner of your house within no time. This brilliant innovation simplifies the entire mopping task. You won’t face back-breaking anymore while mopping the floors.

Spin mops not only save your time but also ensure better results with every cleaning. So, the job of mopping your floors will not be hectic anymore. A suitable spin mop will make your mopping easy, effortless, and completely hustle-free.

So, if you want to get a spotless floor, you must get the best spin mop in India. The products we have discussed here are great in quality and performance. You can go through the buying guide and know every detailed factor to choose the right mop.

By buying the perfect spin mop, you will get satisfaction as well. Among all the top 10 products in 2024, you can consider the Gala, Prestige, or Scotch Brite for utmost efficiency. So, don’t delay and get perfectly cleaned floors today!

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