6 Best Stabilizers For 1/ 1.5/ 2 Ton AC In India (2024)

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Voltage fluctuation causes adverse electrical effects in home appliances like AC, TV, refrigerator, and washing machines. As many of us depend on air conditioners in the summer, the stability of the voltage is a critical concern. The unforeseen drop or increase in the voltage level can harm our AC.

To protect air conditioners, you need a good quality voltage stabilizer. After researching hundreds of products, we have found that the Aulten 4 KVA Digital Voltage Stabilizer is the best stabilizer for AC in India (1.5 ton) with 18,000 Btu/Hr capacity. As an alternative, VG 500 by the same brand is suitable for 2 ton AC with 24,000 Btu/Hr capacity. They protect your AC from getting overloaded or underload and maintain health. The voltage range (170V – 270V) of these machines is excellent, suitable for both inverter and non-inverter compressors.

As the choice varies for different persons, we have included other excellent stabilizers from brands like Candes, Syspro, Aulten, and Monitor. For instance, here are our Top 3 Picks for 2024.

No. 1
Aulten Voltage Stabilizer

Aulten Voltage Stabilizer

  • 4 and 5 KVA power
  • 90V to 300V range
  • 1 year warranty
No. 2
Candes Voltage Stabilizer

Candes Voltage Stabilizer

  • 4 KVA power
  • 90V to 290V range
  • 6 years warranty
No. 3
Microtek Voltage Stabilizer

Microtek Voltage Stabilizer

  • 4 KVA power
  • 160V to 285V range
  • 3 years warranty

So, read the comparative features, know the crucial decision-making factors in the buying guide and choose a suitable AC voltage stabilizer.

best stabilizer for AC in India

best stabilizers for AC – 1, 1.5 and 2 Ton

Voltage StabilizerBest ForWorking VoltagePowerOur Rating
Aulten Voltage Stabilizer0.8 to 1.5 Ton AC150V to 280V4/5 KVA9.2
Candes Voltage Stabilizer0.8 to 1.5 Ton AC90V to 290V4 KVA9.1
Microtek Voltage Stabilizer0.8 to 1.5 Ton AC160V to 285V4 KVA9.1
Syspro Voltage Stabilizer0.8 to 2 Ton AC160V to 290V4 KVA9.1
V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer0.8 to 1.5 Ton AC170 V to 270 V2.7 KVA8.9
Monitor Voltage Stabilizer0.8 to 2 Ton AC170V to 270V5 KVA8.8

Review of the best stabilizers for AC in India (2024)

In this article, we have selected the 6 most amazing stabilizers for AC in low voltage. To know details about each of these stabilizers, read the benefits and disadvantages we have highlighted in each product review.

1. Aulten 4 KVA Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Aulten 4 KVA Digital Voltage Stabilizer For Up To 1.5 Ton AC

Power: 4 KVA | Working Range: 150V to 280 V | Wattage: 3200 W | Cabinet Material: Metal | Application: Up to 1.5 Ton AC | Time Delay: Yes | Dimension: 20 x 10 x 31 cm | Weight: 6.17 Kg | Warranty: 1 year

How good is Aulten 4 KVA Digital Stabilizer for your AC?

The stabilizer works as a gate between the electricity supply and the AC to normalize the fluctuating high or low voltage of 150-280 volts. The Germany-based transformer balances the electricity and protects your AC. The device also brings down the power consumption, making it easier on your pockets. So, if you are looking for the best stabilizer for your 1.5 ton AC, it is a perfect choice.

Rather than sticking to a dull display of ordinary stabilizers, Aulten has included it as an essential component on the front side of the machine. You can notice the stabilized output voltage on the bright display and other details. Even a novice person can use this stabilizer without getting into too much detail.

Often we think of stabilizers as chunky items hidden behind curtains or kept on top of refrigerators. But times have changed, and so has the design. Rather than making the stabilizer bulky, Aulten designed it with a dimension of 20 x10 x 31 cm. The body of this stabilizer is symmetrical and compact, and you can mount it on the wall just beside the AC.

Our Rating

  • Power Capacity: 92%
  • Working Voltage: 91%
  • Durability: 94%
  • Design: 94%
  • Affordability: 90%

Reasons to choose it

  • It has a superior digital display compared to the other stabilizers.
  • It looks aesthetically pleasing with a compact and stylish design.
  • The device saves you a lot of power with its highly efficient performance.
  • It has a better voltage regulation capacity with a delay system.

Reasons to avoid it

  • It is slightly heavyweight.
  • Less warranty period compared to V-Guard, Candes and Microtek.

What makes Aulten 4 KVA Digital Stabilizer worthy?

If you have an AC within 1.5 tons, this product will be your best option in 2024. The machine balances the fluctuating voltage with its exceptional performance. Apart from it, the stabilizer has an attractive design to fit modern homes.

2. Candes 4 kVA Voltage Stabilizer

Power: 4 KVA | Working Range: 90V to 290 V | Cabinet Material: Powder-coated steel | Application: Up to 1.5 Ton AC | Time Delay: Yes | Dimension: 20 x 28.5 x 10 cm | Weight: 7.1 Kg | Warranty: 6 Years

How good is Candes 4 kVA Stabilizer for your AC?

When you plan to buy a voltage stabilizer, it is crucial to look at its capacity, working range, applicability, and delay functions. It has the highest working range from 90 V to 290 V with 12 Ampere capacity.

The circuit is covered by an insulated cabinet made of powder-coated steel. With intelligent thermal protection, the stabilizer automatically cuts off the power source and does not let it fail.

A good thing about this stabilizer is that it works with all ACs having a capacity of up to 1.5 tons. This device works with inverter AC and non-inverter AC irrespective of window or split designs. (Also read: Inverter AC compatibility with stabilizer)

Being the best stabilizer for inverter AC with up to 1.5 ton capacity, Candes has included a bright LED display to show the necessary parameters without making it complicated. The stabilizer is equipped with the latest technologies, including IC technology, along with a fail-safe circuit to deal with voltage fluctuations.

Our Rating

  • Power Capacity: 92%
  • Working Voltage: 92%
  • Durability: 90%
  • Design: 93%
  • Affordability: 89%

Reasons to choose it

  • Excellent build quality with highly durable materials.
  • It has advanced safety protection.
  • It works with both inverter and non-inverter AC.
  • A large working range for input voltage makes it best during power surge.
  • An exceptional 6-year warranty makes it trustworthy.

Reasons to avoid it

  • It is expensive than V-Guard stabilizers.
  • This AC stabilizer is heavyweight and less portable.

What is Candes 4 kVA Voltage Stabilizer worthy of?

If you tired of looking for a good quality stabilizer for your AC, your search might end here with this device which performs well in all voltage situations. The long voltage range and the latest technologies make it a coveted piece. It also comes with an extended warranty helpful in case it needs troubleshooting.

3. Microtek EM4160 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Microtek EM4160 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Power: 4 KVA | Working Range: 160V to 285 V | Cabinet Material: Metal | Application: Up to 1.5 Ton AC | Time Delay: Yes | Dimension: 36 x 19.5 x 26 cm | Weight: 5.7 Kg | Warranty: 3 Years

How good is Microtek EM4160 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for AC?

Gone are the days when stabilizers were chunky. This device is compact, and its sleekness lets you mount it right on the wall. The sturdy metal casing keeps the inside clean and healthy. Being one of the best stabilizers for 1.5 Ton AC, you can easily set it up without giving it a second thought.

It has a robust circuit able to detect voltage fluctuation and balance it off as quickly as possible. Microtek equipped this stabilizer with a wide working voltage range from 160 V to 285 V. On top of that, the stabilizer comes with an auto-cut-off feature as a necessary safety measure. This process helps to increase its lifespan and that of the AC.

Microtek provides enough safety measures like auto cut-off and copper wiring to help you out. So, if you are looking for a safe and high-efficiency voltage stabilizer, it can be an ideal choice.

Most companies provide a 1-year warranty on their stabilizers. But, Microtek is sure about its quality and includes a warranty of 3 years. Thus, this becomes helpful in case of problems faced by the device.

Our Rating

  • Power Capacity: 92%
  • Working Voltage: 91%
  • Durability: 87%
  • Design: 92%
  • Affordability: 93%

Reasons to choose it

  • It is an excellent option for 0.8/1/1.2/1.5 ton AC.
  • Adequate operational safety.
  • It has a compact metal body and sleek design.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.
  • This stabilizer is priced pretty affordable.

Reasons to avoid it

  • It is heavyweight.
  • Less warranty and working range compared to Candes stabilizers.

What is Microtek EM4160 Stabilizer worthy of?

This device does everything that a stabilizer is meant to do. It will protect your AC from any danger by controlling the voltage fluctuation. It suits typical Indian requirements with high performance and an innovative design.

4. Syspro 5 KVA Digital Voltage Stabilizer

SYSPRO 5 KVA Digital Voltage Stabilizer For AC Upto 2 Ton

Power: 5 KVA | Working Range: 160 V to 290 V | Cabinet Material: Powder-coated metal | Application: Up to 2 Ton AC | Time Delay: Yes | Dimension: 10.01 x 8 x 7 cm | Weight: 4 Kg

How good is Syspro 5 KVA Digital Stabilizer for your AC?

After installation, rather than needing your help, this device can perform independently. It has the latest IC technologies, current spike protection, and thermal protection. You can trust it to equalize the fluctuating voltage before reaching your AC. It also has an effective working range of voltages which makes it worthwhile. It works with all types of AC within the capacity of 2 Tons.

LED displays are pretty helpful to monitor the stabilizer and track unnatural voltage fluctuations. The stabilizer screen is big and bright, making it readable. So, you can quickly check out the digital display for input and output voltage readings.

No one likes to have a bulky stabilizer that requires additional space. But, this is a compact model that can be easily mounted beside your AC. All the components are nicely tucked inside its metal body, making it safe to use. Just follow the instructions given by Syspro and get assured of its quality performance.

Our Rating

  • Power Capacity: 94%
  • Working Voltage: 91%
  • Durability: 88%
  • Design: 93%
  • Affordability: 88%

Reasons to choose it

  • Compact design without needing massive space on the wall.
  • It is easy to mount, monitor, use, and maintain.
  • The stabilizer is highly safe to use.
  • It is compatible with different AC types.

Reasons to avoid it

  • No warranty is available.
  • It is costlier than V-Guard stabilizers.

What makes Syspro 5 KVA Digital Voltage Stabilizer worthy?

If you have a 2 ton AC at home or office, this product is perfect for your requirements. Its compatible size and intelligent performance make it one of the best stabilizers for AC in India. Along with maintaining the longevity of your air conditioner, it makes sure you are safe in your home.

5. V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer

V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer For 1.5 Ton AC

Power: 2.7 KVA | Working Range: 170 V to 270 V | Cabinet Material: ABS Plastic | Application: Up to 1.5 Ton AC with 18000 BTU/Hour | Time Delay: 3 Minutes ± 20 Seconds ITDS | Dimension:  32.8 x 21.6 x 15.2 cm | Weight: 2.8 Kg | Warranty: 3 Years

How good is V-Guard VG 400 Stabilizer for your AC?

Our appliances are often hampered because of the sudden voltage fluctuations. So, besides normalizing the electricity, it is also essential to delay the procedure to help the compressor get the proper balancing time.

This machine can sense when the voltage is too high or low and works pro-actively. Once the stabilizer detects high or low voltage, it will adjust the output voltage within safe limits. The AC stabilizer also has thermal overload protection to make it last longer.

It is vital to have a stabilizer to maintain your AC’s health through its integrated circuit. The machine is much more intelligent than just being a stabilizer, and it can easily detect voltage fluctuations and cut off the power immediately.

The simplest way to get to know about the state of a device is through LED indicators. V-Guard has included such notifiers on this voltage stabilizer to make things easy. Because of these reasons, it is the best budget stabilizer for AC in India.

Our Rating

  • Power Capacity: 85%
  • Working Voltage: 88%
  • Durability: 87%
  • Design: 89%
  • Affordability: 94%

Reasons to choose it

  • The design is simple yet effective.
  • Efficient voltage stabilizing performance.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • It is priced affordably.
  • Broad working range for voltage.
  • Lightweight and portable.

Reasons to avoid it

  • The cabinet is not made with metal like other similar products.
  • Shorter working range than Candes and Microtek.
  • There is no digital display.

What is V-Guard VG 400 Stabilizer worthy of?

V-Guard is a renowned brand that produces good quality voltage stabilizers. It is a specific device with an intelligent circuit that helps protect your AC with a capacity of 0.8/1.2/1/1.5 tons. Get this product if you want a simple yet effective device at your home.

6. Monitor 5 KVA Voltage Stabilizer

Monitor 5 KVA Voltage Stabilizer For 2 Ton AC

Power: 5 KVA | Working Range: 170V to 270 V | Cabinet Material: Metal | Application: Up to 2 Ton AC | Time Delay: Yes | Dimension: 17 x 26 x 10 cm | Weight: 3.2 Kg | Warranty: 5 years

How good is Monitor 5 KVA Voltage Stabilizer for the AC?

Monitor provides this economic stabilizer for air conditioners with up to 2-ton capacity. It works efficiently by controlling and stabilizing the fluctuating voltage in the range of 170-270 volts. This 4 KVA voltage stabilizer comes with a time delay option to let the AC adjust the electricity automatically.

Besides the epoxy-coated metal body, Monitor has only used copper wiring in its transformer for low heat generation and better power. The stabilizer will stay healthy even while gushing high voltage every day, and it will last in your home for a long time while taking care of the AC.

You can easily mount this stabilizer on the wall nearby the air conditioner. Monitor provides a set of LED indicators for input and output power. So, it is easy to use.

Our Rating

  • Power Capacity: 94%
  • Working Voltage: 85%
  • Durability: 87%
  • Design: 86%
  • Affordability: 89%

Reasons to choose it

  • It works pretty well with 0.8/1/1.2/1.5/2 Ton air conditioners.
  • It has a lightweight and compact design.
  • This stabilizer is built with sturdy materials with high durability.
  • The outstanding 5-year extended warranty is helpful.

Reasons to avoid it

  • No digital display is available.
  • The price is slightly on the higher side when compared to the benefits it offers.

What makes Monitor 5 KVA Stabilizer worthy?

Monitor has been making stabilizers for a long time, and they have good quality products. This is one of the best stabilizers for a 2 Ton AC that comes with 100% copper wiring and helps to keep your AC healthy.

How can a voltage stabilizer protect your appliances?

In India, we have grown accustomed to power surges. Though the rate of power cuts has gone down, voltage fluctuation remains a problem at some locations.

Voltage fluctuation – the reasons

Now, voltage fluctuations can happen because of several reasons. Let us know the key reasons for such voltage surges.

  • Bad Electricity Supply

This is an undeniable reason for voltage fluctuations. Some rural and semi-urban areas are badly hit by electrical supply problems from the grid, especially during the summer and the monsoon. The usage of ill-equipped transformers is also behind the flickering.

  • Bad Wiring

Many of our houses are still having old wirings with low ampere ratings that may not withstand a higher electricity flow. People often do not care about changing the wiring while getting high-power-consuming appliances like an air conditioner.

  • Heavy Usage

Summers are known for power outages because of the heavy demand. The same thing may happen at your home if too many appliances are running on the same circuit. There is also an uneven electricity distribution due to overloading, which causes fluctuations.

  • Natural Circumstances

Yes, the voltage of your house may also fluctuate during a storm or when it is lightning. Thunderstorms can often cause a total shutdown of electricity. Sometimes birds or animals get in the wires and cause damage.

What are the effects of Voltage Fluctuation?

As electronic home appliances are meant to work within a specific voltage range, fluctuations can be harmful. Some of the effects include-

  • An unnatural voltage fluctuation can damage the compressor in an air conditioner. In high voltages, it can also hamper the insulation of the appliance. The same thing can even happen to a refrigerator.
  • Due to high voltage, an AC and TV can lose their transmission power. A sudden fluctuation can even burn the electric components of the device.
  • Bulbs and lights lose their full potential because of the sudden voltage fluctuations.
  • Internet routers have been known to get damaged because of these flickering.

How can a voltage stabilizer help your AC?

Voltage fluctuations are uncertain, and it keeps on happening all day. You need to protect your home appliances from this power surge.

Air Conditioners are expensive and vital to most of us. Their powerful compressor helps to cool down a room within minutes. So, high voltage variations may trouble the motor and ruin optimal performance capacity. If you have invested in an AC, it is better to get a stabilizer.

The best quality stabilizer helps balance the output voltage used by the AC, and it works as a gatekeeper that automatically boosts the voltage or bucks it down depending on the surge. Stabilizers also go on auto-cut off mode when the voltage is too high. So, if you plan to buy an AC and face voltage fluctuations often, getting a stabilizer is a must.

How to choose the best stabilizer for aC in India?

Before buying a stabilizer for your AC, check the crucial decision-making factors. It will help you choose the right product as per your requirements. We highly recommend going through the details of each of these points.

Apparent power and voltage range

KVA stands for kilovolt-ampere (kVA) or 1000 volt-amperes. Manufacturers use this unit of apparent power to denote the power capacity of the voltage stabilizer and its compatibility with the AC.

Generally, a higher KVA power denotes working with machines with a higher capacity. So, a 5 KVA stabilizer works for ACs up to 2 Ton, whereas a 4 KVA is ideal till 1.5 Tons.

Make sure that the device works within the voltage range of your AC. Check the voltage range of the stabilizer to check the electricity it can handle.

Apparent PowerVoltageTonnageEnergy Requirement
2.7 KVA170-270 V1.5 Ton18000 BTU/hr
2.8 KVA150-285 V1.5 Ton18000 BTU/hr
3 KVA150-290 V1.5 Ton18000 BTU/hr
3.3 KVA170-280 V1.5-2 Ton18000-24000 BTU/hr
3.7 KVA150-285 V1.5-2 Ton18000-24000 BTU/hr
3.8 KVA130-300 V1.5-2 Ton18000-24000 BTU/hr
4 KVA90-290 V1.5-2 Ton18000-24000 BTU/hr
5 KVA90-300 V2 Ton24000 BTU/hr

Assuming a power factor (PF) to be 80% for single phase domestic systems, the maximum wattage compatible by a stabilizer can be defined as:

Wattage = Voltage*Current*PF or, W=V*I*PF

The apparent power of stabilizers (V*I)= (W/PF)

For example, if your AC is rated with 3200 watts of input power, the ideal apparent power will be calculated as 4000 VA, or 4 KVA.

Type of supported Air Conditioners

There are mainly 3 types of air conditioners that a voltage stabilizer supports-

Most of the stabilizers we have listed previously support all of these ACs. However, some stabilizers suit a specific type of air conditioner. Apart from these types, many stabilizers are just meant for non-inverter ACs, while others also work with inverter ACs. So, be sure about the device you are buying.

Digital display

Digital displays are vital as they let you peek at the voltage and load situations. Any anomaly will show on display. It is also a window into seeing that the device works well. If it lacks a digital display, it should have LED indicators.

Overload Protection

A stabilizer balances the output voltage with a steady output to your AC. Sudden voltage fluctuations can traumatize electronic devices like air conditioners and refrigerators. So, overload protection helps them from getting damaged. Best stabilizers are included with am auto-cut off feature which shuts off the machine in certain situations to prevent damage to the system.

Time Delay Systems

Why is delaying a critical function of a stabilizer?

When the voltage suddenly fluctuates, the change is not smooth; it may continue fluctuating for a longer time. Such surges harm air conditioners. So, to safeguard such costly appliances, a short delay is introduced while switching on until the steady voltage is available.

For example, V-Guard VG 400 comes with a delay of 3 min ± 20 s. This time delay helps the AC compressor to adjust itself against the surge. In the meantime, the stabilizer supplies a consistent electricity flow.

Mounting Solutions

By now, we are looking for a voltage stabilizer that is easy to handle. Stabilizers that can be mounted just next to the AC, give the best results with the most convenience. You should always pay attention to the size and weight of the device, as it comes in handy to plan the installation.

Material of Body and Wiring

The material of any device is super important to keep it healthy. Always go for a stabilizer with a metal body as they last the longest. ABS plastic is a good alternative, but it is not excellent as powder-coated steel. Also, check the wiring of the device. Copper is the best choice for wiring as it has the highest electricity transmission efficiency at a budget price.

Best stabilizer brands for AC

There are many brands of stabilizers available in the market. However, all of these are not as great as the brands we mentioned. Here, you will know more about India’s most reputed brands for voltage stabilizers.


V-Guard is a brand known for making electronic appliances like stabilizers. The brand has a wide range of voltage stabilizers, namely VG 400, VG 500, VS 400, VS 500, VND 400, VWR 400, VGX 400, etc. The apparent power ranges from 2.7 KVA to 4 KVA, which is good enough for 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2 tons of AC.


Aulten believes that modern homes need modern solutions. They are aware of the importance of voltage stabilizers. With digital displays and powerful IC, the Aulten stabilizers stand out. The company has included auto-cut off and spike resistance in every model.


Being a reasonably experienced brand, Microtek knows about Indian needs. They have a wide range of well-performing devices that steal the show. With a 3-year warranty and the option of voltage cut-off, their stabilizers are one of the bests in the market. They also have 100% copper wiring, making them even more durable and efficient in steady voltage transmission.


This is another company with expertise in stabilizers. Candes has around 14 voltage stabilizers for AC with different capacities. The best thing about Candes is that they provide the highest warranty period of 6 years. The operating voltage range of Candes stabilizers is around 90 V to 290 V. Overall, it is a perfect choice for stabilizers.


If you want an affordable stabilizer and do not care about the age of a brand, then Syspro is the best choice. They are new in the market, but they manufacture their products with fantastic features to compete with giants like V-Guard and Microtek. The microprocessors in their stabilizers are durable and can handle fluctuating voltage.

Frequently Asked Questions about AC stabilizers

Can low voltage damage AC?

When there is low voltage than the service voltage of 230 V (50 Hz), the compressor of an AC has to work harder. If the machine constantly performs on low voltage, it loses the optimal capacity. It poses unnecessary pressure on the appliance, which may lead to the failure of the air conditioner.

How to install a stabilizer for AC?

After buying a stabilizer, it will come with a user manual. Every brand has different procedures, so read them before installing. If you aren’t friendly with electrical devices, it is better to get professional help from an electrician. Some brands also provide demo installations.

How much KVA is needed for a stabilizer with 2 ton AC?

5 KVA is required to stabilize the fluctuating voltage on a 2 ton AC.

How to know if the AC stabilizer is working?

Make sure that the power of the stabilizer is on. There should be a digital display or LED indicators on the stabilizer that show its working condition. If you find something odd, consult a professional engineer or customer care.

Does an AC stabilizer consume electricity?

Yes, they do. Voltage stabilizers are also electronic devices that you have to connect to a power source. The electricity passes through the stabilizer to reach the AC. In the meantime, the stabilizer transformer uses the power to maintain a steady output voltage. So, make sure to check the energy efficiency before purchasing.

Can a voltage stabilizer help other appliances?

Yes, apart from air conditioners, a voltage stabilizer is also compatible with refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, ovens, etc.

India’s Best AC voltage stabilizer: Conclusion

This is all you need to know about voltage stabilizers meant for AC. You might think of it as an additional investment that will bring benefits. But the best stabilizers in 2024 come in handy to protect home appliances like AC from getting hit by voltage fluctuations.

Depending upon the AC capacity (Ton), apparent power (KVA), working voltage range (V), and energy requirement (BTU/hr), choose your device wisely. As the verdict, we highly recommend Aulten, Candes, V-Guard, and Microtek as the best stabilizers suitable for 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 ton AC.

So, follow our list and buying guide to get the best stabilizer available for your AC in India. We hope that our tips will help you find a worthy companion for your air conditioner.

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