Best Tower AC in India (2024) – Reviews with Pros and Cons

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Tower ACs are the most modern cooling appliance that is now trending in the Indian market. Unlike conventional split and window air conditioners, the tower AC comes with a higher capacity. If you have a large drawing room or a hall at your home, office, gymnasium, or any public gathering place; then this product is ideal to cool down the entire area. It is also known as standing AC in the common tongue.

Tower air conditioners are a bigger variant of common portable air conditioners that you can move even after installation. More surprisingly, the tower ACs are more powerful that can chill the air faster.

In this article, we have reviewed the Best Tower AC in India with a detailed buying guide on the advantages and disadvantages. To get a real insight into the product in 2024, read the pros and cons of each one that we have pointed out.

best tower ac in India

Best Tower AC (2024)

These are the best tower ACs available in India-

Alternatively, you can also try a tower fan or cooler as a cheaper alternative. iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan is such an amazing product with 25 ft. air delivery in four ways.

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Tower Air Conditioner Review

As tower ACs are new and trending, not many brands manufacture it. In India, there are currently two brands that we would like to mention- Tata Voltas and Geek. After researching the market, we have found that Voltas is the best brand for Tower AC in India. The model- Venture Slimline Tower AC comes with two different capacities- 2 tons and 3 tons.

Voltas Venture Slimline Tower AC

best tower AC in India

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Technical Specifications of Voltas Venture Slimline Tower AC

Model2 Ton3 Ton
Power Supply230 V415 V
Cooling Capacity24000 Btu/h36000 Btu/h
Rated Current10.4 Amps6.8 Amps
Compressor TypeRotaryScroll
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)10.18 Btu/w8.87 Btu/w
Indoor Air Flow900 CMH1900 CMH
Indoor Unit Dimension480x255x1680 mm605x325x1890 mm
Outdoor Unit Dimension850x370x585 mm900x360x700 mm
Outdoor Air Flow2700 CMH3500 CMH
Weight46 Kg58 Kg

Tremendous Performance & Durability

This incredible tower AC comes with a powerful compressor that runs efficiently saving a lot of power. The 2 Ton and 3 Ton model come with a rotary compressor and a scroll compressor respectively. In addition to that, Voltas has given overload protection to these compressors so that it does not get damaged in case of sudden excess voltage or heat generated due to use for a long time.

The evaporator fins of the product are coated with a hydrophilic epoxy material. With the low surface tension of the coating, it does not let the water accumulate on the surface of the fins. As a result, corrosion is prevented and the durability of the product increases. This is one of the best technologies available to prevent corrosion in air conditioners.

Beautiful User-friendly Tower-shaped Design

As the tower ACs are meant for large rooms, the tower shape is the most effective geometrical design to circulate wide-angled cold air at every corner. The 3 Ton Voltas Venture Slimline Tower AC produces a very high airflow of about 1900 CMH whereas the 2 Ton product is rated with 900 CMH airflow.

The smaller model is suitable for rooms with an area of 240 square feet approximately. So, for a room with a dimension more than it, you should go for the 3 Ton model.

The stylish design of the tower AC is highly praised by the users as it dramatically improves the whole look of the room.

On top of that, this AC can be operated directly from the panel as well as by using the intelligent LCD remote. The speed of the impeller, cooling mode, airflow direction, swing settings, sleep mode, and timer can directly be controlled from the multifunctional remote handset.

Low Vibration and Noise

As this is a very powerful air conditioner, one might think that it might create a lot of noise and vibration. But it is not. Voltas has equipped this product with such a technology that it produces minimum vibration while running the compressor and a very low noise of less than 46 dB.

With proper insulation and design of the blower & piping arrangement, it suppresses the noise level resulting in a low operational sound.

Considering and researching all the above valuable information, we have found it to be the best tower AC in the Indian market.


  • Highly efficient and durable compressor.
  • High Cooling Capacity.
  • Brilliant scientific design.
  • Low noise and vibration.
  • Suitable for large rooms.
  • Dual operation control from panel and remote.
  • Warranty of 1 year on the AC and 5 years on the compressor.
  • Powerful airflow.
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly.
  • Harmless R22 refrigerant is used.
  • Stylish modern design.


  • The only limitation of the air conditioners we have found is none of the products is suitable for small rooms.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Tower AC

Benefits of Tower ACs

  • It has a very good Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) ranging from 8.19 Btu/w to 10.18 Btu/w.
  • Tower ACs come with a high cooling capacity of 24000 Btu/hr to 48000 Btu/hr.
  • These air conditioners are known for extremely good air flow rate from 700 CMH to 1900 CMH.
  • Most of the tower ACs are built with noise suppression technology to reduce it below 46 dB.
  • These are the ideal cooling appliances for a big room or a large hall.
  • A tower AC is easier to use and handle as these come with an easy user-friendly operating procedure.
  • Anyone can move and place it to a suitable location even after installation.

Drawbacks of Tower ACs

  • These are not suitable for small rooms because of high air flow and cooling capacity.
  • Tower ACs are a bit bulky in size occupying signicant space in the room.

Considering all the above advantages and disadvantages, we see how a tower AC can be beneficial in cooling down a large room at the home or a big hall at any commercial public establishment. With its extremely efficient modern technologies, the tower air conditioner is able to function at its peak. On top of that, it can be moved to a new location easily whenever you need to.

Tower AC vs Split AC

There are some remarkable differences between a tower AC and a Split AC on the basis of various features and technologies these are built with.

Type of ACTower ACSplit AC
MountingTower ACs are installed with the indoor unit standing on the floor. It does not support wall mounting.Split ACs are always wall-mounted. It cannot stand on the floor.
Cooling CapacityThese are known to have a higher capacity for cooling.These have lower cooling capacity compared to Tower ACs.
Room SizeIt is built for large rooms and not suitable for small-sized rooms.It is the ideal choice for cooling small and medium-sized rooms.
Air Flow RateTower ACs are more energy efficient with higher EER values.Split ACs are less energy-efficient with lower EER values.
TechnologyIt is built with superior ultra-modern technology.These are also built with good modern technology but lesser than the Tower ACs.
NoiseThe Tower ACs may produce a little more noise compared to the Split AC.On the other hand, the operation of the split ACs is almost silent. So, almost no inconvenience is caused.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tower AC

What is a Tower AC?

A tower AC is a special type of air conditioner in which the indoor unit stands on the floor rather than mounted on the wall or window. The indoor unit can be shifted to a suitable location when required. This kind of AC is built to cool down a large space like a typical big drawing-room, conference room, or a public-gathering hall. It is a cheaper alternative to a central air conditioning system or high-capacity split AC.

How a Tower AC works?

The working of a tower AC is no different than a commonly available air conditioner. It works on a typical refrigeration cycle in which a safe refrigerant is used. In the cycle, when the machine is turned on, the compressor pushes the refrigerant in vapor state into the condenser where it loses the latent heat and liquifies. Then it passes through an expansion valve where the liquid form of the refrigerant partially vaporizes and moves to the evaporator. When hot air is passed over it, the refrigerant loses the latent heat again and cools down the air. Afterward, it goes to the compressor and the cycle repeats again until the desired temperature is achieved.

Is a Tower AC movable?

Yes, a Tower AC is definitely movable. Most of such products come with a set of caster wheels using which, the AC can be shifted to a new location. However, the radius of movement is limited constrained by the outdoor unit arrangement.

Is a Tower AC good for home use?

A tower AC is very good for home use if you have large rooms to cool down. Big bedrooms or drawing rooms are ideal to set up a Tower Air Conditioner. But if you have small rooms, it is not a recommended choice.

From the above buying guide and review of the best tower AC in 2024, you might have noticed the tremendous advantages that it can provide. Based on the pros and cons you can compare how it is different from other types of ACs.

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