10 Best Trimmers for Men in India (2024)

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Did you know that almost 90% of men shave daily?

Isn’t that a tremendous amount of razors that people are using? We can only imagine the uncountable razor burns, ingrown hairs, and emerging pimples.

Although shaving is a common practice, most people end up doing it poorly. Shaving in the wrong direction or being too rough breaks the skin and makes it prone to infections.

So, what else can we do to maintain a clean-shaven or a proper bearded look?

We can use electric beard trimmers! These handy electric devices revamped how men groomed facial hair. These tiny yet powerful gadgets make shaving much more comfortable and safer in India.

Once you start using a trimmer, you are never going back. You will never need to buy those pesky razors that claim to do magical things. It is a one-time investment that is perfect for everyone who likes to maintain a polished look.

Aren’t you intrigued?

In our hunt for the best trimmer for men in India, we came across the Braun Beard Trimmer BT3221. Intrigued by its look and feel, we dug deeper into the features that it had to offer. Braun, being one of the highest-grossing companies for trimmers, never fails to impress. Everything from the 20 length settings to the lifetime sharp blades makes it a worthy buy. Its hi-end German technology gives it precision and powerfulness.

Likewise, we have also looked into other brands like Philips, Havells, Mi, and more. Keep on reading to know more about the best beard trimmer for men to get in India in 2024.

best trimmers for men in India

Best Trimmers for Men in India (2024)

Braun Beard Trimmer20 settings with 0.5 mm steps50 minutesAmazon
Panasonic Trimmer For Men12 settings from 2 to 18 mm steps40 minutesAmazon
Mi Corded & Cordless Trimmer40 settings with 0.5 mm steps90 minutesAmazon
Philips BT3105/15 Trimmer20 settings with 0.5 mm steps45 minutesAmazon
SYSKA Corded & Cordless Trimmer10 settings60 minutesAmazon
Havells Beard Trimmer20 settings120 minutesAmazon
Philips Hybrid Trimmer3 trimming combs45 minutesAmazon
Lifelong Beard Trimmer20 settings240 minutesAmazon
Syska Beard Trimmer9 settings60 minutesAmazon
Philips BT1215/15 Trimmer4 Trimming combs60 minutesAmazon

Isn’t searching for the right product a bit too overwhelming?

We have taken the cue and assessed some products based on their features and usefulness. You will surely get the best trimmer for men’s beards here along with more amazing choices.

1. Braun Beard Trimmer

Braun Beard Trimmer

Key features

  • Contains 20 length settings with 0.5 mm divisions.
  • The trimmer comes with lifetime sharp blades.
  • Works well with short to medium hair and beard.
  • The charging time for this trimmer is 10 hours.
  • Works for 50 minutes once it is fully charged.
  • It does have a precision dial for easy setting.
  • A detachable guard comb is given with a comb.
  • 272 grams is the total weight of the trimmer.
  • The head is contoured for sharp cuts and styles.
  • Its head and comb can be washed for cleaning.

A Beginner-Friendly Design

The precision dial is easy to handle as there are enough markings. So, you wouldn’t need to guess things while choosing the length for grooming.

With a fuss-free design, this trimmer allows you to learn well. You can quickly turn it on with the button below the dial. Everything is within your grip, and there are no fancy settings to choose from.

Comes with 20 Length Settings

The 20 settings on this trimmer have a difference of 0.5 mm each. Because of the precision, you get a more personalized trimming experience.

Choosing the perfect setting from the dial is simple and easy. 0.5-10 mm is the range of these lengths. If you have a medium or short beard, then you are sorted.

This trimmer also doubles as a hair clipper. So, you can cut your hair right at home without visiting a barber.


  • Twenty precise length points for personalization.
  • The size and design of it are compact.
  • It is perfect for beginners.
  • Its long battery life is perfect for thicker hair.
  • You can easily make sharp cuts with it.
  • It comes at an amazing price from Braun.


  • Long charging time, but the battery also lasts for long.
  • No warranty information, but Braun provides exceptional quality.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

If you are looking for a trimmer that is easy to handle, then nothing can beat this one from Braun. With its long battery life and compact design, this is one of the best trimmers available in the Indian market. It is also quite affordable when we compare its quality and features with the competitors.


2. Panasonic Rechargeable Trimmer For Men

Panasonic Rechargeable Trimmer For Men

Key features

  • It can be used with a cord or cordless.
  • It comes with a single detachable comb.
  • 12 settings are starting with 2mm.
  • 2 – 18 mm is the precision length range.
  • An LED bulb indicator is present in it.
  • The blade can be washed for cleaning.
  • Comes with a quick-adjust dial for settings.
  • 499 grams is the total weight of it.
  • The trimmer has a stainless-steel blade.
  • A two-year warranty is provided.

A Simple Yet Powerful Design

On your first look, this trimmer from Panasonic may not look quite attractive. But, its simplicity gives it the power to do a fabulous job. At a budget price, the brand is giving you all the essential features of a trimmer.

Everything from its super-efficient blade to dual operation makes it handy for everyday use. It even has the perfect ergonomic body to make it comfortable while trimming.

Best for the Stubble Look

Panasonic thought of bearded looks while designing this trimmer. As the length setting starts from 2 mm, it is great for the just shaved look.

It even works with a long beard as it goes on to 18 mm. We like that they have included 12 steps. As you can personalize your style while using this handy tool, it is one of the best trimmers for men in India.


  • It is very user-friendly.
  • Comes with precise settings.
  • Perfect for a clean bearded look.
  • It can be used with the cord.
  • Comfortable to hold for long.
  • You may clean the blade with water.
  • It’s priced quite reasonably.


  • The run time isn’t mentioned as it can be used corded.
  • Not meant for the clean shaved look.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

Panasonic has lived up to our expectations with this phenomenal trimmer. It is a simple yet efficient device for regular trimming. Get the fantastic stubble look with this trimmer that will last for a long time.

3. Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

Key features

  • It comes with 40 lengths with 0.5 mm stops.
  • This trimmer has self-sharpening blades.
  • 90 minutes run time for cordless usage.
  • Two comb heads are included in the pack.
  • It quickly charges in just two hours.
  • Can be used both corded and cordless.
  • It has a waterproof washable body.
  • The travel lock feature stops accidental touch.
  • Quad edge design lets you hit all spots.
  • Mi offers a one-year warranty on it.

An Extremely Versatile Device

We cannot stress enough the point of versatility. Mi has set a prime example when it comes to designing a good trimmer. You can use it with a cord or without it.

Compared to other dual power trimmers, this trimmer charges in just two hours. On top of that, you get a run time of 90 minutes. Its exceptional quality and travel friendliness speak for themselves. So, you get to groom for a longer period without fail.

It’s effortless to clean as the body is waterproof. You can even use the trimmer for wet shaving. The handy travel lock lets you pack it in your luggage without added tension.

Perfect for the Regular Groomers

Mi has created this versatile device for everyone. Apart from being beginner-friendly, it is excellent for seasoned trimmers. With 40 length settings, this device lets you choose the sweet spot. You can go to town and make a style statement with the grooming.

If we talk about the blade, then it’s an exceptional stainless steel one. You don’t need to worry about rusting or getting it dull. Just lubricate the motor with coconut oil, and this trimmer will last for a long time.


  • Provides precision trimming of beard.
  • It charges quickly and holds it well.
  • It’s quite soft on the skin.
  • Operating it is fairly easy.
  • You can use it in the shower.
  • Works well with all hair types.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The close shaving experience is also very good.


  • Mostly available in online stores, but offline Mi stores are also available.
  • It is a little chunky, but the weight helps in a better grip.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

Mi speaks for themselves with the product. They know the exact qualities that you need from the best trimmer for men in India, and they have added more. We are stuck at their 40 length settings as it is fabulous for the tool’s price point.

4. Philips BT3105/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer

Philips BT3105/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer

Key features

  • There are 20 length settings with 0.5 mm differences.
  • Lift and trim comb is the specialty for this.
  • The charging time is about two hours.
  • Its battery lasts for 45 minutes each session.
  • Stainless steel is the material of the blade.
  • Comes with a detachable and washable head.
  • There is an indicator light for battery drainage.
  • 200 grams is the approximate weight of it.
  • A travel pouch is included in the trimmer’s box.
  • Philips provides a three-year warranty.

Comes with Philips’ Lift and Trim Technology

Are you worried about the trimmer not being able to perform even grooming?

Philips has sorted this problem with the help of its Lift and Trim technology.

The peculiar-looking hanging comb on your trimmer does the job. It lifts the hair to give it a good trim without failing. With even grooming, you also get a faster and cleaner look.

A Highly Responsive Design

The trimmer’s compact design and button placement provide a pleasant experience. It has a gripped body to make it a handy tool. Along with that, it is itself a lightweight gadget at 200 grams.

The dial is built into the trimmer, so there are no additional bumps. You can easily change the settings with the zoom wheel, which is unique to this trimmer. With a sleek power switch, this gadget is exceptionally user-friendly.


  • It provides a clean and precise shave.
  • Holding the trimmer is quite comfortable.
  • This trimmer has a low charging time.
  • Beginners can easily understand it.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • There is enough hardness to the body.


  • The charger is heavy, but it does the job fast.
  • Water-resistance is not there, but the blades are washable.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

Philips, as a brand, makes good products that serve us Indians. They have played their magic on this convenient trimmer. It not only comes at an affordable price but also sports Philips’ Life and trim technology.

5. SYSKA Corded & Cordless Trimmer For Men

SYSKA Corded & Cordless Trimmer For Men

Key features

  • There are 10 settings in this trimmer.
  • 60 minutes is the run time of this.
  • Two hours is the charging time for it.
  • Three changeable heads are included.
  • Comes with a bright charging indicator.
  • The stainless steel blades are self-sharpening.
  • It can be used with or without a cord.
  • There is an ergonomic design to the body.
  • 260 grams is the weight of this trimmer.
  • A two-year warranty is provided by Syska.

Includes a Lot of Accessories

Generally, trimmers come with one or two guard combs. But, Syska went far as to include two extra blades with this trimmer. It also comes with a nose and ear attachment. So, this product is excellent for sorting your whole grooming requirements.

Replacing the different heads is not an issue, and you can do it quickly. You can keep a check not the battery with the indicator present on its front.

Designed Ergonomically with a Curve

You might have noticed that it is easier for us to hold on to curved things. Syska has rendered it on this trimmer by giving it an hourglass shape. No pain or discomfort is felt even if you use this trimmer for the whole sixty minutes.

They have also given it an ‘ultra trim’ body which makes it the best travel partner. Forget it after placing it in the luggage.


  • It is easy to hold this trimmer.
  • The nose and ear head are powerful.
  • Changing the heads is not a problem.
  • This trimmer has long battery life.
  • The blades are quite durable.
  • It is the perfect travel trimmer.


  • Less several length settings, but 10 is fair enough.
  • It does cost a little more, but the quality is flawless.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

Syska has made itself known with a great home and personal appliances. A basic necessity like a trimmer has been handled well by them. They came up with an ergonomic design that has the correct features for the best beard trimmer in India. So, if you get this trimmer, you will have an excellent experience.

6. Havells Beard And Moustache Trimmer

Havells Beard & Moustache Trimmer

Key features

  • The trimmer comes with 20 length settings.
  • There is a nice and big LCD on it.
  • A 90-minute quick charge option is present.
  • It has a runtime of about 120 minutes.
  • A zoom wheel comb attachment is included.
  • Can be used in corded and cordless modes.
  • Equipped with a faster one-stroke trim tech.
  • The steel blade has a titanium coating.
  • 310 grams is the weight of the product.
  • Havells provides a two-year warranty.

Comes with the Power of Titanium Blades

We love it when brands think about the customer. Havells has always embarked on producing quality items. So, it is obvious that they have included Titanium coated blades in this trimmer.

Adding a coating may seem simple, but most brands don’t do it. Titanium coating adds more age to the blade. Along with that, the blade is much stronger and sharper even after daily use.

Sports a Longer Run Time

What is the usual run time that you have noticed in trimmers? It usually revolves around an hour. Havells has gone forward and added an extra powerful battery.

So, the run time comes down to 120 minutes or two hours on a single charge. It is exceptional for the price that you pay Havells. The best part is its quick charge option which takes only 90 minutes.


  • It has a good battery holding power.
  • The blade is extra gentle on the face.
  • It has a travel-friendly design.
  • Time taken for trimming is less.
  • The display shows the battery left.
  • Its design helps in clean cuts.


  • A little expensive.
  • Waterproofing is missing, you can wash the blade separately.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

Are you looking for a product with a longer run time? If yes, then Havells has got the right item for you. It also has one-stroke trimming technology making it extra powerful. Look out for the cutting-edge Titanium coated blade that adds to its durability.

7. Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer

Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer

Key features

  • Comes with the OneBlade technology.
  • It has a run time of about 45 minutes.
  • You need to charge it for 8 hours.
  • 3 trimming combs are included with it.
  • A replacement blade is present in the box.
  • It has a razor-like shape with gripping.
  • It can be used for shaving and trimming.
  • The blades are dual-sided for extra action.
  • Each blade lasts for about four months.
  • A two-year warranty is present on it.

Closest to the Usual Razor

Philips has created a product akin to the standard razor. It comes with a double-ended blade that lets you shave quickly. Each blade needs to be replaced after four months. The blades are powerful yet incredibly soft on the skin.

You also get three trimming combs of 1, 3, and 5mm lengths. They work best to trim down the beard while grooming. Even the body has the shape of a typical razor.

Equipped with the OneBlade Technology

Generally, trimmers use a double blade system for efficient trimming. But, this product has OneBlade technology. So, the single blade has efficient edges to remove or cut the hair. Reducing the number of blades also makes it softer on your skin.


  • It is soft on the skin.
  • Feels like a razor in your hand.
  • The blade is durable and robust.
  • It is comfortable to hold for the grips.
  • It has water-resistant blades.
  • The runtime is fairly good.
  • Good for beginners in trimming.


  • Blades need to be replaced, but they aren’t very costly.
  • A long 8 hour charging time.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

Many people find the usual trimmers not suitable for their style. Being one of the best trimmers for men in India for 2024, it is perfect for them. It is easy to use the product as it works like any other razor.

8. Lifelong LLPCM11 Quick Charge Beard Trimmer

Lifelong LLPCM11 Quick Charge Beard Trimmer

Key features

  • It comes with 20 length settings.
  • 2 hours is the charging time for it.
  • It provides 4 hours of run time.
  • The blade is made of stainless steel.
  • Can be used with or without the cord.
  • It has washable blades for easy cleaning.
  • 113 grams is the total weight of the trimmer.
  • There is a battery indicator at the bottom.
  • A zoom ring lets you change the settings.
  • Lifelong offers an 18 months warranty on it.

One of the Longest Runtimes

It is relatively unique to come across a trimmer that remains juiced for four hours. Lifelong has done something magical with this product to make it extra efficient. With just a 2 hour charge you can use it for four long hours.

It’s an excellent product for those who like to buzz their head hair. People who travel will also love it for its handiness. Traveling with it will never be an issue.

Value for Money

We want you to have the best trimmers that come at a budget price. After skimming through different products, this one did stand out to us.

At its price point, you get a fantastic runtime along with a robust blade made of stainless steel. We also like its lightweight design which adds more value to it.


  • It is an affordable product.
  • The body has a comfortable design.
  • It is incredibly lightweight.
  • You can shave for a long time.
  • Works well for beginners.
  • Can be used with a cord.


  • The body is made of plastic, but it feels sturdy enough.
  • No waterproofing on the body, but the blade is water-resistant.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

If you are looking for the best beard trimmer for men at the lowest price, then this Lifelong product will fulfill your wishes. It is the perfect everyday trimmer that has enough juice to last you multiple trim sessions. With its simple design, it is worthy of investing in such a comfortable yet sturdy device.

9. Syska HT4000K AquaTrim Cord & Cordless Beard Trimmer

Syska HT4000K AquaTrim Cord & Cordless Beard Trimmer

Key features

  • It is a total body hair removal kit.
  • 60 minutes is the total runtime.
  • It takes 90 minutes to charge it fully.
  • The body of the trimmer is washable.
  • Stainless steel is the material of the heads.
  • 6 different attachments are included with it.
  • Supports cordless and corded usage.
  • Blades have SensoCut to avoid skin damage.
  • There are nine precision lengths in total.
  • Syska offers a two-year warranty on it.

The Complete Shaving Experience

Most trimmers let you trim the beard and head hair. But, Syska has gone ahead and made a complete grooming kit. It includes extra attachments that turn the device into a body shaver and an ear-nose trimmer.

It reduces the number of grooming gadgets that you might need to purchase. Apart from cutting down on costs, this device is quite powerful. With its long run time of 60 minutes, it lets you do any grooming job with ease.

Safe operation of the trimmer

Yes, trimmers are generally more sensitive than razors. But, Syska makes this extra unique by adding SensoCut blades. They prevent any cuts and nicks that might happen accidentally. It further ensures you that body hair shaving won’t be an issue with this great trimmer.


  • It is a wholesome kit for you.
  • All the components are useful.
  • The trimmer charges quickly.
  • It can shave and trim in one pass.
  • The blades are durable and sensitive.
  • It can hold power quite well.
  • You can use it in the shower.


  • Less number of length settings, but it works too well to complain.
  • The body is made of plastic, but it is robust.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

Syska might be new players in the market, but they know their stuff. An all-body groomer is efficient, especially for those who travel a lot. So, if you were looking for a compact yet versatile trimmer, then choose this one from Syska.

10. Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer

Philips BT1215/15 Usb Cordless Beard Trimmer

Key features

  • It comes with 4 guard combs in the box.
  • 60 minutes is the maximum run time.
  • You require 8 hours to charge the battery.
  • 32 mm is the width of the blade in it.
  • The blade is made with quality stainless steel.
  • 200 grams is the weight of the product.
  • It can be charged with the help of a USB.
  • The battery has been boosted with Durapower.
  • There is a single touch button to start and stop.
  • Philips’ provides a two-year warranty on it.

An useful trimmer for men

Do you want to give a trimmer to a teenager?

This can be your best bet because of its useful features. Philips keeps it as simple as possible by including a sharp yet sensitive blade. The stainless steel blade will never rust or go wrong even when it is used daily.

The 60-minute runtime is perfect for regular grooming sessions. It comes with four-guard combs which allow for precise grooming. With a single touch button, the trimmer is free from any complicated factors.

Fuss-free Charging Experience

As the technology started to enhance most chargers became universal. If you happen to have a USB adapter at your home, then you are sorted. The trimmer takes 8 hours to charge, which is usual for an entry-level product. But, it does hold the juice that gives multiple shaving sessions.


  • The design is user-friendly and straightforward.
  • It is perfect for amateur trimmers.
  • The blade is comfortable on your face.
  • Charging it is hassle-free and easy.
  • The wide blades make shaving quick.


  • Long charging time of 8 hours, but it is usual for similar trimmers.
  • It isn’t waterproof which is acceptable at its price range.

What is Best About this Trimmer?

People who are starting with trimming need an uncomplicated device. Philips made it a reality by designing this product. One needs to attach the comb and push a button to start grooming. No one will regret this purchase if they are looking for the best trimmer for the beard.

benefits of electric trimmers for men

Benefits of Electric Beard Trimmers

Over the years, shaving starts to become a part of you. At a time, you will feel that the knicks and cuts are a journey that makes you stronger. However, that is far from the truth about shaving accidents.

As keeping a bearded look became trendier, shaving companies started losing their customers. More people are looking for a better shaving experience devoid of discomforts.

Here are some of the benefits that will convince you about getting a trimmer.

Much Softer on the Skin

A common complaint about razors is their harshness on the skin. We like to believe that men have thicker facial skin, but that isn’t true. The sensitive skin of our face is prone to infection if it gets frequent cuts.

More than 30% of men have moved on to using electric trimmers. Using a comfortable device is way better for people who like to maintain a clean look. Most trimmers are also capable of giving a nice clean look like a usual razor.

Get Experimental With the Length of Your Facial Hair

The ultimate drawback for a razor is its lack of versatility. Why would you stick to a drab and boring clean-shaven look?

With a trimmer, you get the opportunity to experiment with your look. The varying length settings make trimming a saloon-like experience.

Brands have started to make trimmers with precision length settings. Furthermore, some models even have 20 settings with minute length differences.

Thereby, you get to keep up with trends in the comfort of your home!

Cuts Down the running Cost

Shaving is an investment that we seldom think about. It is estimated that the U.S.A also uses more than 2 billion razors in a year. Can you even imagine the number when it comes to India?

Most people generally use cheap disposable razors. They appear to be a good buy; however, the cost adds up in the longer run. For instance, buying a Rs 30 razor every week will cost somewhere around Rs 1500.

In addition to that, you also need to calculate the price of shaving creams and other grooming items.

A trimmer may initially cost you a bit more, but they have a longer lifespan. Go for models with self-sharpening blades to have a cost-free grooming experience.

We want to mention that opting for a trimmer is also good for the environment. As the use of plastic rises, we risk our planet’s health jeopardizing future generations. Using a sustainable product like a trimmer cuts down on your personal plastic usage.

Provides Preciseness While Grooming

Can you assure us of not cursing while using a razor?

Yes, most of us get used to using sharp objects. But, do we truly enjoy the experience?

Making a wrong move with a razor turns devastating. We always see the comical scene of having razor cuts in films. It is nothing but a warning sign to embrace a newer product.

Trimmers give you the ultimate control when it comes to grooming. Along with doing clean cuts, you can also try different beard styles. It is a boon for those people who like to maintain a proper bearded look.

Multipurpose Use

How many ways can you use a razor? Not many!

Yes, you can get a clean pallet, but there is nothing more to it.

With a trimmer, you get the chance to use a versatile product. Most trimmers can also work as a hair clippers. The comfortable blades are perfect for your scalp.

Some brands even include extra grooming attachments to make it a wholesome experience. Brands have also started to integrate body hair grooming settings in many trimmers.

Trimmers are also perfect for households with kids, as they can get a good haircut right at home.

A trimmer is travel-friendly

Carrying a trimmer is fuss-free and safe. You can easily tuck it into the luggage and forget about it. There is no need to bring a tonne of products along with a trimmer.

Go for a cordless model if you want more maneuverability. The time is taken to trim usually depends on the length of hair. A close shave shouldn’t take you more than 10 to 15 minutes if you do it frequently.

So, do you think that getting a trimmer will be helpful?

buying guide for best trimmer for men in India

Buying Guide for Best Trimmers for Men in India

On our hunt to look for the best beard trimmer, we came across many parameters. We tried to choose the best products for you by nitpicking among several trimmers. It brought us to the point of finding the must-have qualities for a trimmer.

You should purchase the best product that suits your needs. With all our research, we have come across the top ten requirements for a trimmer. Follow these to end up with a gadget that is useful and enjoyable for regular use.

Understand your Trimming needs

Everyone has their personal requirements when we come to the topic of grooming. Some of you might like to sport a bearded look, and others may prefer the classic clean shave. According to these needs, you may want to choose the correct trimmer.

Another critical factor is the quality of your beard. People who have a fine beard may want to stay away from overly-powerful trimmers. However, a sharper blade goes well for people with thicker beards.

So, whenever you are hunting for a trimmer, keep your personal needs at the forefront. To make things easier, create a checklist of the features that are a must for you. When you start researching trimmers, refer to the points for help.

Additionally, some will also need to think about their skin type. Sensitive trimmers work best for people who have acne or other skin-related issues. They may also consult a dermatologist before purchasing a trimmer.

Type and Material of Trimmer Blade

You might have seen the advertisements for razors. Brands claim to include multiple blades for a smoother shave. Similarly, the blade of a trimmer also defines its power and usefulness.

In general, trimmers have an angled blades with sharp edges. The blade’s width helps us guess the surface area that it covers. For example, blades used for sensitive areas are often small and narrow. Some blades even have a single side whereas others may be a double-sided blades.

There are two types of trimmers available in the Indian market.

  1. Foil Trimmer
  2. Rotary Trimmer

The foil trimmers are the early model of modern beard trimmers. They contain a layer of foil behind which there are two blades. The foil does not let the blades come closer to the skin. Thus, they improve operating safety. Also, foil trimmers give a cleaner look by removing most of the facial hairs.

On the other hand, rotary trimmers are a more recent innovation. The best thing about these trimmers is that they have more customizable options. It helps the users use it more conveniently.

Choosing a style is upon your discretion and preferences. Try to get a model that has self-sharpening blades for better durability.

Another critical point is the material of a trimmer’s blade. Stainless steel is a popular option because of its durability. Other options include carbon steel, titanium, ceramic, etc.

The robustness of Carbon steel makes it a preferable choice. Try to find the best trimmer that has blades with Titanium coating as it adds protection against damage.

Corded vs Cordless Trimmer

Trimmers are generally found with cords or without cords. In a corded model, you will need to be present near a power source. A cordless model does allow a lot of movement.

A corded model works best for shavings that might take a while. You might have seen its use by stylists in saloons. Both models can be equally powerful.

Usage time may be a drawback when it comes to a cordless trimmer. Generally, it varies from 30 to 90 minutes. At the same time, they are better when it comes to portability. Cordless models also come with waterproofing to let you use it in the shower.

Should you get a corded or a cordless trimmer?

Here are some key points to aid you in making a decision.

Corded TrimmerCordless Trimmer
It needs an external power source to do its job.It is battery-powered, so you will need to charge it.
A corded trimmer can be used immediately after you plug it in.You will need to charge a cordless timer and it may take 2 to 3 hours.
You can use a corded trimmer for any length of time, but letting it cool between uses is always recommended.Most cordless models have a run time that varies between 30 to 90 minutes.
Though you can carry a corded trimmer, it is often troubling to look for a power socket.Cordless models are known for their portability. You can easily use it anywhere and everywhere.
Waterproofing isn’t generally present because of its proximity to a power source.One of the key reasons for getting a cordless model is waterproofing. It can easily be used in the shower.
Corded models have longer durability, some may last for 10 years.In cordless models, the battery life gradually depreciates as you use it more.
Corded models tend to be heavier.Brands are constantly trying to make the cordless trimmers as light as possible.

There is a never-ending battle between cordless and corded trimmers. However, the decision should solely depend on your particular requirements. If you are going to use the trimmer daily, then getting a corded version makes more sense.

On the other hand, a cordless trimmer provides flexibility that isn’t found in the other version. People are often prejudiced about corded trimmers, which isn’t right. They are just two options with different power sources.

It is better to check your requirements with the available models of trimmer. Make a choice based on your need rather than what others are buying.

Still can’t decide? Get a trimmer that can be used in both modes!

Precision of Length Settings and Guard Combs

Do you like to groom your beard to a specific length? If yes, then the guard combs and the precision length will be crucial information to get a good trimmer.

Trimmers come with either a dial or a button to change the length settings. A specific model can have anywhere from 10 to 20 length points. It may start from 0.5 mm or even 0.25 mm and go on till 10 or 15 mm.

Go for a lower precision length if you like the close shaved look. Most trimmers have a comb guard to make the shaving procedure smoother. These plastic guards can be removable or permanently attached to the gadget.

When you choose a setting, the guard either rises or goes down. It is better to go for a model that comes with interchangeable guards and more precision points.

Checking the dial’s or button’s quality is also crucial. It needs to come with a precise stop to reduce the chance of error during grooming. Also, try to look for a user-friendly model if it’s your first experience of using a trimmer.

Quality and Durability

It is a waste of time, money, and effort to buy just a good-looking clipper. Durability is a must, along with all the needful features. Generally, trimmers have a plastic body, but there might be variations. Some even sport a metal body for extra robustness.

So, you should always check the design aspects of a trimmer. We value the models that have a gripped exterior. Adding grips is an effective way to make a device more comfortable. So, long shaving sessions won’t be an issue.

Rather than settling for cheap and unreliable trimmers, go for models with quality. Check the weight to make sure that it has the perfect portability that you need.

Extra Attachments

Don’t we all love to get something extra from our purchases?

Extra accessories always work as a bonus. But, it also helps in making a product more versatile. Trimmers might come with different guard combs or attachments for a better experience.

Getting a model that comes with an ear, nose, beard, or body trimmer is pretty helpful. But you shouldn’t pay a lot more than your budget.

Trimmer Battery Life

In case you choose a cordless model, battery life is a crucial point. No one likes to have a trimmer that gives up midway between a shape. We all have been a part of the joke of having a half-shaven face.

Make a wise decision by going for a trimmer with at least 60 minutes of battery life. It is also wise to focus on the charging time required for a particular trimmer. The best timmers for men in India take about 2-3 hours to get fully charged. Some models use alkaline batteries, but Lithium-ion has become more common.

Waterproofing System

Always check the usability factor of a trimmer before purchasing it. Many people like to shave in the shower, but all trimmers cannot take water. So, it’s better to go for a model that has waterproofing in its body. You will mostly get the feature in cordless versions.

Warranty on Trimmer

A warranty is like a friend that helps you out in trouble. When you buy a product from a good brand, they provide a warranty in the form of a trust quotient. Usually, it lasts for 1-2 years from the date of purchase.

Read the warranty clauses to know more about coverage on a particular product. Random and impulse purchases may end up in the wrong decision. Be careful while choosing a trimmer as the warranty helps if there is any trouble with the new gadget.

Your Budget

Before getting your hands on a new trimmer, set a budget that works for you. It is better to cap your budget at something achievable. Stay away from those fancy models that won’t bring you much benefit.

Rather than going for the cheapest trimmer, you can invest in a quality product that will have a long life. After setting the perfect budget, try to look for products within that range. Setting a budget always acts as a control.

Comparing different trimmers is a crucial step before making a purchase. Do not buy anything without doing an ample amount of research.

best beard trimmer brands in India

Best Beard Trimmer Brands in India

Which brand comes to your mind when you think about a trimmer? Braun and Phillips might be the common answers. Our website tends to relate products with corresponding brands.

Buying from brands gives us the choice of getting the best trimmer for men in India. There is always a choice of getting a cheap unbranded product. But, they are unsafe and unreliable. We have gathered five brands that produce excellent trimmers.


As a German company, Braun has expanded its horizon all over the world. They specialize in creating different grooming products loaded with necessary features. They have even made trimmers with up to 39 precision settings.

With their innovative and diverse range of products, Braun stands out in the market. Getting the best beard trimmer is effortless and fruitful. We especially like their multi-purpose trimmers that club different usages into one product.


People have trust in Panasonic, and they fulfill it quite wisely. They currently have a selection of 6 trimmers with different features. Panasonic uses a 45-degree edge on its blades for an angled and clean shave.

As the products sit at a budget-friendly price, the trimmers are great choices. Precision settings are well-defined, even in the most basic model.


The smartphone giant got into the grooming industry with limited products. Their quality products have enticed people as they come at budget-friendly prices. Mi believes in the sleek and classic look that isn’t overpowering.

With many precision settings, their trimmers do stand out in the Indian market. 40 precision stops are present on their latest model. So, you can have a much more personalized beard style than ever before.


Philips has got Virat Kohli and his cutting edge jawline to be a spokesperson for the grooming range. They are leading in marketing with advanced features like long battery life.

Philips also believes in making duo models that run on electricity as well as a battery. It helps in those times when you just can’t wait for it to get charged. With their stunning designs, Philips has defined the growing demand for trimmers.


Havells has gone innovative with its range of trimmers. The unique shapes of the items, along with cool features, make them pretty attractive. Their quick charge feature makes most of their cordless models extremely portable. Currently, they have five-plus models in their range.

Are you keen on getting a trimmer from any particular brand? Check out the above brands for trimmers that speak quality.

How to use a trimmer

How to use a Men’s beard trimmer?

Using a trimmer can feel daunting at the very beginning. However, you shouldn’t be scared of such a simple task. Remember the numerous times that you have spent shaving.

Trimming is much easier than shaving. There are no nicks and cuts, and the process can even be faster. The best trimmer for men already has everything that you need. You require to learn a few techniques that go well with your grooming style.

The internet gives you a lot of information about achieving a satisfying beard style. Let us talk about the basics of using a trimmer on yourself.

  • Reading the manual is the first thing that you need to do. You should never start using a product without knowing ample about it. In this case, it is the trimmer. A brand writes about its product extensively in the manual.
  • Charge your trimmer if it is a cordless device. Plug it in the power source if you have a corded version.
  • Choose the right precision length before you start shaving or trimming. It is safer to start with a longer length because you can still have control over it. Make sure that the settings are okay before you proceed to start with the device.
  • Always prepare your beard before trimming sessions. It includes brushing the beard to remove any knots. If you want even grooming, let the beard grow for a while.
  • Now, turn on the trimmer. Shave against the grain as you have always done with a razor. The flat part of a trimmer will lie on your face. Start trimming from neck up for best results.
  • Change to a lower precision setting or comb if you want a shorter length. For a close shave, you can use the blade without a guard. Be a little more careful while using only the blade.
  • After a trimming session, make sure to clean up the trimmer. It also includes removing any hair present under the blade.
  • Apply a soothing gel or aftershave lotion after achieving the desired look.

Give it a few trials, and become a seasoned user in only a few days.

Best Trimmer for Men: Frequently asked questions

Can a trimmer be used for pubic hair? Is a trimmer good for the skin?

A trimmer is much better on the skin when we compare it to a razor. You can easily use it on your bare skin without getting any nicks or cuts. Make sure to moisturize your skin to avoid too much dryness. Use an aftershave or a post-shaving gel to protect your skin further.

Can trimmers be used for clean shaving?

Yes, trimmers can be used for clean shaving. Look for a trimmer with 0.25mm precision if you close shave regularly. Just remove the guard comb of it to get the closest shave possible. Use it carefully to avoid any unnecessary skin pulls.

How to clean a trimmer?

There are two steps to clean a trimmer. Firstly, you need to clean the hair that has been collected inside the comb. Secondly, remove the blade and clean the inside space. Use the small brush provided with the trimmer. Run the blade under a tap and dry it of any residual moisture.

Can a trimmer be used for pubic hair?

Yes, but there are special trimmers for your sensitive areas. The standard beard trimmer has a broader blade that isn’t ideal for your pubic area. Either you can get a specific trimmer for the area or look for trimmers that come with attachments for shaving sensitive areas.

Which type of blade is the best for a trimmer?

When it comes to materials, carbon steel and stainless steel blades are best for trimmers. If you want a little extra, go for models that have titanium-covered blades. Also, using a type of blade is a personal choice. But, a rotary is better for a close shave, whereas trimmers usually have a straight-edged blade.

How long can a trimmer last?

In general, a trimmer can last for 4-5 years before it gives up on you. But, the frequency and carefulness of use can either increase or decrease its lifespan. It has been seen that corded models last longer compared to cordless ones. Some people have been using the same trimmer for ten or more years.

Can we use a trimmer while charging?

It depends on the model and the brand. Some duo trimmers can be used while it’s charging. But, if your trimmer is solely cordless, then it might not be possible. Go for a model with dual usability if you find it a helpful feature.

Can a trimmer be used for hair cutting?

Yes, most trimmers can also be used for hair trimming. You can do it once in a while but do not make it a habit. Head hair is generally thicker, so a trimmer needs to work to its full potential. Try to invest in a good hair clipper if you need to cut your hair.

How does a trimmer work?

There is a small motor inside the shaver that is powered either by a battery or electricity. As it juices up, the motor vibrates the blade to cut your beard as you place it on the chin. Most trimmers come with two edges to make the process faster. 

Why do trimmers need oil?

We know that oil acts as a lubricant. It is common knowledge to lubricate sharp objects for better performance. So, in some trimmers, you will need to oil the blades after using them. Along with maintaining sharpness, it also prevents rust and damage. Oiling also juices up the moving parts of a machine.

India’s best trimmer for men: Conclusion

Isn’t it interesting to know so much about just beard trimmers in India?

We have tried to give you a brief overview of the device. As more people get interested in using it, they need to have a wholesome idea about it.

It is a great idea to move from the pesky razors to a beard trimmer. Apart from having a convenient gadget, it also saves you a lot of money.

A trimmer is absolutely handier compared to a razor. You wouldn’t need to experience nicks and cuts. The blades are much smoother on the skin and protect the suppleness.

Aren’t you intrigued to use such a useful gadget?

Most brands have priced their trimmer quite affordably. There was a time when owning a trimmer might have been a luxury. With their competitive pricing, it isn’t hard to find the best trimmer for men in India.

Before you buy a trimmer, make sure to remember what we have mentioned is a must for them. You may need to do a little research, but we have tried to do the majority. Search for the trimmers that you find impressive and worthwhile.

To make it an easier journey for you, we have mentioned the top ten trimmers according to our research in 2024. These have aced the category by possessing almost all the necessary features.

Now, the power rests on you. Which trimmer looks fascinating to you?

Start looking right now to get your hands on the best beard trimmer that has been crafted for your cheeks.

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