The Best Wattage For Hair Dryer – Range and Power Consumption

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The hair-care industry is one of the decade’s booming industries, and hair dryers play a crucial role in it. Hair dryers serve as one solution to many hair-related problems. Using a blow dryer to dry your hair or to give your hair a new style is very effective. Some professionals prefer hair dryers instead of a curling iron to style hair. Modern high-power hair dryers can do the job in minutes.

But do you know how much energy these modern hair dryers consume?

How much can they affect your electricity bill?

And the most important of all, how many watts should a hair dryer have?

The energy consumption and performance depend on the best wattage for a hair dryer that ranges from 1800 to 2000 watts. It is directly responsible for its blowing capacity. The higher the wattage, the higher the blowing capacity of a hair dryer. This increase in blowing power also results in more noise which can be a deal-breaker for people.

Most people prefer a hair dryer with a higher wattage as it’s fast and effective. At the same time, it consumes more energy and affects your electricity bill. However, the idea is to get the best hair dryer with suitable wattage and medium noise. 

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Range Of Wattage For Hair Dryers

Wattage or simply ‘Watt’ is an SI unit of measurement of power. This wattage is responsible for the overall performance of the hair dryer. The level of heated air generated and the blowing capacity rely heavily on a hair dryer’s wattage. 

The range of hair dryers is based on what type of blow dryer you are using. Essential daily-use hair dryers range from 1000-2000 watts. Professional hair dryers, on the other hand, can go up to a whopping 3600 watts. Professional ones require quick and effective results; that’s why they work on high wattage.

A Panasonic home-use hair dryer consumes 1000 watts of power, while a Wahl professional hair dryer consumes 2000 watts of power. If you’re an individual and want a hair dryer occasionally for personal use, you don’t need a high-wattage hair dryer. A 1500 watts to 1800 watts hair dryer should suffice.  

Power Consumption by A Hair dryer

A typical home-use hair dryer blowing heated air consumes 1500 to 2000 watts of power. The wattage of a hair dryer directly affects the overall power consumption. Typically, the wattage of a hair dryer is just how much power it requires to function.

A hair dryer’s power consumption can be calculated by multiplicating the wattage of the hair dryer and run time-

Power Consumption of Hair Dryer= (Wattage x Run Time)

By fixing the wattage at a specific setting, you can increase or decrease the run time. Here, you have to remember that the higher the wattage is, the faster and hotter the hair dryer. Here is a typical chart for wattage, run time, power consumption, and electricity bill of a hair dryer considering electricity charge ₹6/unit.

Wattage1500 Watts1800 Watts2000 Watts
Run Time (approximate)15 mins11 mins9 mins
Power Consumption0.375 kWh0.33 kWh0.3 kWh
Electricity Bill (30 days)₹67.5₹59.4₹54

The data in the above chart is tested in specific conditions of hair that can slightly vary with different conditions. The formula clearly states that power is directly proportional to voltage and current. While using a higher wattage setting, be cautious as excess heat can damage the hair.

However, once you’re equipped with knowledge of regular household electrical appliances’ energy consumption, you can save energy. Hair dryers may look small, but they consume a lot of power. A typical Havells hair dryer requires at least a wattage of 1500 to function correctly.

For comparison, it’s like lighting 100 LED light bulbs in your home. That is, for an average regular use hair dryer. Professional hair dryers require a lot more than that. The main reason for such power usage is heating elements and the powerful AC motor present in a hair dryer.

best wattage for hair dryer

The best Wattage For A Hair dryer

The higher the wattage, the higher blow of air, ultimately resulting in more energy consumption. If you’re serious about power saving, you must choose your hair dryer carefully. You must choose a hair dryer with a suitable wattage- not too high, not too low. For general use, we highly recommend using 1800-2000 watts of power on your blow dryer. But it can vary on the user’s specific needs.

So, how much wattage is suitable for you?

That depends on your needs.

Fast is not always good unless you’re a professional working in a salon. Higher wattage hair dryers are speedy and blow up nicely heated air, but they’re also power-hungry. Lower wattage hair dryers are energy efficient while producing a lower output.

Daily home-use hair dryers like Dyson supersonic hair dryers work on 1600 watts. However, regular users may also get satisfied with a 1000 watts hair dryer.

On the other hand, a professional hairdryer may require 3000 watts, which is fine considering the number of customers that reach the salon daily. The process needs to be fast and effective in a professional scenario. However, one doesn’t need a 3000 watts hair dryer for home use.

In the worst case, you may end up damaging your hair as it becomes scorching after a short time of use. Use a heat protectant on your skin if you use a high-wattage hair dryer. With energy-saving concepts, you can also expect to see an increment in your electricity bill. 

Tips for choosing the right wattage

Hair dryers are top-rated among hair-care enthusiasts around the world, especially teenagers. That said, they’re not very aware of the wattage and energy consumption of a hair dryer. 

Is it even reasonable to use hair dryers?

Yes, only if it doesn’t hurt your electricity bill a lot. Choose a lower wattage hair dryer for the best output. However, if you choose a hair dryer with a higher wattage, remember to keep the heat on the lower side. 

Modern hair dryers consist of heating elements typically made of iron or ceramic. These heating elements are responsible for heating the air. Usually, you can use a higher wattage hairdryer if you decide to keep the heat low. Heating elements in a hair dryer are the main power-hungry components. Using this method, you can use a higher wattage blow dryer without compromising your budget. 

You can use a 1500 watts hair dryer for daily use at your home. You can also prefer a 2000 watts hair dryer and keep the heat low for better performance at the cost of a slightly increased energy consumption. 

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