8 Best Wet Grinder In India (2024)

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Get the best wet grinder in India if you make idli, dosa, or vada frequently at your home. It is an essential kitchen appliance to prepare the perfect batter for these South Indian dishes. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 2L Wet Grinder is the leading product in 2024 as you can make both smooth and grainy batter needed for dosa. It produces less heat, which retains the nutrients of raw rice, coconut, and lentils. Moreover, you can control its 150-watt motor with an inbuilt timer.

As the capacity varies for small to large families, we have included other top-quality wet grinders from brands like Butterfly, Bajaj, Sowbaghya, and Wonderchef suitable for Indian cooking. For instance, here are our Top 3 Picks

No. 1
Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder

Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder

  • 2L capacity
  • 150 watts motor
  • Conical grinding stone
  • Includes: Wet grinder, batter cleaner & kneader
No. 2
Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder

Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder

  • 2L capacity
  • 150 watts motor
  • Circular grinding stone
  • Includes: Grinder, coconut scrapper & atta kneader
No. 3
Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder

  • 2L capacity
  • 150 watts motor
  • Conical grinding stone
  • Includes: Wet grinder, spatula, user manual

Also, read the buying guide to know the crucial decision-making factors to choose a suitable wet grinder. In the following sections, learn the comparative differences of these wet grinders to make batter for Idli, Dosa, or vada at your home.

best wet grinder in India

8 Best Wet Grinders for home in India (2024)

Wet GrinderBest ForPowerWarrantyOur Rating
Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 2L Wet GrinderIdli and Dosa Batter150 watts10 Years9.3
Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L Wet GrinderUnder 5000150 watts2 Years9.2
Elgi Ultra Grind+ 2L Gold Wet GrinderHome Use150 watts5 Years9.2
Sowbaghya Edge 2L Tabletop Wet GrinderBudget-friendly150 watts2 Years9.1
Elgi Ultra Dura+ 1.2 L Wet GrinderSmall family85 watts5 Years8.9
Butterfly 2L Smart Wet GrinderIndian cooking150 watts2 Years8.9
Bajaj WX1 230-Watt 2L Table Top Wet GrinderUnder 4000230 watts5 Years8.8
Wonderchef Maxima 2L Wet GrinderMultiple Attachments150 watts2 Years8.7
benefits of the best wet grinders

best wet grinders for dosa and idli batter in India

1. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder

Best For Idli and Dosa Batter

Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder

Key features

  • This wet grinder has a powerful motor of 150 Watts.
  • It has patented conical-shaped grinding stones.
  • 135 – 140 RPM is the speed when the jar is loaded.
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel has been used in the jar.
  • 2 liters is the maximum capacity of the jar.
  • The detachable stainless steel drum can be stored in a refrigerator with ease.
  • Attachments: Batter cleaner & kneader
  • Elgi provides 10 years warranty on this grinder.

How good is Elgi Ultra Perfect+ wet grinder for Indian homes?

The start of the show for this table top wet grinder is its high-quality grinding stones. Its conical shape is patented by Elgi that allows the stone to grind ingredients at a lower temperature. With the grinding stone, you get smooth and grainy batters of rice, lentils, and coconut without running the machine multiple times.

Warranty is one of the crucial deciding factors of purchasing a product that can span between two to five years. But, Elgi has gone a step ahead to provide a 10-years warranty. The quality provided by Elgi is efficient, and it increases the grinder’s lifespan. It helps a user to get help directly from a brand if the product has any issues. Thus, it is ideal for home use.

Our Rating

  • Design: 96%
  • Grinding Performance: 97%
  • Usability: 95%
  • Durability: 94%
  • Affordability: 84%

Reasons to choose it

  • It grinds the ingredients relatively faster.
  • Its batter is very smooth and frothy.
  • Storing batter gets easier with the jar.
  • ABS plastic is used to construct the grinder’s body.
  • It also has an electronic timer along with a buzzer.
  • Includes Coconut scraper and atta kneading attachments.
  • Cleaning the grinder is super-easy.
  • It comes with a long warranty period.

Reasons to avoid it

  • It is quite expensive.

What is Elgi Ultra Perfect+ wet grinder worthy of?

Elgi is the most reputed brand for wet grinders. This product is regarded as the best wet grinder in India because of its efficient grinding system. Apart from having a foolproof construction, the grinder also works quickly. It is excellent for anyone who is looking for a durable and efficient wet grinder for making idli and dosa batter at home.

2. Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder

Best Under 5000 INR

Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder

Key features

  • 150 watts is the power of this grinder’s motor.
  • The jar has a total capacity of two liters.
  • The arm lid is made from polycarbonate material.
  • The motor speed of this wet grinder is 900 RPM.
  • There are two grinding stones.
  • Its stainless steel jar also doubles as a container.
  • Attachments: Coconut scrapper & atta kneader
  • Butterfly provides a two-year warranty with it.

How good is Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder for Indian homes?

Wet grinders need to take a lot of load. This machine can grind through the toughest of rice. To make it even more durable, Butterfly has added an ABS plastic body. It wouldn’t get damaged if you accidentally bump into something.

It also contains a stainless steel jar that wouldn’t rust. With its sturdy design and robust construction, this grinder will last for a long time.

If you need the smoothest batter at your home, look for this Butterfly grinder. It has two granite stones that make a smooth paste of all food ingredients.

Making South Indian food like dosa is fantastic with the aid of this grinder. As it is equipped with a heavy-duty motor, the grinding stones don’t need to exert too much pressure.

The product produces low heat, and the batter remains smooth without losing any of its essential nutrients. For these reasons, it is the best wet grinder under 5000 INR in India available in the market.

Our Rating

  • Design: 91%
  • Grinding Performance: 94%
  • Usability: 92%
  • Durability: 89%
  • Affordability: 94%

Reasons to choose it

  • The grinder doesn’t make much noise.
  • It has an aesthetic-looking design.
  • The body construction is quite durable.
  • ABS plastic makes up the body of this grinder.
  • Comes with a dough kneader and a coconut scraper.
  • Has a great motor speed with overheat protection even while loaded.
  • Its batter comes out soft and smooth.
  • It can be used at a stretch for 1.5 hours.
  • The wet grinder is easy to use at home.

Reasons to avoid it

  • It is on the heavier side, but that adds stability.
  • Durability needs some improvements.

What is Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder worthy of?

Butterfly has created this fabulous wet grinder, especially for the Indian kitchens. The double grinding stones help you to get one of the smoothest batters. The fast rotation speed of this grinder ensures that your batter is prepared within 25 minutes or less. It is a fantastic addition to an Indian kitchen that needs regular wet grinding.


3. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold table top Wet Grinder

Best For Home Use

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder

Key features

  • This Elgi wet grinder has a 150 watts motor.
  • The jar is made up of 304-grade Stainless Steel.
  • There are two patented conical stones in the jar.
  • 2 Liter is the entire capacity of the detachable stainless steel drum.
  • A batter cleaner attachment is included with it.
  • Elgi provides a 5-year warranty with the grinder.

How good is Elgi Ultra Grind+ Wet Grinder for Indian homes?

Generally, it is a tough job to clean out grinders. In most cases, there is remaining food debris in the corners. But, Elgi makes it hassle-free through its cleaning attachment. You can easily clean every corner of the jar once a cycle is over.

As the jar is made from stainless steel, no rust is formed when water is used. It also enhances the lifecycle of your wet grinder.

Are you going to use a wet grinder for the first time?

This wet grinder from Elgi is the best choice if you are looking for an easy-to-use wet grinder for your home. Operating it is easy as it requires a push on one button. Apart from that, handling the machine isn’t tough.

Elgi has also added overhead protection and a robust lid for added safety. So, this wet grinder can become a perfect inclusion in your kitchen for the elderly.

Our Rating

  • Design: 93%
  • Grinding Performance: 96%
  • Usability: 94%
  • Durability: 91%
  • Affordability: 86%

Reasons to choose it

  • Minimal vibration is made during grinding.
  • The batter comes out smooth and creamy.
  • No extra heat is generated while grinding.
  • The rice grinding time of the grinder is 30 minutes.
  • ABS durable plastic has been used in the body.
  • Overload protection has been added for safety.
  • Hassle-free and easy to clean.
  • It is a good grinder for first-time users.
  • The design of this grinder is appealing.

Reasons to avoid it

  • Except the batter cleaner, not attachment is provided.
  • It is expensive.

What is Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder worthy of?

This is the second product we are mentioning from Elgi. Being the best wet grinder brand, Elgi has found the perfect needs of an Indian kitchen. With this wet grinder, you get a smooth and creamy batter that makes crispy dosas and soft idlis.

4. Sowbaghya Edge 2 L Table Top Wet Grinder

Best For Affordability

Sowbaghya Edge 2 LTR Table Top Wet Grinder

Key features

  • Sowbaghya provides a 150 watts motor with this grinder.
  • 2 liters is the capacity of the removable jar.
  • There are two roller grinding stones inside it.
  • The body of this grinder is totally shock-proof.
  • 1440 RPM is the highest motor speed.
  • Sowbaghya provides a two-year warranty with it.

How good is Sowbaghya Edge wet grinder for Indian homes?

As an electrical kitchen appliance, grinders pose the threat of giving a user an electric shock. But, Sowbaghya takes care of this problem by shock-proofing the body. We didn’t find this quality in most wet grinders even though it is necessary. The body of this grinder is constructed out of durable ABS material.

Along with keeping everyone safe, the grinder remains a long-time gadget in one’s kitchen.

Are you looking for the best budget-friendly wet grinder for your home?

Sowbaghya doesn’t charge you anything extra for this tremendous wet grinder.

You get a good grinder with a durable body and excellent grinding technology. It also has a ventilation system to eliminate extra heat to keep the batter fresh and nutrient-rich.

Sowbaghya has also included a 150 watts robust motor that grinds all food ingredients fast and smooth. Preparing dosa batter is exciting with this wet grinder.

Our Rating

  • Design: 90%
  • Grinding Performance: 92%
  • Usability: 91%
  • Durability: 88%
  • Affordability: 92%

Reasons to choose it

  • Shockproofing provides additional safety.
  • The operation is silent and vibrationless.
  • Its design lays priority to temperature control.
  • The jar also has an unbreakable plastic lid on it.
  • Its body is made from durable ABS plastic material.
  • It operates silently even at its highest speed.
  • Adequate cooling and ventilation are present.
  • It comes at an affordable price range.
  • The grinder is easy to clean.

Reasons to avoid it

  • No accessories are provided.
  • The lid might feel a little thin.

What is Sowbaghya Edge wet grinder worthy of?

Sowbaghya has been a renowned brand in the Southern part of India. If you are looking for an economic wet grinder, then this one is perfect. Apart from the exceptional grinding qualities, it has distinctive design aspects. We especially like it because of all the safety measurements taken by Sowbaghya.

5. Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder

Best For Small Family

Elgi Ultra Dura+ Wet Grinder

Key features

  • An 85 watts potent motor is housed in the grinder.
  • The storage capacity of its jar is 1.25 liters.
  • Stainless steel has been used to make the jar.
  • Two cone-type grinding stones are used in it.
  • It can take a max of 780 grams of rice at a time.
  • Elgi provides a 5-year warranty on the grinder.

How good is Elgi Ultra Dura+ wet grinder for Indian homes?

One of the complaints people have about wet grinders is their size. With this wet grinding machine from Elgi, there would not be any excess problem.

It has a capacity of 1.25 liters, perfect for a single person or even a couple. If any extra batter is left, one can easily pop it inside the refrigerator.

The small motor of this grinder creates much less ruckus even though it is pretty fast.

Dosa will never taste good without coconut chutney. Elgi provides an added coconut scraper along with this wet grinder in India.

With the help of it, you can easily scrape a lot of coconut without tiring your hands. It also comes with an atta kneader. Making chapatis and parathas is a breeze with this grinder at your home.

To make cleaning easier, Elgi even adds a batter cleaner. So, this wet grinder cuts down on all the hassles related to a grinder. Because of all these reasons, it is an ideal wet grinder for dosa and idli batter.

Our Rating

  • Design: 91%
  • Grinding Performance: 89%
  • Usability: 90%
  • Durability: 89%
  • Affordability: 87%

Reasons to choose it

  • It is perfectly sized for a small family.
  • A good grinder for a beginner.
  • A batter cleaner is added to ease out cleaning.
  • The body is made from durable ABS material.
  • One can keep the grinder’s drum in a refrigerator.
  • Coconut scraper and atta kneader are included.
  • The batter comes out smooth and frothy.
  • It has a durable and aesthetic design.
  • The motor doesn’t produce extra heat.

Reasons to avoid it

  • Not meant for a large family, but it works great for a couple.
  • It is a little noisy, but it isn’t unduly disturbing.
  • Apart from the batter cleaner, no extra attachment is provided.

What is Elgi Ultra Dura+ wet grinder worthy of?

This Elgi wet grinder is best for a small family. You do not need premade dosa or idli mixes after getting this fantastic wet grinder. Elgi has just given it a smaller size, but it contains all the necessary features available in the market.

6. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

Best For Indian Cooking

Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

Key features

  • It contains a 150 watts motor for providing power.
  • The body is made with high-quality ABS material.
  • A coconut scraper is included with this grinder.
  • A four-way grinding system is used for efficiency.
  • Food-grade stainless steel is used in the 2L jar.
  • Its jar has a transparent polycarbonate lid.
  • Butterfly offers a two-year warranty on this product.

How good is Butterfly wet grinder for Indian homes?

There are two cylindrical or wheel-like stones inside the stainless steel jar. These rotate in four directions after you turn it on.

So, the multi-directional grinding helps to make the batter as smooth as possible. It is also made possible with the help of the mighty 150 watts motor.

As soon as you turn on the grinder, it will start to do its job of breaking down all ingredients. The end product is cohesive, and it helps in better cooking at your home.

Wet grinders are most popular in the Southern part of India. Grinding rice and urad dal is painful labor when done manually. But, as this handy machine is one of the best wet grinders in India, it makes the job a breeze. It can easily make the batter for a family of four or five in one go.

You also have the option to make a batch of batter and store it for future usage. You can use this batter to make delicious idli using an idli maker too.

Our Rating

  • Design: 88%
  • Grinding Performance: 87%
  • Usability: 90%
  • Durability: 90%
  • Affordability: 88%

Reasons to choose it

  • The batter has a smooth and forty texture.
  • There is shockproofing present on the body.
  • Two circular grinding stones help in making the batter.
  • Adequate ventilation is present to release heat.
  • You can see the batter through its lid.
  • No heat is produced in this wet grinder.
  • The body of this piece has a robust feel.

Reasons to avoid it

  • Cleaning takes a little time, but that isn’t much.
  • The grinder is heavyweight.
  • Attachments like a coconut scraper are unavailable.

What is Butterfly wet grinder worthy of?

Butterfly keeps your safety as their priority. With shockproofing, they have enhanced the quality of this kitchen gadget. This tabletop wet grinder is also quite efficient at making smooth and grainy batters for the cooking requirements.

7. Bajaj WX1 230-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder

Best Under 4000 INR

Bajaj WX1 230-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder

Key features

  • Powered by a 230 watts motor.
  • 202-grade stainless steel is used in the 2L jar.
  • It contains two cylindrical grinding stones.
  • Dough kneader and coconut scraper are included.
  • The top lid is made of transparent plastic.
  • 145 RPM is the top speed of the grinder’s motor.
  • 15 Kg is the total weight of this wet grinder.
  • Bajaj offers a two-year warranty on this grinder.

How good is Bajaj WX1 wet grinder for Indian homes?

As wet grinders are an expensive investment, you want them to last a long time. Generally, kitchen appliances do get into silly accidents as we try to move them around.

The ABS body of this Bajaj grinder ensures its ability to take a bit of that without breaking. Moreover, it has a stable bottom so that it can sit on a countertop without wobbling.

Every part of it has been given a robust design. Additionally, they have added a superior quality jar made of 202-grade stainless steel. It is one of the best grades of stainless steel that doesn’t affect adversely on the nutritional value of batter.

Bajaj includes a 230 watts robust motor in this wet grinder. If you want a batter to get ready within a few minutes, this grinder can surely make it happen.

The 2 liters jar makes sure that you wouldn’t need to use the grinder over and over again. It can grind all common food grains like rice, urad dal, poha that you need to make dosa and idli.

Our Rating

  • Design: 87%
  • Grinding Performance: 88%
  • Usability: 91%
  • Durability: 86%
  • Affordability: 87%

Reasons to choose it

  • It gets through grinding quickly.
  • The extra attachments are helpful.
  • Its body is constructed out of durable ABS.
  • It has a handy one-button start to make it easier.
  • It has a stable and durable design.
  • The stones grind batters pretty smooth.
  • The grinder is easy to clean.
  • It is a good product for beginners.

Reasons to avoid it

  • It is noisy.
  • The weight makes it less portable.
  • The appearance is not as attractive as the previous products.
  • Attachments like atta kneader or coconut scraper are unavailable.

What is Best About Bajaj WX1 Wet Grinder?

Bajaj never lets you down when it comes to their kitchen appliances. Its durable make-up and high-performance motor ensure long-time satisfaction by making smooth batters for idly and dosa. If you are looking for the best wet grinder under 4000 INR, Keep this on your checklist in 2024.

8. Wonderchef Maxima 150-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder

Best For Multiple Attachments

Wonderchef Maxima 150-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder

Key features

  • A 150 watts heavy-duty motor powers this grinder.
  • It comes with three different grinding attachments.
  • Uniform grinding takes place with two heavy stones.
  • 960 RPM is the maximum speed of this grinder.
  • Its durable body is made from ABS plastic material.
  • Four rubber feet are present to prevent slippage.
  • Attachments: Coconut scraper and kneading blade
  • Wonderchef provides a 1-year warranty on the motor.

How good is Butterfly wet grinder for Indian homes?

This product is the best wet grinder for its elegant appearance. It fits perfectly, even in a small kitchen. As wet grinders tend to be heavier, the compact size does make them a little more portable for home use. The pop of color gives it an aesthetic and professional look to the grinder.

It even sports rubber feet to make it stable on your countertop.

Cooking becomes a dream when the batter is smooth and fluffy. You will get that result with this wet grinder. It is achieved through the cylindrical granite stones present inside the jar. The weight of those stones helps to batter to have a uniform texture.

Additionally, you can also scrape coconuts or knead fluffy doughs in just minutes with the extra kneading attachments. The coconut scraper accessory is also pretty helpful.

Our Rating

  • Design: 86%
  • Grinding Performance: 85%
  • Usability: 88%
  • Durability: 89%
  • Affordability: 86%

Reasons to choose it

  • The wet grinder has a compact design.
  • It has enough stability and durability.
  • It has a compact body size for easy storage.
  • The rust-free drum is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • There is a transparent lid for better visibility.
  • The grinder is good for everyday usage.
  • Cylindrical stones make smooth batters.
  • It is a good product for beginners.

Reasons to avoid it

  • Durability, design and performance need improvement.
  • It is costly.

What is Butterfly wet grinder worthy of?

Wonderchef is a fabulous brand that brings professional-grade gadgets to the Indian kitchen. They bring you a wet grinder with an ergonomically designed compact body. The powerful motor of this grinder also provides a smooth batter to make your favorite dishes.

Benefits of wet grinders

Knowing about the advantages of a table top wet grinder is quite essential. It helps you to pick between products when you are in the market. We have found some great benefits of having a wet grinder in India and thought of sharing them with you.

benefits of wet grinder

Reduces Manual Work

The first benefit of a wet grinder is that it eases manual work. No one in your home will need to grind any batter manually after getting a wet grinder.

As it uses electricity to do the job, it is much faster. All you need to do is load its jar and grind it according to your need.

Wet grinders also help to cut down the time that someone usually spent in making batters and pastes.

Grind in Large Batches

Manual grinding takes a long time. As humans, we can only do a limited amount of work.

But, that isn’t true for a gadget like a wet grinder. It comes in various sizes, and the jars are often enormous. So, one can prepare a large amount of batter every single time. People who like to prepare their meals ahead will find this extra helpful.

Retains the Nutrients of Food

Standard mixer-grinders provide dry grinding. As it produces more heat, the wet ingredients can lose their nutrients and taste. Know more differences between wet grinders and mixer grinders by comparing them.

However, in the case of wet grinding, the vessel doesn’t get too hot. The relatively slower process helps to get a healthier batter.

You will also get a better taste with wet ground ingredients. Additionally, wet grinders can also run for a more extended period without smelling odd or getting too hot.

Makes smoother Batter

Are you tired of getting chunky batters? It won’t be an issue when you get a wet grinder.

The ingredients get churned over and over again to make it into a smooth paste. You can decrease the duration to get a coarser batter.

So, wet grinders provide better control when compared to standard juicer mixer grinders.

Wet grinder vs. dry grinder

As you start looking for the best wet grinder for your home in India, it is essential to know more about it. Till now, we have been comparing it to the regular dry grinder. So, these are the points that set them apart.

Wet GrinderDry Grinder
The main task of a table top wet grinder is to ground food grains into a batter or a smooth paste.Dry grinders, on the other hand, are usually designed as the mixer-grinder. It can be used for a multitude of things. At home, it is better for making spice powders or other primarily dry pastes.
In wet grinders, you will find a stone that aids in the process. It mimics the manual way of crushing ingredients to get a smoother end-product.In these grinders, the task is usually done with the help of blades.
Wet grinders are larger in size to aid in making large batches to save time.Dry grinders usually come with different-sized jars, but still, they are smaller in size.
Wet grinders cost a little more.Dry grinders are available at cheap prices.
One cannot make simple chutneys or spice mixes with a wet grinder.Dry grinders have versatility when it comes to their utility in the kitchen.
As the wet grinders mimic a manual way of grinding, it saves the authentic taste and nutrients of the food.Dry grinders try to achieve more speed. The heat produced by its motor may decrease the nutritional value of foods.
They aren’t very portable because of their size and capacity.Dry grinders come in different sizes, some are very handy.

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buying guide for wet grinders

Buying Guide to choose the best wet grinder in India

While looking for the best wet grinder machine in the Indian market, we came across some parameters for choosing one. These guidelines will help you to find an excellent wet grinder for your home in 2024.

Types of Wet Grinder

The very first that you should know about wet grinders are the types. There are two broad divisions-

  • Tilting wet grinders
  • Tabletop wet grinders

By the very names, it is easy to understand the division. A tilted wet grinder tilts on one side. In comparison, a tabletop wet grinder is kept on a table.

Now, you need to understand that wet grinders can come in pretty big capacities. Industrial or professional wet grinders are used to make huge batches of batter.

However, for home use, the tilted and tabletop wet grinders work great. The tilted or tilting version comes in a more compact design.

Once the batter is ready, one can easily tip it in a bowl for accessible collection. This kind of portability isn’t available in the tabletop version.

But, the tabletop versions usually come with a bigger capacity. So, they are great for larger families.

Any of the versions will work great for your home. Here, we have mainly talked about tabletop wet grinders.

Another thing to note is that tilted versions are hard to come by. So, if you want to get one, make sure to check it well before making the purchase.

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Tilted Vs Table top wet Grinder

ParameterTilting Wet GrinderTable-Top Wet Grinder
ConvenienceRemoving batter from tilting grinders is easy as you just need to tilt the drum.It is difficult for tabletop grinders as you need to move the whole drum to process the batter.
CleaningTilted wet grinders are easy to clean.Being larger and heavier, cleaning takes a lot of effort for table-top wet grinders.
MaintenanceThey may involve difficult maintenance because of the advanced mechanisms.Tabletop grinders are easy to maintain.
PortabilityBeing lightweight, tilting wet grinders are easy to move around.They are difficult to port for heavier weight.
Space Tilted grinders need less space to be stored.Tabletop wet grinders need substantial space.

Wet Grinder Motor Requirements

The motor is comparable to the heart in human beings. Without a potent motor, the wet grinder would not be able to work well.

That is precisely the problem present in many wet grinders in India. They do not come with the correct motor to support fine grinding.

You should go for a powerful motor if you need the grinder to do its task quickly. Still, in a wet grinder, each cycle generally takes about 15-20 minutes.

A powerful motor also ensures that the paste will come out smoother. 150 to 230 W is a great range to choose from.

Do note that the wattage is lower for a grinder with low capacity. You cannot expect a 1.2 L wet grinder to have a 250 Watt motor.

Capacity of Wet Grinder

How much can the jar accommodate?

Choosing the capacity of your grinder will depend on the number of people present in your family.

A bigger family will need a larger quantity of batter. You might also need a bigger wet grinder if you run a shop or feed many people.

Just make sure to know the exact capacity of a machine before placing the order. The best wet grinders have capacities from 1 L to 3 L.

Anything above that is considered a commercial wet grinder.

Wet Grinder Attachments

Attachments are essential to turn a grinder into a multipurpose device. You cannot possibly own a grinder to make dosa batters.

Most wet grinders double as an atta maker. This is helpful for people who are frustrated with kneading dough every day.

Plastic paddle attachments take the place of granite stones for making the dough. These days a coconut scraper attachment is also included with wet grinders in India. It is helpful, especially for South Indian households.

Most of these attachments are designed thoughtfully to wash in a dishwasher. Thus, they are hassle-free.

Wet Grinder Material

The material used in a grinder’s body will define its durability. Stainless steel is the number one choice for making a wet grinder.

As stainless steel doesn’t rust, the jar stays well for a long time. Its toughness also keeps away dents even when a person drops the jar.

One also needs to check the overall material used in the wet grinder. Plastic is the most commonly used material. But, make sure that the plastic is food safe along with being of the correct grade.

Inquire about a wet grinder’s durability, as it is supposed to be a long-term investment.

The Grinding Stones

Wet Grinding Stones

Wet grinders have high-quality grinding stones in place of blades. Without proper grinding tools, the batter comes out chunky and uneven.

Generally, the stones are made of granite because of their durability. Some companies include two stones, whereas others can go up to four.

The stones also come in different shapes, like conical and circular. So, have a deeper look at the stones and their design.

You will also notice that commercial grinders have one big stone. However, multiple stones in a table-top grinder help in quicker grinding.

Wet Grinder Safety Features

Though there are no blades in this grinder, safety should come as a prerequisite. Protection against overloading has to be present in a wet grinder.

Without the feature, your grinder can die because of excessive pressure. Most local wet grinders do not have the necessary safety features.

Other safety necessities like a tight lid jar and a stable body increase a wet grinder’s quality. Read the manual and product specifications of a wet grinder before making the purchase.

Warranty and Customer Service

You should never buy an electronic product without a valid warranty. It ensures that your product is covered under assurance from the brand.

If a product starts having problems in the stipulated time, the brand will do the necessary check-up. Warranty periods differ according to brands.

Most of them are valid for two to five years. Please read the warranty manual included with your grinder to know more about it.

Pay close attention to the terms and conditions to prevent missing out on essential points.

Best Wet Grinder Brands

Brands are there in the market because they have made an effort to shine above others. Wet grinders from a brand are known for their assurance and quality.

We have narrowed down these brands in our research:

  • Elgi
  • Butterfly
  • Sowbhagya
  • Bajaj
  • Wonderchef

These five best brands have done a fantastic job of mixing the aesthetics with the needful. Their products speak for themselves, and the wet grinders perform marvelously at making frothy batters.

Branded products also assure durability. So, you wouldn’t need to spend a tonne of money on fixing the grinder.

Capital and Operating Cost

As we said already, wet grinders in India are available in several options. However, you should choose one that goes with your budget.

Choosing a product from a vast budget range is daunting. So, narrow it down as much as possible. Find the features that you need, and start looking at a particular price range. We recommend you to stay below Rs 9000 at all costs.

The operating cost of wet grinders are very low. A 150-watt motor is good enough for home use. To run it for 7 hours a week will consume 4.2 kWh of energy which will cost you only Rs. 25/month. Thus, both the capital and operating costs are low.

a wet grinder

Frequently Asked Questions about Wet Grinder

What can we grind in a wet grinder?

A wet grinder helps you to turn food grains or pulses into a batter. Use it to crush ingredients like rice, dals, cereals, dry fruits, etc. Most wet grinders will come with a list of things that can be used inside the gadget. Some models even have a flour or atta kneader attachment with it.

What is the cost of a wet grinder?

The cost of a wet grinder will depend on its features and size. Usually, the price revolves around Rs 3500 to Rs 9000 when it comes to quality products. Always tally your benefits before ordering a particular grinder. We have mentioned some best wet grinder machines in the above section.

How to choose the best wet grinder in India?

You should choose a wet grinder machine based on different factors. It includes its efficient grinding performance, size, motor power, material, and construction. One should also pay attention to its brand as the quality is essential for ensuring durability. Rather than looking for aesthetic value, treat the wet grinder as a crucial one-time investment.

What type of wet grinder should you opt for?

You can choose from tabletop or titled wet grinders according to your needs. For home use, the table top wet grinder is the most recommended version because of its user-friendliness. Using it is as easy as running a usual mixer-grinder. Check the stone that comes inside it to know more about its quality. Tabletop wet grinders are also faster compared to the tilted ones.

What is the capacity range of Wet Grinders?

A wet grinder’s capacity usually revolves around 1 L to 3 L. Go for one with a larger capacity if you have a bigger family. It is generally better to choose a larger size to be beneficial for future use. Most wet grinders come with an overload sensor, which lets you know about the overfilling of the jar.

How to clean Wet Grinders?

First, you should remove the grinding stones. Then, use a brush to clean off any batter left inside the jar. Wipe the whole grinder with a dry cloth to remove any food remnants. Make sure to dry the stones well and store them safely. Keep the entire gadget dry when it isn’t in use. Follow the manual given with a wet grinder to maintain its health.

What are the best brands for a wet grinder?

We have narrowed down some best wet grinder brands in India from Butterfly, Elgi, Bajaj, Sowbhagya, and Wonderchef. These brands are known for their great kitchen appliances. Apart from providing excellent quality, these brands also include helpful warranties with each product. So, you can get help in case you face some problems with the gadget.

Why do the wet grinders make a lot of noise while working?

The noise in wet grinders mainly comes from the motor and the stones grinding through ingredients. It is the noise of friction that makes your food products into a smooth and fluffy batter. Though the usual noise level is average, stop using the wet grinder to make loud noises. Odd sounds can direct to a problem in its motor. A grinder may also make weird sounds if the jar has been overfilled.

What happens if we overload the wet grinder?

Good wet grinders come with an overload sensor that stops the machine from operating when it detects overfilling. You will need to adjust the ingredients and turn on the device to start grinding. But, at times, you might be able to stop the gadget. However, getting it overfilled numerous times will put pressure on its motor and might end up breaking it. So, it is always better to use the recommended amount of ingredients in each batch.

How much time does a wet grinder take to complete 1 cycle?

The time taken by a wet grinder will depend on the capacity of its motor. Go for a wet grinder with a bigger wattage if you want to make quick batters. As wet grinders are slightly slower, creating a single batch may require 30-40 minutes. So, you will need to be a little patient while using wet grinders, but the batter comes out smooth and fluffy.

India’s best wet grinder: Conclusion

In all, these are the key things you need to know about a wet grinder in 2024.

Yes, they are one of the handiest gadgets to have in your kitchen. Finding the best wet grinder for Indian cooking becomes a tad easier if you follow our buying guide.

Make sure to check your wet grinder for appropriate features. Please pay attention to its stones to ensure their durability.

We have researched the gadgets thoroughly while coming up with this list. After seeing all the options, it might be a little overwhelming, but there is no need to worry.

Try to think about the reasons for which you require a wet grinder. Shop around to find the best one suited for those needs. Apart from the listed products, Panasonic mk sw200blk wet grinder and Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08 are also good options.

Yes, you can also choose one of the products that we have mentioned above. All of them have pleased numerous customers with quality and satisfaction.

We are sure that you are only a few steps away from finding a tremendous wet grinder for your kitchen!

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