best mattress in India

7 Best Mattress In India (2023) from Top Brands

A high quality mattress helps you get a good night’s sleep and keeps orthopedic problems at bay. Everyone should choose a mattress that goes well with their body, along with their sleep patterns.

Our Top Pick Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent option for anyone who has been looking for the best mattress in India for 2023. The memory foam of this mattress supports the heaviest bodies by distributing the weight evenly without putting stress on the person. It is available in multiple sizes to suit couples, small and large families. Sleepyhead, Sleepycat, SleepX, Springtek, Blissrest, Extra Sleep, and Durfi are suitable alternative brands to Wakefit.

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best hand mixer in India

10 Best Electric Beater (Hand Mixer) In India for 2023

An electric beater is the cheapest mixing machine for baking cakes, whipping cream, dough, bread, ice cream, or, even beating eggs. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive stand mixer, then it can be perfect for your requirements. Electric beaters are also known as hand mixers.

Before buying such a useful mixing appliance, it is essential to check several factors like motor efficiency, electricity usage, speed settings, material, and attachments. For this, we recommend going through our buying guide.

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best stand mixer in India for baking cakes

10 Best Stand Mixers in India (2023) for Baking Cakes

Who does not love mouth-watering cookies, pizza, ice cream, or cakes?

What about making these tasty food items at your home?

A stand mixer is exactly made for this purpose. It mixes and blends the required raw materials into the perfect combination. Most of the modern stand mixers can not only do mixing but also chopping, slicing, beating eggs.

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best sewing machine in India

8 Best Sewing Machine in India (2023) – Expert Review and Buying Guide

Having the best sewing machine in India is a great idea, considering how useful the equipment can prove to be. You can repair damaged clothes yourself, which will save you the hassle of visiting a tailor every time you need something stitched up. Over time, you can grow your skills and tackle various sewing and stitching needs at your home.

Choosing a suitable sewing machine for yourself is a challenging task, which is likely why you are looking it up on the internet in the first place. With numerous brands offering sewing machines of various designs, it’s normal to feel a bit lost when looking for the right one. Thankfully, we reviewed and listed some of the best sewing machines for home use to make it easier for you in 2023.

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best air fryers in India

9 Best Air Fryers in India (2023) for Low Oil Frying

Are you conscious about your health but can’t resist mouth-watering crispy fries on the taste buds?

Has the doctor suggested you use less oil in food?

If so, then most of you will think that you will never get to have fried nuggets or French fries again. But the best air fryer in India can cook healthy fried food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Rather than using oil, an air fryer utilize hot air for cooking your food with less fat. So, you can eat your favorite crispy French fries, chicken wings, or nuggets without deep frying. It lets you live in a healthier way avoiding ill effects and inducing less fat in your body.

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cold press juicer faq

8 Best Cold Press Juicer In India (2023) – Complete Review and Buying Guide

Do you feel like having nutritious juices made for breakfast right at your home?

To do that, you will need to have the best cold press juicer in India for 2023. Generally, individuals settle for a centrifugal juicer or a juicer mixer grinder as they are fast and inexpensive. Cold press/ slow juicers are slower, but they are the best in retaining the nutrition present in the juice.

The Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer is the best quality cold press juicer for home use in terms of juicing efficiency, nutrition retention, quality of juice, durability, and ease of use. It doesn’t only have a hard and break-proof body, but its innovative design helps in squeezing out the maximum fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.

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best pressure cookers in India

10 Best Pressure Cookers in India (2023) for Healthy Cooking

Cooking is essential for everyone as we do need to eat and one of the most used kitchen appliance in India is the pressure cooker. It is a blessing for Indian cooking because it lets us cook faster especially when there is no time.

Hawkins Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker in India for its highly durable corrosion-free stainless steel material. It seals the nutrient of the food without losing flavors, vitamins or nutrition. Alongside gas stoves, this pressure cooker is also compatible with induction cooktops that makes it multifunctional.

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best air cooler in India

The 10 Best Air Coolers in India (2023) for Humid Climate

In India, humid summers are uncomfortable if you do not have an adequate cooling system in the room. Evaporative air coolers can work perfectly if the humidity is below 50%. With the decrease in humidity, the cooling effectiveness increases. The best air coolers in India are suitable for humid climates and consumes less electricity. Modern technology like a humidity control system has made such air coolers adapt to harsh Indian climates in 2023.

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best portable AC in India

8 Best Portable AC (Air Conditioner) in India for 2023

Today’s technology is all about two things- comfort and mobility. If you do not have access to a centrally air-conditioned space or you do not have the space to install a wall-mounted air conditioner, a portable AC is an ideal solution for you. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC, the best portable AC in India for 2023, has a cooling capacity of 3.59 kW and input power of 1.4 kW for a space up to 120 sq. ft. If your electricity tariff is Rs 7/unit, it will cost you only Rs 9.1/hr. As the AC is built with a rotary compressor, it creates a maximum of 52 dB noise which is bearable at our home and kitchens.

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Best whirlpool washing machine 360 in India

Whirlpool Washing Machine 360° Bloomwash Review

Whirlpool is a US-based company that emerged in the Indian market long ago. With the experience of more than 100 years in the manufacturing of washing machines, the whirlpool is still a very popular choice in Indian households.

Over the years, whirlpool has developed a unique 360° Bloomwash Technology to provide the customers with the cleanest washing quality. They have integrated this technology with the washers ranging from 6.5 to 12 Kg. We have selected the Top 3 of such products with superior Quality, Durability, Design, and Performance among the best washing machines available in India.

This article can help you clear the misconceptions and select the right washer from Whirlpool in minutes.

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Best kitchen chimneys in India

10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India (2023) – Review and Buying Guide

A kitchen chimney or hood works better than exhaust fans to remove the fumes, gases, oil, and smoke generated in the cooking process. Faber Hood Everest 60 cm 1250 m³/hr Chimney is the best kitchen chimney in India for 2023. Its powerful suction capacity is ideal for a space more than 200 sq. ft. This is a wall-mounted ducted chimney designed for 2-4 burner gas stoves, electric cookers and induction cooktops. If you have a modular kitchen, you can also install it above the hob.

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best water purifier in India

10 Best RO Water Purifiers for Home In India (2023)

The high contamination of heavy metals like iron, calcium, and high TDS make the groundwater unfit for direct consumption. For this reason, water purifiers are essential kitchen appliances that purify the borewell water and make it drinkable.  Kent New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable Water Purifier, the best water purifier in India, can solve all these problems at your home. It is built with RO, UF, UV technologies and can adjust the water hardness with its TDS controller. With water storage of 8 L and a purification capacity of 20 L/hr, this RO water purifier is ideal for home use.

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best induction cooktop in India

9 Best Induction Cooktops In India (2023) – Reviews And Buying Guide

With the fluctuating price of LPG and high-maintenance bulky gas stove, cooking can be difficult for a busy life in India. The induction cooktop has become a great alternative to the gas stove in the present day. Also known as induction stove, cooker, or oven, it is the safest heating source with the best energy efficiency within just your budget.

With the optimum electricity usage, you can operate it very easy compared to any other heating source in your price range. After researching hundreds of products, we have found that Our Top Pick– Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop is the Best Induction Cooktop in India to buy in 2023.

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Air Cooler Water Management - Guide To Using, Filling, Draining, And Reducing Humidity

Air Cooler Water Management – Everything You Need To Know

Summers are rough. Especially in some parts of India, the temperature increases to 45 to 50°C. Therefore, many of us use air coolers to get relief from summer heat. Air coolers are both comfortable and cost-effective while fighting rising temperatures.

While air conditioners consumes a lot of electricity, one can easily fill water in the air cooler and use it cost-effectively. We can use air coolers without water also. The easy process of removing water makes air coolers less complicated. When people use an air cooler with water, they find it very easy to use and less demanding for maintenance. Therefore, in scorching summer, air coolers are effective.

This article will help you understand various ways of using an air cooler with and without water and how you can optimize their use through your small efforts.

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BLDC Fan vs Normal Fan

BLDC Fan vs Normal Fan – Which One Should You Choose?

BLDC fan or Brushless Direct Current Motor fan is a new innovation in the market. While comparing BLDC fan vs Normal fan, one must know that BLDC motor utilizes permanent magnets in place of conventional motors’ electromagnets and commutated electronically. The permanent magnets have lesser heat and energy losses in comparison to electromagnets. 

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pots and pans in India

Different Types Of Pots and Pans In India

Cooking is an art, and the types of cookware you use, vary depending on what you are making.

We all have been inclined towards new cuisine styles, and our old pots and pans aren’t a good match to them. Every cookware has its pros and cons. So, it depends on your cooking style, which is a good match for you.

The thing is that there are thousands of cookware options available these days. So, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the best fit for your kitchen.

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Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Pressure Cooker Comparison

Stainless Steel Vs. Aluminum Pressure Cooker – Comparison with Pros & Cons

The material plays a vital role in efficient cooking in a pressure cooker. Heat conductivity, durability, scratch-resistance, ease of cleaning are some essential qualities of the best pressure cooker. The pressure cookers made of stainless steel and aluminum are most common in our households.

But, which is better – stainless steel or aluminum pressure cooker?

To find out which one suits you better, check the comparison of Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Pressure Cooker and know their pros and cons in this article.

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Pressure Cooker vs. Pressure Pan – Which is Better and Why?

Pressure cooker and pressure pan – both use steam pressure when cooking. However, while they have the same fundamentals in place, pressure pans and cookers have different uses. If you’re struggling to compare pressure cooker vs. pressure pan, this article is a must-read for you. Know the advantages, disadvantages and best uses of pressure cookers and pressure pans.

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Kitchen Essentials List – Cookware, Equipment, Appliance and More!

Are you upgrading your kitchen?

Or, maybe, are you building a new one?

Along with changing the colors of the walls and remodeling the kitchen countertop, if you concentrate on adding kitchen essentials, that will be the best plan. Along with having the best cooking utensils, your kitchen will be more accessible and more interesting if you add beautiful and refined cookware to your kitchen.

Numerous products can help you to redesign your old kitchen or fill your new kitchen with life. Such utensils and cookware made of high-quality materials make your kitchen look lovely and help you present new recipes at home with ease. For example, making restaurant-style pizza at home is super-easy with an advanced microwave oven.

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Best Non-Stick Frying Pan In India

Best Non-Stick Frying Pan In India (2023) For Cooking

Choosing a good quality frying pan for your kitchen is crucial, as it directly impacts your cooking experience. While some non-stick pans conduct heat better, others offer better heat retention.

If you are looking for the best non-stick frying pan in India, you have several good options compatible with gas stoves and induction cooktops. Hawkins, Prestige, and Carote are the leading brands that manufacture best quality frying pans to fry eggs, fish, or even vegetables.

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Best Cutlery Set In India

Best Cutlery Set Brands in India (2023) with Top Picks

The best cutlery set brands in India offer an impressive range of products to choose from in 2023. While this ensures more customization, selecting the right one becomes more challenging due to various options. With so many cutlery sets available to choose from, it might indeed get a little confusing. While the right product can be excellent value for money, buying the wrong one is something you would regret later on.

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Different Types Of Ovens In India

Different Types of Ovens In India With Features, Specifications, And Price

A day without cooking on an oven is unimaginable in today’s world. There are various types of ovens in India like microwave ovens, built-in ovens, OTG ovens that have made our lives easy in this fast-pacing world. Solo, grill, and convection- the different types of microwave ovens also allow us to cook, reheat, grill, bake, or defrost as per our requirements. With so many brands coming up with different ovens, selecting the correct one for yourself is challenging.

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Best Cast Iron Cookware in India

Best Cast Iron Cookware in India (2023) – Kadai, Skillet, Pan, Tawa, and More!

Cast iron is one of the oldest and most reliable cookware materials. The impressive strength, durability, natural non-stick property, and heat retention ability make cast iron cookware extremely popular. The best cast iron cookware in India can last a lifetime and will serve you well during home use as well as commercial purposes.

You have ample options while choosing the best quality cast iron cookware with value for money. A variety of kitchenware brands offer cast iron frying pans, kadais, tawas, sauce pans, and other utensils.

However, as with any product, you need to evaluate the options carefully before purchase. We have listed different products from the best cast iron cookware brands in India, along with detailed reviews and pros cons.

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Rice cooker vs pressure cooker vs slow cooker

Rice Cooker Vs. Pressure Cooker Vs. Slow Cooker Comparison with Differences

Rice cooker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker make cooking easier and serve food on the table within minutes.

Now, the question is: which would you prefer to add to your kitchen?

You may have heard of each appliance when you want honest recommendations among Rice Cooker vs. Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker. Thus picking up the most suitable cooker has become a bewildering task for you. Take an insight into this guide and know the unique features of rice, pressure, and slow cooker to enhance your cooking efficiency. 

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best ceramic cookware in India

5 Best Ceramic Cookware in India (2023) for Induction & Gas Stove

Cooking, without a doubt, is a very fulfilling form of art. Preparing a tasty dish with the right ingredients requires skill and dedication. And it also requires elegant and durable cookware. Today you can find a lot of cookware options in the market.

But what if you want your cookware to have a classic look and be easy to use?

This is where ceramic cookware comes into play.

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Air Fryer Vs OTG

Air Fryer Vs OTG Oven – Which is Better and Why?

Consuming home-cooked food is one of the healthiest and less-expensive choices people can have. However, the traditional way of cooking requires a lot of time and effort, and that’s why many people avoid doing it. Thanks to technology, so many kitchen appliances like air fryer and OTG are available currently that have reduced our time, energy, and cost.

Using an air fryer, you can cook food quickly without messing up your kitchen; on the other hand, you can have versatility when you use OTG to prepare delicious dishes.

However, choosing a particular device for your kitchen can feel overwhelming as many options. Here we will compare air fryer vs OTG and find out their pros and cons to choose the best one. So, let’s get into details.

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Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos 1000W Review

Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos 1000W Review

Stand mixers add a level of versatility and power, which cannot be replicated by hand mixers or manual processes. Inalsa stand mixer Kratos can easily make all those mouth-watering recipes that you have been watching on your reels.

After reading this review, you can now bake cakes, cookies, and bread to meatloaves, sausages, and marshmallows using Inalsa Kratos stand mixer. It will complete your kitchen and make life a lot easier for you as it did for us.

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best non-stick cookware in India from top brands

Best Non-Stick Cookware In India (2023) From Reputed Brands

Non-stick cookware has gained massive popularity recently, thanks to its various advantages. Pots, pans, kadais, and tawa with non-stick coatings are far easier to clean, effortless to cook in, require less oil and lower the chances of food sticking to the bottom.

While there are plenty of non-stick cookware out there, not every one of them is worth your money. Factors like ergonomics, weight, durability, non-stick quality, food safety, etc., come into play while identifying the best non-stick cookware in India. Ideally, you would want to choose utensils that would be convenient to use, last longer, and prove to be excellent value for money.

With numerous kitchenware brands offering non-stick cookware set in 2023, including tawa, frying pan, kadai, saucepan, casserole, or wok, your options are indeed plenty. Looking through all these products and comparing them based on their merits and demerits can prove to be tiresome. To make the search easier for you, we have checked out products from the best non-stick cookware brands in India and listed the finest ones.

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Induction Hob Kettle Vs. Electric Kettle

Induction Hob Kettle Vs. Electric Kettle

The majority of the population cannot kick-start their day without gulping down their morning shot of tea or coffee. What is an unrivaled timeless tool used for preparing these beverages?

Kettles, of course! Apart from the traditional one, there are two types of kettles- an electric kettle that needs electricity to run and an induction kettle that is required to place on the induction hob or cooktop.

When it comes to searching for the right kind of kettle, comparing Induction Hob Kettle vs. Electric Kettle with advantages and disadvantages will help you choose the right one. 

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best cookware brands in India

10 Best Cookware Brands In India (2023)

What makes a tasty meal?

One might say it is the right ingredients, and others might gravitate more towards the right recipe. Both of these are essential for perfect cooking. But what completes the circle is the ideal cookware from a reputed brand. Durable, easy-to-handle cookware will allow you to prepare a perfect dish.

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Best Omelete Pan In India

Best Omelet Pans in India (2023) For Home Use

If you believe that you can cook omelets in simple fry pans, then go ahead, but there’s a catch. An omelet pan has sloping sides, better framework for delicious egg recipes. People judge an omelet pan for its uses. But the best omelet pan in India is a great customized cookware for cooking various egg recipes – from simple egg fry to egg stuffing.  As these pans are designed for purely egg culinary, they are perfect for cooking omelet in 2023.

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Elica Vs. Faber Chimney

Elica Vs. Faber Chimney Comparison – Which is Better?

Many kitchen chimney brands like Elica and Faber are perfect for Indian cooking requirements. However, choosing the best chimney can be difficult as both come with unique features better than any other brand.

Both Faber and Elica chimneys have some similarities and differences which we will explain to understand the pros and cons of each. Here, we present you a comparison of Elica Vs. Faber chimney in terms of auto clean technologies, price, suction power, noise level, filtration, warranty, and service.

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