Bosch Vs LG Vs IFB Dishwashers – Comparison With Pros and Cons

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Without a dishwasher machine, cleaning utensils becomes difficult for busy people. It is a perfect appliance to save your effort and time. With so many dishwashers from brands like Bosch, LG, IFB, Voltas, Siemens, and Faber on the market, it is confusing which one to choose. To help you out, here is a comparative study of Bosch vs. LG vs. IFB dishwashers.

In this article, you will learn about the expertise, product range, quality, design, build quality, dishwashing effectiveness, water and power consumption of Bosch, IFB, and LG dishwashers. By comparing these features and their pros and cons, you will find a suitable brand for your requirements.

Bosch vs. LG vs. IFB dishwashers comparison

Build MaterialBosch dishwashers are mainly made of stainless steelLG dishwashers are all made of stainless steel and quite sturdyIFB dishwashers are also made of stainless steel, except for the IFB Neptune VX dishwasher, as it is made of vinyl-coated galvanized iron.
Dishwashing TechnologyBosh dishwashers are manufactured with different types of advanced technologies that make the product better than the others. You will find top-class technologies here like, VarioSpeed Plus, Glass protection technology, AquaSensor, Load Sensor, etc.LG dishwashers are also manufactured with several advanced technologies like TrueSteam, QuadWash, Inverter Direct Drive, etc.IFB dishwashers are not that advanced like Bosch as they are only based on Eco Wash and Quick Wash technology.
Place SettingsBosch dishwashers are ranged from 12 to 14 place settings, suitable for a family with 3 to 6 members.Most LG dishwashers come with 14 place settings.IFB dishwashers come with 12 to 15 place settings.
Water ConsumptionIt consumes 9-10 liters of water to wash dishes.LG dishwashers consume around 9 liters of water for cleaning dishes.IFB dishwashers use 8 to 12 liters of water.
Wash programsUsually, Bosch dishwashers are available with 5 to 6 wash programs. Bosch 13 Place Settings Free Standing Dishwasher comes with exclusive wash programs like Express Sparkle, Prerinse, Eco, Auto, etc.LG dishwashers are available with around 9 wash programs, including Quad Wash, Quite, Auto, Turbo, Gentle, Dual Wash, etc.IFB wash programs are available with around 5 washes programs like, Heavily soiled, light soiled, Hygiene wash, Super 50 minutes, etc.
Noise Level46-52 dB45 dB45 to 52 dB
Power ConsumptionBosch uses 1020 Watts for washing dishes.LG dishwashers use 1600 Watts.IFB dishwashers consume the maximum power of around 2200 Watts.
PriceRs. 48000-54000Rs. 48000-58000Rs. 31000-46000
Bosch dishwashers

Bosch Dishwasher Features

Bosch’s Expertise on Dishwashers

A sink full of dirty utensils is a pain for many people. How about using a dishwasher from Bosch? you can trust the brand blindly. Bosch started its journey in India in 1951, and since then, it is winning hearts.

Along with manufacturing industrial goods, tools, and appliances, Bosch has designed several dishwashers that are the best dishwashers in India. Bosch dishwashers are effective in cleaning oils and grease from your utensils and perfectly designed for Indian cooking.

Range of Bosch Dishwashers

If you plan to buy Bosch dishwashers, you will be overwhelmed with the online or offline collections. Each of the dishwashers comes with exclusive features to make your job easy inside the kitchen. Bosch categorized their product ranges according to their place settings.

Some examples are Bosch 12, 13, 14 Place Settings Dishwashers. All the products are technologically advanced and can wash dishes ideally for your hygienic kitchen.

Dishwasher Design by Bosch

A modern kitchen won’t be completed without a dishwasher, and if it is of Bosch, your kitchen will look aesthetically appealing. The ergonomic design of the product makes it perfect for any size of kitchen. If you have a small space, the compact design also fits over there and helps you wash utensils.

Some of the Bosch dishwashers are designed with a highly reactive sensor system so that you can operate them through a voice assistant device or your smartphone.

Build Materials and Quality

The dishwashers of Bosch are made of top-quality stainless steel. Therefore, those are sturdy and come with enough longevity. As the product is made of stainless steel, it is rust-free and can serve you long. If you buy a Bosch dishwasher, it is really of high quality.

Dishwashing Technologies

Bosch dishwasher is technologically advanced to serve your purpose rightfully. Some of its products come with ActiveWater Technology, which distributes water evenly, faster heating, maximum water circulation, and so on. The Improved Filter Technology is also there to use filter water for hygienic cleaning.

In some of the Bosch products, you can find VarioSpeed technology that cleanses and dries utensils in the minimum time. The AquaSensor technology uses light beams to detect stubborn stains and dirt on the utensils so that the machine can use water accordingly.

Bosch dishwasher Place Settings

While buying any dishwasher, it is essential to check out the place settings. Usually, the Bosch dishwashers come with 12, 13 and 14 place settings where you can wash several pieces of utensils all together and save much more water than washing those in your hands. If you are a family of 4 to 5 members, a dishwasher with 13 place settings will be perfect.

Wash Programs of Dishwashers by Bosch

The wash programs of the Bosch dishwasher vary in different products. The top-rated Bosch dishwashers are available with six wash programs and 4 to 3 options. The Express Sparkle Program in certain dishwashers saves water and time, while the Half Load Program uses lesser utensils. There is also an Extra Dry option in many appliances, which imposes better drying efficiency.

Water Consumption of Bosch dishwashers

While wastage of water is a severe issue in the present world, our responsibility is to limit water usage. Using a Bosch dishwasher can support you in that cause. While manual dishwashing uses almost 60 liters of water, the Bosch dishwashers can do the chore with 10 liters per cycle. That means it only takes 300 liters of water (approx.) and saves almost 1500 liters of water from wastage.

Bosch dishwasher’s Power Consumption

This is a concern in many households that dishwashers consume enough power to increase your electricity bill. It makes many of you avoid dishwashers. A Bosch dishwasher consumes around 1 to 1.6 units of energy at one cycle that will cost you maximum Rs. 10 per wash cycle with an electricity rate of Rs 6/kWh. So, you don’t need to worry about huge electricity bills.

Effectiveness of Dishwashing

Bosch dishwashers are pretty effective in washing dishes quickly. The appliance consumes less power and water and thus saves much on your monthly bills. Besides, the advanced technologies of the machines not only wash utensils but also dry those effectively. The Bosch dishwashers are designed for the Indian kitchen as these can efficiently cleanse oil, grease, and spices from the utensils. Besides that, these appliances conduct hygienic cleaning as well.

Noise Level of Bosch Dishwashers

Owning Bosch dishwashers is the best decision for you as these don’t create much sound. These appliances produce only 46 to 52 dB of sound, which is not at all disturbing.

safety Features of Bosch dishwashers

Using Bosch dishwashers is perfect as the appliances are safe for use at home. Most of them are made of top-quality stainless steel. So, they won’t get rust after repeated usage. Furthermore, Bosch dishwashers come with inbuilt hard water softener that can reduce the hardness of water (works up to 880 ppm) to the safe limit. Besides, the silver color is long-lasting and won’t react with your utensils.

Cleaning and Maintenance requirements

It is vital to keep your dishwasher clean. After several usages, there can be stubborn grease or stains on the dishwasher. To wash those off, you can remove all the racks, filters, and dish holders. Now, make a solution of warm water and white distilled vinegar and soak everything into it. 

You can rub the stubborn debris with a brush to make everything sparkling clean. Now, run the dishwasher on a hot water and vinegar cycle and then go for another process with baking soda solution. Don’t forget to clean the outside door of the dishwasher.

Warranty and Customer Care

All the Bosch dishwashers come with a 2-year warranty for the machine and a 10-year warranty for the rust-free inner tub.

If you ever face any issues with your Bosch dishwasher or any query regarding it, you can always contact the customer care desk. They are available 24*7 to answer your questions and serve you ASAP. You can contact Bosch here.

LG dishwashers

LG Dishwasher features

Expertise of LG in dishwashers

LG Electronics is a popular name in the field of top-class electronics in India. Since its inception in 1958, the company has established itself as one of the leading electronics brands and soon become popular because of its ability to adopt advanced technologies and launch new products.

Dishwashers from the home of LG Electronics are winning hearts as they hygienically provide you perfect dishwashing. Also, the products are space-saving and suitable for the modern kitchen.

LG dishwasher Ranges

The LG dishwashers are the best in serving your purpose of washing dishes quickly and more neat and clean. You can check out the products like LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher, LG DFB424FW Free Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher, etc. Every dishwasher from LG is based on intelligent dishwashing technologies so that it can serve your purpose with precision and perfection.

Design of LG dishwashers

LG dishwashers are perfect for your modern kitchen as they come with a compact design and can be set in a small space. You can find a freestanding dishwasher of LG also for your kitchen. These are designed to wash utensils of stainless steel, ceramic, etc. the LG dishwashers come with a minimal exterior design. In contrast, the interior design is intricate and elegant to meet your purpose.

Quality of build Materials

When you plan to buy an LG dishwasher, you can go for it without any doubt as those are made of stainless steel. Thus, these appliances come with enough durability and longevity. As these are of higher quality, you can use them every day for cleaning stubborn grease and oil from your utensils.

Dishwashing Technology of LG

The popularity of LG dishwashers depends on advanced technologies. The TrueSteam technology produces high-temperature steam that effectively removes tiny particles of stain from the dishes. Also, this technology provides you crystal clean utensils with less or no water spots on them. There is also Inverter Direct Drive technology that increases the motor’s longevity and makes the appliance energy-efficient.

Dishwasher Place Settings

You won’t need to get tensed of washing utensils when guests arrive as the LG dishwasher can do it on behalf of you, and you can sit, relax, and have a great time with your friends. The LG dishwashers are designed with 14 place settings where you can put more utensils at a time to wash and dry properly. Such dishwashers are also suitable for a family of 6 to 8 members.

Wash Programs of LG dishwashers

The LG dishwasher comes with “QuadWash” technology that cleanses the utensils with multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets. You don’t need to run repeated cycles of washing utensils as this washing program can clean utensils nearly perfect after one process.

Apart from this primary washing method, nine other washing programs are there in the LG appliances, like Dual Wash, Turbo, Auto, Gentle, Eco, Quick, etc.

LG dishwasher water consumption

LG dishwashers are based on QuadWash technology that enables the system to use lesser water than manual washing. While manual washing requires around 60 liters of water, cleaning dishes in the LG dishwasher requires only 9 liters. You can save a lot of water by installing an LG dishwasher at home.

Power Consumption of LG dishwashers

You don’t need to worry much of installing LG dishwashers as it consumes a minimal amount of power. It only consumes around 1600 Watt power that will cost you only Rs. 11.2 per hour with a Rs.7/unit electricity rate. So, you won’t have a huge electric bill at the end of the month.

Effectiveness of Dishwashing by LG

While it comes to the effectiveness of LG dishwashers, you can trust the brand entirely. It is designed with a sleek and modern look for your modified kitchen. Each product is based on advanced technologies that can wash off the tiniest part of dirt and stains from the utensils. The multi-functional arms can handle almost all types of utensils with gentle care. 

Noise and vibration level

You won’t get disturbed by any huge noise from LG dishwashers. The products produce around 45 dB sound, which is negligible. The Inverter Direct Drive technology of LG dishwashers has made the appliance quietest of its kind.

Safety Features of LG’s dishwashers

Using LG dishwashers is safe as they are made of top-quality steel. Therefore, the material is almost rust-free and never reacts with the dishwasher detergent or the materials of the utensils. The color of the exterior is free from any harmful chemicals.

Cleaning and maintenance requirements

You can easily clean a LG dishwasher. As the racks and trails are removable, you can wash those separately in vinegar and baking soda solution. Wipe off the door thoroughly, and don’t forget to keep it dry. Also, you can run hot wash cycles to wash off the stains or smell of spices and leftovers of food from the interior of dishwashers.

Warranty and Customer Care of LG

Each LG dishwasher comes with a two-year warranty period, while the motor comes with a ten-year warranty period. If you find any issues ever, you can call the customer care service of LG. They are located at every corner of the country and can provide you the quickest solution whenever you want. The official contact numbers of LG customer care are 1800-315-9999 and 1800-180-9999.

IFB dishwashers

IFB Dishwasher features

IFB’s expertise on Dishwashers

Indian Fine Blanks Limited or IFB was established in 1974, but the name later became IFB Industries LTD. In the world of electronics, IFB is quite a famous name. They have a wide range of electronics products, and dishwashers are their new addition to the list.

IFB dishwashers are of high quality and come with advanced features that make your kitchen jobs more manageable, and you can spend your quality time without the tension of cleaning utensils.

Dishwasher Range of IFB

IFB offers variety when it comes to dishwashers. Some fantastic IFB dishwashers are IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher, IFB Neptune SX1 Fully-automatic Front-loading Dishwasher, etc. The IFB dishwashers are designed with top-class technologies that make these suitable for your modern kitchen.

Design of IFB dishwashers

The automatic IFB dishwashers are designed ergonomically to fit any type of kitchen. The front-loading design makes it quite attractive and easy to operate. The dark silver or the white-colored body of IFB dishwashers makes the products look appealing and perfect for all kitchen interiors. IFB dishwashers are designed for Indian kitchens.

Quality of build materials of IFB dishwshers

You don’t need to hesitate for IFB dishwashers as they are of high quality and completely safe for use at home when it comes to quality. The stainless steel body is made of high-quality steel that will keep it rust-free for long. Also, the sturdy design increases its longevity and durability so that the appliance can serve you for years.

IFB’s Dishwashing Technologies

IFB dishwashers are based on highly efficient and advanced technologies that can handle any kind of utensils. Whether you want to clean heavy kadhais or glass crockery, IFB dishwashers know how to handle those properly. The Hot Water Wash technology washes off the utensils by using hot water of 70 degrees Celsius. Thus, you can get 99.99% germ-free washing of all utensils.

IFB dishwashers’ Place Settings

Each IFB products come with different place settings. You can go for models with 12 place settings, while there are dishwashers with 15 place settings. For a family of 4 to 5, you can go for 12-place setting dishwashers. But, if you have a more prominent family or guests on the weekend, dishwashing won’t be a stress anymore with IFB dishwashers.

Washing Programs of IFB’s dishwashers

If you want your dishes to go through almost 99.99% hygienic wash, you can go for IFB dishwashers. IFB dishwashers are available with 5 to 8 wash programs. These come with two large 360 degrees spray arms and a wide-angle shower spray that ensures complete washing of spices, oil, grimes, etc., from the utensils.

Water Consumption

Using a dishwasher is quite a good idea as it consumes much lesser water than washing dishes manually. Based on different IFB products, the range of water consumption is between 8 to 12 liters. While the entire world is suffering from water scarcity, using a dishwasher can save much water.

IFB dishwasher Power Consumption

This is another advantage of using IFB dishwashers. You don’t need to worry about spending much on the electricity bill as every single wash uses around 1 to 1.5 units of power. To be precise, IFB dishwashers consume around 0.9 Kilowatt/hours to run their functions, while the maximum power consumption level is around 2.2 kilowatt. This won’t add much to your monthly electricity bill.

Effectiveness of Dishwashing

IFB dishwashers are outstanding in serving your purpose. A sink full of dirty utensils won’t be an issue if you have an IFB dishwasher. It uses top-class technologies like Eco Wash, Quick Wash, etc., while some of the appliances have in-built water softening devices. Therefore, IFB dishwashers not only cleanse your utensils hygienically but also maintain those for a long.

Noise Level of IFB dishwashers

Having IFB dishwashers at home is perfectly alright as those won’t produce much noise at all. Usually, the appliances make noise from 45 to 52 dB, which is negligible. You won’t feel disturbed while running an IFB dishwasher.

IFB dishwasher Safety Features

Using an IFB dishwasher is entirely safe for any family as it is made of the best quality stainless steel. Also, the colors are not harmful and toxic and never react to the materials of utensils. As the washing method is hygienic, you can relax about the safety of using IFB dishwashers.

Cleaning and Maintenance requirements

As the racks are removable, you can wash those separately in baking soda and vinegar solution. While attaching those again, don’t forget to wipe off those and make those dry. For deep cleaning, run a hot water cycle with vinegar solution.

Warranty Information and Customer Service

IFB dishwashers are available with two years warranty on the products, while the spare parts come with an 8-year warranty. You can troubleshoot your dishwasher by knowing the dishwasher problems and solutions. But, if you have any major issues with IFB dishwashers, you can contact the customer care department for quick service. You can call them at 1860 425 5678 to request for a service. As an alternative, you can install their app called “My IFB” from google play store and make a booking.

Bosch vs LG vs IFB Dishwashers

Bosch SMS66GI01I vs. IFB Neptune VX vs. LG Dishwashers

Bosch 13 Place Settings DishwasherLG 14 Place Settings Wi – Fi Dishwasher IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher
Build MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelVinyl Coated Galvanised Iron
Dishwashing TechnologiesThis amazing dishwasher is designed with various technologies like, VarioSpeed, AquaSensor, Express Sparkle, etc.There are advanced technologies associated with this dishwasher, like TrueSteam, SmartThinQ, QuadWash, Inverter Direct DriveThis product has Eco Wash, Quick Wash, and Half Load technologies, but don’t have the latest ones like Bosch dishwasher
Place Settings131412
Wash Programs6 wash programs that include Intensive Kadhai, Auto, Prerinse, Quick Wash, Express Sparkle and Eco9 Wash programs that include True Steam, Dual Wash, Quad Wash, Turbo, Quite, Eco, Auto, Quick, and Gentle.8 Wash Programs that include Economic, , Normal, Hygiene, Quick, Prewash, Auto Delicate 30 – 50, Super 55-minute 60°C, Auto Normal 50 – 60, and Auto Intensive 60 – 70
Noise Level52 dB44 dB 49 dB
Water Consumption10 liters9 liters9 liters
Power Consumption1020 Watts1600 Watts2200 Watts
MRPRs. 46100Rs. 64990Rs. 44990
Warranty Period2 years on product and 10 years on rust-free inner tub2 years on product and 10 years on motor2 years on product and 8 years on spare parts

Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher

Bosch 13 Place Settings, Free Standing Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox), extra...
  • 13 Place Setting: Suitable for families with up to 4 -5 members with Adjustable Cutlery box.
  • IndianKitchenKaDishwasher - This Bosch dishwasher is designed for Indian Kitchens as it can easily fit all type of utensils and clean them. No...
  • Intensive Kadhai Programme– Perfected for cleaning greasy Indian Utensils & Oily masala stains. Noise Level : 52dB
  • 6 Wash Programmes & 3 options. Express Sparkle Programme – Saves Time, Half Load option- For fewer utensils, Extra dry option – For better...
  • Save Water – Dishwasher uses 10litre of water. While manual washing uses minimum 60 litres of water, Save time - Get clean & dried utensils in...

Key Features

  • Model Number: SMS66GI01I
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Form Factor: Free Standing
  • Place Setting: 13
  • Noise Level: 52 dB
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries
  • Weight: 43.5kg
  • Wash programs: 6
  • Warranty: 2 years

Dishwashing won’t be a pain anymore if you have this Bosch dishwasher in your kitchen right now. There are six wash programs and three options that save much time and water. The Express Sparkle Program handles all utensils, while the Extra Dry Option is there for better dryness after washing.

It comes with 13 Place Settings which is perfect for washing dishes of 4 to 5 people. You don’t need to pre-rinse the utensils as the appliance is designed to effectively remove oil and grease from the utensils. It is designed for Indian cooking purposes.


  • Perfect for washing extra greasy kadais.
  • There is a half-load option for fewer utensils.
  • Can wash loads of utensils within an hour.
  • 13 place settings are perfect for a family with 4 to 5 members.
  • The glass care system enables the dishwasher to cleanse delicate glassware.


  • Slightly higher water consumption than IFB Neptune and LG.
  • Comparatively higher noise level.

LG 14 Place Settings WiFi Dishwasher

LG 14 Place Settings Inverter Direct Drive Wi-Fi Free Standing Dishwasher (DFB424FW,...
  • LG Dishwasher brings a sleek, modern design to your kitchen. Built with innovative LG technology, your dishwasher will work as beautifully as it...
  • Capacity 14 Place Settings: Suitable for families with 3 - 6 members | Suitable for all kinds of utensils in the Indian kitchen including...
  • Energy Efficient: Compared to conventional motors, LG's innovative Inverter Direct Drive Motor helps increase energy efficiency | was designed...
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product and 10 years on motor (T&C). For more details please check warranty card
  • Water consumption: 9.6 Litre approx. (depend on wash cycle selected) | hand washing would require minimum 20 litres of water

Key Features

  • Model Number: ‎ DFB424FP
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Form Factor: Freestanding
  • Place Setting: 14
  • Noise Level: 44 dB
  • Batteries: No batteries
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Wash programs: 9
  • Warranty: 2 years

This LG dishwasher comes with TrueSteam technology. It uses boiling water to clean the surface of the dishes. As softened water is used, there are very few water spots on the utensils.

The multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets assure better and deeper cleaning within a lesser time. The EasyRack Plus system provides flexibility to keep the dishes perfectly for washing. The 14 place setting feature ensures washing several dishes all together and saves your time.


  • The motor of the device is quiet, and you can enjoy noise-free functions.
  • It saves electricity and water a lot.
  • Cleanses dishes from every angle.
  • It is suitable for different types of utensils, like ceramic, stainless steel, etc.
  • 14 place settings for washing more utensils at one go.
  • Lowest noise level among the three products.
  • 9 wash programs are a wide choice for dishwashing


It is costly compared to IFB Neptune or Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher.

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB 15 Place Settings Hot Water Wash Free Standing Dishwasher (Neptune SX1, Pearl...
  • Installation: For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call IFB support directly on 080 45845678 and provide...
  • Free Standing Dishwasher: Affordable with Best in Class Wash Quality, Saves Water and Easy to Use
  • 15 Place Settings: Large capacity, Fits an entire load dishes, perfect for a family of upto 7 peoples
  • A++ Rating: Helps save energy and keep the planet green
  • IFB Offers Best 2 Years Comprehensive Warranty for the Machine and 8 Years Spare Parts Support

Key Features

  • Model Number: ‎Neptune VX
  • Material: Vinyl Coated Galvanised Iron
  • Form Factor: Front-loading
  • Place Setting: 12
  • Noise Level: 49 dB
  • Batteries: No batteries
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Wash programs: 8
  • Warranty: 2 years

If you are looking for an energy-efficient dishwasher to save much water, you can choose this product for your kitchen. It comes with eight wash programs and 12 place settings, suitable for a family with four members. As it consumes only 0.94 kWh of energy, it saves much on energy consumption.

This appliance is uncompromising on health and hygiene. There are two large arms of 360 degrees and a wide-angle shower spray that washes off utensils from all angles. It can kill 99.9% of germs by using hot water of 70 degrees Celsius to cleanse the utensils.


  • Utensils go through 3-stage cleaning to remove all food residue and detergent.
  • Washing delicate crockery is possible with cold water.
  • Saves much on your monthly electricity bill.
  • Can serve families ideally with 4 to 5 members.
  • Two super-fast wash arms clean utensils quickly.
  • Noise level is slightly higher than LG dishwasher but it is lower than Bosch’s.
  • Cheapest dishwasher among the three products.


  • Highest power consumption compared to Bosch SMS66GI01I and LG DFB424FP dishwasher.
  • Build material is not stainless steel.

Alternative dishwasher brands to Bosch, LG, and IFB


If you are looking for the best alternative brand for dishwashers, Siemens will be a popular name on the list. All the products of this brand look appealing and available with exclusive programs and functions. The freestanding dishwashers of Siemens are easy to install and perfect for the Indian kitchen.

The Siemens dishwashers come with a “HygienePlus” technology that assists in hygienic dishwashing. As the appliance uses hot water of 70 degrees Celsius, you can get 99.99% germ-free cleaning.


This is another famous name in the field of dishwashers. If you want spotless, stainless, and odorless kitchen utensils, Voltas dishwasher is something you are looking for. The washing programs and high-quality technologies of Voltas dishwashers make it popular in every household. Cleaning heavily soiled pots and pans is easier now than ever!

The 360-degree rotating head can reach every nooks and corner of utensils and washes extensively with the help of high water pressure.


Faber dishwashers are also quite popular among households as you will find lots of products under this flagship. All the products of Faber are designed with advanced technologies that make dishwashing a breezy task. The washing cycles consume less water and power to don’t have much repetitive expenditure of having it.

The stainless steel finish of Faber dishwashers makes it look appealing and also increases its longevity. With several advanced functions, Faber dishwashers will always be on the top of your choice.


This is another brand that offers you a wide range of electronics, including dishwashers. They are freestanding and available in integrated and semi-integrated types. Besides these, dishwashers are also available with different place settings and programs to make your job easy.

All the dishwashers of Elica come with electronic and digital control, and these are only for domestic usage. For hygienic dishwashing, Elica dishwashers are perfect for your household.


In the world of electronics, Samsung is another noted name. While it comes to the dishwasher, you can depend on Samsung products as these are one-of-its-kind that ensure precise cleaning of utensils with tender care. One of the noted features of the Samsung dishwasher is that its silent operation.

Besides this, Samsung dishwashers also come with Zone Booster technology that uses a forceful water stream for the parts of utensils that are hard to wash. It also uses StormWash, where rotating jet spray washes off dirty dishes quickly.


Whirlpool dishwashers are also of high quality as they come with the latest “PowerClean Pro Technology” that uses a high-pressure spray nozzle for deep-cleaning your utensils. At the same time, the 6th Sense Technology identifies the intensity of dirt and soil on your utensils and fix the wash program for it.

If you have a Whirlpool dishwasher at home, you can always welcome your guests as the appliance offer 30% additional space for loading more utensils and go for deep cleaning.

Bosch vs IFB vs LG which is best for build material, place settings, energy consumption, noise level and price best

Bosch vs IFB vs LG Dishwashers – Which is the best?

Hopefully, this thorough comparison of Bosch Vs. LG Vs. IFB dishwashers will give you a better idea of which dishwasher to choose. All the brands of dishwashers come with advanced technologies to make washing utensils easy.

Bosch, LG, and IFB are more or less same in terms of dishwashing quality for a particular capacity. They differ from each other in terms of power consumption, water usage, build material and noise generation.

Get a Bosch dishwasher if you care most for electricity saving and overall helpful features at a reasonable price. LG dishwashers are slightly costlier but they are also energy-efficient and makes low noise and vibration. IFB, on the other hand, also produces low level of noise but some of their dishwashers are not built with stainless steel.

Thus, if you want to know which brand offers the superior product of all, Bosch is always our favorite. It uses the latest technologies to wash utensils and also handle glassware and delicate materials carefully. LG is our second choice for their brilliant dishwashing technologies.


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