Advantages and Disadvantages of Front Loading Washing Machine

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Front loading washing machines are better than most ordinary top loading washing machines. It has indeed some great advantages that are very beneficial to you.

However, the Front Load Washers have some demerits compared to other types of washing machines. You should be aware of the Disadvantages of the Front Loading Washing Machine along with the great advantages that it features.

Know everything about the typical Advantages and Disadvantages of front-loading washing machines before buying one!

front load washing machine

Advantages of Front Loading Washing Machines

1. The best front loading washing machines use the optimum quantity of water during washing. In some studies, it has been found that a Front Loading Washing Machine uses 40% less water than the other type of washing machine. Low water usage helps you lower the electricity bills too.

2. Spin Cycle is one of the most important factors to consider as an advantage. For most of the Front Loading Washing Machines, the motor spins faster in the last spin cycles to remove the excess water from the clothes. Eventually, when you take out the clothes, you can dry up faster.

3. Cleanliness is a major concern when washing. The Front Loading Washing Machines are more gentle on the clothes and less prone to damage the clothes. Cleanest washing is one of the major advantages of Front-Loading Washers.

4. Energy Efficiency is a very important factor to consider when you are selecting the best washing machine. Front Loading Washing Machines save energy very well with their optimized fully automatic programs and lower water usage. High energy efficiency can help you reduce electricity usage and ultimately lower the bills.

5. Front Loading Washing Machines generally have a higher capacity than other types of washing machines. If you have a large family, it can be good for you.

6. Most of the Front Loading Washers have an inbuilt heater. The heater heats up the water and the warm water helps you to remove tough dirt easily and very effectively.

7. Front load washing machine can be stacked with a dishwasher to save space in your kitchen. Other types of washing machines do not have such an advantage.

Front Loading Washing Machine

Disadvantages of Front Loading Washing Machines

1. In Front Loading Washing Machines you need to load and unload clothes by bending down. Those who are elders or have joint problems are not recommended to use Front Loading Washing Machines.

2. The washing duration of the front loading washing machines is generally long as it involves several stages of washing with automated programs. So, it takes more time to wash with a front-loading washer.

3. The Front Loading Washing Machines are generally more maintenance prone. However, as long as you are covered with a warranty, it leads you to no headache. So, brands include free service covered in the warranty period.

4. Price is also a major concern when you are looking for a washing machine for your home. Front Loading Washers are a bit more expensive when compared to other types of washing machines with the same capacity.

5. Usually, Front Loading Washers are heavier and bulkier than the Other type of washing machines. But if you have got a dedicated space for it, there would be no problem.

6. Generally, for budget washing machines, you cannot add clothes midway in the washing cycle. Once the washing is started you cannot open the door if the washing machine model does not have this feature.

7. Installation of Front Loading Washing Machines requires a fixed water connection. So, once you have fixed its position, you cannot easily shift it to other locations.

If you do not want to purchase a front-loading washer, the best top load washing machine can be a perfect choice for you.

10 Important Factors to check in a front load washing machine

From the above advantages and disadvantages of the front loading washing machine, it is quite clear that the front loading washing machines have some great pros along with some cons that you cannot ignore. The following 10 factors that you should consider when you are looking for a front loading washing machine. You must know how to choose a washing machine based on the following factors.

1. Washing Speed

It is a very crucial factor when you are planning to buy a washing machine. It involves the time duration of the washing. Everyone needs faster washing. Isn’t it?

Whirlpool 360 degree bloomwash washing machines are well balanced with optimum speed to clean the clothes.

2. Pricing

It is the most important factor to consider if you have a fixed budget. Front Loading Washing Machines are generally costlier but have some premium features.

3. Usage of Water

It is another important factor to help you reduce the water requirement of the washing machine and electricity bill.

4. Ease of Handling

Everyone loves to wash clothes with a user-friendly washing machine. The ease of use determines how efficiently you can operate it. All front loading washing machines are fully automatic. With the automated programs you need less involvement. But you need to bend down to load and unload the clothes that I already have mentioned.

5. Spin Cycle

The Spin Cycle is another important factor for front-loading washing machines. It measures how fast the motor rotates and removes the excess water content from the clothes.

6. Cleanliness

It is a major concern when you are looking for a washing machine. Everybody loves neat and clean clothes. Front loading washing machines do an excellent job when cleanliness is concerned. It also provides safety to the clothes by washing them gently without any damage.

7. Maintenance

It is a very important factor in the long run. Higher maintenance involves high downtime and more cost of repair/ service. During the warranty period, you don’t need to worry much. Generally, for the front-loading washers, maintenance is not very high. But when you compare it with the other type of washing machines, the frequency of maintenance can be higher.

8. Operating Safety

Operating Safety is very important for all types of electrical appliances. These appliances including washing machines can be hazardous if the manufacturer does not provide adequate safety or you do not follow them. Fortunately, all the major brands provide excellent safety measures and precautions with their products. Among such features, “Child Lock” is a very good feature to avoid the misoperation of the washing machine.

9. Installation Flexibility

Installation Flexibility is considered to be an optional requirement as we do not shift the location of the washing machine frequently. For front loading washing machines, you need a fixed water connection near the machine to provide water during washing.

10. Energy Efficiency

Most of the front loading washing machines are highly energy-efficient and uses optimum water and electricity when washing.

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