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Washing piles of dishes is not a child’s play. It’s tiring after the whole day’s hectic schedule. And when we wash them with our hands, then our hands get rough after daily washes. Apart from that, sometimes hand washing delicate plates, you break them. And it’s too hard to accept the reality because of its costs. You may think that affording dishwashers are expensive but, they are not as much as you assume. Apart from that, every saving, hygiene, and all you can easily maintain with a dishwasher. 

Let’s have a detailed understanding of dishwasher vs. hand washing so that all your confusion erases and you give your hands a dishwasher. Below you will find the table and related explanations of how a dishwasher varies from a hand washer.

Dishwasher Vs. Hand Washing Comparison

Sl. No.DishwasherHandwashing
1.More hygienic- it washes piles of dishes at more than 60 degrees Celsius and makes it germ-free.Less hygienic- washing dishes below 60 degrees Celsius is not hygienic at all.
2.The dishwasher takes reasonable time with less manual effort to wash dishes. It’s less than ten minutes.Hand Washing dishes consumes a much longer time that needs heavy manual effort.
3.A typical dishwasher consumes much less water on average.With handwashing, you waste liters of water per month on average.
4.You can save about a quarter less energy with a dishwasher.Hand Washing dishes is not energy efficient in any way. Also, electricity consumption is more.
5.Detergents are used reasonably while using a dishwasher.It requires much more detergent for washing piles of dishes.
6.There is a lesser possibility of growing germs in your dishwasher. It uses warm water in washing dishes.Washing with hands and wiping with a towel grows germs in your dishes.
7.Your hand’s softness remains without drying the natural moisture of your hands.Make your hands harsh with detergents. Your skin and fingertips shrink
8.A quality dishwasher takes care of your delicate dishes from breakage.With handwashing, you risk your dishes for breakage.
9.You spend one time on a dishwasher. But for a long time, a dishwasher remains cost-efficient.You spend more money on hand washing because of the periodic payment.
10.With a dishwasher, you will have quality waiting for your dishes.The wash quality of your dishes is not up to the mark with hand washing.

Therefore, precisely you can understand you save a lot in respect to everything with a dishwasher. Now, below you will find a thorough explanation of Dishwasher vs. hand washing.

dishwasher vs handwashing

The Major Differences between Dishwasher and Hand Washing

There are mostly ten points of comparison between dishwasher and hand washing. While learning about the pros and cons of the best dishwasher is important, you must also know about the major differences between dishwashers and handwashing in detail.

1. Dishwashers maintain hygiene standards than handwashing 

Your hygiene is always your priority. But the question remains how hygienic it is to wash dishes with your hands. As per my expert suggestion, you only can kill germs when you dish with warm water, which is above sixty degrees Celsius.

Can you maintain the standards with handwashing?

Not possible ever other than using a dishwasher. While comparing dishwasher vs. hand washing, you will find that dishwasher is more hygienic than handwashing. This is because, with a dishwasher, your dishes go through intensive cycles along with high temperatures.

 All germs wipe out with a dishwasher. So get a dishwasher to maintain hygiene in your kitchen plates. 

2. Dishwashers usually take less time than Handwashing 

You have been told that time is precious, and we should do everything that saves time.

But do you save time by washing dishes with your hands?

Let’s have a reality check.

While you compare dishwashers with handwashing, you must consider the time factor.

On average, washing piles of dishes with a dishwasher typically takes less than ten minutes. But when you try to wash dishes with your hands, you can end up washing your dishes for more than an hour. And now calculate how much time you waste in a week, a month, or even a whole year combined.

You should bring a dishwasher because washing dishes in a dishwasher takes less time. After all, you don’t need to pre-rinse dishes before loading them to the dishwasher machine. Know about the common problems and solutions of dishwashers to ease the operation and maintenance.

3. Water conservation is possible with a dishwasher

Water is another term for life, but did we mean it while washing dishes with our hands. And as per many types of research covered worldwide finds that during pre-rinsing, you waste more than thirty liters of water on average. And that much water we waste per load now calculates yearly spending of water. So while buying a dishwasher, you get rid of unnecessary pre-rinsing steps and contribute to saving water. 

Other than pre-rinsing, even when you open the tap for washing dishes, you end up wasting liters of water within the first few minutes. So, buy a dishwasher and take the first step of conserving water in your household. Remember that by using a dishwasher, you are contributing to mother earth. You can also save space by keeping your dishwasher and washing machine together by connecting them to one waste pipe.

dishwasher vs handwashing electricity consumption

4. Low Electricity consumption by dishwasher if you use warm water

You will be surprised to know that highly modified dishwashers save more energy and electricity than handwashing. Studies from developed countries have concluded that in dishwasher vs. hand washing, a washer consumes less than a quarter of the power. Usually, while handwashing, if you want warm water from a geyser, it consumes more electricity monthly.

Different washing programs result in it different electricity consumptions. For example, Bosch 12 place settings dishwasher(SMS66GI01I) is rated with 1.02 kWh of energy. Here is a list for power consumption for different programs of this dishwasher-

  • program1: 1.75 kWh
  • program2: 1.35 kWh
  • program3: 1.6-1.7 kWh
  • program4: 1.45 kWh
  • program5: 0.8 kWh
  • program6 0.05 kWh

The consumed power by a dishwasher can be calculated by multiplying the kWh power by the hours of use. By considering the electricity unit rate as Rs 6/unit and considering a running time of 2 hours/day, we get the following information-

ProgrammEnergy RatingRun TimePower Usage/DayElectricity Cost/DayElectricity Cost/Month
11.75 kWh2 hrs3.5 kWh21 INR630 INR
21.35 kWh2 hrs2.7 kWh16.2 INR486 INR
31.6-1.7 kWh2 hrs3.2- 3.4 kWh19.2-20.4 INR576-612 INR
41.45 kWh2 hrs2.9 kWh17.4 INR522 INR
5*0.8 kWh2 hrs1.6 kWh9.6 INR288 INR
60.05 kWh2 hrs0.1 kWh0.6 INR18 INR

*Note: Program-5 which is known as “Quick Wash”, is the most used program on a dishwasher that consumes the second lowest electricity among all the six programs. It runs for 29 minutes at a time with a temperature of 45-degree Celsius. If you use only this program, it will cost you only Rs 288 electricity bill per month.

The program-1,3,4 uses most electricity because of the longer wash cycle at a higher temperature. Fortunately, you will not have to run them regularly. Some of the programs are used to clean the dishwasher automatically.

ProgramWash CycleTemperature
180-90 min70°C
375-80 min45-65°C
485 min50°C

As more water is consumed with handwashing, the overhead water tank gets empty faster. For this reason, you will need to repeatedly switch on the water pump that also raises the electricity bill. Though a water tank overflow alarm can relieve you from manual efforts, look for a dishwasher that consumes less energy. And when you have a dishwasher, you save a lot from electricity bills. Also, learn the efficient ways to save water and electricity according to this study by Environmental Research Communications.

5. Dishwashers don’t require much detergent as handwashing do

Detergents are much more expensive nowadays. So in your monthly budget list, detergents have become a concern for you. But don’t worry, you have a clear path to get rid of this concern. While hand washed without you knowing, you are spending more than a hundred grams of detergents in a single load. And that you can easily save with a dishwasher.

 A dishwasher with per load consumes much fewer detergents. And it is even less than forty grams of detergent. A quality dishwasher effectively cleans dishes in the first cycle itself with less detergent.  

6. Germs are effectively cleaned with a dishwasher

For staying healthy, you must maintain hygiene and eliminate the maximum possible germs. Especially in today’s time, wiping out germs has become our primary concern. With a dishwasher, you are clearing germs because the machines are not just for washing. But, a dishwasher also functions as a dryer for the dishes. 

It is argued that apart from cleaning at more than sixty degrees Celsius, drying also helps in killing germs. The heat produced from dishwashers leaves no scope for the germs to survive. Therefore, while washing dishes with your hands, you will not be satisfied with killing germs.

In addition, after washing dishes, when you wipe those dishes with a towel, you host a lot of germs in your kitchen. So, buy a dishwasher and leave the task of eliminating germs to the dishwasher. 

7. Take care of your hands with your dishwasher

Do you like seeing your hands becoming harsher? No, right?

Then don’t afford too much time washing dishes with your hands. As of now, you must have experienced that within 25 minutes of handwashing dishes, your fingertips start shrinking and folding. In addition, your skin also gets rough with daily washes. Rinsing dishes dry up the skin. And it also removes the natural moisture from your hands. You can follow these tips to take care of your hands after washing dishes. Also, use the best dishwashing gloves to protect your hands.

But it is not a permanent solution.

So, now you must think about your hands by buying a dishwasher. In the dishwasher vs. hand washing comparison, you will find that dishwasher reduces the unnecessary step of pre-rinsing. That’s why there’s no question of getting your skin harsh. And it’s high time too to nourish your hands by getting a dishwasher in your kitchen.

dishwasher never breaks dishes

8. Dishes never break with a dishwasher

While handling piles of dishes in one load, you may feel exhausted. That’s why in a rush to complete washing dishes, you may break delicate dishes. And later, you’ll regret and feel upset about breaking them.

 It would be best if you thought now to wash the dishes with a dishwasher. If you buy an advanced dishwasher, then there will be separate racks for placing each dish. Dishwashers in each wash cycle of intense wash look that not even a single scratch occurs in your plates. Dishwashers are safe for plates made from glasses, bone china, and other ceramic plates. 

9. A dishwasher saves money compared to handwashing

A dishwasher is expensive. However, that’s for a one-time expenditure. And you can even buy one at Installation or EMI. And on the other way have you thought about how much money you spend while washing dishes with your hands.

Let’s think in this way that, when you hire a house help for washing dishes you will spend more than a thousand rupees per month. By the next ten years, you will pay about one lakh twenty thousand rupees for only dishwashing. And that is not the end.

Even you consume more energy and water by hand washing, it also comes out of your pocket. Wasting a lot of detergents is again another way you are wasting money with hand washing. So, do a one-investment by buying a dishwasher and save monthly expenses on bills and detergent.

quality washing of dishes

10. Quality washing of dishes

The last factor of comparison between dishwasher and hand washing is the quality of washing. The cleaning efficiency of dishes depends on how well you are scrubbing the dishes. With hand washing, it became a tiring task; therefore, we often ignored it. But the dishwasher also undertakes the scrubbing duty of the plates. And in a result, a dishwasher gives a polishing effect to your dishes.

Final Words

Therefore, between the dishwasher vs. hand washing comparison, you can see a tilt towards dishwashers. While cleaning with hands, you unnecessarily take on tedious tasks every day. End this workload just by ordering a dishwasher that promises you quality services for years. 

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