How To Keep and Stack Dishwasher And Washing Machine In Your Kitchen with one waste pipe?

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Which household can run without the implementation of modern gadgets?

In present times, washing machines and dishwashers have become among the different devices we use. 

As we all should be keeping ourselves hygienic and clean, a regular wash of clothes is essential. However, completing this manually and regularly turns out to be a tedious job. Thus, the best washing machines act as a boon because they give complete comfort while washing clothes.

Like a washing machine, clean freaks often prefer to clean the dishes manually, but once someone learns the use of a dishwasher, there is no going back. The best dishwashers are time and cost-efficient. They are also environment-friendly because they help in saving water. Thus, using a dishwasher is healthy and safe in multiple ways.

Thus, many queries start surrounding the minds of people who have limited space in their house and kitchen. To ease the way through, here is a little guide to stacking dishwasher and washing machine in the kitchen by connecting them to one waste pipe, which solves the probable questions one thinks of while purchasing either.

Why is Keeping a dishwasher and a washing machine important?

The multiple advantages of purchasing a washing machine make sure that one never regrets buying it. The technology has made them so that they are equipped with automatic features that help them function with ease and effortlessly.

Furthermore, compared to manual washing, they are environment-friendly. This is because they save water and do not make the water bodies dirty.

While the topic of discussion is about gadgets that make our day-to-day life more manageable and time-consuming, another name of such a device is a dishwasher.

However, everything seems well and good until people are confused about purchasing an item they need immediately, but they are running short of space. As we all know, modern society is growing, so people are getting more used to the flat culture. It possibly gives a key reason for people to suffer because of having less space for the accommodation of pieces of stuff they need to buy and use.

keep dishwasher and washing machine in kitchen together

Can you keep your dishwasher and washing machine together?

A pervasive question that revolves around everyone’s mind is that if they can keep the dishwasher and washing machine together or on top of each other in the kitchen for saving space. Technically the answer is yes. It is possible to keep a washing machine and a dishwasher on top of each other by connecting them to the same waste pipe.

The problem

The washing machine has to be front loading, and it has to be built into a cabinet, which can be placed over the dishwasher. In addition, you need to construct the cabinet floor correctly to take the weight of the front-loading washing machine. The additional advantage of the best front load washing machines is that they can counterbalance the load while in rotation.

In most cases, I have observed that this arrangement pattern does not help. Most often, the dishwasher starts to collapse because the washing machine is heavy enough for it to handle. Another thing that happens is that the vibration created by the washing machine starts to damage the items in the dishwasher.

So, how can you keep them together?

You can manage these problems to some extent by taking few precautions. If you don’t use the washing machine with the dishwasher loaded, it seems to work fine. Also, an added air brake onto the outlet hose of the dishwasher or an extended standpipe up high behind the dishwasher will prevent siphoning as the outlet connection would be most likely below the dishwasher.

The only thing that might arise as a safety issue would be if both the appliance shares a standard outlet. One must make sure to make it through separate outlets for each of them not to overload it. If your kitchen has a limited area, you can manage and arrange it near the kitchen sink. This way, the plumbing would be all in one place, thus lovely and tidy enough.

How to connect a dishwasher and washing machine to one waste pipe?

Connecting the waste pipes of your dishwasher and washing machine is very important when you install them together. Otherwise, it will look clumsy and make maintenance difficult. You can connect a dishwasher and washing machine to one waste pipe using the following methods-

  • Using a U-shaped double spigot.
  • Connecting a 3-way splitter(Y-piece) to the waste pipe.

The double spigots are usually made of polypropylene. By using it, you have to connect the dishwasher waste pipe to one inlet of it, and the washing machine waste pipe to another inlet. By sealing the joints with a rubber seal and “O” ring, you can ensure zero leakage from the pipe. The double spigots are also suitable to connect the waste pipe of the kitchen sink.

On the other hand, a 3-way splitter is much of a convenient and cheaper option to connect the dishwasher and washing machine to one waste pipe. As the name implies, a 3-way splitter is shaped like the alphabet “Y” where you can connect the waste pipes fastened by jubilee clamps. These splitters are very lightweight, often under 100 grams which makes them easy to use.

stacking dishwasher and washing machine

How to stack your washing machine and dishwasher?

Almost in two out of three households, the kitchen seems to suffer from the prevalent problem of space management. The laundry often gets the shortest possible space to work with among the whole limited space in the kitchen. Thus, one needs to make the most efficient use of the available space.

The best procedure to follow in this regard is to stack the dishwasher and washing machine in the kitchen. By stacking, you can make the most efficient use of the available space because you can easily keep your dishwasher on top of your front-loading washing machine. In addition, the intelligent use of vertical space allows more room for adjustment of other necessities.

A stacking kit is a laundry accessory to fit a front load washing machine and a dishwasher together in your kitchen. It ensures the safety and smooth operation of both home appliances.

Benefits of Using a stacking Kit for Your washing machine and dishwasher

  • Stacking kits are beneficial because they are designed to absorb vibrations from both the appliances when they are running.
  • They help distribute the dishwasher’s overall weight, making it more accessible by placing it over the washing machine.
  • It makes your whole setup easy-to-handle and tidy.
  • Some stacking kits come with extra benefits, such as slide-out shelves, pushing them further convenient to use.

How to stack a portable or countertop dishwasher on top of a washing machine?

To stack the dishwasher and washing machine in the kitchen, you need to follow a few steps-

  • Measure the dimensions of your chosen space and double-check to ensure that they fit with your stacking kit.
  • For the total stacked height, combine the size of the washer, stacking kit, and dishwasher.
  • Leave a few centimeters on either side for ventilation and on the back for hoses, piping, etc.
  • Stacking would only be possible if the dimensions of the dishwasher are the same or slightly smaller.
  • Get a specific and suitable stacking kit only after making sure that you can stack your appliances together.
  • Next, get your appliances stacked with a good installation service. You must ensure that the stacking is stable and safe.
  • Once you settle and fix everything together, don’t forget to run a test cycle. A test cycle is essential because it ensures that your whole unit is stable enough to run correctly. 

Washing machines are pretty heavy, so one would prefer to keep that at the bottom of the stack. However, this would make the dishwasher awkward to fill as they usually come with hinged doors at the bottom. Furthermore, any imbalance in the washing machine load can end up smashing the crockery inside or even worse.

Thus, it would be better to put your dishwasher on top of the washing machine and not try putting the washing machine on top of the dishwasher while stacking. Washing machines are pretty heavy in general and especially when they are full of water.

They also vibrate a lot more during operation as their spin speeds are higher. Therefore, if one stacks the washing machine on top of the dishwasher, then the risks become higher as accidents increase.

Can you stack a dishwasher on a top load washing machine?

A top-loading washing machine is not suitable for stacking because stacking only suits front opening washing machines. This is because it needs the base of the dishwasher to be fixed to the top of a front-loading washing machine. 

The best top loading washing machine needs a minimum lid clearance to open and made use of. So, stacking is practically impossible with a top-loading washing machine.

Tips to keep the Dishwasher and washing machine together

A washing machine and a dishwasher is an essential part of any modern home. Both a washing machine and a dishwasher are indispensable in any household because they simplify the manual work and make it easy for anyone to perform the task. In addition, they are comfortable to use and are time and cost-efficient. But the real problem arises when one is having issues with space. Here is when stacking comes in to make efficient use of the available space.

Stacking is essential because it helps in making use of the limited space available in the household. Stacking the dishwasher and washing machine in the kitchen is an intelligent way to use the open space among the limited space provided. 

One should take care while choosing the washing machine and dishwasher to be stacked. The appliances should be in proper ratio because they are supposed to be put on top of each other. A fundamental mistake can increase the risk of an accident.

Also, you can choose the stacking kit after good reassurance. It is essential to check whether you need a specific stacking kit because many manufacturers sell them to suit their brand. You should have adequate knowledge of which stacking kit to purchase so that it suits your appliances. So, before buying any of the appliances, make sure they fit in together.


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