Ductless vs. Duct Chimney – Which is Better for Your Kitchen?

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 Are you looking to install a new chimney?

A chimney is an essential kitchen appliance in our life these days. Today there are small and compact houses and kitchens. A chimney is a necessary addition to our homes to purify the kitchen’s air from all grease, smoke, fumes, heat, and combustion. It is an electro-mechanical device generally installed on the top of gas stoves and induction cooktops.

These range hood products are very useful for modern modular kitchens. In the market, you will find two types of kitchen chimneys-

  • Ducted Chimney
  • Ductless Chimney

As they work differently and are suitable for separate requirements, you need to make the right choice to choose the best chimney in India for your kitchen. It depends on the layout, setup, and various other factors in your kitchen.

Here we will learn in detail to avoid ductless vs duct chimneys along with the pros and cons of each. So, read on to know more.

What is a ductless chimney?

Unlike traditional chimneys, these modern machines don’t include pipes. It doesn’t throw airborne particles outside the kitchen. The mechanical fan collects the fumes and smoke and recycles them into the fresh air. This filtered air is then sent back to the kitchen. This recirculation improves the air quality of your kitchen. 

The most prominent benefit of a ductless chimney is that it can be installed anywhere. It is low maintenance as you only have to change the charcoal filter system once a year. It’s a mechanic of absorbing unhealthy and bad air inside and bringing fresh air outside. Places that are too crowded or small flats and housing support ductless chimneys. If you are using it in an open kitchen, it won’t cause much heat and humidity.

Finding a new place to live in cities like Chennai and Mumbai is very hard. There are very small houses to live in. Also, people there don’t have much money to spend. This chimney is the best option for those kitchens. They come in beautiful designs and models that will make your kitchen a sleek and clean look. A ductless chimney solves the purpose of reducing smoke and fumes. Cooking leads to different kinds of fumes and combustion, and chimney reduces them.

ductless chimney

Advantages of installing a ductless chimney

  • The main and foremost advantage of ductless chimneys is they are easy to install. They don’t have pipes and long aluminum channels for sucking air. It is easy to install. If you are remodeling the place, this chimney will fit anywhere.
  • They are more affordable. Due to its fewer mechanical requirements, it is cheap when compared to ducted chimneys.
  • They increase the air quality index inside the kitchen. It purifies and recycles the air circulation in the kitchen.
  • It’s easy to maintain a ductless chimney. You only have to change its charcoal filter occasionally. You can call a professional, and that will do it for you.
  • They are beautiful. Ductless provides installation flexibility. So, there are various designs and stylish models available in the market. They look very fashionable and decorative in your house.

Limitations of ductless chimney

  • It filters the air inside the chimney and can produce a very large noise.
  • It purifies the air, but recirculation increases the heat and moisture in the kitchen.
  • You have to maintain the quality and keep them clean for efficient use.

What is a duct chimney?

These are the traditional chimneys that throw out all the airborne particles, smoke, fumes, and grease. It is a very large and complex structure. A ducted chimney has pipes and channels to throw the air out. It keeps the kitchen cool and dry. It sucks the air particles from the kitchen in its filter and throws them out through the pipe.

This chimney is made to ensure that the smoke doesn’t come back inside the kitchen. They are perfect for commercial purposes like in a restaurant or hotel. It’s a bit expensive but very effective. If you are a foodie and use your kitchen very frequently, this type of chimney is best suited for you. It transports a large amount of smoke and fumes due to its large structure.

There are a lot of new models and designs available in the market. That includes an automatic cleaning system, a beautiful design, chimneys with timers, and auto-stop. The auto-clean chimneys with ducts perform better and require less maintenance. In addition, there are models with lights and a clock. But, of course, every feature and quality of a machine depends on its components and brand.

duct chimney

Benefits of getting a ducted chimney

  • It throws away airborne particles, smoke, and fumes and heats out of your kitchen. So, it makes the kitchen temperature lower and the moisture level down.
  • It can handle a large amount of air with a higher suction capacity. So, it is used for both domestic and commercial purposes in India. It provides efficient and good performance.
  • They are low maintenance because it’s easier to clean them. Most modern ducted chimneys come with an autocleaning system.
  • They produce very little noise and provide a peaceful environment.

Drawbacks of Duct chimney

  • It is a very complex machine. Hence, it isn’t easy to install them.
  • A duct chimney has pipes and other big structures. So, takes a large space for installation. This is why you need ways to hide the chimney pipe in your kitchen.
  • It is very expensive in comparison to ductless machines.
ductless vs duct chimney comparison

Ductless vs. Duct Kitchen Chimneys- Comparison

Ducted ChimneyDuctless Chimney
The installation process is complexInstallation is easy and quick
Pipes made of aluminum and steelAffordable due to smaller structure
Makes very little noiseProduce large noise
Easy cleaning and maintenanceTough clean-up
Air particles are thrown outRecirculation of air
Brings the kitchen temperature downHeat remains the same in the kitchen
Moisture is reduced in the kitchenMoisture remains the same
Tough to find the right spaceProvide flexibility to install anywhere
Pipes made of aluminium and steelNo pipes are included
Suitable for all sizes of kitchensWorks well for small kitchens
Odour is removedOdor and smell reduces to some extent

The Key Differences between Ductless and Duct Chimneys

Before buying a kitchen chimney, there are something’s you need to consider. Specifically, how much you cook and its frequency. It is an important criterion to loom out before deciding which chimney suits your kitchen the best.

You know that a ductless chimney causes recirculation of the air back into the kitchen. This air is of good quality, but it doesn’t remove the smell and heat from the kitchen. On the other hand, a ducted chimney will clean out the air by throwing the smoke and airborne particle outside. In addition, it reduces the kitchen temperature.

Suppose you need to cook food in small intervals. You are frequently using the kitchen. In a ductless chimney, the kitchen will remain hot and humid. It won’t get the time to cool down. In the case of the duct chimney, this is not an issue.

The smoke and fumes that are created from cooking are wiped out from the kitchen. That’s why ducted chimneys are used more for commercial purposes. It is necessary to choose a machine that will suit your location and functionality.

So, let us check the key differences between ducted and ductless kitchen chimneys.

Installation Procedure

The installation of a ducted chimney is difficult and complex. It is hard because of its big structure with pipes and mechanical fans. It depends on the layout of the kitchen and where to fit the chimney.

On the other hand, ductless chimneys can be adjusted anywhere due to their small structure. In some cases, you are thinking of moving or remodeling your kitchen. In that case, you have to do extra hassle for ducted. Fill in the holes and spaces that the ducted chimney has caused. Installing a ducted chimney again will be a headache as you have to do the process all over again. In a ductless chimney, it is easy to remodel and reinstall.

Noise Generation

Ducted chimneys produce less noise because they throw air outside without minimal blockage. Ductless chimneys filter the air inside the kitchen. So, that causes a lot of noise while filtering the air. It also depends on the model, size, and brand of a chimney. You must choose a chimney that is safe to use in your kitchen.


Due to the large infrastructure, ducted chimneys are a bit expensive. They are used for commercial use. For example, they are used in hotels and restaurants. They are large and suck a large amount of smoke in an instant. But on the other hand, ductless chimneys are affordable. They come at a low price and can easily fit in small houses.

Heat and moisture-free Environment

Heat and moisture remain the same in the ductless chimney. A ductless chimney does the recirculation of the same air after filtering. That makes the kitchen hot and humid. But the ducted chimney throws the air outside of the kitchen. It sucks all the air, smoke, and fumes from the kitchen and throws them out. That reduces the temperature and moisture inside. It leads to a cooler and drier kitchen.

Fit and Structure

Ducted chimneys are made of aluminum pipes or steel pipes. It is a very large and complex structure. But ductless chimneys are short and compact. So they are easy to fit anywhere.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ducted chimneys are easy to clean. There are no particles remaining in the pipe. So you can just open the fan and clean it. As the number of filters is less in duct chimneys, they are easier to clean. Most of the ducted chimneys also come with an autocleaning system that usually involves the collection of residual oil in the oil collector. Some advanced duct chimneys come with a heat auto-cleaning system which is easier to use and more efficient.

Ductless chimneys have different filters installed inside. They are complex and difficult to clean. You have to change filters every year or so. Also, you can’t do it on your own. You have to call a professional to get the chimney cleaned. They both have filters, and both do the same function. Now, it’s all about your priorities to what kind of chimney suits you.

Learn more about how to clean a chimney easily at your home.

Space Requirement

The ducted chimney had pipes and a large infrastructure. You need to fit it somewhere where its hood is right above the stove and the pipe leads to an exhaust window. If it doesn’t cover the whole stove, it won’t work efficiently. And the pipe needs to get out of the kitchen to throw the air. The installation height of a kitchen chimney is very important to make it run efficiently.

A ductless chimney requires no such big structure. They are compact and short, with no pipes and an elaborated structure. They can fit anywhere. The filtration system is inside the chimney.   

Heavy-duty use

The ducted chimney can handle large-scale smoke and cook very easily. It provides great efficiency and performance. If it is properly installed, it provides great functionality. These kinds of chimneys are used in restaurants and hotels. Ducted chimneys are best suitable for medium and large kitchens.

In the case of a ductless chimney, they can handle the bulk of smoke and air particles. It filters the air that is present in the room and throws it back in the room. It can only work efficiently if used in small spaces for small purposes. Using it at home can provide great performance. If you face problems, troubleshoot your chimney for the best results.

The efficiency of Odor removal

ductless chimney using the same air after the filter. This leads to no change in the smell of the kitchen. In the case of ducted, the air is thrown out. So, the smell is gone along with the steam and condensation build-up.

All in all, a ducted chimney best solves the purpose of removing heat and steam from the kitchen. Modern kitchen needs to handle these issues. Technology has become very helpful in making our life comfortable and easy.

A ductless chimney does the same work but is less efficient. If you have space and can afford a ducted chimney, use that one. Ductless vs. duct chimneys can be a personal choice. You can choose one of the chimneys that suit your preference. These machines are used to make our life easy. Ductless chimneys are very easy to use in your kitchen.

 Ductless vs Duct Chimney: Conclusion

In the earlier days, people used exhaust fans in their kitchens. But they are not enough to remove the harmful smoke from the cooking space. By comparing chimneys with exhaust fans, you will find that chimneys are better in terms of efficiency, cleanliness, and many other aspects.

A chimney or hood is an electro-mechanical device that is installed above our stoves. It is used to collect fumes, smoke, moisture, and heat from the kitchen. A chimney has a mechanical fan that works as an exhaust. It pulls all airborne particles, and either releases them outdoors or purifies them.

Ductless chimneys bring filtered air back to the kitchen. Our kitchen has many utility items cabinets, ceilings, walls, and slabs. Pulling greasy air particles inside chimneys gives us a fresh odorless kitchen. In addition, it keeps our kitchen surfaces clean. The article has mentioned everything about ductless vs. Duct chimneys.

It has covered the pros and cons of both machines. In short, for a comfortable and more efficient machine, you can go for a ducted chimney.

Are size and money your main objectives?

A ductless chimney is a great choice for such a case. It’s compact and takes less space.

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