Can You Eat Pulp from Juicer? – Know The Different Uses

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If your child is not interested in fruits, the best way to let him have them in the form of juice. But, each time you make fruit, you get very confused about what to do with the pulp. Should you throw it away, or can you have it?

You can have it without throwing it away. The pulp contains fiber, which is very good for your health. Besides, there are more nutrients in the pulp than the juice itself. So, having it is the best idea.

How can you eat pulp from a juicer? Are there any different uses?

Yes, technically, you can eat pulp from a juicer. You can also add it to the crackers to make them tastier. Otherwise, you can also sprinkle it on salad or soup to get the nutritional kick. Many of you are still confused about whether eating the pulp will be beneficial for your health or not.

It depends on which kind of pulp you are using. Not all pulp you can eat. You can use it if it is kale, cucumber, spinach, etc. But, when it is ginger pulp, get rid of it. Today, we will check out details on eating pulp after making juice in a juicer.

Is the Pulp from Juicing Good for You?

Having juice is the quickest and easiest way to add more nutrition to your regular diet.

But, after making the juice, you get rid of the pulp, right?

When you make orange or mosambi juice in the citrus juicer, you get the pulp with the peels attached. You cannot consume it, but you should not throw it away as there are other uses of such pulps that I have covered later in this article.

But, if you are using a cold press juicer to prepare fruit or vegetable juice, then the pulp remains juicy. Also, if you don’t grind the fruits too much, the pulp remains juicy and tasty. You can use it in your diet. Though the maximum vitamins and minerals stay in the juice, the pulp contains fiber content. 

So, to stop food wastage and use the pulp in your food, you can think of having those. Besides, having pulp can prevent certain chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Not only that, but due to its high fiber content, the pulp can be added to your diet weight loss program. The pulps made using a juicer mixer grinder can keep you full for longer and keeps you away from food cravings.

There are certain essential benefits of having pulp from the juicer-

  • The pulp can boost your immunity system.
  • The pulp can be the best source of vitamins and nutrients if you prepare it through the cold press process.
  • Pulp of fruits like pomegranate is scientifically proven to take good heart care.
  • If you prepare any juice with a pinch of turmeric, the pulp can be more beneficial as it can help digest your food easily.

So, if someone ever asks you, ‘can I eat pulp from the juicer?’ you can always answer them confidently.

can you eat pulp from juicer

How Can You Eat Pulp from the Juicer?

As juicy pulp comes with so many benefits, you can always have pulp from the juicer. But, you need to know how to have the pulp most healthily. You can choose recipes where pulp can be used as a health booster and add flavors and taste.

If you are juicing apples, pears, etc., you can use the pulp to enhance the sweetness of your recipes. Whether it is salads, soups, or stews, you can use such pulps in it. If you want to use the pulp in your recipes, you need to remove all the seeds, bitter rinds, stems, etc., from the fruits and veggies before putting those in the juicer.

You can prepare green juice pulp with parsley, pear, spinach, and celery even using the hand juicer. Use the juice for drinking and the pulp to make a quick spread for your bread. It can be a great breakfast recipe when you want to lose weight.

You can also try some other recipes for pulp. For example, you can prepare vegetable juice with tomato, lettuce, bell pepper, carrot, and celery. After getting the juice, you can store the pulp in a bottle and use it later in cooking.

Alternative Uses of Fruit and vegetable Pulps from Juicer

So, you have got the answer of if you can eat pulp from a juicer. It is healthy, and you can use it in many recipes. Here we are sharing some of the fantastic usages of pulp from the juicer-

Use the Juicer Pulp as Soup Broth

Do you find it challenging to prepare thick soup broth?

Adding pulp can help you to get that. If you have never tried it before, you can try this once and see how wide and tasty vegetable broth you can prepare. Store it well, and you can use it whenever making vegetable soup or chicken soup. 

You can use the fresh or frozen pulp for preparing soup broth. You just need to make sure that you have thawed it well before using it. Using pulp in making broth is relatively healthy, and it also adds wonderful flavor to your soup.

You can use the broth in your favorite soups and stews. Also, you can use it on its own. You need to add salt, a pinch of sugar, spices, pepper, and water.

Add It to Scrambled Egg

Do you want to add a twist to your bland scrambled egg?

Toss the egg with vegetable pulp and add salt, pepper, and other spices. It will taste amazing, and you can have it every day.

Having vegetable pulp like this will make you healthy and also keep you full for hours. You won’t have any mid-morning cravings.

Prepare Popsicles with Fruit Pulps

You can try this method if you don’t want your children to have frozen items from the market and find it difficult to make them have fruit. Don’t squeeze out the entire juice from the fruit pulp after juicing it. 

Add some juice with the pulp to keep the taste and flavor intact. Now, pour those into a popsicle mold and put those inside the refrigerator overnight. Not only your kids but elders will also love to have it. 

As the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are intact in the juice and the pulp is rich in fiber, you don’t need to worry about your kids’ nutrition.

Make Smoothies with the pulps

Smoothies are more nutritional options for you and your family than having juice. To make those richer in nutrients, you can add vegetable or fruit pulp to your smoothies. Also, if you love to have it thicker, using the best smoothie maker is a great option.

Use as Clothing Dye

Did you know that fruit or vegetable pulp can be used as a clothing dye?

There are laboratories worldwide that are working on it, but you can make it easily at home.

Store the fruits and vegetable pulp in a jar and let your t-shirt soak in it for hours. You will get a unique color on it, unmatched by anything. Let your creativity fly!

Make Dog Treats

Why don’t you spoil your furry friend with something delicious?

Yes, fruit and vegetable pulp can serve your dog, and the taste will make them happy. 

But, while serving your canine friend, you need to make sure that the pulp you are offering to it is not toxic. Avoid giving pulp of apple seeds, citrus fruits, grapes, onions, etc., as those are toxic. Instead, you can go for carrots, cucumber, spinach, celery, lettuce, kale, etc.

Use as Skin-care Products

You will find it very useful as vegetable and fruit pulp can be used as a face mask, scrubs, body wash, etc. If you are making juice of avocado, apples, tomato, carrots, etc., store the pulp for treating your skin.

You can directly apply the pulp on your skin or add coconut oil or any other carrier oil to prepare the face mask. You can also add honey and yogurt for better nourishment.

Use the pulps as compost

You can also use the pulp as excellent compost. You can store fruit and vegetable pulp in a jar and later use it as compost if you are into gardening. 

Put fruit and vegetable pulp on the ground where you are growing anything. Once those decompose, the nutrients pass to the soil, and you get lovely yielding.

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Consumption of Pulps from Juicer: Conclusion

Hopefully, now you get the answer to if you can eat pulp from a juicer. Here, we have talked about how pulp can be beneficial for your health. Also, we have shared ways of having pulp. You can have it directly or follow different recipes to have it.

Besides, we have also mentioned how differently you can use fruit and vegetable pulp. In recipes, the pulp can be used to dye your clothes and as your pet food. While storing juice pulp, you should keep it in an airtight container for 24 hours.

Juicing vegetables and fruits generate pulps, while blending does not. Compare juicing vs blending if you want to know the differences in those two processes.

The experts recommend not using it more than that as it will lose the natural flavor and the freshness due to oxidation. But, once you are using juice pulp in cooking, you can store that food for 4 to 5 days without any issues.

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