Electric Beater vs Blender- Which Is Better And Why?

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For a modern kitchen, you need modern appliances. Kitchen appliances make your job easy as you need to put the lesser effort into cooking. A blender and an electric beater are some appliances that do your job easily, and you can enjoy your cooking time.

An electric beater is also known as a hand mixer. Don’t worry; you don’t need to run it manually, but it is an electric mixing device that comes with two metal beaters and various speed settings. Having an electric blender is very beneficial in your kitchen as it can mix, whip, blend, and beat any food.

Besides an electric beater, you can have a blender in your kitchen. This is a countertop appliance that can also mix and blend food items quickly for making several recipes. With a kitchen blender, making sauces, dips, soup, spreads, and beverages are easy.

As both kitchen appliances can mix and blend, what are the differences between the two?

If you have any of these appliances in your home, you may not buy the other one. So, check out the comparative study to know the differences between an electric beater and a blender.

Electric Beater- What Does It Do?

Electric beaters are portable and can be used instead of a non-electric hand mixer to lessen your effort. It is efficient in beating eggs, whipping boiled potatoes, making cake and cookies batter, etc. Stand mixer users often prefer this portable appliance because of its compact size and portability.

Usually, the best electric beaters in India come with two types of beaters. One is effective for whisking while the other one is for kneading. As those blades are removable, you can use and clean those perfectly without any problems.

You can whip cream and eggs, bake cookie dough and cake batter, prepare salad dressing and icing for the cakes, etc. Making mashed potatoes is simple with an electric beater. But, make sure you always go for using it on delicate food items.

You can make cookie dough with an electric beater but do it manually if you want to add chocolate chips to it. Using an electric beater on such items can put pressure on the motor and damage it.

an electric beater

When to Get an Electric Beater?

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for kneading and mixing, you can buy an electric beater. Also, if your kitchen is small and you don’t have enough space for a food processor or a stand mixer, an electric beater is the best option for you.

Certain models come with a dough hook. So, you can also easily make different types of dough and batter with this electric beater. An OTG oven can be very helpful to bake the batter.

How can a Hand Blender Help you?

Blenders are also one of the most common and versatile kitchen appliances you should have in your kitchen. As blenders can do more than make smoothies, you can prepare soups, beverages, desserts, spreads, etc. 

As you can do so many things with blenders, it comes with different settings, blade sizes, settings, and more. Cooking is fun now if you have this blender in your home. If you want to make soft and creamy products, buying a blender is a great option.

A blender can go well with soft food items. If you want to add solid items like fruits, you need to cut those into small pieces. The main difference between an electric beater and a blender is that you can beat eggs or make the dough in the former machine, but not in the latter one.


When to Get a Blender?

Do you love to have a smoothie almost regularly?

Do you use puree in your cooking or prefer to prepare soup?

Are you making different types of sauces and dips?

If you get all the answers, yes, it is high time to get the best hand blender in India to fulfill your needs. 

A blender can work well on soft food items. But, make sure you take away all the seeds from fruits and veggies to ensure the longevity of your blender. Once you buy a branded product, the standard appliance will serve you for a longer time.

Comparison of Electric Beater and Blender

Now, it is time to check out the features that make the difference between an electric beater and a blender. Have a look-

Working Method: Blender vs Electric Beater

An electric beater or hand mixer can easily be used to mix different types of food items. You can use this appliance for whipping eggs and creams, mixing cake batter, making cookie dough, salad dressings, etc. If mashed potato is your favorite, an electric beater is the best tool to do that.

Homemakers often prefer an electric beater more than a stand mixer or food processor because of its compact size and ease of using it. This handheld model is easy to use than any of its contemporaries. When the electricity is on, the motor starts rotating, and the beaters mix the food items as you want. 

A blender is also an electrical device mainly used to prepare smoothies, soups, stews, etc. When the power is on, the blades start moving in a circular motion. Thus, it creates a spiral movement or vortex in the fluid. There is fluid and air inside the blender when it is moving.

The vortex causes a vacuum at the center of the container that pulls the ingredients in the middle to blend well and create the perfect smoothie or paste. As the air mixes up with the liquid ingredients, you get a frothy smoothie with a consistent texture.

Application and Usability of Beater and Blender

As the name suggests, an electric beater is for beating food items and mixing those. Here are the easy applications of electric beaters that you may not know still-

  • If you want to make cake and cookie batter, an electric beater can help perfectly.
  • Churning homemade butter is so easy now.
  • If dosa is your favorite, make dosa batter with an electric beater.
  • Making lassi, sherbets, raita, etc., is easy with a hand mixer.
  • You can easily bind dough with this appliance.

Though blending is the basic function of a hand blender, here are some other kitchen uses-

  • Make purees, sauces, dips, and dressings.
  • Grinding sugar into finely powdered sugar quickly.
  • Mincing meat for different recipes.
  • Making the batter of pancakes and muffins.

Safe usage

As an electric beater is an electrical device, it should be used safely. You should always keep it away from the kids and pets. As different brands offer different appliances, you should always go through the instructions carefully before using them. Other than that,

  • You should keep away the plugs, external surface, and machine cords away from water
  • Please place it in a way so that you don’t need to move it frequently.
  • Ensure to carefully wipe off the outer part of the appliance as a little drop of water can damage the motor.

A blender can be used for a longer time without any trouble if you follow the safety measures. To use it safely-

  • It would help if you did not use any hot liquids to burn your skin with hot steam.
  • You should always keep your face away from the blender while opening the lid.
  • Always switch off the machine after use.

Cleaning and Maintenance for Beater and Blender

Cleaning and maintaining an electric beater won’t be difficult if you follow the appropriate tips. Here are some effective ones-

  • As the attachments are removable, you should remove those from the main body and wash them off with a soapy solution. You can also clean those in a dishwasher.
  • After washing those, wipe them off with soft and dry clothes. Please make sure the attachments are completely dry before using them again. Never use water to wash off the main body. Take a moist cloth and wipe it off well to clean all the food residues on it.

Caring for a kitchen blender is also easy. If you maintain it properly, it will serve you for a longer time. You should always unplug the appliance before cleaning it.

  • As you can’t immerse the outer body, plugs, and cord into the water, wipe off those with a moist cloth and dry them completely.
  • You can wash the other parts of the blender in water and clean those properly. Make sure no residue is left in the blending bowls and blades. Keep those in a well-ventilated area when not in use.

Cost involvement

If you want a user-friendly and cost-effective appliance that can blend, mix, and make the dough, you can always buy an electric beater. It is well available within the range of Rs 500 and 3,000. So, instead of buying an expensive food processor, you can go for this budget-friendly option.

Kitchen blenders are available at different price options. The branded ones are available between the ranges of Rs. 600 to Rs. 5,000. You can always buy this appliance to make your job easy in the kitchen.

Ease of Use

Beating and mixing by hand is a very tiring and time-consuming job. Also, you may not get the best end product that you need for cooking. Also, a stand mixer or food processor is not space-saving. If you want to buy a blender, that won’t make different types of dough for you.

So, an electric beater is the easiest option that can help you completely. It is easy to use as you just need to fix the right attachment and plug it in to use. Also, it is highly lightweight and durable.

Using a kitchen blender is easy. If you don’t want a bigger mixer and want something compact, a kitchen blender is a perfect thing to use. Maintaining and cleaning are also easy. So, if you want to have chilled smoothies on hot summer days, have this appliance in your kitchen. As an alternative, you can also try the best smoothie maker to prepare delicious beverages.

Comparison of Power Requirements

You can always go for an electric beater that uses 500 Watts to 700 Watts of electricity power. But, if you are buying it for regular use and want a power-saving device, a 350 Watts machine will be the best.

It is based on your usage. If you plan to use a blender almost every day of the week, you can go for a 750 Watts appliance. Else, a blender that consumes 600 Watts will also serve your purpose.

electric beater vs blender

Electric Beater Vs Blender: Comparison

ApplianceElectric BeaterBlender
FunctioningCan whip eggs, cream, knead the dough, etc.Can make smoothies, soups, sauces, dips, etc.
Applicationmaking cake and cookie batter, pizza dough, mashed potatoes, etc.making fruit juices, smoothies, dressings, etc.
SafetyVery safe to useVery safe to use
MaintenanceA bit tricky to maintain as it comes with several attachmentsVery easy to maintain as there are not many attachments
CostRs. 500 to Rs. 3,000Rs. 600 to Rs. 5,000
Ease of UseVery easy to useVery easy to use
Power Requirement350 Watts to 700 Watts600 Watts to 750 Watts

Electric Beater or Blender: Tips and Advice

Hopefully, this comparative study is clear enough to present the differences between an electric beater and a kitchen blender. When it comes to portability, an electric beater will always be first. Also, this appliance has varied usage than a blender as you can make dough with it and use it on semi-solid food items.

But, a blender is also useful as you can’t make fruit juices or smoothies with an electric beater. Also, mincing meat can be done in a blender than an electric beater. 

Here, we have presented all the comparative benefits and limitations of electric beaters vs blenders to get the perfect overview of them. Go for it and buy whatever you need.

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