Uses Of Garment Steamer With Step-By-Step Guide

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Wrinkled clothes are a no-no, but keeping them at bay is no easy task. Especially if you have to wake up every morning and get a mountain of early chores done, ironing your clothes just adds to that frustration.

But well, there is a brilliant upside to living in this fast-paced world- there are alternatives to every method. So if you want a quick way of fixing your wrinkled clothes, a garment steamer can be your best friend. It is easy to use, does not require any extra tools or settings, and keeps your favorite fabrics looking fresh as new.

If you are worried that it wouldn’t work as well as a steam iron, one use of a handheld, portable, or vertical garment steamer will change your mind. In this article, we will tell you the types, benefits, tips, and tricks of using a garment steamer to use a little less stress and a little more time enjoying your morning tea.

using garment steamer to steam clothes

What is a garment steamer used for?

A garment steamer does what it says on the tin. It is an appliance with an inbuilt tank that stores water and uses it to generate steam. The steam is channeled into the wrinkled fabric relaxes the fibers. This smoothens the creases and makes your clothes wrinkle-free. Though smoothening the creased items are their primary purpose, the best garment steamers have many other perks.

We all know how clothes start to look dull with continuous usage. But guess what? The good old clothes steamer is a savior here too. As the gadget does not require any rough movements, it does not damage the material. Instead, the applied steam can swiftly leave your old and bleak clothes looking absolutely spick and span. So garments steamers can be used for smoothening clothing and making the old ones look cheery and presentable.

But the practicality of a garment steamer does not end with simply steaming the clothes. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it. Here is some more usage of a clothes steamer.

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Other uses of garment steamer

Other uses of garment steamer

  • Sanitizing garments: Apart from making the wrinkles on your fabrics go away, the garment steamer, by applying heat, also kills bacteria and germs that might be present on the cloth.
  • Cleaning the curtains: The curtains handle it all from murky dust to elbow grease. But did you know that a basic handheld steamer can make it clean and instantly give it a pick-me-up? This will even save you time from removing the curtains from the panels, washing them by hand, or tossing them in the washing machine. As window drapes are one of the most delicate fabrics in your household, a garment steamer’s gentle steaming does the magic more effectively.
  • Works on Carpet Stains: Even a little mud-laden paw print or curry spots can be very noticeable on a carpet. If you are tired of sending your expensive carpets to the dry cleaners now and then, just get a garment cleaner. Be it a steamer from trusted Phillips or a more trendy Russel Hobbs garment steamer is very effective in spot cleaning. This will save your effort and your money.
  • Mattress Cleaning: Well, let’s be honest. Cleaning the mattress is everyone’s nightmare. But with a good garment steamer, there is no need for you to lift the heavy mattress and clean it. Just warm up your cloth steamer and use it for a deep clean. It would remove greasy spots to old stains right off your mattress and deodorize it. Our mattresses are more prone to germ and bacteria build-up. But as stated before, it would also sanitize the surface, leaving it clean and fluffy.
  • Polishing Furniture Mirrors and Windows: Garment steamers can remove smudges from surfaces quickly and effectively. Skip the routine of spending hours scrubbing away dirt from the mirror on your dressing table, mirror cabinets, windows, and furniture. Just use your garment steamer for steaming instead. Release the steam on the surface and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it afterward. And Voila! Your furniture and even your mirrors and windows are squicky clean and shiny in no time.
  • Steam Cleaning the Sofa/ Recliner: Every living room is incomplete without a recliner sofa or chair. Keeping the sofa clean and dust-free is a challenging task. Even after a regular vacuum, you can see the stains or the dirt on the sofa’s fabric. Using a garment steamer can help to get rid of them.
  • Cleaning Car Upholstery: A garment steamer can help you get rid of stains and spills on the car surface. If you are also worried about the stinky odor inside your car, a garment steamer can also take care of that. 

How to use a garment steamer?

Time Needed: 30 minutes

If you have only depended on irons and have never used a garment steamer before, you should know how to steam your clothes effectively. So before ditching the iron, read the step-by-step guide on the right way to use a garment steamer.

  1. Prepare the garment steamer

    The first and most important step is to warm up your steamer before using it. Pour water into the built-in water tank, turn the steamer on, and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Give the steamer enough time to turn the water into thick steam for better results. It’s better to check if the steam is prepared. You can just pull the trigger on the handle or press the button and check if enough steam is released.Preparing the garment steamer

  2. Prepare the clothes for steaming

    The most practical way of steaming your clothes is to hang them and use the steamer properly. Hang on clothes to give you access to all the parts and creases. However, you can also lay your clothes straight on a smooth and broad surface of an ironing board and then use the steamer. But the key is to keep all the areas of the fabric accessible by the garment steamer.preparing clothes for steaming

  3. Always use downward strokes

    Make it a point to use downward strokes while steaming your clothes. Please don’t press it too hard on the clothes. You need to slide the garment steamer down your fabric gently, and it will eliminate all the wrinkles. Make sure to reach all the areas.steaming clothes downward

  4. Let your garment dry

    Now that you have successfully steamed your garment, you will see that the fabric is a little damp. But worry not. That is completely normal. Just let it rest for 5 to 6 minutes, and you will have yourself a wrinkle-free, fresh piece of clothing.drying steamed garments

Things To Keep in Mind

It is a misconception that only cotton clothing can be steamed. The truth is, you can use your garment steamer on any fabric of yours. Be it your favorite silk kurta or the embroidered jacket your mother passed down to you as an heirloom, this wonderful gadget would make any fabric look radiant. But of course, if you decide to give your beloved clothes a ‘steam spa’, some of them would take extra care. Here are some guidelines for smooth steaming for even softer clothes.

  • Always check the labels of your clothes for handling instructions. If it says ‘dry-wash only’, avoid using a garment steamer on it.
  • Different fabrics need different care. Set the steamer according to the fragility of the garment.
  • Make sure the water tank is filled to the right level.

Time is a crunch in today’s world. And that is more a reason for you to bid adios to the ancient ironing sessions every morning and switch to the wonderful garment steamer. It will keep your favorite clothes wrinkle-free, hygienic, and presentable, offering you all the perks of ironing minus the risks and hassles. If you think that this will be one of those purchases you use once and box it up, don’t worry. Using a garment steamer is not something you will regret. Promise!

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