Gas Stove Vs. Hob for Kitchen- Comparison with Pros and Cons

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With changing times, everything around us has modernized. Compact homes with modular kitchens try to fit everything, even in the smallest places. We have seen a significant change, especially when it comes to gas stoves and built-in hobs. You can see modern auto-ignition hobs in most kitchens today instead of the traditional gas stoves.

But are they worthy?

To answer the question, we will now compare gas stove vs. hob to understand their differences and similarities. We will help you choose the right cooktop that is affordable, elegant, stylish, useful, compact, and sturdy.

Gas Stove Vs. Hob comparison

Points of DifferenceGas StoveHob
FunctionGas stoves have essential cooking functions and knobs to control the flame.Besides the essential functions, built-in hobs have multiple control options with more convenience.
Advanced featuresAuto-ignition gas stoves are advanced, and they do not require external fire to ignite.Besides auto-ignition, hobs have multiple heat control options with more features.
Cooking efficiencyHobs are more efficient in cooking compared to gas stoves. They have auto-ignition, as well as more control over the generated heat.The body of the hobs is entirely made out of tempered glass. They offer a sleek and elegant look to your kitchen.
Design and AestheticsThe gas stoves come with four stands that support the complete structure of the gas stove. They are either built of stainless steel or tempered glass on a steel frame.The number of burners used in the gas stove is 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Durability and qualityThe materials of gas stoves are highly durable and last for many years.Hobs are also robust, sturdy, and more beautiful to look at.
Installation processThere are no hassles involved, as you just need to place the gas stove on the countertop. Then, connect the stove to the gas cylinder using a standard pipe.Hobs have 2, 3, 4, and 5 burners.
No. of burnersCivil work is required for the installation of a hob. You will need to cut open the countertop considering the product’s dimensions. Then fix it permanently inside so that the countertop is.Hobs offer a safety feature where the gas knob automatically turns off when not in use for 10-15 minutes.
Cleaning and maintenanceTypically, the way of cleaning is tedious. It would be best to get rid of all the stains that fall on the larger surface area.As it is made up of tempered glass, cleaning a hob becomes much more manageable and cost-effective. You can simply wipe off the stove with a wet towel.
SafetyThere is no special safety feature available.Hobs offer a safety feature where the gas knob automatically turns off when not in use for 10-15 minutes. This helps prevent any accidents at home.
Price Range₹600 to ₹30000₹7000 to ₹80000
Best ForTraditional kitchensModular kitchens

How can a gas stove help you?

You have seen and used gas stoves, and there has not been much of an invention or modernization. The conventional gas stoves are kept on the kitchen counter in a free-standing position and can be easily cleaned and adjusted. They are not fixed and you can easily move them around. 

Design and performance of gas stoves

The height of a gas stove is typically around 10 to 15 cm. There is a gas inlet pipe at the back of the gas stove that connects to the gas cylinder. The gas stoves come with 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 burners. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the number of burners you need.

Traditional gas stoves are manually operated. However, the latest auto-ignition gas stoves do not need a lighter or matchstick to ignite. Such an automatic cooking system is pretty helpful for busy people.

design of gas stoves

Gas stoves are sturdy and robust. The material of the gas stoves ranges from stainless steel to tempered glass. Thus, they are portable, movable, and need no permanent fixation on the kitchen counter. Such gas stoves are considered the most beneficial for all kitchen counters.

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Advantages of Gas stoves over Hob

As gas stoves have been used for ages, people trust them for their longevity. Here are a few pros that can help you see the importance and usage of gas stoves.

  • Gas stoves have one significant advantage. Because of their height from the kitchen countertop, you can see the burners and the flame levels being used. You can change and adjust it as per the cooking needs.
  • Gas stoves are much more user-friendly and cost-effective than built-in hobs. They benefit from working even when there is no power supply. These gas stoves are robust, sturdy, and easy to maintain when compared with electric stoves and induction cooktops. 
  • Gas stoves are readily available, and they are easy to maintain. Compared with the new glass hobs and the electric stoves, they are more affordable and cost-effective.
  • The installation of a gas stove is much easier than installing a hob. For electric stoves, you need an electric connection, while for hob cooktops, you need to firmly place it inside the kitchen counter, and there is civil work involved. However, there are no hassles involved while installing the gas stove, and you need to place the gas stove on top of your kitchen counter. Unlike the built-in hob or electric stove, the gas stove doesn’t require professional assistance and modification for installation.
  • The best quality gas stoves are easy to clean and maintain, and they are made of stainless steel or tempered glass, and both these materials are sturdy and easy to clean. Hence, when compared with hobs, gas stoves are incredibly durable and do not require much cost for maintenance. Hence, they are the most cost-effective and user-friendly.

Limitations of gas stoves

When there are advantages, there are bound to be disadvantaged as well. Each of the benefits may appeal to you for making your decision, and drawbacks can prepare you regarding your expectations regarding the gas stoves.

  • Gas stoves can get messy with grease and oil stains on the stove body and gas burners. If left unattended, it becomes challenging to get rid of them.
  • Using a gas stove can be risky because of the fire hazard. If you forget to close the gas knob, the gas will be leaking out very slowly leading to a dangerous situation. So, always turn it off when not in use.
  • The gas stoves have a traditional look which is a little outdated. When you want to add an aesthetic look to your modular kitchen, a gas stove is less preferable to a hob.

Best uses of gas stoves

  • Gas stoves have been used for ages. Thus, it is time-tested and reliable.
  • They are affordable when compared to hobs. Therefore, it will appeal to those who restrain their budget.
  • Gas stoves are still used by most Indian households, as they are movable and offer the best heat generation compared with a hob.
  • These stoves are readily available and have no extra costs for installation purposes.

What is special about built-in hobs?

Just like built-in ovens, the hob is a new way for cooking on stoves, and it has revolutionized how your kitchen will look. Unlike gas stoves, hobs are fixed on your kitchen counters. They appear to be an inbuilt component of your kitchen counter and do not stand higher than conventional gas stoves do. So, for installing a hob, you will need to do civil work on the kitchen counter as per the dimensions of the kitchen hob.

Design and performance of Hobs

Like gas stoves, a built-in hob has a gas inlet at the back, and the only visible parts would be the gas burners and controllers when successfully installed on your kitchen counter. This benefit ensures to make cleaning is easy for hobs and is also considered to be more hygienic than gas stoves. 

The kitchen hobs are made up of tempered glass, more robust than the other glass available in the market. They usually come with 3 or 4, and even 5 burners for easing your work.

design of hob

Advantages of hob over a gas stove

Built-in hobs have revolutionized the modern kitchen. Since they have become a recent sensation, let’s try and understand some of the advantages of installing a hob in your kitchen.

  • Hobs have a better design and are more elegant looking than gas stoves by adding finesse to your kitchen.
  • Most hobs come with an auto-ignition feature which is safe and easy to use.
  • Auto shut-off timer is an essential safety feature in built-in hobs which is not available in any other gas stoves available in the market. If you forget to turn off the gas, the gas connection will be automatically cut off preventing any leakage of gas.
  • The flame’s intensity is lower than any other gas stoves in the market. This feature also helps in cooking and ensuring properly cooked meals for all.
  • Since only the burners are higher than the countertop, hobs are easier to clean and maintain.

Drawbacks of hobs compared to gas stoves

Hobs may be the new and trendy cooktop available for your kitchen. However, there are a few concerns about opting for hobs. Thus, helping you out in choosing the correct cooktop for yourself.

  • Hobs are comparatively expensive compared with other cooktops available in the market.
  • Installation of a built-in hob is more complicated than gas stoves. The kitchen counter needs to be cut down as per the product’s dimensions, and then it needs to be nicely placed and fixed on your kitchen counter.
  • They are permanently constructed. So, you cannot change its position after installation.

Best uses of Hobs

  • Hobs have the best gas stove design for modular kitchens, and their aesthetics make them stand out among other cooking stoves.
  • If you are planning or building a new kitchen, installing a built-in hob is ideal as it requires significant civil and stonework on the countertop.
  • Built-in hobs are more helpful in reducing gas consumption.

Differences and similarities between gas stove and hob

  • Operation and Function

The primary function of a gas stove is always to cook food and control the flame or heat. At the same time, hobs have changed the perception. Hobs function not just to make cooking more manageable for you but also to help you keep everything clean, and hygienic and add elegance to your kitchen. The gas stoves keep the flame high. But when compared to the built-in hob, you can control the flame function, which is better for cooking purposes. 

  • Durability

Traditional gas stoves are durable and built using stainless steel. Tempered glass is used for hobs, yet they are also very durable and sturdy. 

  • Installation

It would help if you did civil work for the hob installation, and the hob remains fixed afterward. The gas stove only needs to be placed on the kitchen counter.

  • Number of Burners

The gas stoves usually come in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 burners, and you can choose to select either number of burners as per your usage and your requirement. In comparison, built-in hobs also come with 2, 3, 4, or 5 burners. Most households these days are opting for 3 or 4 burner hobs as it makes your life easier. 

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  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the gas stove is difficult. The stains from cooking often seem to stick to the stainless-steel part of the gas stove. However, when you opt for the tempered glass hob, cleaning becomes more accessible to maintain hygiene. You just need to wipe the glass top using a wet cloth, and it is clean as new. 

  • Safety

The safety feature is unique to the hob only, and this means the gas connected will be stopped or paused when not in use. 

  • Advanced Features

Modern gas stoves have an auto-ignition system, and the sleek design makes them easier to install. On the other hand, hobs also have auto-ignition, but you need to fit it on the kitchen’s countertop; it is complex to install.

So, which is better – a gas stove or a built-in hob?

In comparing gas stove vs. hob, the latter is a better option when it comes to changing or replacing your cooktop or opting for a modular kitchen. The safety features, the sleek design, the sturdy tempered glass, and more have been significant factors for people opting for installing built-in hobs in their homes.

While comparing the pros and cons of a gas stove and hob, you will see which one has better benefits for your requirements. While conventional gas stoves have been in the market for a long time, hobs are now trending!

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