10 Smart Uses and Functions of Hand Blender

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If you’re a foodie and watch a lot of recipes online, you may have noticed professionals using hand blenders or immersion blenders in almost every one of those recipes. While the device itself is affordable, it offers unmatched versatility and provides an outstanding value for your money.

If you’ve never used a hand blender, now is the right time to get one. If you follow this article to the very end, you’ll know the 10 ingenious uses and functions of hand blenders. One thing is for sure; these handy immersion blenders are smarter than you think. These can be utilized to get most of your kitchen chores done with affordable attachments at hand. 

As mentioned above, hand blenders are much more versatile than you think. Let’s look at the 10 intelligent uses of these handy devices. 

Smart Uses And Functions Of Hand Blender

1. Whipping Cream

Whipping or whisking has been chiefly reserved for hand mixers or stand mixers only. However, it turns out that hand blenders do a remarkable job without you breaking a sweat. For instance, the best quality hand blenders work so flawlessly that you can prepare yourself a full bowl of whipped cream in less than a minute. 

whipping cream with hand blender

Whipping is essentially beating and mixing ingredients to incorporate air into them. Forks and mixers were traditionally used to do that, but they were pretty limited. Thankfully, things have changed for the better.

If you’re a little short on budget, using hand blenders for whipping and whisking is undoubtedly a good and effective alternative. Add a tablespoon of powdered sugar in ½ cup of heavy cream. Then, gently beat the cream with your hand blender until it starts looking like whipped cream.

Make sure to move the hand blender in an up-down motion to get the highest efficiency. Like a ice cream maker, you can also blend the ice cream with a hand blender.

2. Homogenising food

Homogenising regarding food refers to the technique used to make things uniform, i.e., reduce particle sizes to the bare minimum to improve consistency and produce higher quality emulsions.

Homogenising food with hand blender

It isn’t the same as conventional beating or mixing. It requires high shear force since you need to break big fat globules into much smaller ones. Traditional methods simply can’t provide such shearing force and therefore aren’t recommended for homogenizing. 

On the other hand, hand blenders are multi-purpose devices that pack enough power to homogenize your food without a hitch. Although the manufacturer and the price are critical factors in determining the power of a hand blender, most of them are powerful enough to get things done.

Thanks to a high-speed motor powering the hand blender! It’s function is enough to break even the toughest of globules into tiny pieces, making your food or batter look smooth and uniform in texture. 

3. Blending smoothies

The name itself says “Hand Blenders,” so these devices outperform the competition marginally when blending smoothies. Dedicated blenders may work better, but they don’t provide you with such versatility. The fast-rotating blades powered by a powerful motor are ideal for getting all your mixing and blending tasks done without any hiccups. 

Blending smoothies with hand blender

Use your hand blender to mix and blend smoothies and make a unique flavor that satisfies your taste, all without stressing your muscles a lot. It wouldn’t have been possible with the functions conventional mixing tools.

Moreover, like a smoothie blender, making smoothies with hand blenders is child’s play and doesn’t involve a lot of cleaning. After all, using a countertop blender for creating a breakfast smoothie is always a waste of time and energy, considering the cleaning it requires afterward.

Making delicious smoothies to kick-start your day is way better and efficient with hand blenders. 

4. Pulverizing nuts

Pulverizing can be referred to as turning food into powder via extreme shear forces. Mixer grinders have been nailing this task for generations, but is it worth it to get those mixer grinders to produce a few grams of grounded nuts?

Pulverizing nuts with hand blender

That’s where hand blenders come into play. They are portable, easy to use and work as a handy and efficient replacement for dedicated appliances. The wide functions and uses of hand blenders make it possible.

Traditionally, mortars and pestles were used for crushing, pounding, and grinding. Thankfully, those manual methods have been replaced with modern and automatic ones. Amongst them, hand blenders triumph in almost any related task you throw at them. 

5. Liquidizing purée

Hand blenders are effective in even doing complex jobs like liquidizing. Liquidizing is essentially turning a solid into purée (liquid).

Liquidized purée with hand blender

This method required specialized liquidizers until hand blenders came into the picture. You can separately purchase different attachments to enjoy all these hand blender functions and uses.

You don’t need to buy an expensive appliance for any particular task. That is if you’re using these to work with smaller quantities. You can prepare yourself a fresh bowl of tasty soup with hand blenders in minutes without creating a lot of mess. 

6. Preparing Homemade Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce wasn’t easy enough to prepare at home. Hand blenders have taken this to the next level. The hand blender or immersion blender version of this recipe is way easier to approach and much faster to execute; talk about a perfect blend of performance and efficiency!

Preparing Homemade Tomato Sauce with hand blender

Moreover, hand blenders can help you store a whole lot of your summer-bought tomatoes for years in the form of sauce. All for a fraction of the price that you would’ve paid for a hand blender. 

Creating tomato sauce with hand blenders involves just 3 simple steps to function. Please put all your tomatoes in a pot, cover it with the lid and use it cook for an hour until they get reduced. Let the reduced pulpy tomatoes cool down for some time and blend them with your hand blender.

That’s just it; your fresh homemade tomato sauce is ready to complement your taste buds all year round. Moreover, consuming homemade tomato sauce is any day better than purchasing canned tomato sauce with added preservatives. So, there’s practically no reason for you to question the need for hand blenders. 

7. Making Apple Butter

Who doesn’t love apple butter?

Just the texture alone of apple butter is enough to make anyone’s mouth watery. As a bonus, preparing apple butter is not hard, especially if you have a hand blender.

Making Apple Butter with hand blender

Just put some preferably peeled and chopped apples into a pot and let it sit at the stove for about 1-2 hours.

Meanwhile, remember to add a subtle mixture of cinnamon, cloves, lemon juice, and maple syrup to make it delicious and creamy. Let the apples get reduced to a small size due to that excess and consistent heat. After that, all you need to do is immersion-blend the mixture in the up-down motion, and you’re good to go. 

8. Preparing Baby Food

Preparing Baby Food with hand blender

Hand blenders are perfect tools to prepare baby food, such as vegetable puree or mashed potatoes. There are dedicated appliances such as potato mashers, but they cost a significant amount of money for the value they provide.

In addition, you won’t need to make big chunks of baby food anyway; hand blenders can do the trick without messing up your monthly budget. What’s more?

Hand blenders are much faster than a potato masher, making them more reliable for preparing baby food. It is another good use of hand blenders.

9. Making Pancake Batter

What’s not to love about pancakes?

From the texture to deliciousness, pancakes have been serving as one of the best breakfasts for generations.

pancake batter with hand blender

However, the process of preparing the batter for pancakes can be cumbersome at times. Not anymore, thanks to the might of tiny hand blenders, preparing pancake batter for your urgent breakfast or midnight cravings is easier than ever. 

To prepare smooth and consistent pancake batter, use a hand blender as an efficient alternative to a stand mixer or hand mixer. Not only does a hand blender feel good and is more compact, but it also doesn’t require you to put a lot of strain on your muscles.

Hand mixers or electric beaters function well and do most of the part, which is, not surprisingly, the biggest perk of owning one. 

10. Preparing Milkshake

What can be healthier than a good dose of freshly prepared milkshake first thing in the morning?

Preparing Milkshake with hand blender

To kick-start your day, your body gets most of the required nutrition, including calcium, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

What’s more?

Milkshakes allow you to do this without hurting your sensitive taste buds. Thankfully, you don’t have to mess up your whole kitchen to make a single glass of milkshake; hand blenders are here to help. 

The powerful motor of hand blenders and multiple extra sharp blades work hand-in-hand to bring the perfect consistency and texture to your food magically.

Let it be preparing milkshakes for your early morning boost or a delicious mixed-fruit smoothie to satisfy your midnight cravings. All you need is a hand blender to function and get things done. Things were never this convenient in the past. 

11. Preparing Mayonnaise

Emulsification, that’s where you understand the true power and efficacy of a hand blender. Emulsification perfectly disperses a liquid containing bioactive compounds (e.g., Egg yolk) into a non-miscible liquid (e.g., oil).

Preparing Mayonnaise with hand blender

As you might’ve guessed, creating emulsions like mayonnaise is not that easy and requires a great deal of power. At least this was the case before immersion blenders were introduced. 

Using hand blenders make heavy cooking chores like emulsifying seem like a piece of cake. That’s precisely what you need to prepare fresh mayo to complement your mouth-watering smoked turkey quickly.

And for the record, mayonnaise is delicate emulsification of egg yolks and oil; mixing these liquids is next to impossible manually. Thankfully, hand blenders with impressive functions have got you covered. 

12. Making Hollandaise Sauce

Yes, something as fancy as hollandaise sauce can easily be prepared with hand blenders, yet another display of their usability and extreme versatility. Most of the recipes available online recommend using hand blenders for better results. And why won’t they?

Making Hollandaise Sauce with hand blender

Working with eggs yolks has never been this easier, thanks to these handy hand blenders. The recipe with hand blenders involves fewer steps and is less daunting comparably.

In addition, expect your little hand blender to function and get things done pretty fast and without hassle. To get started with preparing hollandaise sauce using your hand blender, begin by adding 2 egg yolks and a splash of lemon juice with an added pinch of salt into your breaker.

Thoroughly but gently move your hand blender across the mixture while adding 1 whole stick of melted butter into the mix. Blend it until you get the desired consistency and a slightly lighter color. 

13. Making Pesto

Making Pesto with hand blender

Preparing pesto is one tedious task for which an expensive full-blown food processor used to take all the responsibility. However, hand blenders work just as fine for a fraction of that price. Put some fresh basil leaves, garlic, salt, and pepper into a beaker and steam the mixture with a bit of olive oil to get the best texture.

Let it sit until you get the ideal texture for a pesto. Immersion-blend the mixture using the up-down motion, and your smooth and delicious pesto is ready to serve with your favorite dishes. 

When something looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. While the saying is undoubtedly true most of the time, consider hand blenders as the chosen exception. They’re handy devices that function to eliminate your need to get heavy appliances for your daily kitchen chores, such as blending, mixing, and whipping.

As if hand blenders or immersion blenders weren’t handy enough, they come with many attachments that increase their usability by dramatic margins. These attachments also enable multiple brilliant uses of hand blenders and allow them to do more than just blending.

The best part of all is that despite providing such enormous versatility, hand blenders are unbelievably cheap for the price. It is so cheap that you can grab one for yourself for a couple of thousand rupees. 

So, this was our take on 10 clever uses and functions of hand blenders. We’ve covered most of the tasks a hand blender can help you with, from general purposes to specific mount-watering recipes. As a side note, make sure your hand blender is compatible with the desired attachment before buying it.

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