Hand Washing vs. Machine Washing: Which is better?

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Washing clothes by hand can save you a lot of money in terms of no extra electricity bill. But it needs your time and effort. There has been a misconception among people that washing with hands and machines results in the same quality and effectiveness.

Some fabrics need special care and for such clothes, the manufacturer generally mentions it on the label. However, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to both hand washing and machine wash. This Hand wash vs washing machine guide may help you to find a better procedure for washing.

Hand wash vs washing machine

Significance of Hand Washing

Washing clothes with hands has been the cheapest way of washing. It is the most popular way of washing among people. But it has some certain limitations.

Some of the advantages from useful products we find very good for hand washing-

Advantages of handwashing over washing in a machine

  1. With hand washing, you can be gentle on clothes with twisting and rubbing.
  2. It is better for delicate clothes.
  3. Saves a lot of money as no electricity is required.
  4. You need detergent, water and brushes to wash with hand. All these are maintenance-free.
  5. If you have forgotten to add cloth or added a cloth by mistake to the washing bucket, you need not worry. You can easily add or remove it to the bucket.
  6. When washing with the hands you can save more water compared to most semi-automatic washing machines.

Disadvantages of handwashing over a washing machine

  1. It involves huge effort to rinse, wash and drain out water from the clothes.
  2. With hand washing, more time is consumed as you need to get actively involved.
  3. You may need to work in a wet and humid environment to wash clothes with your hands.
  4. The full process of handwashing is purely manual that needs your labor.
  5. Hand washing can involve more usage of water than a typical fully automatic front loading washing machine.
  6. You cannot wash multiple clothes at once when using hands to wash. But, in a washing machine, you can add a lot more.

Significance of Machine Wash

Washing with a machine can be helpful to avoid the hurdle of washing clothes with hands. Using a washing machine can dramatically reduce effort and time. You just need to load the clothes into the washing drum. Next, add suitable detergent as per the manufacturer’s instruction. With a few clicks on the desired button, you can start washing. When the washing is completed, it will stop.

Advantages of using a washing machine over hand wash

  1. A hassle-free operation that requires less involvement.
  2. When you are using a washing machine, you will have a lot of useful settings for various types of clothes. Therefore, you can select a suitable option from the touch panel.
  3. With a good washing machine like Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine, the clothes get the cleanest washing.
  4. Fully-automatic and especially front-loading washing machines are very energy efficient.
  5. A good washing machine has a “Child Lock” feature. It prevents misoperation of the washing machine.
  6. Most of the manufacturers include a water filter that can supply water to the inlet of the washing machine without dropping pressure beyond the tolerance level.
  7. As Front Loading washing machine has many advantages, it is beneficial to buy one as it uses less water in an optimized way to reduce wastage.
  8. Unlike handwashing, when you are using a washing machine, the working environment is dry and decent. It does not spill or scatter water during operation to make the floor wet.
  9. Elders can get an advantage to wash clothes easily with a Fully Automatic Top Loading washing machine over the Front Loading ones.
  10. You can wash a lot more clothes at once using a washing machine. So, for hand washing, you need to clean each of them separately.
  11. With the higher spinning speed of some washing machines, you can make the clothes nearly dry. In rainy seasons, it can be very helpful.

Disadvantages of using a washing machine over hand wash

  • Not suitable for all types of clothes/ fabric that require special care. The manufacturer generally mentions it on the label of the cloth.
  • Using a washing machine can increase the electricity bill. It is recommended to use a fully automatic front loading washing machine with an energy-saving feature.
  • A semi-automatic top loading washing machine can increase water usage.
  • For some low-budget washing machines, you cannot add or remove clothes when the washing cycle is started.
  • Space is a major factor in the disadvantages of washing machines. You need a seperate space at your home sufficient for placing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better hand wash or washing machine?

Hand washing is the cheapest and maintenance-free way of cleaning clothes. However, it involves a lot of time and effort in our busy life. The washing machines were invented to ease the washing procedure to save time so that you can engage with other works. Though it involves some electricity costs and capital investment, it is recommended to use a washing machine to ease your life dramatically.

Is handwashing clothes effective?

Hand washing is very effective to clean clothes. Dedicating sufficient time to wash, can help you achieve a very good washing quality. Some delicate clothes need special care and cannot be washed in the washing machine as instructed by the manufacturer. However, it needs a lot of time and energy to achieve it. So, a washing machine is recommended.

What is the hand wash cycle on the washing machine?

Some manufacturer includes this option in their washing machines. It is designed for some delicate clothes to gove proper safety with good washing quality. Using cold water imitates the way clothes are washed with hands.

Tips for great washing quality

  • In case you are hand washing and your clothes have some stains that are difficult to remove. You can prewash it by applying a little Stain Remover Washing Liquid and rubbing it gently. Keep the clothes in the detergent solution for at least 30 minutes before washing.
  • If you are washing clothes with hand, you should use a Fabric Conditioner after washing. Next, eliminate bad smell from the clothes with the Fabric Freshener.
  • For clothes that need extra care, wash them separately as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you are using or planning to use a top-loading washing machine, you may try Liquid Detergent for Top Loading Washer from Amazon. In case it is a Front Loading washing machine, you may check the Liquid Detergent for Front Loading Washer.
  • Washing with slightly warm water can help you wash the clothes cleaner and faster. But do not make it hot because it can damage the clothes if overheated.
  • When washing, do not mix light-colored clothes with deep-colored clothes. Because the dark color can leach out and discolor the light-colored clothes.
  • After washing, do not keep the wet clothes directly in the sun. It can damage and discolor clothes. Hence, it is advised to keep the clothes in a shady place where direct sunlight cannot pass.

Hand wash vs washing machine- Conclusion

As you can see in the advantages and disadvantages above, handwashing is the cheapest with a maintenance-free way of washing. However, in our busy lives, it is very difficult to keep pace with other responsibilities. The washing machine reduces stress, effort, and time in an advanced way to keep you busy on other works while it does the job.

A good washing machine should have an allergy and germ-free technology, lower maintenance, several automated options in the operating panel, low power consumption, sturdy quality, high durability. Therefore, choose wisely that matches your necessity.

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