4 Creative Ways To Hide Chimney Pipe In The Kitchen

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A chimney is a very crucial element of a modular kitchen. It saves you from the heat and smoke produced while cooking, giving your modular kitchen an even modern look at the same time. However, the latter depends on how well you hide the chimney pipes.

These kitchen vent pipes carry the heat and smoke to the outside. However, as beneficial as these vent pipes’ function may sound, they can easily hinder the elegance of your modular kitchen if left uncovered.

In that case, you may want your creativity to shine as you can turn this problem into an opportunity of decorating your kitchen. There are creative ways to hide the pipe completely while giving your kitchen an even modern look with the best kitchen chimney in India. I will discuss some of the creative ways in this article. Consider this article as your guide to hiding chimney pipes in the kitchen.

how to hide chimney pipe in kitchen

Why Is Chimney Piping Arrangement Important?

As said, as beneficial as your chimney might be for your expensive modular kitchen, the vent pipes can hinder the elegance of your kitchen. Hiding those vent pipes is not an option for you; it’s more of a necessity these days.

However, arranging those chimney pipes is also important as you want your chimney to be as efficient as possible. A kitchen chimney sucks the heat and smoke produced during cooking, and the pipes carry that smoke to the outside.

Your chimney must be the size of your cooktop or slightly bigger (60 cm and 90 cm) than that so that no smoke escapes into the kitchen. The piping arrangement of your chimney may also help the chimney to extract the heat and smoke better.

While ducted chimneys have a complex piping arrangement, ductless chimneys are less complicated. Compare ductless and duct chimneys to know which one is more suitable for you.

How To Hide The Exposed Chimney Pipe in your kitchen?

Seeing those exposed pipes damaging the look of your kitchen must give you a serious headache. After all, you didn’t install a chimney so that your modular kitchen looks not-so-modular.

However, in certain ways, you can not only hide those pipes as if they weren’t even there, but you can even improve the look of your kitchen if you creatively do that.

So, how will you do it?

Don’t get the creative juices flowing inside your brain?

Don’t worry, that’s exactly why we’re here. Let’s explore some creative ways to hide the exposed chimney pipe while maintaining the elegance of your modular kitchen. 

Install A kitchen Cabinet – the best way

A cabinet can be very beautiful for your kitchen. After all, a modular kitchen already includes many cabinets; installing an extra one won’t be a problem for you. You can have a backless cabinet covering your vent pipe while maintaining the modern look of your kitchen.

However, this option greatly depends upon the length and position of your exposed pipe. Some kitchen design outlets offer prefabricated, backless cabinets to hide kitchen vent pipes, but we recommend building your own.

hide chimney pipe behind kitchen cabinet

Building a cabinet to hide those chimney pipes is not that hard. All you have to do is cut an opening in your backless cabinet, one on the top and one at the bottom for the vent pipe. The diameter of these holes must be at least an inch wider than the vent pipe’s diameter.

After that, you can paint the cabinet to your liking, and it’s done; you’ve hidden the ugly-looking chimney pipes in one of the most simple yet creative ways possible.

Hide chimney pipe behind Columns and soffits

This one is probably the simplest way of hiding the exposed pipes. You can install a column over the pipes to effectively cover them. There’s a variety of materials that you can use to do that, including wood and drywall, depending upon your kitchen decor.

hide chimney pipe behind column and soffit

Once you cover the pipe, you can paint that to match your modular kitchen’s overall theme. You can also purchase a prefabricated column or soffit from a reputed kitchen design outlet to conceal the pipe. 

Just paint the vent pipe

When nothing else works, the last option that you’re left with is paint. You can paint the pipe to match the color of your wall perfectly. This method won’t effectively conceal the pipe, but it will draw the eye away.

You should use paint to hide the pipe only if your vent pipe’s orientation or the layouts of your cabinets make it hard for you to use any other method.

hide chimney pipe behind column and soffit

It would help if you also consider the heat generated while cooking. It is better if you chose the paint which can withstand the heat. The pipe will inevitably get hot during use, and you don’t want the paint to come off due to that heat. 

Use Accessories to hide it

You can use decorative elements such as art or any other thing that will cover the pipe. This method not only conceals the pipe but also decorates your modular kitchen. It’s just that you have to be very creative while placing the decorative elements in front of the exposed pipe.

hide chimney pipe with accessories

You have to make sure that the elements fully cover the pipe or make things even worse. The things that you place to conceal the pipe must also match the theme of your kitchen.

Tips and Suggestions

Installing a chimney in an Indian kitchen is important because Indian food often involves a lot of smoke and heat due to the spices we use. However, concealing the pipes is of the same importance. The chimney vent pipes, if left exposed, can seriously damage the overall beauty of your kitchen.

If you can unleash your creativity, you can convert this problem into an opportunity to decorate your kitchen. You can choose creative ways like installing a false cabinet and columns or soffits to hide the exposed chimney pipe in your kitchen. It will also help you to use the chimney easily.

However, if creativity is not your cup of tea, you can choose the much simpler ways, such as painting the pipe or placing decorative elements in front of the exposed pipe to conceal it. Whatever you do, you have to be careful, or you’ll make things worse; completely mismatching the theme of your cover with the kitchen is one way to do it.  

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