How to Hide Water Purifier in the Kitchen and Keep it Tidy?

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The kitchen is the place of creativity. No matter whether you spend a few hours over there or the maximum time of your days, it should be attractive, welcoming, and warm to give you a nice experience over there. All that depends on the interior décor of the place. 

You have to concentrate much on the installation of the kitchen appliances. Everything should be there and placed perfectly so that your kitchen looks wonderful. Though you can manage all other kitchen appliances, you face issues while hiding the water purifier in your kitchen.

A water purifier has to be installed on the walls. Now, installing it on any walls will damage the look of your modular kitchen. Also, you need the ease of using the appliance.

So, where should you install it so that you can easily use your water purifier without making it visible?

We have discussed the methods of hiding your water purifier in the kitchen perfectly.

The Problems with an Exposed Water Purifier

Today, in many households, there is less space in the kitchen. So, you have to think creatively to make space look bigger and better. Look for stylish alternatives that can enhance the décor of your kitchen and also serve your purpose.

First of all, if you install your water purifier on any wall of your kitchen, it will not look good. It will ruin the entire decoration of your modern kitchen. So, try to hide it cleverly.

Also, the water purifier is an expensive piece of appliance. So, you have to maintain it properly to ensure its longevity. If you install it just anywhere in your kitchen, it will attract the grease and smoke from cooking. Thus, the water purifier can get damaged easily. To protect it, the best idea is to hide the installation.

hide water purifier in kitchen

Best Way to Hide the Water Purifier

The water purifier has become a necessary appliance than any luxury. However, today, in urban areas, the drinking water is not completely pure as there is lots of contamination. For example, if you live near an industrial or agricultural area, the groundwater gets contaminated with heavy metals, mud, pesticides, industrial waste, and many more. 

Installing the best water purifier in India is the only way to keep your drinking water safe and make your family healthy. There are lots of top-class brands available of RO water purifiers that you can buy now.

But, how to hide a water purifier in the kitchen?

Though you can develop lots of creative ways to hide your water purification in your kitchen, the best way is to go for an under-sink installation. In the modern kitchen, you may face the struggle of space. So, keeping everything hidden will give a neat and clean look to your kitchen.

An under-sink RO water purifier is the best option for you then. With it, you can save space and install the appliance perfectly without changing the appearance of your kitchen. Installing under-sink RO is also easy as you can directly attach it to the tap water of the washbasin. Thus, not only drinking water but you can also get purified water for cooking.

As an alternative, you may think of hiding the water purifier inside the kitchen cabinet. But it is not recommended as water spillage and humidity can damage the furniture. Also, maintenance and troubleshooting would be difficult inside the cabinet. The best option is to install the purifier under the sink.

benefits of hiding water purifier in kitchen

What Are the Benefits of Hiding Water Purifiers under the Counter/ Sink?

Installing a water purifier under the counter or the sink not only supports drinking clean and safe water but there are lots of other benefits too. We will discuss the benefits so that you can get assured for installing such purifier and hide it from everyone-

Saves space on the Counter Top

What are the benefits of hiding your water purifier in the kitchen?

This is the best answer to that question. If you have limited space on the kitchen countertop, hiding it under the kitchen counter is the best option. You don’t need to put any additional effort into accommodating the appliance on the kitchen countertop. It fits well under the sink, and you can only see the water faucet.

Water Spilling Is Never Possible

Are you tired of wiping off your kitchen counter each time you fill water in the bottles? Not anymore if you have the water purifier installed under the sink or kitchen counter. Such water purifiers come with a curved tap installed on the sink and connected to the main water tap. Thus, you can always fill the bottles by keeping those in the sink, and there is no spilling on the counter.

You Get High Flow Rate

The under-counter water purifier comes with a hydrostatic tank that ensures the perfect pressure and good flow of water. Due to the high water pressure, you can fill a water bottle within 10 to 15 seconds.

Installation Is Easy

Yes, you can even follow the DIY methods to install it! As installing an under-counter water purifier doesn’t involve a much higher technique to install, you can easily do it without hassle.

Use Clean Water for Cooking

While installing such a purifier, make sure to connect it with the tap water of your sink. Thus, you can get completely purified water and use it for cooking. Cooking with purified water can maintain the taste of the food perfectly.

So, these are the benefits of installing an under-counter or sink water purifier. There are other ways also to hide water purifier in your kitchen, like-

  • You can install it inside a separate cabinet
  • You can also find any other installation point than kitchen 
  • If there is no other place to install it, you can cover the water purifier with a beautiful cover so that it won’t catch grease and smoke

So, here you get the information on how to hide a water purifier in the kitchen. If you are planning to buy one, you need to plan ahead and then go for installation. Under-the-counter installation is the most important method to keep the water purifier hidden.

Installing such water purifiers is easy and maintaining them is also simple. As it won’t catch much dirt, you don’t need to clean it every day. There are lots of brands that manufacture under-sink water purifiers, specifically. You can go for that only to make your kitchen look better and beautiful.

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