Scratches On Induction Cooktop – Causes, Repair, And Prevention

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The home and kitchen appliances you have in your house are branded and quite expensive. So, you need to take the best care of those. Maintain those as mentioned in the user manual to increase their longevity.

The induction cooktop is one of the most important kitchen appliances nowadays. It saves much on the bill as cooking on it is faster than a gas stove. But, too much usage or rough usage can cause a scratch on it. That looks awful and also damages the appliance forever.

With proper tips, you can stop induction cooktop scratches and keep the product in good condition. For that, you should always buy branded products. Those are sturdier and made of better quality than any other local products.

Besides that, you should always follow the user manual to use the appliance. Never use any non-induction utensils on it. Also, it would help if you did not bump anything on it as that can cause a scratch. Today, we will know about induction cooktop scratch and how to protect your appliance from any such mess.

scratches on induction cooktop

Do Induction Cooktops Scratch Easily?

Most modern induction cooktops have their top surface made of tempered crystal glass or ceramic. Though the best induction cooktops in India are less prone to scratches, there is always a chance. But, even if you won’t be very careful about using the appliance, it can also get cracks.

Now, why does the induction cooktop get scratched?

The glass top can be scratched due to improper use, using inappropriate tools, etc. Not only that, but regular use for a long time can also cause scratches on the induction cooktop.

If you ever bump any hard material on it, it can have a scratch, and even a small chip can be removed. Also, not keeping it properly causes scratches on it and spoils its appearance and utilization. By following simple tips, you can get rid of such issues.

Reasons for Scratches on Induction Cooktops

Before knowing about the prevention, you need to know the causes of induction cooktop scratches. Here are some of those-

  • The rough surfaces of utensils and also rough handling of that cookware can cause scratches
  • Bumping heavy stuff on the surface of the induction or sliding any cookware on it
  • Inappropriate usage of harder and heavier cookware materials like cast iron, ceramic, etc.
  • Hot spills like sugar and salt crystals can cause scratches on the induction cooktop.

Apart from these, many people often use the flat surface of the induction cooktop as a cutting board. It is weird but true. Such malpractices can cause deeper scratches and further damage to the induction cooktop.

How to Know Whether There Are Scratches?

Sometimes there are white hairline marks that seem to be scratched. To know whether your induction cooktop has scratches or not, you can follow a simple tip. Polish the glass top with a damp microfiber cloth. If the mark goes off, there are no scratches.

You can also touch the area of scratch with your fingers. Again, you will feel the difference between the smooth surface and the scratched part. But, you should not put any pressure on that part, even with your finger.

cast iron cookware on induction

Will Cast Iron Cookware Scratch on the Surface of an Induction Cooktop?

Before knowing this, you need to know whether you can use cast iron utensils on induction or not. The combination of cast iron and induction cooktop is perfect. You can use cast iron pans on it for easy cooking. As cast iron transfers the heat evenly throughout the pot, you can cook quickly in this.

But, there is also another problem with using cast iron pans on an induction cooktop. Those types of utensils can be the reason for induction cooktop scratch. Cast iron skillets are heavy, and if those ever get slipped on the induction, they can cause scratches and other serious damage to your appliance.

Also, you need to clean the cast iron pan very clearly. If there is grime or any dirt under the pan, it can cause a scratch on the induction cooktop. So, you should be very careful while using the cast iron pan on an induction cooktop.

repair scratches on induction cooktop

Can We Repair Induction Cooktop Scratch?

What to do if the induction cooktop already has scratches?

You can try a home remedy to solve it. Take baking soda and water or white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and prepare a pudding-like consistency. Take the solution in a soft cloth and wipe off the induction cooktop gently.

Make sure the mixture is smooth enough and not abrasive at all. Once you wipe your induction cooktop with it, use another damp cloth to remove any leftovers. Your induction cooktop should be completely cooled before washing. Vinegar is a great solution as it can also remove hard water spots.

It is very difficult to remove scratches from the induction cooktop. It would be best if you did not grind or rub the scratched area to make it worse, and the glass top can get shattered. What you can do is clean out the scratch by gently wiping the area with oil. Thus, it won’t look that much worse, and the white mark of the scratch will be removed.

Most of the brands cover only manufacturing defects on their cooktops. In that case, you may not avail warranty to it. So, it is better to be cautious to prevent scratches.

prevent induction cooktop scratches

How to Prevent Scratches on Induction Cooktop?

Rough usage, hard materials, and long-time usage can cause scratches on an induction cooktop. Therefore, you have to be very careful while using it. Improper usage of an induction cooktop can damage it further, and you won’t have any option to replace it.

Instead of that, if you use the appliance properly, it will serve you longer, and you don’t need to make repeated payments for one appliance.

By following these methods, you can prevent your induction cooktop from having scratches. Have a look-

  • Leftovers, residues of food elements, etc., can cause scratches on the induction cooktop. So, it is very important to clean it properly.
  • You can purchase top-quality cooktop cleansing cream. Clean your induction each time after using it to keep it safe from having any scratches. This cream is a kind of car wax that can clean the smallest particles which are not visible to the naked eyes.
  • While placing the cookware on the induction cooktop, you have to be very careful. Never put anything on it forcefully. Put it firmly but gently.
  • Never slide cookware across the induction cooktop. Lift those strongly and gently put those on the cooktop.
  • Always use induction-based cookware. Never use anything round or uneven-shaped utensils on induction. Check out the base of the cookware to make sure it is smooth.
  • You can also use paper or mats between the cookware and the induction cooktop to avoid scratches. You can go for a flexible silicone baking mat or parchment paper. Those are heat conductors and never catch fire. Using such papers or mats also soaks up spills that may stain the induction cooktop.
  • You should never use any abrasive cleaning materials or pads to clean the cooktop. Avoid steel wools or any scraggy or grainy material. Instead of these items, you should always use a soft cloth and mild soapy water to clean the induction top.
  • Always remove the pitting from the induction cooktop. If those are not removed immediately, they can cause scratches on the cooktop.
  • You should always check the base of the pans and skillets before using them. Make sure there are no food remnants that can cause scratches.
  • Try not to move the cookware back and forth too many times while cooking. Friction can cause more scratches.
  • If food ever gets stuck on it or there are any burnt particles on the cooktop, you should not use the knife to remove those. There are specially designed cooktop scrapers that are available for removing scraps from the induction cooktop. Use those at a 45-degree angle to avoid scratches on them.
  • In many households, people store bottles, jars, and containers on the flat surface of the induction cooktop if it is not used regularly. Never fall for such practices. If you are not using it every day, pack it well and store it in some safe place.
  • As the induction cooktop is made of glass, never put hot lids on it. Air can get trapped inside it, and the lid can stick to the surface. While removing it forcefully can cause scratches and cracks.

So, these are some useful methods to follow for preventing induction cooktop scratches. Be very careful while handling such a delicate appliance, and it will serve you for a longer time.

Final Words

Hopefully, you get enough information about taking care of the induction cooktop by preventing scratches on it. You can always buy branded products that are robust and comes with a warranty period. Check out the things covered within the warranty period and talk to the dealer for any help.

Also, you should be careful while handling induction cooktops. In the modern kitchen, inductions are a must as they help you cook faster, and maintenance is also easy. Each of the tips we have mentioned is not difficult at all to follow. So, be gentle while handling, and the appliance will be just like new, even after several usages.

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