Interior Design Ideas For Indian Kitchen

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David Hicks, the famous English designer, and decorator, once said,

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”

We live in a time when there’s a sea of change and a flood of diversity in every aspect of life. Industries are becoming inclusive; women are confident about their leadership positions, and men are happy as stay-at-home dads. As Hicks rightly claimed, every room in every building reflects these.  And, consumers often feel uninhibited about incorporating innovative looks in their homes through unique kitchen interior design ideas.

A good designer knows how to make your house and kitchen capture fresh perspectives to suit people of different gender, race, etc. That’s how interior designs stay relevant. An innovative designer doesn’t just follow the latest trends; he sets his own. And he won’t stop there. He may get inspired by a house in Namibia, sitting here in India. The mindset of designers and consumers to incorporate elements of other cultures in home decor ideas has opened a new world in interior design. And very often, it starts in the kitchen because that’s the room of experiments and magic in every house!

Interior Design Ideas For Indian Kitchen

Things to do and check when designing a Kitchen

If you plan to design your kitchen on your own, a good idea is to make a mood board or a scrapbook where you can collect the images of the inspirations. You can then make a list of the things you like and dislike about your own kitchen.

  • Start at how your kitchen looks – the colors of the walls, the design of the cabinets, etc. Next, think about how the space in your kitchen is getting utilized, and whether you’re comfortable working in there. Now, think of how much of it you’re willing to get rid of. Sometimes, having the wall between the kitchen and the dining space knocked down can help you consider an open-plan kitchen. You can also consider modular kitchens for a modern look.
  • Now, it’s time to move on to an important aspect of your kitchen – the plumbing. It’s time for you to decide if you need more pipelines – especially if you planning on relocating the sink or adding a new one, especially if your new design involves a kitchen island. Another essential feature to think about at this point is the electricity supplies. Think about where you’re planning to place the appliances, and plan the plug points accordingly.
  • Don’t forget the lighting in your kitchen. While arranging your cabinets to allow maximum inflow of natural lights is a great idea, make sure that you are also in control of the kitchen’s lighting. Don’t forget to make the areas for cooking, preparation, etc., well lit. In addition, think about the positioning of your appliances and your tools concerning your working areas.
  • In addition, make sure that the different sections of your kitchen space are connected intelligently, to increase the functionality of the kitchen. Just like your cooking space, sink, and refrigerator should be set at three points that for the work triangle, it should also be easy for you to find the spices while cooking, or get to the dining table after cooking. It is also a good idea to set your stove and chimney near the window for easy exit of smoke and odors. 
  • And finally, it all boils down to your budget. Don’t forget to think about how much you can afford, and then start on your kitchen redecorating project. Be product with the investments and think about how you can save in one area to spend it on something else. For instance, open shelving is less expensive than closed cabinets. You can save some money there and invest in anything from good quality paint to table-mats. 

The Six Types of Kitchen Layouts

There are different types of kitchen layouts. Consider the advantages of each of them, and incorporate what works for your home. Take a look –

Galley Kitchen

gallery kitchen layout

The galley kitchen, also known as a walkthrough kitchen or parallel kitchen, is an efficient layout for small kitchens. This one-cook kitchen consists of two opposite and parallel walls and a walkway in between them. The design is easy to conceive and achieve, without worrying about corner cabinets. In larger kitchens, you can even add an island in the middle.

One-Wall Kitchen

one wall kitchen idea

The one-wall kitchen, which is common in studio apartments, is noted for using minimum space. In this layout, the three work centers, i.e. the sink. the cooktop, and the fridge, are in a single line, while the cabinets are all mounted on one wall. This layout does not allow enough free space on the countertop. Modern versions of the layout include a kitchen island.

U-Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen layout

Also called the horseshoe kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen layout has cabinets and appliances lined up on three walls. If you have a large kitchen where you’re planning on spending a lot of time, you can pick this layout. It gives you plenty of space on the floor, the counters, and in the cabinets, and creates an efficient work triangle.

A modular kitchen suits best in this type of kitchen design. Selecting the right accessories can make it worthy for a lifetime.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen design idea

The L-shaped kitchen layout suits a small family home really well, especially if the floor space in your kitchen is not too much. In this plan, two adjacent walls bear the cabinets, appliances, and countertops. Thus, it integrates three workstations and creates an efficient design. You can even utilize the left-over space to fit in a small dining table or even an island.

Island Kitchen

island kitchen design idea

If you’re looking for a way to add both storage and working space to your kitchen, then the island kitchen layout is perfect for you. The island can accommodate everything from cabinets and countertops to the sink and the dining bar. It can be incorporated into other kitchen layouts, too, except the peninsula kitchen; you just have to make sure that your kitchen has enough space to have one.

Peninsula or G-Shaped Kitchen

Peninsula or G-Shaped Kitchen design idea

The Peninsula kitchen layout, with a connected island, provides a free-standing workspace that you can use as a countertop, storage space, or eating area. You can access the freestanding space from only three sides while the fourth side remains connected. this design offers almost the same benefits as that of an island kitchen while using less floor space.

Different types of design requirements for small, medium and big kitchen

You have to remember that not everything will work for your kitchen. Before implementing new ideas, consider the size of your kitchen.

Small Kitchen

Interior design ideas for small kitchens in India need thoughtful placement of products and smart storage designs to make the most of the space available. Start with tall, extra-slim cabinets. If you’re having problems fitting a kitchen table, rethink the number of cabinets. Perhaps you can sacrifice a few of them, and add a petite breakfast bar in that space.

Another space-saving idea for small kitchens is to replace cabinet doors with drawers. This allows you to maximize the space available and optimize the positioning of the appliances. Don’t forget modular kitchen units set into the wall. Don’t clutter the areas near the windows, to allow light to flow freely in your kitchen.

You have the opportunity to save space by installing an under-mount sink or a single inset sink, both of which save countertop space. Your small kitchen can also look large if you don’t let the items clutter the visible areas of the kitchen. For that, you need to learn the art of smart shelving and arrangement. To make things easier, pick appliances that are small in size and will fit in your quaint kitchen easily. If you have something to install near the ceiling- like an exhaust fan or chimney, use the best ladder for home use to ensure safety.

Medium Kitchen 

Designers recommend incorporating an open-plan kitchen that merges with the dining and living space, with prominent shelf and drawer frontage in a medium kitchen to make it look bigger. Your cabinets should be positioned to give you wide passageways to ensure your comfort while cooking. Also, use the corners for seating benches, and add under-seat storage units.  

A medium-sized kitchen is perfect for incorporating the work triangle design concept. It will help minimize the walking distance between the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink, thus improving the functionality of the kitchen while providing you with safety and comfort.

Allot enough space next to the sink on the countertop to allow you to prep comfortably. Make sure that the countertop has enough space for your movements in general – from cutting vegetables to serving food. A medium kitchen comes without the restrictions of a small kitchen, and with little effort, you can make it look and feel large and comfy.

Large Kitchen

Big kitchens may sound like a dream come true in theory; in reality, however, they might be tricky to decorate. Often, they end up having unutilized spaces, which look odd, unless it’s something that’s planned. So, start by marking the locations of the doors and windows, and plan the layout accordingly.

Adding a kitchen island can be a good utilization of the vacant space. A zone dedicated to dining right in the kitchen can bring a soothing sense of harmony and relaxation to the space. However, it is not easy to plan a large kitchen’s decor, with a complete focus on the working section and its relationship with the dining area.

Large kitchens shine with a double gallery which is an efficient arrangement. If the kitchen sink is opposite the cooktop, you will get a sensible design. Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen without missing out on the warmth factor, by using wood, laminate, or natural stone for the kitchen worktops. Adding tall units will also make the kitchen look smart.  

Essential cooking appliances to consider when determining the design of Kitchen

It can be a little daunting, trying to think of all the kitchen essentials and purchasing them all. Don’t get confused between a luxury and a necessity – though it doesn’t mean that you can’t have both. So, here’s a list of the essential cooking appliances.

Must-Have Appliances

Let’s start with a list of appliances that are indispensable in your kitchen: 

1. Refrigerator: Look for a fridge with a higher star rating to get higher energy efficiency. Consider how much food you’re likely to store. Accordingly, pick a size that doesn’t look out of place in your kitchen.

2. Kitchen Chimney: A kitchen chimney is essential for clearing out smoke or smells of spices and food. Pick a chimney that’s not only effective but also comes with regular cleaning services from the seller.

3. Cooktop: An all-in-one range, with an oven and a cooktop, lets you cook on both gas and electricity. It makes your kitchen stylish while saving space. You can also get an induction stove which is a rage now.

4. Pressure Cooker: Pressure cookers preserve nutrients and cook in a short time. You can pick from a wide range of colors and shapes of cookers! If you have an induction stove, you must buy a compatible cooker. Electric pressure cookers are the modern version of traditional pressure cookers.

5. Water Purifier: Water purifying systems are a must in the kitchen to ensure clean drinking water. And, while most purifiers have a plastic body with neutral colors, you can pick the new metal purifiers, too. 

6. Mixer Grinder: We Indians love our spice mixes, our onion-ginger-garlic paste, and our chutneys. A mixer grinder is perfect for such requirements. And food processors, with separate jars and blades, are a matter of pride. Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder is a very good product to match Indian needs. Don’t forget to flaunt yours! 

7. Hand Blender: It is used to blend milk or even make juice. A hand blender is very useful and many people use it regularly.

There are various kinds of cookware available in the market like- Induction base cookware, hard anodized cookware, and many more.

Optional yet Helpful Appliances

Here’s a list of appliances that can only enhance your cooking experience every day in your kitchen:

1. Microwave Oven: Microwave ovens are now essential in all kitchens, helping with basic heating and cooking. Think about your needs first before you invest in convection ovens instead of a basic ones.

2. Juicer: If a glass of smooth, freshly squeezed juice is a staple on your breakfast table, then a juicer is a life-saver. A juicer will help extract the juice of any fruit and veggie and start the day on a healthy note. A juicer mixer grinder can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. As the name implies, you can use it as a juicer, mixer, and grinder all together.

3. Air Fryer: The latest addition to the kitchen of every health-conscious Indian is the air fryer, which cooks your food with less oil. Thankfully, they look luxe; but remember that it will take up quite some space.

4. Coffee Maker: A handy kitchen appliance that gets you up and about in the morning, a single-serve coffee maker will brew you a fresh cuppa and fill the kitchen with the aroma of fresh coffee. (Check: The Ultimate List of Kitchen Appliances)

5. Sandwich-Maker: Whether it’s for breakfast or mid-night binging, sandwiches can be a life-saver. And, a sandwich-maker makes one for you within minutes. If you’re short on space, you can buy a small one.

6. Electric Mixer: If you love to bake, then an electric mixer is an excellent addition to your kitchen. The best stand mixers are more expensive. So, if you’re not willing to invest in one, get yourself the best hand mixer.

7. Electric Kettle: An electric kettle can be handy if you want to make your coffee faster and safer. As it does not need firepower, no flame is generated and can be used for regular needs.

There are many such items like rice cookers and other appliances that you can add to your kitchen. Make sure to evaluate their importance in your kitchen properly before you invest in them.

10 Unique Kitchen decoration Items to improve interior

Now you know about some of the important appliances that you need to add to your kitchen. But, apart from these, there are many small decorative things that you can add to the kitchen. These will not only give your kitchen a unique and clean look but will also help to organize everything around you and make your job easier. Here’s a list of 10 unique kitchen decoration items that you did not know you needed!

1. GreyWings 3 Light Cluster

The industrial-looking light cluster from the house of GreyWings features three lights, which not only provide luminance but also increases the overall sophistication of your home. This classy-looking piece can be used anywhere in your house, although it looks best as a chandelier in your kitchen or dining room. Unlike most light clusters, this one is completely made of premium-quality metal instead of plastic and comes with a hard-wired fixture. The matte-black metal will also provide the required durability besides enhancing the look.

2. Status Nylon 3D Digital Printed Runner

The all-new 3D printed carpet rug designed by Status is made of supreme-quality mite-resistant and eco-friendly nylon material that not only has a wow factor but is also extremely durable. It will increase the overall appearance of your house while ensuring comfort and warmth for your underfoot. It provides a super-soft feel due to the material and also protects you from unpleasant cold floors. It also has a rubber gel backing that can absorb any liquid almost instantly.

3. Lifetime Chakla Belan Stand

Almost all the Indian households have the Chakla and Belan, which is the ethnic alternative of a roti maker. But, it is very difficult to keep them on our kitchen countertop while maintaining the overall aesthetics. And for that, Lifetime Products has designed this unique Chakla Belan stand that can be a beautiful but rugged addition to the kitchen workspace. This stand is made of premium-quality stainless steel and is further reinforced with multi-layer chrome plating. The product dimension (65 mm x 205 mm x 380 mm) of this stand is ideal for holding both wooden and marble Chakla.

4. Floraware Plastic Revolving Spice Rack Set

The unique spice rack container set from the house of Floraware can be your ideal solution to store herbs and spices. It comes with an unbreakable body that is also extremely easy to clean, which means very easy maintenance. The transparent containers come in a revolving stand that assures easy and fast access. This beautifully designed carousel set has 16 jars that are sufficient for holding almost all the spices needed for any Indian dish. The rack is completely made of ABS thermoplastic that is completely impact-resistant.

5. WallDesign Kitchen Protection Wall Stickers

The kitchen protection wall stickers from the house of WallDesign can be easily stuck onto the wall, door, furniture, and cabinets to offer you an elegant look. Besides, it is completely spill-proof to help you maintain your kitchen without any unwanted stains. It is made of premium quality vinyl that is waterproof to make it ideal for use in the cooking and sink area. This lightweight yet strong material is resistant to oily stains, dirt, and water.

6. Kurtzy 2 Tier Chrome Plated Metal Dish Rack

This unique 2-tier dish rack from the house of Kurtzy can hold up to 12 pieces of kitchen utensils such as bowls and plates. It is made of premium quality stainless steel that is further reinforced with chrome plating to make it durable and long-lasting. The top shelf of this dish rack is made for holding dishes and bowls while the bottom shelf is for glasses. The streamlined design of this rack will perfectly complement any modern kitchen. Besides, the dimension (40x26x34 cm) of this rack is even ideal for compact kitchens.

7. Perfect Pricee Fat Chef Hook

The unique Fat Chef Hook from the house of Perfect Price is actually a cartoonish hook shaped like a chef, which you can stick on your kitchen wall to hang items like a plug, towel, or even your mobile charger. It is made of an eco-friendly resin material that not only offers a premium look but is also durable. You can easily stick these cute figures on your kitchen wall as it is very easy to install with double-sided tape. The dimension (3.6 x 2.3 inches & 4.3 x 2.7 inches) of this plug holder is ideal for any modern kitchen.

8. HOKIPO® Washable Dinner Table Mats Set

The dinner table mat set from the house of HOKIPO® not only offers a new look to your dining table but is also extremely easy to maintain as it is completely washable. This set of 4 mats is made of premium quality PVC and polyester blend that is also heat resistant to protect the tabletop. It can resist up to 80 Degrees so that you don’t need to worry about the expensive wood or marble of your tabletop.

9. Kuber Industries Refrigerator Drawer Mats

This unique set from the house of Kuber Industries consists of 6 pieces of multipurpose mats and 3 pieces of non-woven saree covers.  The mats are made of superior-quality PVC material that is easy to clean. Besides, it is also more economical than other multipurpose mats available on the market. The saree cover set, on the other hand, comes with a transparent front window that offers clear visibility. Besides, it also comes with premium quality zippers for easy opening and closing. Both the items come in good packaging that also makes it ideal as a gift item.

10. Ganapati Fridge Storage Net Bag

The must-have fridge storage net bag from the house of Ganapati is ideal for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh on your refrigerator. It is made of foldable lightweight material that is sturdy and extremely easy to wash. This set contains 12 large storage bags in 4 different colors. All the bags come with an easy zip. These bags are 9.5 inches long and 15 inches wide, which is ideal for keeping almost any vegetable and fruit. Besides, you can use these bags to store travel items. They are made of food-safe material and are completely eco-friendly.

Such unique decorative items can totally intelligently transform your kitchen, and give you a fun experience in the kitchen, every single day.

To make your house and its kitchen look attractive and unique, keep an eye out for the latest trends. At the moment, you can go for strongly veined marbles. Busy patterns on these luxurious stones have returned to create a storm in the market. You can also consider wood with subtly-grained texture, which has recently experienced a revival. Go for pale but warm shades to create an inviting ambiance.

Another kitchen decor trend in the year 2020 is the color “Black”. When combined with a rustic woody finish, black can add a touch of glamor and luxury to your kitchen. From black walls to black cabinets – use them smartly with various colors and textures for a chic look. If you really want your kitchen to look “in”, Just forget what “traditional” kitchens have been doing, or the rulebook that such kitchens follow. 

Contemporary kitchen interior design ideas make space for multi-tasking, with technologically advanced cabinet doors that you can push open. This means that your kitchen does not need to have handles on cupboards. You can also go for recessed handles in contrasting colors for a sleek and interesting look. 2020 has also turned out to be the year of glazed cupboards, open shelving, and customized decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions regarding interior design ideas for the Indian kitchen.

What is the kitchen triangle rule?

A kitchen triangle is a design concept that helps to create a layout that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. If you think about it, you’ll notice that you use the refrigerator, the cooktop, and the sink most often. Now, imagine straight lines joining each of these points with the others, forming a triangle, i.e., a work triangle. Experts suggest that this triangle should be such that the three points are close enough to give you high efficiency while cutting down your steps.

How can I make my old kitchen look better?

One of the best ways to make your kitchen look better is to incorporate new kitchen interior design ideas. You can start by upgrading the hardware and adding artwork and decorative elements. Try replacing cabinet doors and adding window treatments. You can change the kitchen lighting and use chandeliers. You can also repaint the kitchen and rearrange the kitchenware and appliances.

What color looks good in the kitchen?

Think of using bright shades of blue and green for a sharp look and a burst of energy in your kitchen. You can also try warm colors like red or yellow which create a welcoming environment while stimulating the appetite. Combine them with neutral shades like white or grey for a chic look. You can also throw in some black to add a luxe touch to the decor.

What is the ideal size of the kitchen?

A common kitchen should take 10-15% of the total floor area. So, if you live in a big house, your kitchen should have an area of about 240-360 sq. ft.; usually, this is an open cooking-and-dining space. An average small kitchen, on the other hand, is less than 70 sq. ft. in area, while a mid-sized kitchen in an Indian house measures 100-200 sq. ft. Unless you have cooked in all of these, you can’t determine which is the best suited for you.


So now you know everything about designing a beautiful kitchen in your house. Remember to keep your eyes open and draw inspiration from everywhere. And, if you find the task too daunting, don’t hesitate to hire a decorator. Don’t worry about getting things out of your hand completely when you hire a professional. They will take always take your visions and desires into consideration and make suggestions accordingly to give you the kitchen of your dreams. 

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