6 Different Types of Blades in Mixer Grinders and Their Uses

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Cooking is a form of art. Whether you are preparing regular food or something special on the weekends, it won’t taste good if you don’t use the right things correctly. That’s why you need perfect kitchen appliances. 

In the modern kitchen, you need upgraded kitchen appliances that can make your job easy, and you can also enjoy cooking without being messy. Juicer mixer grinders are some of such kitchen appliances that you need every day. This appliance comes with different types of blades and jars.

You can make a paste of spices, grind those, mix different ingredients, and so on for cooking. As different types of blades come with a mixer and grinder, your task in the kitchen becomes more effortless and more time-saving.

Besides this, this appliance takes lesser space in your kitchen as you don’t need to keep things separate. Due to modern technology, the design of the contemporary kitchen has changed so much and becomes user-friendly.

Having a mixer grinder can make complex tasks, like grinding, blending, mincing, etc., easy. While buying the best juicer mixer grinder, you will get several types of blades.

Do you know the purpose of all the blades?

Today, we will talk about different types of juicer mixer grinder blades and their uses.

blades of juicer mixer grinder and their uses

Different Types of Blades in Juicer Mixer Grinders and Uses

In the Indian kitchen, a juicer mixer grinder is one of the most vital kitchen appliances. If you have this device at home, you can prepare varieties of dishes. Making batters and chutneys, grinding spices, etc., are more accessible uses of a mixer grinder.

Today, manufacturers produce more advanced kind of mixer, juicer, and grinder that comes with varieties of blades. Each of these blades has particular functions. By using those, you can be flexible while cooking and save much of your time. Here are some of the essential juicer mixer grinder blades you can use for different purposes-

1. Wet Grinder Blades

wet grinder blade

When you buy a juicer mixer grinder, you will get different types of jars. One of them serves the purpose of being the best wet grinder in India.

This blade comes with the largest jar that has a capacity of 1 to 1.5 liters.

It is perfect for making any kind of batter. Preparing dosas, idlis, or dhoklas is now super easy at home.

While using this blade, you should be careful about using water in the batter to get the right consistency of the batter. Pastes of lentils, spices, and grains can also be prepared with this blade. In every Indian kitchen, this blade serves the maximum purpose.

2. Dry Grinding Blades

dry grinding blade

Many people don’t prefer to use powdered spices as those have lots of amalgamation of dust. You can dry and roast spices and grind them at home. To do that, you will need this blade.

You can grind coffee beans, dry chilies, almonds, cloves, cinnamon, cashew nuts, and lots of other materials for cooking. Grinding spices at home is more reliable as the nutritional values are kept intact. You can also use this blade to make powdered sugar for different types of fabulous desserts. Also, know the difference between dry grinders and mixer grinders to find out which can be good for your use.

3. Chutney Grinder Blades

chutney grinder blade

Chutneys and sauces are one of the most integral parts of Indian cuisine. Whether it is rice or roti, a bit of chutney can change the taste of the food. You can now prepare varieties of chutney at home in your mixer grinder with this blade.

This blade is ideal for wet and dry chutney or mustard and honey, coconut chutney for South Indian dishes, coriander and mint chutney for parathas and rotis, etc.

Besides making chutneys, this blade can also grind hard materials like ginger, turmeric, peppers, etc. Preparing chutneys with the right consistency is easy now.

4. Mincer Blades

mincer blade

You can mince anything with this blade. From grating coconut, almond, cucumber, onions, etc., to mince meat or chicken, this mincing blade can help you get the tiniest pieces of the objects for your unique recipes.

You can also crush ice through this blade. Thus, it is quite useful for our kitchens. Mincer blades are not compulsorily provided with mixer grinders. You need to buy it as a separate attachment.

5. Whipper Blades

Whipper blade

This particular blade comes separately from the package of the mixer grinder and the jars. You can fix it in the largest jar to whip curd, cream, ice cream, etc., for making amazing desserts. Making smoothies, lassi, etc., at home is simple now with this blade.

If you don’t get this blade with your mixer grinder, you can buy it separately also. You can use it in the blender jar for blending different materials.

6. Juicer Blades

juicer blade

Apart from mixing, grinding, and blending, you can also use the appliance for making juice. You will get a separate jar and blade for the purpose. You can’t use the other blades to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Also, it is compatible only with a juicer mixer grinder, you cannot use it for cold press juicers, citrus juicers, or hand juicers.

The juicer blade is made of top-quality stainless steel so that it can serve the function perfectly. It is sharp enough to cut, chop, and grate large pieces of fruits and make them suitable for extracting juice.

The juicer blade is sturdy, robust, and made of rust-free material. Still, you should maintain it well for more prolonged use. These are effective enough to extract maximum juice from fruits and vegetables. After juicing, you can also consume the pulp directly or process it.

So, these are the main blades of mixer grinders and their usage. Apart from these blades, you can also avail the of blender blades which can be useful in making blended smoothies. Once you know the purpose of individual blades, you can use those perfectly. You should keep those blades maintained and cleaned each time after usage.

Issues You Can Face with the Blades of a Juicer Mixer Grinder

So far, we get to know about juicer mixer grinder blade types and their uses.

But, what to do if those are not working well?

Instead, when should you change the blades?

The first sign is improper grinding. If you notice after several spinning, the blades are not grinding the materials coarsely; it is time to change the blades. But, before changing those, you can try some DIY methods to sharpen the blade.

You can use rock salt for this purpose. Add a spoonful of rock salt into the jar and turn on the mixer. You can repeat the process more than once to notice that the blades are sharpened enough. If you find this method didn’t bring any changes, you can change the blades and buy new ones.

How to Change (open) Mixer Grinder Blades?

Usually, you get three jars when choosing a juicer mixer grinder like Prestige Iris 750 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder, and the blades are attached to it. You don’t need to open those usually. But, sometimes, the blades get rust and also get damaged. Those may lose their sharpness also.

By following specific steps, you can easily open the blades from the jars-

  • Hold the coupler under the jar.
  • You will get a spanner with your mixer grinder while buying. Use it to remove the blade from the jar.
  • You need to fix the spanner and move it clockwise to remove the blade.
  • If you are replacing it with a new blade, put it in the right place.
  • Now, rotate the spanner anti-clockwise and make sure you have tightened it well.
  • Double-check the blade before using it.

Hopefully, now you are well aware of the uses and different types of blades of juicer mixer grinder and juicer. Also, you know how to maintain those for longer purposes. When getting a mixer-grinder-juicer, know their advantages and disadvantages. You can always go for the branded products so that those come with lots of benefits, durability, and longevity. Above all, you should also maintain the blades well to remain sharp and cook different recipes.

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