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To stay healthy and make a habit of drinking purified water, you need to install a water purifier at home. There are different types of brands available in the market. Each of those comes with varieties of features and functions. The most popular brands are Kent, Pureit, Aquaguard, AO Smith, Havells, Livpure, etc.

But which water purifier brand can suit you best?

A comparative study on the differences between Kent vs. Pureit vs. Aquaguard water purifiers by comparing their features, pros, and cons will help you to find out the most suitable water purifier.

Kent Vs. Pureit Vs. Aquaguard Water Purifier

Kent vs. Pureit vs. Aquaguard Water Purifiers

Points of DifferenceKentPureItAquaguard
Kent mainly follows multiple stages of water purification that include RO, UV, UF, RO+, and Gravity.Most Pureit water purifiers have lesser stages of purification than Kent as it purifies through RO, RO+, and UV technologies. Though some of the products come with MF technology of purification, it lacks other advanced technologies like Kent.Aquaguard comes with purification technologies like RO and UV. The products of Aquaguard lack other advanced technologies like Kent purifiers.
TDS Controlling
The in-built controller can reduce the TDS level up to 2000 ppm.It can control TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.Aquaguard can control TDS within the range of 200 to 2000 ppm.
Storage CapacityThe products are available with 5 liters to 14 liters storage tanks.Water purifiers of Pureit come with a storage capacity of 5 liters to 14 liters.Usually, these water purifiers are available with 4 liters to 8 liters storage tanks. In comparison to Kent and PureIt products, Aquaguard does not have a long-range storage capacity.
Warranty Period1-year warranty with no service charges for 3 years.1-year warranty on the product, but it doesn’t cover additional accessories.1-year warranty on the product.
Price rangeFrom Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 20,000 From Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 34,000 From Rs. 1,095 to Rs. 17,000

Kent Water Purifiers

Kent water purifiers
source: Kent India website

Kent’s Expertise in Water Purifiers

If you are willing to buy a water purifier based on Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, Kent is considered the best brand. It began its operation in India in 1999 and soon became the largest manufacturer of water purifiers in India. In all these years, the brand has won the hearts of millions in the country with its exclusive range of water purifiers. The best water purifier in India comes from Kent as it is based on next-gen technologies to make your everyday living full of life and health.

Water Purifier Ranges from kent

Whether you search over online shopping sites or at the electronics shops, you will find many amazing products from Kent. Some exclusive Kent water purifiers are Kent Supreme Light, Kent Maxx, Kent 11076 New Grand, etc. The exclusive product range of Kent offers supreme water purification and is available with extraordinary features and functions.

Design of Kent Water Purifiers

Kent water purifiers are not only effective in purifying any kind of water, but they also take care of the aesthetics of your kitchen. The Kent purifiers are compact in design and can be fitted well in minimum space. The models are designed for all types of kitchens. Besides, you will find wall-mounted purifiers which take lesser space in your house.

Build Materials and Quality

When it comes to quality, you don’t need to doubt the Kent products. Once you search online, you will find mainly 4-star and 5-star products. Kent water purifiers are mainly made of ABS food-grade plastic. Therefore, these are corrosion-free. Also, due to the ABS plastic, it offers much durability and longevity without any leakage.

Kent’s Water Purification Technologies

Kent water purifiers use Reverse Osmosis Technology to offer you the purest drinking water. Maximum water purifiers of Kent uses multiple purification process of UV and UF to remove dead bacteria, virus, microbes, cysts, and other germs from water and make it suitable for drinking. Besides these, the Kent products also come with RO+ and Gravity technologies that cause ultra purification of any water.

Kent Water PurifierWater Purification Technology
KENT New GrandRO + UV+ UF + TDS Control
KENT Grand+RO + UV + UF + TDS Control + UV in Tank
KENT Supreme PlusRO + UV + UF + TDS Control + UV in Tank
KENT Prime PlusRO + UV+ UF + TDS Control
KENT Gold StarGravity based + UF
NSF certification of Kent water purifier

TDS Controlling Capacity

The mineral RO technology in many Kent water purifiers makes the appliances able to control TDS in drinking water while retaining the essential minerals into the water. Thus, the natural taste of the water remains intact. Most Kent RO water purifiers work up to a TDS of 2000 PPM.

Storage Capacity of Kent RO Purifiers

Each product of Kent comes with a different storage capacity. You will find appliances that can store water around 5 to 14 liters. Usually, such appliances are for offices, schools, etc. For normal households, you can buy appliances with 8 liters tank capacity.

Kent Water Purifier Water Storage Capacity
KENT New Grand8 Liters
KENT Grand+ 9 Liters
KENT Supreme Plus8 Liters
KENT Prime Plus 9 Liters
KENT Gold Star22 Liters
KENT Ultra 7 Liters

Effectiveness of Water Purification

If you are looking for the most effective water purification system, Kent products are what you are searching for. The water purifiers of Kent are technologically advanced and can purify any water. Some of the products come with in-built water softeners, perfect for installing if you live in an area with hard water.

inline carbon filter in Kent water purifier

Safety Features of Kent Water Purifiers

Kent has designed all its water purifiers so that they can purify water perfectly and ensure healthy drinking. Some products come with an in-built TDS controller, while many products are designed with high-power 11W UV lamps. All these features are to destroy microorganisms in drinking water and provide you clean water.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Kent’s Purifiers

The filters must be changed at a certain gap; otherwise, the water purification system will be hampered. Usually, you need to change the filters every 3 to 12 months. If the taste of the water changes or you find the membrane or the filters are worn out, it is time to change those. You can call the professionals of Kent and sign a contract period for their services. 

Warranty and Customer Service Availability

Usually, the Kent water purifiers come with one year warranty. Now, while buying any particular product, you should check it well before buying. 

The customer service desk of Kent is always available to serve you. You can call them or send emails whenever you require any solutions regarding your Kent water purifiers. They are available 24*7 to solve your queries.

Kent has a smartphone-based service app where you can register a problem easily. After successful submission, agents will call you and confirm the issue. It usually takes 24 hours within which Kent sends the service technician to resolve the problem.

Warranty and Customer Service of Kent

Pureit Water Purifiers

Pureit’s Expertise of Water Purifiers

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is a company that has launched the Pureit water purifier range. In the world of water purifiers, they have launched the legendary product, Pureit. While the mother company started its journey in 1931, it launched Pureit in India in 2004. Soon, it became popularized around the country, and from 2008, Pureit was a mandatory part of many Indian households.

Pureit water purifiers

Pureit’s Water Purifier Ranges

Pureit water purifiers are getting highly popular because of their wide varieties, available online or offline. You can find the best Pureit water purifiers ranges like HUL Pureit Ultima, HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver, HUL Pureit Advanced Pro, HUL Pureit Copper, and so many more. Each product of Pureit water purifiers is designed with the latest technology to provide you the purest drinking water.

Design of Pureit RO Water Purifiers

For your modern kitchen, the Pureit water purifiers are the best. With a black body, the appliances can steal the look. There are also Pureit purifiers in white colors. If you buy HUL Pureit Copper, the infusion of copper color makes it look adorable. These water purifiers are ergonomically designed and can be mounted on the wall. You will also find water purifiers that can be set on the tabletop. So, those won’t take much space in your kitchen.

Build Materials and Quality

The Pureit water purifiers are made of 100% food-grade plastic. So, you don’t need to get worried about the quality. All the Pureit water purifiers are available with 4 to 5 stars. If you check out the online reviews, you will find all these products have been accolade by the users. Due to the top-quality plastic, there is no leaching of toxins into the drinking water.

Pureit’s Water Purification Technologies

This is the main reason why Pureit water purification systems are the favorite of all. Mainly, the products of Pureit purify water through RO technology. But, the advanced 7-stage purification system has made the appliances even more suitable for people who live in areas with hard water. The UV and MF purifying systems can efficiently remove heavy metals, harmful viruses and bacteria, and pesticides. 

Pureit Water PurifierWater Purification Technology
HUL Pureit Advanced ProRO + UV + TDS Control
HUL Pureit Eco Water SaverRO + UV + MF +TDS Control
HUL Pureit Classic G2RO + MF +TDS Control
HUL Pureit Copper+RO + UV + MF +TDS Control
HUL Pureit UltimaRO + UV + MF +TDS Control
HUL Pureit MarvellaUV

TDS Controlling Capacity

Though not all the Pureit water purifiers have TDS controllers, products like HUL Pureit Ultima, HUL Pureit Eco Water, etc., are built with it according to the TDS level chart. Therefore, such products can maintain the basic minerals, like calcium and magnesium, intact in the drinking water while retaining the taste.

Storage Capacity of Pureit RO Purifiers

If you have a big family, buying Pureit water purifiers will be a great option as the products come with 5 liters to 14 liters storage tank. Whenever you need to drink fresh and pure water, you can have it without waiting anymore. Some products have a storage tank capacity of 7 to 8 liters. These are perfect for small families.

Pureit Water Purifier Water Storage Capacity
HUL Pureit Advanced Pro 7 Liters
HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver10 Liters
HUL Pureit Classic G26 Liters
HUL Pureit Copper+8 Liters
HUL Pureit Ultima10 Liters
HUL Pureit Marvella4 Liters

The Effectiveness of Water Purification

While purifying water, Pureit is one of the best brands to offer you the most effective water purifiers. Some of the products are designed with copper that maintains the mineral’s presence in drinking water. Apart from that, these are based on top-class technologies to purify the water and maintain its taste.

Safety Features of Pureit Water Purifiers

Drinking water from Pureit is safe for all as the purification level comes through 7 stages. Also, in many appliances, you can see the TDS level in the water and how the purifier removes it. The purity indicator is there to show you. Based on 100% RO technology, you get fresh water free from chemicals like lead, mercury, etc.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Pureit Purifiers

While installing the water purifier, you can make a contract with the dealer to visit a certain time gap in your house and clean the filters and the membranes of the water purifier. You can call them whenever you find any changes in the taste of the water. Also, they will call you to renew the contracts to keep your appliance always maintained.

Pureit’s Warranty and Customer Service Availability

Pureit water purifiers come with a one-year warranty. While buying an appliance, you should check it well. For any query related to Pureit water purifiers, you can call the customer service department. They are available 24*7 to serve you with possible solutions. You can call them or send emails to share your issues, and they will take care of those promptly.

Aquaguard Water Purifiers

Aquaguard’s Expertise in Water Purifiers

Eureka Forbes, the brand behind Aquaguard had begun its operation in India in 1865, and today, it has covered 70 countries around the world. They have launched varieties of products under their flagship, but launching the Aquaguard water purifier is the legendary step in the industry. They have launched Aquaguard, based on the latest technologies, and soon it became popular with every Indian household that believes in healthy drinking.

Aquaguard Water Purifiers

Water Purifier Ranges of Aquaguard

The product range of Aquaguard water purifiers is so vivid that you can get numerous options to buy. You can go for different types of products like Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaguard Smart Plus, Aquaguard Delight, Aquaguard Amaze, Aquaguard Aura, and so many more. You can buy any of the ranges that you find suitable for your space from so many options.

Design of Aquaguard Water Purifiers

The appearance of the Aquaguard water purifiers is appealing. The brand has designed its product to remember the modern kitchen. So, if you have renovated your kitchen or modified one, Aquaguard water purifiers will look modish and trendy over there. Those have a compact design and can be fitted in any space.

Quality of Build Materials

The quality of Aquaguard water purifiers is quite high. As the body of the water purifier is manufactured with food-grade plastic, it is safe. The plastic-made body ensures high quality, leakage-proof existence, and durability. If you don’t want to spend much on repairing and maintaining water purifiers, you can go for Aquaguard.

Aquaguard’s Water Purification Technologies

Aquaguard water purifiers are made of advanced technologies that can purify the drinking water and remove all kinds of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, metals, etc. the appliances come with Reverse Osmosis Technology that removes mud, dirt, sand from water and also prevent the scaling of Calcium and Magnesium. There is also the UV chamber that purifies water in a better way and maintains the taste of the water.

Aquaguard Water PurifierWater Purification Technology
Aquaguard AuraRO + UV + MTDS
Aquaguard Aquasure Amaze RO + UV + UF + MTDS
Aquaguard Aquasure DelightRO + UV + MTDS
Aquaguard Deluxe UV+UV e-boiling, Mineral Guard Technology
Aquaguard RitzRO + UV + MTDS + Alkaline Cartridge
Aquaguard IvoryRO + Auto UV

Aquaguard’s TDS Controlling Capacity

This is another reason why Aquaguard water purifiers are ahead of their contemporaries. It comes with the in-built MTDS controller that won’t disturb the taste of the water while lowering the TDS level of water and keeping it free of chemical amalgamation. You can enjoy sweet-tasted water each time you drink from this purifier.

Storage Capacity of Aquaguard RO Water Purifiers

For all types of families, Eureka Forbes has designed the Aquaguards with good storage capacity. Some appliances come with 7 to 8 liters of storage capacity that ensures you never go out of safe drinking water. Even if the electricity is not available, you can have the stored drinking water without much worry.

Aquaguard Water PurifierWater Storage Capacity
Aquaguard Aura7 Liters
Aquaguard Amaze7 Liters
Aquaguard Aquasure Delight 7 Liters
Aquaguard Deluxe UV+ No storage
Aquaguard Ritz5.5 Liters
Aquaguard Ivory7 Liters

Effectiveness of Water Purification

While it comes to the best water purification system, Aquaguard works the best with the best water purification technologies. The RO technology, along with the UV and MTDS system, ensures you get safe drinking water without any hard metals, dirt, chemicals, and other impurities in the water. From children to elderly persons, the Aquaguard water purification system is for all.

Safety Features of Aquaguard RO Purifiers

Drinking water from Aquaguard is safe for all members of your family and of all ages. It is manufactured with top-quality food-grade plastic, so you don’t need to be worried about leakage. Also, some products come with copper built to ensure healthier drinking habits. The RO technology is above of all that purifies water through different stages and gives you fresh drinking water.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

You need to make a contract with Eureka Forbes so that the experts visit your house at the regular gap and clean the appliance, change the filters, and make it more active. Whenever you find any smell or change of taste in drinking water, you can call the experts to change the membrane and filters to ensure you drink safe water.

Warranty and Customer Care Availability

Almost all the products of Aquaguard come with a warranty of one year. You should check it or ask the seller before buying it. For any queries, you can call the customer care department. They are readily available to help you 24*7. Contact them through email or phone calls.

Kent New Grand vs. HUL Pureit Copper+ vs. Aquaguard Amaze

Point of DifferenceKent New Grand Water PurifierHUL Pureit Copper+ Water PurifierEureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze
Purification TechnologiesRO+UV+UF +TDS ControlCopper+Mineral RO+UV+MF with Copper Charge TechnologyAquaSure Amaze RO+UV+MTDS
TDS Controlling CapacityIt can treat water with 200 to 2000 ppm TDSIt can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppmIt can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm
Storage Capacity8 liters storage tank8 liters storage tank7 liters storage tank
Purification capacity20 liters per hour28 liters per hour15 liters per hour
Warranty Period1 year1 year1 year
Power Consumption60 Watts60 Watts40 Watts
MRPRs. 19500Rs. 25990Rs. 18000

Kent – 11076 New Grand Water Purifier

KENT 11076 Grand RO + UF + UV State of the Art Water Purifier 8 L | 20 L/hr Water...
  • Multiple purification by RO+UV+UF +TDS Control process which removes even dissolved impurities and such as arsenic, rust, pesticides and...
  • Wall-mounted design to be suited for domestic purposes;Country of Origin- India
  • Water level indicator to keep a track of purified water in the storage tank;20 liters per hour purification capacity; 8 liters storage...
  • Suitable for purification of brackish, tap water and municipal water supply;Warranty: 1 year warranty + 3 years extended service free. Terms and...
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 3 Years Service Amc* Free; Purification Method: Ultravioletreverse Osmosis

Key Features

  • Model Number: 11076
  • Purification System: RO+UV+UF +TDS Control
  • TDS Control: Yes
  • Purification Capacity: 20 liters per hour
  • Storage Capacity: 8 liters
  • Weight: 9.40 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

While planning to have the best quality water purification system in your house, you can always go for this product as it can provide you the fresh and safe drinking water for your entire family. It comes with the advanced Reverse Osmosis Technology along with UV and UF protection that kills all germs of water and makes it suitable for all members of your family.

It also has an in-built TDS controller that maintains the required essential minerals of water and gives you the usual taste without making it tasteless. The high storage capacity also makes the appliance suitable for bigger families.


  • High purification capacity.
  • Technologically advanced water purifier.
  • Mineral RO technology provides healthy and tasty drinking water.
  • The water level indicator shows you the quantity of storage water in the tank.
  • Ease to use and maintain.
  • Responsive customer service.


  • The user can’t operate the TDS level controller without the help of the serviceman.

HUL Pureit Copper+ Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black &...
  • Presenting Pureit Copper+ RO, which comes with precise copper dosing that infuses right amount of copper in every glass of water.
  • Its dual water dispensing helps you choose between copper and regular RO water based on your daily needs.
  • Unique patented Copper charge technology charges the water with 99.8% pure copper in real-time.
  • Intelligent copper auto-cleaning ensures fresh copper infusion at all times.
  • Mineral enhancer cartridge enriches your water with essential minerals like Calcium & Magnesium, providing you with 100% RO water without bypass.

Key Features

  • Purification System: Copper+Mineral RO+UV+MF with Copper Charge Technology
  • TDS Control: Yes
  • Purification Capacity: 28 liters per hour
  • Storage Capacity: 8 liters
  • Weight: 9.50 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

This unique water purifier of Pureit is a perfect match for your modern life and kitchen. It comes with a dual water dispensing system where you can get normal RO water and copper-charged RO water. Having a certain amount of copper is necessary for good health. This water purifier meets that kind of requirement.

The Copper Charge Technology purifies water with 99.8% copper in real-time so that every glass of water you have has infused copper in it. The 7-stage water purification system gives 100% RO purified water stored in the large 8-liter tank. 


  • Get healthy and pure water with a copper infusion.
  • It comes with a water level indicator that shows you the quantity of water in the storage tank.
  • The copper auto cleaning system schedules for fresh copper installation always.
  • You can never go out of pure water as the tank has 8 liters of storage capacity.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Costly product.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze

Aquasure From Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS,7L storage water purifier,suitable for...
  • Purification Technology : RO+UV+MTDS; Type : Sediment Filter, Chemi Block, RO Membrane, UV Disinfection Chamber, Post Carbon
  • Suitable For : Ground water, Surface water, Mixed
  • Installation : Free Standard Installation; Type : Wall Mount and Table Top
  • Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Certified by Leading Labs

Key Features

  • Purification System: AquaSure Amaze RO+UV+MTDS
  • TDS Control: Yes
  • Purification Capacity: 20 liters per hour
  • Storage Capacity: 7 liters
  • Weight: 8.2 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

To get safe and pure water, you can always trust this unique purifier. The RO technology with UV and UF purification system of this appliance assures you to have pure and safe drinking water for each o your family member. Also, the purifier comes with a 6000 L cartridge life that ensures you have safe drinking water for a long time.

The storage capacity of this water purifier is incredible. It has 7 liters tank that can store water even when the electricity is not available. You can always enjoy drinking safe water even when you have guests in your house.


  • Installing the appliance is easy.
  • The energy-saving mode is there to switch off the appliance automatically when the tank is full.
  • The compact and stylish design is perfect for your modern kitchen.
  • Enjoy drinking safe and pure water after multiple stages of purification.
  • Cheapest among the 3 purifiers.


  • Slow purification capacity.
  • Comparatively low capacity of water storage.

Alternative Brands to Kent, Pureit and Aquaguard

AO Smith Water Purifiers

AO Smith is the name you should keep in mind when it comes to the best quality water purifiers. It is one of the leading water purifiers that can treat drinking water perfectly and take the best care of your health. This brand is continuously modifying itself and providing state-of-the-art solutions in the field of water purifying systems. From filtrating water to water softening, the AO Smith products are designed with high technology and dedicated to providing you safe and clean drinking water.

Havells Water Purifiers

In the world of electronics, Havells is the name that will always be on the top. This brand has met almost all your requirements regarding home appliances. That’s why, when they launched water purifiers, there is no doubt it will be of top quality.

The water purification range of Havells is based on leading purification technologies, like Double UV Purification, 100% RO and UV Purification, Revitalizer, Mineralz Fortification, iProtect Purification Monitoring, and so many more. If water purification is the first reason for buying Havells water purifiers, it is also popular because of the brilliant design and user-friendly interface.

Livpure Water Purifiers

With the experience of serving the customers for more than ten years, Livpure products are the ones to meet every requirement of your daily life. The water purification system is based on Reverse Osmosis Technology to serve you fresh and clean drinking water. 

The water purifiers of Livpure purify water through many stages while removing all types of harmful chemicals, the harshness of water, hard metal, etc., and maintain the taste and essential minerals.

Blue Star Water Purifiers

Water purifiers of Blue Star come with the advanced Immuno Boost Technology, where the cartridge provides Alkaline Antioxidant Water. Every drop of this water is pure and helps you to maintain a healthy life. 

Due to this advanced system, the drinking water has added ionized minerals and increased pH. The system also reduces the oxidation procedure in the water to give you antioxidant-rich water. The Aqua Mineral Infuser in Blue Star water purifiers adds minerals, like magnesium, calcium, etc., essential to good health.

V-Guard Water Purifiers

The V-Guard water purifiers come with 8 stage purification system which removes all types of dirt and debris from drinking water and maintains its original taste. The most important feature of this water purifier is that it is made for purifying Indian water conditions. V-guard’s technicians and customer service department are ever ready to serve you whenever you feel any issues with its product. 

So, Which is the best among Kent, Pureit and Aquaguard?

A water purifier is one of those home appliances installed in a household to take the best care of your life. Today, water-borne diseases have increased in human beings as the drinking water is getting contaminated on a larger scale.

The picture is severe in the agricultural and industrial areas where too many contaminated objects get mixed with the nearby water source and groundwater. Fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, industry-waste, plastic-waste, and so much dirt and debris contaminate drinking water and cause diseases like cholera, diarrhea, jaundice, etc. 

Hopefully, this thorough discussion on Kent vs. Pureit vs. Aquaguard will influence your decision to purchase and help you choose the right product for you. When it comes to these branded water purification systems, you must have seen all of those are RO appliances and provide fresh drinking water through several stages of purification.

Still, Kent is always the top name in water purifier brands as it uses most advanced water purification technologies to remove all kinds of impurities from water. It’s RO systems effectively remove hard metals, like iron, lead, etc., harmful chemicals, pesticides, industrial waste, and other contaminations that can make you sick.

It is proven that Kent RO purifiers effectively eliminate all harmful chemicals from water which boiling can also fail to do. So, if an older person of your family vouches on drinking boiling water, you can give him the water of Kent Ro purifiers.


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