List of 20 Basic and Smart Kitchen Appliances

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Planning to buy a new appliance for your kitchen? Or, are you renovating it?

The basic kitchen appliances help to organize, prepare, cook and serve foods. Large and smart kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, water purifiers, and dishwashers are unavoidable in modern kitchens.

Small kitchen appliances like induction cooktops, rice cookers, electric kettles, egg boilers, air fryers, stand mixers, electric beaters, barbecue grills, coffee makers and vegetable choppers can help you cook special food items at your home. Let us have a look on the ultimate list of kitchen appliances.

smart and basic kitchen appliances list

List of basic and smart kitchen appliances

1. Induction cooktop

induction cooktop kitchen appliance

Induction technology has the potential to revolutionize your entire cooking experience. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic induction to heat the pan.

The best induction cooktops are smart kitchen appliances that can make cooking much simpler. They help you stay ahead with fast heat transfer through your cookware and complete control of cooking.

Induction cooktops are beneficial over electric or gas stoves in terms of convenience, cost and safety.

An induction cooktop also regulates the temperature settings according to the input wattage accurately. As it decreases the chance of over or under-cooking, you will get delicious and safe meals. Apart from that, it’s very convenient to clean because the temperature will cool down quickly.

2. Gas Stove

gas stove kitchen appliance

Basic kitchen appliances like gas stoves operate on the generated heat by burning gas such as natural gas, propane, butane, or LPG. The key benefits of a gas stove are that it allows quick changes in the amount of heat thanks to the adjustable flame, which electrical burners lack.

Modern auto ignition gas stoves are smart kitchen appliances that do not need a matchstick to light up. Instead the process is automatic and the gas stove lights up itself.

Another advantage of a gas stove is its toughness, as the metal grates will withstand heavy or coarse-textured cookware without any problems. Gas stoves are easy to use and clean. Moreover, they can last as many as ten years.

3. Microwave oven

microwave oven kitchen appliance

Unlike basic kitchen appliances like traditional ovens and stoves, microwave ovens are smart to minimize the risk of burning and formation of tars and residues in the food. In conventional cooking methods, the food exterior cooks well while the inside remains cold. But in the case of a microwave oven, the radiation penetrates deeper than that and paves the way for even further heating.

A convection microwave oven also helps in preheating and grilling. Because of this, essential nutrients in food are not lost due to excessive cooking.

Other than that, it’s easy to use, store, and clean. Furthermore, it doesn’t create fires or smoke, and it has a fixed timer that lets you cook perfectly and eliminates the worry of attending.

4. Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

OTG kitchen appliance

An OTG doesn’t involve complications in operations since it uses heated coils to cook your meals. It is a smart kitchen appliance, perfect for baking, grilling, and toasting. A temperature regulation thermostat is present in the OTG to ensure that the food is adequately heated or cooled. But its heating process is relatively slow compared to the microwave oven.

But it’s a lot more economical than a microwave oven. They use less energy and are often referred to as economic ovens.

In contrast, they give you the option to use a heat source on both ends so that you can either use one or both coils to heat your oven. So almost every OTG comes with a temperature knob and an automatic timer that lets you switch between its functions. It’s a great pleasure to say that OTG is a joy for bakers.

5. Sandwich maker

sandwich maker kitchen appliance

In a basic kitchen appliance like a sandwich maker, there are two square pieces of cast iron casings clenched together. A sandwich is usually made of two slices of bread with meat, cheese, or vegetable stuffing.

The best sandwich maker is mobile and simple to maneuver in the kitchen because it doesn’t take much space. It can also be taken with you when you’re on vacation. You can clean a sandwich maker easily as the pieces are detachable. A sandwich maker does not need excess oil as it is made to cook oil-free and healthy yet tasty.

6. Bread toaster

bread toaster kitchen appliance

A toaster can make life more uncomplicated to make your bread brown for breakfast. These kitchen appliances make it simpler and quicker for you to prepare meals.

With a bit of prep work, you can turn your toaster into a paradise of grilled sandwiches, garlic bread, vegetable burgers, and more. Bread makers are also a valuable appliance to make bread at home. They are compact and easy to use.

7. Air fryer

air fryer kitchen appliance

Air Fryer is a smart kitchen appliance used to make fried foods such as meat, pastry, French fries, and potato chips. It functions by moving hot air around the food to create a crunchy, crispy layer.

Air-fried foods are more nutritious compared to deep-fried foods. This is because air fryers need a tablespoon of oil to give you the same deep-fried texture and taste as they contain lower fat content.

Air fryers reduce the fat content of the fried food by up to 75%. This is because they need less oil than conventional deep fryers. For example, air-fried foods need just 15 ml of oil, whereas deep-fried foods require 750 ml to cook a particular recipe.

8. pressure cooker

pressure cooker kitchen appliance

A pressure cooker is one of the most prevalent kitchen appliances used in most homes. It operates on the application of steam pressure to increase the boiling point of liquids.

As a result, food cooks faster, and steam provides the right amount of moisture for some foods, such as meat stews, cheesecakes, and more. Pressure-cooked food contains more nutrients as it can not escape steam. 

Brands primarily use stainless steel and aluminium to manufacture pressure cookers. Other than these materials, you can also find electric pressure cookers that are more advanced in technology.

9. Rice cooker

rice cooker kitchen appliance

Rice cookers are one of the best kitchen appliances alternative to steaming or boiling rice on a handi or pressure cooker. But despite their name, rice cookers are multi-faceted and can cook more than rice. You can also use them to make curry, oatmeal, barley, and quinoa.

When cooking grains such as barley or quinoa, you need to increase the water content in your rice cooker that you would usually do when making rice. You may also throw some eggs and vegetables to make the frittata.

10. Juicer Mixer grinder

juicer mixer grinder kitchen appliance

A juicer mixer grinder is one of the basic kitchen appliances to juice fruits, mix and grind ingredients together. It is also a versatile appliance that is used to combine and grind food products and is used in your kitchen regularly.

A juicer mixer grinder can be used either to whip up shakes, milkshakes, and ice creams or to cut and grind hard food products such as vegetables, fruit, and nuts. To make fruity ice creams, you may also like to have an ice cream maker.

Modern juicer mixer grinders are fitted with suitable blades and other attachments that can work well and minimize the cooking time. So make sure you take the right option and enjoy the benefits.

11. Electric kettle

electric kettle kitchen appliance

The apparent reason for having a kettle is to boil water, but you can use it for a lot more than you’ll ever think. The best electric kettle can solve your time problems as it heats up quickly compared to stoves or ovens. Apart from boiling water or preparing tea or coffee, use it to boil eggs or milk.

Basic kitchen appliances like an electric kettle can heat your water three times the pace of a cooktop, so making tea is hassle-free.

Other than that, you can also make a range of coffee, hard-boiled eggs, instant oatmeal, hot chocolate, soup, instant noodles, and, last but not least, you can use it for home spa treatments as foot soaking or facial steaming. So forget about all the heat and time management you’re thinking about when owning an electric kettle.

12. Cold Press Juicer

cold press juicer kitchen appliance

A cold press juicer or slow juicer is a smart kitchen appliance to extract juice from fruits and vegetables with the most nutrients. Among all types of juicers, cold press juicers have the best capability to retain the nutritional value of fruits.

Though cold press juicers are most favorable for juicing, they usually cost more than Rs. 10000. Thus, before investing in it, know about the best cold press juicers and what makes them best.

13. Hand mixer

hand mixer kitchen appliance

A hand mixer or electric beater is a hand-held mixing machine operated electrically. It helps to whisk and mix ingredients but does not blend or puree them. It helps to save preparation time, which includes mixing and churning. So it’s a must-have kitchen appliance for every home.

A hand mixer serves as a mastery of all dishes, including mixing, whipping, and blending. It’s a perfect tool for making cake batter and cookie dough, whipping cream or egg, and creating layers like icing and salad dressing.

You can also use it to whip boiled potatoes as it is the best way of making mashed potatoes. A hand mixer is also easy to operate, store, and clean, as the metal beaters are easily removable.

14. Hand blender

hand blender kitchen appliance

Thanks to a hand blender that makes the blending of various ingredients easier for us. So this is a must-have commodity in all our kitchens.

Basic kitchen appliances like a hand blender is fitted with suitable blades and accessories to make its helpful way for various activities, such as the preparation of purees, smoothies, and chutneys.

It also lets you make milkshakes, beat eggs, blend dough, hummus, whipped cream, mayonnaise, soup, sauce, etc.

Above all, a hand blender is flexible and convenient as it is simple to operate. It is small, portable, and a doddle to clean with many intelligent uses. Like a smoothie maker, a hand blender can also make smoothies.

15. Stand mixer

stand mixer kitchen appliance

A stand mixer is known to be the best friend of the baker. It is a smart kitchen appliance for our basic needs, consisting of a heavy-duty steel structure and a powerful motor to be durable efficient at mixing batter or dough for cakes, whipping creams, etc. It mixes ingredients more effectively than any person could have.

Stand mixers are also more diverse and multifaceted than a hand mixer. It is helpful to beat eggs, make cookie and cake batter, frosting, mixing meatloaf or meatballs, whip cream, mash potatoes, shred meats, and more.

16. Water purifier

water purifier kitchen appliance

In this busy world, global warming, demographic upheaval, industrial development, and environmental destruction, getting a water purifier at your home is essential. It eliminates excess hardness, bacteria, and microbes and preserves essential vitamins and minerals in the water. It is one of the essential kitchen appliances that we need at our homes.

Water purifiers come in various capacities, ranging from 3L to 15 L. RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultra Violet), and UF (Ultra Filtration) are some of the standard filtration technologies used in water purifiers.

Apart from them, TDS control is also a vital function of a water purifier. If you have hard water with more than 200 ppm hardness, get a water purifier to stay healthy.

17. Refrigerator

refrigerator kitchen appliance

A refrigerator is one of the indispensable kitchen appliances. The underlying reason for having a refrigerator is to keep food cool, as it lets it remain fresh for more extended periods.

As the bacteria take longer to spoil the food at low temperatures, a refrigerator is a must-have in every kitchen. For example, if you leave milk on the kitchen counter at room temperature for two to three hours, it can get spoiled. However, reducing the milk temperature in the refrigerator allows it to survive for a week or two.

You can avail three types of refrigerators in the market- single door, double door, and side by side refrigerators. Single door refrigerators come with a capacity of 50-250 L that is suitable for small families. The double door refrigerators have a capacity of 250-500 L and are suitable for medium-sized families. Comparatively, side by side door refrigerators are ideal for large families with 450-850 L.

18. Kitchen chimney

chimney kitchen appliance

Everyone wants a clean kitchen, and it’s only possible if your kitchen is free from odors, fumes, steam, and heat. You can solve all these basic problems by installing a smart kitchen appliance like a kitchen chimney. They are also known as extractor hoods as they can make cooking as simple as it is convenient. 

Kitchen chimneys come in two sizes-60 cm and 90 cm. Among them, 60 cm chimneys are suitable for 2-4 burner gas stoves. Comparatively, 90 cm chimneys are ideal for 3-5 burner gas stoves.

Apart from size, the suction capacity of a chimney is also a vital factor determining your kitchen’s cleanliness. It is best to get a chimney with at least 1000 m3/hr suction capacity to remove gases and fumes from the kitchen effectively. Exhaust fans are a good alternative to kitchen chimneys, but they are not efficient as much as chimneys.

19. Dishwasher

dishwasher kitchen appliance

Although some people enjoy hand-washing dishes, a dishwasher saves time and energy, avoiding health risks and water wastage. For this reason, a dishwasher is one of the most helpful kitchen appliances.

It will be best if you fill your dishwasher compartment with dishes, add detergent at the specified space, set a wash cycle, and turn it on. It will perform a series of functions automatically. 

Besides, the dishwater tracks itself to make sure that all is going on, thanks to the breakthrough technological age that we are currently living in. So it’s more than just a machine, and it can support you a lot in your daily kitchen life.

20. Coffee maker

coffee maker kitchen appliance

Gone are the days when we used to make a cup of coffee using a gas oven. Now, coffee makers help us make to make coffee in minutes. Starting our day with a coffee cup helps eliminate our dizziness and refresh to give enough energy to get rolling.

Owning a smart kitchen appliance like a coffee maker machine can save the hard-earned money that you invest in Starbucks every day.

It is compact and portable so that it won’t take a lot of room in your kitchen. It also protects you from unnecessary sugar and calories from coffee.

kitchen appliances list with price

Kitchen AppliancesProductMarket Price (Approx.)
Induction CooktopPhilips Viva Collection Induction CooktopRs. 2900
Gas StoveButterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas StoveRs. 2600
Microwave OvenSamsung 28 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 11900
OTG OvenPhilips HD6975/00 25 Litre OTG OvenRs. 7000
Sandwich MakerBorosil Super Jumbo Grill Sandwich MakerRs. 4200
Air FryerHavells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air FryerRs. 8000
Pressure CookerGeek Robocook Electric Pressure CookerRs. 6200
Rice CookerPrestige PRWO Delight Electric Rice CookerRs 2700
Juicer Mixer GrinderPhilips Amaze Juicer Mixer GrinderRs. 3700
Electric KettlePigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Electric KettleRs. 650
Hand MixerPhilips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand MixerRs. 2000
Hand BlenderPhilips HL1655/00 Hand BlenderRs. 1500
Stand MixerINALSA Professional Esperto Stand MixerRs. 12300
Water PurifierEureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifierRs. 11500
RefrigeratorSamsung 230 L Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 16500
Kitchen ChimneyFaber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr autoclean chimneyRs. 12000
DishwasherBosch 13 Place Settings DishwasherRs. 41000
Coffee MakerBialetti Moka Express 6 Cup Espresso MakerRs. 5100
Egg BoilerKent Instant Egg BoilerRs. 1200
Barbecue GrillOrbit Electric Barbeque GrillRs. 2000

We hope this article gives you an insight into the list of basic kitchen appliances and also lets you select them because of your personal needs and specifications. Not all of the above are mandatory to start your kitchen, but some appliances are smart with superior technology. So make sure you pick the vital appliances you need to satisfy your kitchen wishes.

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