Kitchen Chimney Troubleshooting – Problems and Solutions

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While using a chimney, we may face several problems that cannot be solved by reading the user manual. Some of these troubles can be solved ourselves, but the remainings need expert support.

Here are the 7 most common problems that Indians face with their kitchen chimney. To help you out, we have also given reasonable solutions with troubleshooting guides to each of them.

troubleshooting guide for kitchen chimneys

Troubleshooting Guide for kitchen chimney

Problem 1: Chimney making too much noise

Cause and Solution

Every chimney is installed with a powerful blower attached to a motor. This blower is responsible for the suction of the smoke. Usually, with high suction power, there is more noise. But there could be other reasons too.

  1. The first reason could be a clogged filter. If the suction is blocked but the motor is running, it can create high noise. So, if you have such a problem, clean the chimney filters. If it is too dirty or damaged, filter replacement is the best option.
  2. Secondly, multiple numbers of bends or a long duct length can cause this too. Both of these things can restrict the exhausted force leading to high noise. You can solve it by reducing the number of bends or the length of the duct to the chimney. In case of ductless chimneys, a jammed filter can also be a reason for this problem. By comparing ductless and ducted chimneys, you can understand more detail about the differences between the two.

Problem 2: Low Suction Force


If you face low suction force with the chimney, there could the five reasons for it.

  1. The common reason for this problem is- low-speed selection. In that case, increase the suction power from the panel.
  2. The second reason for this problem is the inadequate distance between the chimney and the stove. To solve it, reduce the kitchen chimney installation height from 650 mm to 750 mm.
  3. A jammed filter can also cause this. So, if you find the kitchen chimney dirty, clean it well and fit it in again.
  4. The PVC cowl at the end of the vent could be blocked. Check it and if you find any blockage material, remove it.
  5. A damaged motor can also be a reason for low suction power. If the problem does not solve by the above methods, you should call the professionals.
  6. A 3-way suction chimney is most suitable if you want to avoid lowering suction power.

Problem 3: Guesture/ Touch/ Push Button Control Panel not working


This problem is mostly caused if it is deactivated. The activation process is different for different brands. If it is a malfunction of the panel, it is better to call the service center of the chimney.

Problem 4: The fan does not rotate, but the light is working


There can be two reasons behind this problem- the fan blade is jammed or the motor is damaged. For both causes, you should get an expert hand. Call the chimney service center and explain the matter. After they solve the problem, you can easily use the chimney in your kitchen.

Problem 5: Both the fan and light not working


A damaged motor does not usually cause this problem. There are two instances when this can happen.

  1. The light bulb burned out. In that case, simply replace it.
  2. The power cord is loose and power is not coming to the chimney. Fix it to get it solved.

Problem 6: Serious Vibration


Every chimney vibrates when it is operational. But, you may sometimes witness heavy vibration on it. There could be three reasons that cause such a problem.

  1. The first reason for serious vibration is the damage to the fan blades. If you notice any such thing, call for professional help.
  2. Secondly, a loose mounting of the blower motor can also cause this. You should not try to tighten it by yourself. This problem is very sensitive and should be solved by an expert.
  3. Thirdly, it can be a problem with the mounting bracket of the chimney. If it is not fixed well, such vibration will persist.

Problem 7: No Display on Chimney


There are two possibilities for this problem- either the electrical supply is not coming or the cord is damaged. For the first one, check the plug if is properly connected. Otherwise, the cable might have been damaged.

So, you may need to change it by consulting chimney professionals.

These are the most common problems found in a kitchen chimney when it is in operation. Learning how to troubleshoot them, would be a great help to everyone.

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