50 Creative Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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Frequent kitchen clean-ups are necessary to maintain hygiene as well as maintains regular food standards. It seems a heavy task for beginners, but some simple tips keep the kitchen clean and compact.

Apart from dusting kitchen racks and organizing the dishes, there are some more you can do for your kitchen. The below top 50 kitchen cleaning tips will help make the kitchen room an all-time favorite space of your home. Follow these tips if you want a fresh kitchen to cook every time. 

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The Top 50 kitchen cleaning tips

1. Place a can rack in your kitchen

A can rack enhances the overall space of your kitchen and also in your fridge. Usually, you consume a lot of space while keeping the can’t in an unorganized way. So place a proper can rack and save more than forty percent of your refrigerator space. You can easily find a can in this way when you’d need one. 

2. Organizers can make your pantry clean

You must be having a lot of food packs and other cooking items in your pantry area. And as a result, you are getting unnecessarily stressed out in arranging the items for your pantry. Make your kitchen experience easier with purchasing organizers. By organizing all necessary kitchen items in one place, the organizer gives your kitchen an attractive look. 

3. A rotating tray in your refrigerator isn’t a bad idea

If you use a rotating tray in your kitchen pantry section, get in the habit of placing one for the fridge. With its help, you can regularly check every food in your kitchen without making it taste bad. With this, all the ignored sections of food in your fridge will get equal importance. It’s one of the fantastic kitchen cleaning tips. 

4. Cluster up food item containers in the pantry

Grouping or clustering food items in your kitchen will save a lot of time in your kitchen. Now you can quickly identify which item you have aced where. For example, Place the pulses and cereals in one place and wheat-like items in another place. In this way, you can make your life easier. 

5. Even cluster up food items in the fridge

Only organizing the food products at the pantry will not work. It would help if you also did the same for your fridge. You can also sort items in your fridge by arranging them as per their expiry date. You would know what you have in your fridge in this way. 

6. Regularly Keep your kitchen clean

You must regularly clean the kitchen area as an obvious among the 50 kitchen cleaning tips. To constantly remind yourself about regular cleaning of the kitchen by setting alarm clocks or reminders. It would be a habit for you after some days and a necessary chore which you actually can’t avoid now. Usually, you should at least clean it once a day in your kitchen area to keep it shining. 

7. Spend some time noticing the fridge

Don’t just open the fridge every time you are hungry. Instead, at least twice every week, go through the kitchen products in your fridge. First, consume the food and then think of filling the fridge. 

8. Empty the dishwasher after usage

Most of us have a habit of not emptying the dishwasher after the dishwashing cycle. Unloading the dishes after each usage from the dishwasher makes the job convenient. In this way, you would not get stressed out the next time you would use the dishwasher. 

9. Keep a garbage bowl when chopping

You are chopping the vegetables and keeping the scraps at the cutting board or slab area. And then, in the end, you have to clean the entire region.

Isn’t it time-consuming?

Instead, if you keep a garbage bowl near your chopping board, then things will be easy. You can also make things easier by using an electric vegetable chopper.

10. Have a splatter screen before the saute

The kitchen area can get sticky and messy without a splatter screen. Putting a splatter screen over the frying pan before deep fry will make your cleaning task simple. It will filter out all the unwanted oily stuff. This intelligent tip among the top kitchen cleaning tips will help you.

11. Promise yourself not to sleep without a thorough wiping of the kitchen

Regular cleaning of the kitchen gives a new-like feeling to your kitchen. So, promise yourself that you will sleep only after cleaning or wiping the kitchen slabs. It will make your kitchen fresh. 

12. Label the herbs and spices containers

Often you may have to ration many herbs, but because of the unorganized nature of the kitchen, you miss adding spices to the food. As a result, you fail to get the right amount of nutrition that comes with the food. So, instead of adequately labeling the herbs and spices and organizing them in self. It adds weight to your food quality.

13. Rub with a wet towel on the stove

To cook good meals, you should be inspired. But finding an untidy stove in your kitchen slab lowers your motivation level. So, wipe your stove regularly and remove the food particles or crumbled foods from the stovetop. Not only then, but a clean stovetop is also hygienic for your home-cooked food. 

14. Use some to remove stains from your microwave oven

A convection microwave oven is an essential kitchen appliance for baking as well as warming food items. However, the microwave oven gets stinky without sponging it. Ensure that you sponge the microwave for one and half minutes so that the machine can work efficiently. 

15. Lemon is good to clean the microwave oven

The next tip in the best kitchen cleaning tips is cleansing the microwave oven with lemon. With a small piece of lemon, a bowl, and warm water, you can naturally clean the microwave without using any chemicals. It instantly cleans the microwave oven within the next five minutes.

16. Wipe the chopping board with the lemon

Not only will you get a stink-free and clean microwave with lemon, but you also have something new like a chopping board. You can do this by sprinkling some drops of lemon with salt on the kitchen board. No strong smell like that of onions will come after cleaning the chopping board. 

17. Get rid of scratches on the plate by applying baking soda

You must be finding it difficult to serve your guests on scratchy plates. Don’t worry. You can get rid of plate scratches by dipping the dishes and tawa in a mixture of water and baking soda. You will not find prominent scratches on your plates then. But entirely new plates.

18. No more foul smell with baking soda

Sometimes dumped garbage in the dustbin becomes unbearable for you to work in the kitchen. So, simply sprinkle pinches of baking soda before putting a new garbage bag in the dustbin. Then you will get no more foul smell from the garbage bean of your kitchen for one to two days. 

19. Vinegar removes the glass smudges

The glasses would develop stains with regular usage. So, make your glasses shiny by applying some vinegar in your glasses. It also gives you clean drinking water. 

20. Use vinegar spray to clean the surfaces of the kitchen

Using vinegar is a helpful tip among the 50 kitchen cleaning tips for your kitchen surfaces. For that, you can clean the surfaces with a mixture of vinegar, distilled water, and other productive cleansing oil. Rub the surfaces with a towel. 

21. Your blender needs smooth cleaning with baking soda, water, and dish soap

As an essential component of your kitchen, the blender needs to be clean periodically. For that, make a mixture of dish soap, water with baking soda. With that, you won’t have to make an effort to clean the blender manually. The mixture will work like magic for your blender. 

22. Never load the dishwasher with extra dishes

Remember that even your dishwasher has a specific capacity to clean the dishes. If you think that it’s time-saving to overload the dishwasher with extra dishes, then actually that’s wastage. It’s so because too many dishes in a machine will semi-clean them in each cycle. It’s not hygienic for you to eat in those dishes. 

23. Use vinegar or soda to clean up the burnt pots

You must have some kitchen pots which never get cleaned because of the dark black burning spot. But here’s the easy solution. And again, baking soda and vinegar is your savior. Use them to turn your burnt pots into cleaned pots. You can also use boiled water for that.

24. A clean sink kills the kitchen germs

Your waterlogged kitchen sink in the home station for many germs. So, similar to the pledge of cleaning the kitchen before sleep, also try to clean the dink every time before taking a nap. 

25. Drain out the waterlogged sink and use baking soda

Clean the ink and make sure that you clear the blocked entrance of your sinks. Otherwise, waterlogged situations will happen repeatedly. Even after unclogging the sink, use baking soda to freshen up the sinks. One of the unavoidable points among the kitchen cleaning tips. 

26. Remove rust from the cast iron skillet with two halves of potato

Yeah, even potatoes can do wonders for your kitchen skillet. Potatoes incredibly remove the rust from your skillet because it contains oxalic acid. Just cut it into two halves and rub one side at the backside of the skillet and another at the front side. After that putting some elbow grease will also work nicely. 

27. Your stovetop grates must be rinsed

Like the stove, the grates also determine the hygiene of your food. So, at night try to soak the grates with a sponge. It will remove the sticky particles from your stove grates. The next day you will find the motivation to cook in the kitchen. 

28. Clean the kitchen covers or curtains regularly too

 Cooking day and night, including sauteing, absorbs a lot of grease to your kitchen curtains. And it creates a dirty impression about your kitchen. Therefore, pay attention to your kitchen by deep washing the kitchen curtains. A nice-looking tip from the kitchen cleaning tips. 

29. Pay attention to the vent above the kitchen stove

Your kitchen may have claimed to have auto clean features and all, but honestly, manual cleansing is required. Now, if you are thinking about reaching the height of the kitchen vent, you can always use a stool. Wiping the hood with the support of standing on an elevated platform will not harm. Instead, it will enhance the efficiency of the kitchen vent. You can also install an exhaust fan if you do not have a kitchen chimney.

30. Mop the kitchen cabinet regularly

It’s your aristocratic kitchen cabinets that bring charm to your kitchen area. But your negligence can make the cabinet look cheap quality. So, wipe the kitchen cabinet or a dry towel and feel good in the kitchen space. 

31. Wipe every corner of the kitchen slab

If you have a larger kitchen slab area and too many appliances fitted there, you can miss wiping some corners. And that place insects and spider webs will grow. So, make every nook and corner of the kitchen slab dust-free. In reality, dusting is not at all a hectic task as much as it appears. 

32. Keep all the pantry duplicates in one place

As shared earlier in some of the kitchen cleaning tips, organizing and labeling the items in the pantry naked everything more accessible. And similarly, if you have duplicate food items in separate containers, then it can confuse you. Therefore, if possible, try to combine all the duplicates in one place. Otherwise, you would have a lot of food leftovers in your kitchen. 

33. Use shampoo sashes for manual servicing of the chimney

You can manually service the kitchen chimney by washing the outer parts with shampoo. It smoothens the surface of the machine and gives a new feeling. Your kitchen will also shine out rightly. 

34. Laundry the kitchen dishwashing towels

At least in a week, you should send the piles of kitchen towels in the laundry. It will remove the stickiness of the towel. Also, it’s excellent and hygienic for you to wash them through laundry cycles. 

35. Even your dish rack must be cleaned

Not only cleaning dishes will work for your kitchen. Even wiping the dish rack is also necessary. Use detergents or vinegar to clean the dish rack efficiently. Without a clean dish rack, your effort in washing the dishes is meaningless. This is an unavoidable point among the top kitchen cleaning tips. 

36. Use new scrubbers and sponges by replacing the old ones

There’s no point in scrubbing with the old songs for your utensils. It’s risky for the area you are scrubbing in. It is so because the old sponges or scrubbers hold many fungal and bacterial microbes. It can even make you suffer from food poisoning. Doublethink about this before using one. 

37. Have a look at the garbage disposal

We often throw the garbage bags from the bins leaving the garbage disposal intact. But you should lift the discarded items by wearing gloves and wiping them out with an old yet workable toothbrush. It will prevent pests and cockroaches from entering your kitchen space. 

38. Have a shiny sink with more than a quarter cup of flour

Isn’t it relaxing to find a shiny sink in the kitchen?

Doesn’t it give you good vibes about your kitchen? So, rub the sink with some flour and a sponge. It will make your sink appear like a new feeling.

39. Maintain the kitchen appliances properly in the kitchen area

Have you ever thought about whether you maintain the alliances properly or not?

Fix a day in a week to clean up the kitchen appliances intrinsically. It will make the them fresh look and also help the machine to work actively.

40. empty the corners Of The Sandwich maker from the additional crumbs

In the hustle-full lifestyle, if you are among those who ignore cleaning the crumbs from the toaster and sandwich maker. Take your time to empty the crumbles, then. For this reason, while choosing a sandwich maker, make sure it is easy to clean.

41. Cross-check regularly in the refrigerator about the expiration of the product

The method of First come, first serve basis prevents the foods from getting an expiry date. For that, you should also regularly keep your eye on all the kitchen products. And if you find that food will expire soon, then eat that item first. 

42. With spray, clean the hinges and inner racks of the fridge

You should clean the inner racks of your fridge by removing the food products from the refrigerator. Then with a wipe towel, clean the refrigerator once a month or twice. You should, with the help of a DIY spray, also clean the hinges of the refrigerator. So, it would give a refreshing feel. 

43. Set your groceries properly every time you put them back

There are some specified racks in your refrigerators, such as the vegetable corner, where you should place the item there. You must also use the side racks of your fridge correctly. If you have a side by side refrigerator, it would be easier for you.

44. Make the kitchen cabinet shelves dust-free

If you are neglecting the kitchen shelves to wipe regularly, then you are making a mistake. Dusted shelves will also make the cups and dishes filled with dirt. Therefore, use a synthetic towel to wipe the kitchen shelves regularly. 

45. Clean the slab part below the stove

Your slab beneath the cooking stove remains unattended. The area becomes commonplace, therefore, for the insects and home lizards. There, at least a day a week, lift the stove partially and wipe the slab with liquid soap. It also will prevent the foul smell of the items. 

46. Rub the buttery set with clean, dry clothes

The shiny silver cutlery set catches all of the outsiders’ attention. So, you should try never to leave the cutlery set to get piled up with dust. It will not give a pleasant look to your kitchen and create a wrong impression about your kitchen. So, simply use a towel instead and rub the spoons and forks often.

47. Don’t keep the kitchen windows open for too long

As you know, the outside pollution is too much. Therefore, you can’t afford to keep the kitchen windows open for too long. After the daytime, keep your kitchen windows closed if possible. Especially if you live in the city area, then the chances of dust being piled up at your kitchen walls are high. So, use a curtain or keep the windows close whenever possible.

48. Regularly mop the kitchen floor

Even your kitchen floor will get sticky without regular mopping of the floors. So, try to use liquid soaps to mop the kitchen floor regularly. Otherwise, no one will step up on the kitchen area of your home.

49. organize the bottom part of your kitchen sinks

If you have rack and filled containers or other items at the bottom of the sink, then organize the area. It will look very untidy without organizing the things properly there. Either size-wise, arrange them or follow the duplicate removing method to organize them. At the bottom, you can also install an under-sink water purifier to save space.

50. Regularly clean the garbage bags from the dustbins

At a suitable disposal site, throw your Mitch garbage to make your kitchen free from cockroaches, insects, and rodents. If not daily possible, then try at least after two days. Otherwise, you would have a messy and stinking kitchen. 

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Ways to Clean Your Kitchen – Conclusion

Thus, the kitchen space of every house is your comfort zone.

And how can you find comfort in a messy kitchen?

Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen is not a huge deal. But only a responsible task. So, remember and apply all these 50 kitchen cleaning tips and commence cooking delightful meals. 

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