17 Must-Have Accessories For A Modular Kitchen

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A modular kitchen is a modern cooking space with furniture constructed in modules or units. You can customize modular kitchen accessories as per your own need and convenience, which suits diverse cooking styles and interior design. These accessories are functional and give a sleek appearance to your kitchen.

These kitchen accessories are advantageous in ways that they are incredibly robust, increase storage capacity, and are rust-resistant as stainless steel is used in its making. 

modular kitchen accessories

Now, the question arises that how to choose the right accessory for your modular kitchen?

We present you with the ultimate guide of must-have accessories including racks and shelves for a modular kitchen matching the interior design of your home.

1. Drawer System

Drawer System

A drawer system with its silky-smooth soft-close technology is in great demand in modular kitchens.

A drawer system is an essential accessory as they have an inbuilt hydraulic mechanism that allows the smooth and silent movement of the drawers in and out of the cabinet.

A versatile and optimized drawer system has an average capacity of 30 Kg, due to which the contents of the drawer do not topple over each other even when slammed shut.

Pan Organizer, Built-in Knife Organizer, Peg Drawer Organizer, K-Cup Drawer Organizer and Spice Drawer Organizer are some of the different drawer systems available in the market. 

2. Corner Tray and Racks

Using corner units (tray and racks), you can turn the inaccessible corners of your modular kitchen into functional and efficient places.

Corner Tray and Racks

The corner tray and racks are one of the must-have modular kitchen racks and shelves in your kitchen. 

Corner tray and racks utilize the tough-to-reach spots of your kitchen, which are specifically designed to slide in and out, providing storage and access to unreachable places.

These units are available in a wide range, from swivel systems that make anything in the cabinet easily accessible to swing-out systems that move towards the door when the cabinet opens.

3. Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one of the traditional accessories used in the modular kitchen. Many kitchens have built-in oven, cabinets to store food, chimney, utensils, cooking equipment, dishes, etc. 

Various materials are used to manufacture kitchen cabinets, such as hardwood like hickory, maple, and softwood like walnut, mahogany. Out of all, solid wood is the most durable material for kitchen cabinets.

Base kitchen cabinets, wall kitchen cabinets, and tall kitchen cabinets are the three basic types of cabinets to store most of the kitchen appliances you own.

4. Baskets 

Baskets are one of the most important and must-have modular kitchen accessories. Available in various sizes, baskets are used for storage and numerous other purposes. 

Modular Kitchen Baskets 
  • Plain Basket: It is made of high-quality materials to store cooking equipment, small utensils, and other accessories. 
  • Cup and Saucer Basket: It is specifically created to store cups, saucers, and other small utensils. 
  • Cutlery Basket: This basket has excellent durability and stores knives, forks, spoons, and other cutlery items.
  • Thali Plate Basket: It is created to arrange and store plates, dishes, and trays of different sizes and shapes.

Both modular and semi-modular kitchens come with such baskets.

5. Tall Unit

Tall unit of modular kitchen

A tall unit is used to safely store the ample bulky (non-refrigeration) ingredients. Tall units facilitate the storage of those items used once in a while.

Generally, tall units come with a pull-out system so that the bottles and the items at the back are easily accessible. It is one of the best options to store bulk quantities of food in an organized kitchen

Also known as pantry cabinets or utility cabinets, tall units are available in various sizes.

6. Shelves

Shelves in modular kitchen

The modular kitchen shelves organize the kitchen utensils and equipment for smooth and efficient cooking. 

Moreover, the modular kitchen racks and shelves are used for storage and display the dishes, pantry, and pottery items. Shelves give a stunning look to your kitchen and make it attractive. 

Corner kitchen shelf, open kitchen shelf, hanging kitchen shelf, glass shelf are some of the different types of shelves used to design your kitchen. 

7. Pantry Unit

A pantry is generally designed like a pull-out door cabinet with 6+6 or 8+8 sturdy shelves and is used to organize the space to its maximum length.

Pantry Unit

A pantry can store foods, ingredients, groceries, and other food items in two levels, the pull-out shelf as well as the door.

In addition, to store items, the pantry also provides flexibility and a sense of aesthetic to the kitchen. Pantry units are precious when maximizing a limited amount of space. 

Wall Pantry, Built-in Cabinet Pantry, Slide-out Pantry, Free-standing Pantry are the different types of pantry units that can be used in your modular kitchen. 

8. Grain Trolley

A grain Trolley is a type of basket crafted especially for storing grains and heavy utensils.

kitchen trolley

Made from ultra-modern manufacturing technology, the grain trolley is available mainly in a pull-out basket form. 

Soft-close, Roller, and Slider are the three mechanisms of the grain trolley. Grain trolleys are designed in such a way that it provides maximum storage capacity for voluminous items.

Grain trolleys are available in a wide range of width from 15cm to 20cm with an average depth of 20cm. It is an affordable accessory for a general household. 

9. Cylinder Trolley 

Gas Cylinder Trolley for modular kitchen

As the name suggests, cylinder trolleys are used to store gas cylinders. It is made of stainless steel (therefore, rust-resistant) and fitted with non-jamming, heavy-duty, and durable castor wheels for smooth movement of the cylinder.

The castor wheels have a rubber cushion that prevents scratching or damaging your kitchen floor tiles. The trolley’s bottom is shaped in the form of a ring to secure the cylinder firmly and prevent it from toppling.

The trolley enables easy movement of the cylinder in any direction. 

10. Cutlery Organizer

It helps to arrange and organize the cluttered cutlery drawers with a practical and intelligent storage concept.

Cutlery Organizer in modular kitchen

Cutlery organizer modifies the storage space of your modular kitchen very effectively and accommodates the cutlery in a clutter-free manner.

A cutlery organizer is easy to use, handle and maintain and requires no prior installation. These are highly durable and reduce the manual labor of searching for the right tools while cooking.

Drawer inserts, wall holders, and cutlery blocks are the different types of cutlery organizers.

11. Spice Rack

Spice Rack in modular kitchen

It stores all the spices in an organized manner, making your kitchen look uncluttered and providing quick access while cooking.

Spice Rack comes with around 10-15 jars clustered together. The racks are easy to clean and maintain. The lids of the jars are tightly fitted together, which prevents the spillage of ingredients. 

Spice racks are made of various materials like glass, plastic, stainless steel, etc. It can be used for other purposes, like storing pickles, serving snacks, and much more.

12. Bottle Pull Outs

Bottle Pull Outs

Bottle Pull Outs stores the bottles (made of glass or plastic) on the bottom shelf. Generally made from stainless steel and multi-layered chrome, bottle pull-outs are highly durable and rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Bottle Pull Outs are advantageous due to their easy removal and smooth operation technology.

An ideal bottle pull-out should have a width of 330mm, which enables convenient storage. Bottles of oil, vinegar, sauces, etc., are kept in these pull-outs, which are built close to your hob.

13. Tube Holder Kit

Tube Holder Kit for modular kitchen

The curtain rods, pipes, sink items, and many other small pipes are stored in a tube holder kit, which is meticulously constructed. 

Tube holder kits are easy to install and clean with minimum or no maintenance. A tube holder provides extra support and evenly distributes weight across the wall.

Tube holder kits come in various shapes and sizes according to your convenience. A typical tube holder weighs around 10 grams, and the tube holder costs around Rs 250 to Rs 1500.

14. Hanging Paper and Foil Holder with Cutter

Paper and Foil

The hanging paper and foil holder with cutter is one of the essential and must-have accessories for your modular kitchen.

Made from high-quality PS plastic material, the hanging paper and foil holder with cutter is easy to set up and does not require professional installation. 

It consists of two compartments with a roller holder– one for paper and foil. The cutter allows clean edge cutting of the materials. It is a multipurpose accessory and is easy to maintain and refill.

15. Waste bin with holder 

waste bin in modular kitchen

Managing your kitchen waste should be the topmost concern of every household. A waste bin with a holder manages your kitchen waste with effortless convenience.

Usually made of plastic or metal, a waste bin with a holder should allow you to segregate the dry and clean waste with utmost efficiency. 

Various types of waste bins, such as swing-out bins attached to the cabinet doors or containers kept under sink drawers, are available in the market.

16. Under-Sink Units

Under-Sink Units

The under-sink unit is the storage area for cleaning materials such as liquid soap, dishwashing detergent, kitchen towels, scrubs, and other sink equipment.

Under-sink unit areas are often constructed by placing racks or making them like a cabinet. A cabinet is generally preferable as it hides the spot from the view, thereby maintaining the kitchen aesthetic. 

A dustbin holder is also installed under the sink as it holds the garbage bag and keeps the floor of the kitchen clean and hygienic

17. Skid-free mats

Skid-free mat

A kitchen mat is used to relieve stress from your feet and lower back while cooking and keep the sink area clean and hygienic. 

Rubber or any other type of slip-resistant material is used in its making. The skid-free mat is placed where people stand when washing the dishes. Most of the mat is padded, which reduces fatigue of the body, and has a floor grip pad such prevents slippage of the carpet.

Although considered an extra item, the skid-free mat is a must-have for your modular kitchen.

You must build a modular kitchen after a thorough analysis of all the accessories and equipment. Rather than looking for the color and finishes of the modules, be more attentive to the storage units, cabinets, shelves. All these accessories are just as necessary as the hob or the design of the kitchen. 

Although every kitchen requires a different set of accessories, the accessories mentioned above are a must-have and should be considered while constructing your kitchen.

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