How To Organize An Indian Kitchen? Arrange in the Best Way

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Do you feel that your kitchen is clumsy or disordered due to the shortage of space?

Don’t worry; you can makeover your kitchen into an organized one. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or making a new one, an organized kitchen will always give you satisfaction.

How can you make an organized Indian kitchen?

The solution is the proper utilization of the kitchen area. For a proper kitchen layout, ergonomics plays a vital role. A kitchen is an important place in any house. A modular kitchen layout is ideal to make the cooking space compact and well-organized.

A kitchen is a place where our moms spend most of their time. Therefore, it should not be in a messy condition or overcrowded.

Moreover, the kitchen is a place to cook and eat, but from here we do many other activities also. We spend most of our time in the kitchen; thus, it should not get messy.

The kitchen should not be dumped with cooking gadgets or furniture. Just think, your family members assemble there and find cooking gadgets are kept in disorder way, or the kitchen is spilling over with pots and pans, do they like it?

No, to avoid the clumsiness of the kitchen, you need to arrange the kitchen in the right order.

You must have enough space in the kitchen so that you can move freely. Your appliances should be properly placed so that you can get the thing easily. Your kitchen should not be a nightmare to others. Moreover, it’s easy to find an item in an organized kitchen as you’ll know where to look. 

organized kitchen

Advantages of an organized kitchen

If you have an organized kitchen, you can save time. You need not spend time searching the utensil or the bottle of spice. Instead, you can make separate zones for prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Here are some advantages of an organized modular kitchen that we have found out.

  • Cooking will not be a hectic job for you. If you have an organized kitchen, you can store your cookbooks together. Then, when planning your meal, you can take out the cooking book, select a recipe and do the job.
  • Your organized kitchen can save you money. How? When you have a tidy kitchen, you know everything and where the required thing is kept. You will not go to buy a duplicate of it. You will stop buying more and stockpiling the things. Doubly spending the money means throwing away the money. It is easy to keep track of everything in your organized kitchen.
  • A messy kitchen is also harder to clean with all the items just lying around. Keeping your kitchen items organized in racks or shelves will make the cleaning process more efficient. 
  • Cooking can be an enjoyable phenomenon if your modular kitchen is organized. You will always enjoy cooking in a clean and tidy kitchen. It hardly matters whether you have a small and cramped or a big and expensive kitchen. It should be organized. When you cook nutritious or cheaper meals at home, you will not spend money on buying food. In this, you can save money also.

Therefore, you can save money, time, stress, and effort using an organized kitchen.

Then what are you thinking about?

What do you think about the cost?

No, it does not cost a lot. Everything required to keep your kitchen organized, from pull racks to metal shelves, will fall in your budget. The overall benefits of this investment far outweigh the initial costs.

Divide the kitchen into zones and assess the entire kitchen cabinets and drawers into zones. Note it down in the notepad of every detail, including which items have been kept in which zones. 

Difficulties involved organizing a small kitchen

While organizing a small kitchen, many difficulties may arise. But every difficulty has a solution. Making room for cabinets in a small kitchen is often a daunting task.

Apart from storage shortage, an additional problem often arises, and that is struggling for countertop space. Too much clutter in a small kitchen is a common sight and a common issue.

The small kitchen gets cluttered due to the shortage of space. Lack of drawer space in a small kitchen is the common woes of small kitchen owners.

How to overcome those problems in your kitchen?

Your kitchen may be a small one, but you can make it a functional kitchen. The cooking zone is vital and needs to be perfectly organized so that you cook easily.

A modular kitchen with essential accessories is a great option to utilize the storage space. It is best for a small kitchen, especially when you need space. a modular kitchen helps to clear up the cabinet and counter space. You can use it for storing serving trays, pod lids, bakeware, placemats, etc.

If there is a shortage of cabinet, you can use the sides of the refrigerator or the kitchen counter. The ceiling-hung pot and pan rack is also space-savvy.

You can use it to get the space of the cabinet room. To get a space for a countertop, you can streamline the gadgets and appliances. If your kitchen is small, stick to the basic appliances instead of using an air-fryer or a separate steamer.

organize kitchen

Alternatively, you can think of another solution. And the solution is you can use a mobile kitchen trolley with a countertop.

How to organize an Indian kitchen? – The best ways

Before you decide anything to purchase, you think about every item, consider how far it will be useful.

For example, do you get a usable space?

Or makes it necessary for the kitchen?

The goal to organize a kitchen is to maximize the free space keeping all kitchen appliances, tools, and equipment in an organized manner.

So, how to arrange a small Indian kitchen?

To solve this problem, we can divide the area of the kitchen into five zones. Then we can focus on each of these zones separately and start organizing. These 5 zones are-

  1. Regular use zone: For plates, glass, cutlery items.
  2. Cooking zone: For cooking appliances like gas stove, induction cooktop, rice cooker, microwave oven etc.
  3. Washing zone: The sink area
  4. Kitchen pantry zone: For cooking ingredients like spice, sugar, salt, oil etc.
  5. Large appliance zone: Space inside and around refrigerator, water purifier etc.

Now we will select each of the above zones and find the best way to organize it.

how to organize an Indian kitchen

Organizing the Daily use zone in the kitchen

The regular use zone is the area in your kitchen where we need to access most frequently. This includes utensils like plates, glass, lunch box, knife, pressure cooker, spoon, kadai, fork, dinner sets, etc. Each of these kitchen essentials can be kept in a well-organized manner.

plate organizer

Plate organizer

If you have a small kitchen, you need to save space and organize your kitchen handy. Kitchen drawers and kitchen cabinets will be a good selection to organize the utensils. These cabinets won’t take much space either.

plate rack in kitchen

You can even choose to mount them on the walls to utilize your kitchen space effectively. You may use it as a storage shelf or to keep for washed dishes. It is ideal to use for draining water and drying the dishes properly. 

kitchen organizer

Glass and cup organizer

A cabinet is the most useful and essential space for your kitchen. You can keep your glasses, cups, crockery, and utensils in the cabinet, but they should be well-maintained and free of clutter.

The hollow design tray has a diversion tray at the bottom, and from there, the water drains out.

There are spoon and chopstick holders in the tray, and you can place these separately, which is convenient for the users. 

Organize the cutlery

To keep your kitchen clean without being messy, use a cutlery organizer. It’s a kitchen metal storage rack for spoons, shovels, knives, and other items. It is made of a high-quality metal pipe, hard texture, corrosion-free, and strong bearing capacity. 

cutlery organizer

Pan and pot organizer

You can keep your most disorganized kitchen in an organized manner. A tidy kitchen is always a happy kitchen. So, get a multi-tier rack. This is a heavy-duty pan and pot accessory for the kitchen.

You can place it horizontally or vertically, depends on the area of your kitchen. This rack is sturdy and durable, can hold cast iron skillets, griddles, and shallow pots. The space-saving racks with wheels are perfect for an organized kitchen. Its narrow shape can be adjusted into the sleek gap or in between the fridge and cabinet. 

pots and pans organizer

The Cooking zone – Heart of the kitchen

As the heading implies, the cooking zone is the most important area in your kitchen. To organize this area in your kitchen, you need to keep two things in your mind- the accessibility to the cooking appliances must be safe and easy to use.

Gas stove organizer

A drawer may be installed under a gas stove or electric cooktop if the situation permits. A gas stove needs a free area below the cooktop height. The surrounding areas of the cooktop, like cabinets, countertop, and wall coverings, should have the power to withstand heat coming from the cooktop. Organizing the area around an auto ignition gas stove is similar to common stoves.

Induction cooktop organizer

The best way to organize your induction cooktop is using a stainless-steel induction cooker shelf. A modern stainless-steel shelf can organize your induction cooktop.

It can also maximize the storage space while enhancing the overall look of your kitchen with its neutral colors and clean lines. In addition, it will bring a sensible organization to your kitchen.

Microwave oven and OTG organizer 

There are dedicated racks for microwave ovens and OTG ovens available in the market. Most of these racks are environment–friendly, scratch-resistant and waterproof containing two to four trays. If you have a built-in oven, you do not need an external organizer.

microwave oven organizer

Rice cooker organizer

Rice cookers are multiple functional devices. Therefore, there is an equal need to organize your rice cooker. The best way to do it is by using a storage rack made specifically made for it.

Most organizers have brought 2 tier adjustable metal shelving storage for a rice cooker. They are made with high-quality metal, built to provide years of reliable service. 

Almost all of these organizers have powder-coated frame body is delicate to touch while being remarkably strong and durable. Its two-tray facility gives ample space in your organized kitchen for daily used things.

Small kitchen appliance organizer

For small kitchen appliances like electric kettle, hand mixer, blender, BBQ grill, slow cooker, stand mixer, egg boiler, milk frother, sandwich maker, smoothie maker, juicer mixer grinder, Yogurt maker, electric pressure cooker, cold press juicer, and vegetable chopper, you can consider the corner or built-in cabinet for better storage conditions.

It can be the best place to store your small kitchen appliances. Storing these devices in a cabinet makes it easily accessible as you’ll know where to look when you need it. 

organize small kitchen appliances

Organize the Washing zone

Like the previous two-zone, it is another important area of your kitchen that gets messy every day. This zone mostly includes the area around the kitchen sink. Let’s see how we can organize this area.

kitchen sink organizer

arrange the Kitchen Sink area

Both in the bathroom, and kitchen, the sink is always taken as an underrated feature. But you can change its total feature. The kitchen will give a gorgeous look when you use a sponge holder, suction cup holder for sponges, dishwasher detergent, scrubbers, cleaning brush.

A triangle-shaped sponge holder is appropriate for the sink corner to keep your scrubbers in place, effectively reducing the occupied space in the sink. This holder is to hold dish soap, hand soap, sponge, scrubber. It is very handy and can be kept on the countertop by the sink to use when you need it. 

kitchen washing zone

Faucet or tap organizer

The faucet or tap in the organized kitchen plays an important role. Using a stainless-steel tap with a storage rack can help you in this matter. In addition, you can put the soaps, sponges, and scrubbers in the rack to utilize storage space. 

organize the Under-sink area

To keep your kitchen clean and tidy, an under-sink organizer is a good idea.

Without taking much space, it can allow you to store dustbins, cleaning tools, and materials properly. When choosing a design, check the size so that it can easily fit the place.

under sink organizer

If you own a dishwasher or planning to get one, you must note that it takes a significant amount of space in the kitchen. If the kitchen is small, you should place the dishwasher in the dining room or somewhere else suitable.

the Kitchen Pantry Zone

Every Indian kitchen has hundreds of spices, rice, atta, dal, sugar, salt, oil. We must keep all these kitchen pantry items in a well-organized way with proper food safety. The following ways can help you properly organize them.

spice rack organizer in kitchen

Spice Storage organizer

Indian cooking involves a lot of spices and masala. The vessels and cutlery used in the kitchen are different. Storing food ingredients and utensils is often a concern in the kitchen in India.

The spice organizers have introduced revolving spice racks, which are available with spice jars. The spice jars have been designed in a simple way for easy access to the spice collection. It is easy to clean, refillable jars. The jars keep the spices fresh and free from odor.

storage rack in kitchen

Storage rack organizer

The storage problem is a great hurdle in a small kitchen. But your organized kitchen can solve this problem with a storage tower. The compartments are spacious, fit for both small and big containers.

If your area is not spacious, this tiered shelf is highly useful. Using a kitchen cabinet or rack in an organized way, you can easily declutter the messy counter spaces and give the kitchen a gorgeous look while keeping the kitchen pantry storage properly organized. 

Organizing the Large kitchen appliances

A refrigerator is an essential appliance for the kitchen. Though it is one of the most power-consuming appliances, we use it in daily life to get fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, fruits. We use it for leftovers also. It is quite possible that the items get lost in corners and gradually become spoilt.

To prevent the food from spoiling, you can use fridge storage containers. These containers are suitable for farm fruits, fish, vegetables, meat, and farm products. Usually, people use them for storing pasta, snacks, cereals, and other items.

The refrigerator drawer mats, or fridge mats, or multipurpose mats are available with a set of 4 or more pieces. These mats are used for drawers, shelves of the refrigerator to avoid scratches, dirt, or spots on the fridge.

In addition, you can use a plastic fridge space saver food storage organizer basket rack in your fridge. These pantry organizer bins or baskets are sturdy, durable, and easy to clean.

The fridge side organizing rack is appropriate for the small kitchen. It is used both inside and outside of the fridge. In addition, you can use it as a hanging accessory for a potholder or any other item that can be kept in a hanging position.

If you have a side-by-side refrigerator, do not keep it in the kitchen because of the huge size. Apart from a refrigerator, this zone also includes appliances water purifier which is also an essential appliance in the kitchen.

Having a kitchen chimney at home reduces many problems at once. They remove the foul smoke and oily substance to make the kitchen clean. Installation of this appliance does not need any arrangement.

In the end, we can say that organizing an Indian kitchen is not very difficult even if it is small. You can change your kitchen interior with the modern amenities and techniques that ultimately give you a satisfactory result.

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