Can OTG be Used for Reheating? – Benefits and Limitations

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Modern kitchens are meant to be blooming with the boons of technology. Among the thousands of appliances, what is that one appliance which your kitchen should not be lacking?

It is an OTG oven.

The Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) is a technologically advanced mini version of a traditional oven. It makes use of heated coils to cook meals and requires a minimum setup to function. The thermostat present in the OTGs controls the temperature, which further ensures the food is cooked or heated correctly.

One common question which revolves around when it comes to OTGs is, “Can OTG be used for reheating?”

Various myths are surrounding this discussion that needs to be busted. First, one should know that OTGs can be used to perform versatile tasks. For example, using the best OTG in India, you can bake, grill, and toast which lets you master scrumptious dishes with less oil in minimum time.

However, a lot of people think that you cannot use an OTG for reheating purposes. If you are suffering from the same doubt, then you are at the right place. Here is a little guide that will work as a go-through for your knowledge regarding OTGs. 

Can you reheat food in an OTG?

We all know that convection microwave ovens work great to reheat foods. If you do not own a microwave oven but want to buy a brand new OTG, it is essential to know if it is capable to reheat foods.

If an appliance can amuse you with its versatile uses, it has to be an OTG. It is no less than a blessing for people who are addicted to baked goods. An OTG delivers plenty of freedom and flexibility in your kitchen. Whether you want to bake a cake or bread, grill cottage cheese or chicken kebabs, or cook pizza or kulcha, toast sandwiches or buns, the best bet must be an OTG.

Apart from the million other uses of an OTG, you can use it to heat your food. An OTG can easily be used to reheat, keep warm, grill, barbeque, and bake food items. Using the best electric barbecue grill would be very convenient if you love to have grilled foods frequently. If you have your OTG handy, you are all set for making the yummiest muffins, patties, pieces of bread, and cakes.

So, the most common question regarding an OTG is “Can OTG be used for heating food?” gets quickly answered here; that is a big YES!

reheating in otg

Benefits and limitations of reheating food in OTG

There are numerous benefits of using an OTG and also using it to reheat food:

The Benefits:

  • An OTG has a thermostat that helps control the temperature, which further ensures that the food is appropriately heated.
  • It quickly heats up, and thus, it works more efficiently while cooking.
  • An OTG grill has the advantage of reheating and keeping the grill warm so that the food in it remains tasty.
  • An OTG cooks food outside to inside and tends to make your food brown and crispy.
  • OTG ovens are equipped with a heating element both on the ceiling and on the roof. You can easily choose which side to use for eating.
  • Metal vessels can be used in an OTG.
  • An OTG is power efficient and portable.
  • OTGs are relatively cheaper.

However, there are limitations to heating food in an OTG when it is in comparison to a microwave oven.

The Limitations:

  • Reasonable care has to be taken while using the pans for reheating food in an OTG. You cannot use any pan for heating food. Usually, aluminum pans, aluminum foils, silicone molds, and Borosil utensils are used to reheat food in an OTG.
  • It takes comparatively more time than an oven to heat the food item.
  • Sometimes, due to mishandling and less knowledge about the time limits, the chances of getting your food burnt increase.
  • Some people consider OTGs to be quite complicated because they feature many confusing settings and mechanical controls.
  • OTG does not distribute heat evenly for food making.
  • Autocook facilities are not equipped in an OTG. 

So, reheating food in an OTG has both advantages and disadvantages. Know which one is better by comparing OTG vs microwave oven.

how to reheat in OTG

How to reheat different types of food in OTG?

When reheating food in an OTG, the technique is crucial. If you implement suitable measures, you can quickly reheat every kind of food in your OTG. However, there are different setups you need for reheating various types of food. They are as follows: 

  • For reheating items such as tandoori or grilled chicken, idlis, chapatis, vegetable parcels, etc., cover the food in aluminum foil and place it in the wire end. Keep the upper and lower rod on and set the coil in rotation mode. Heat it at 180 degrees and set the timer for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • For reheating items such as samosas, puffs, or kebabs, keep the things on a baking tray or any other Borosil tray. Set the temperature to 150 degrees and keep the lower rod on. Set the timer for ten minutes. These types of items are reheated better in OTG, and they turn crunchier when reheated.
  • For reheating stir-fried items or gravies and curries, transfer your food items to a glass bowl or an aluminum pan and keep them in the middle rack. Set the temperature to 150 degrees and keep only the lower rod on. Set the timer for fifteen to twenty minutes. 

NOTE: The oven temperature, time, etc., may differ from oven to oven, and hence the units provided may not precisely match all ovens. Therefore, it is always preferable to use your discretion while following any noted information.

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Reheating Food in OTG: Conclusion

An Oven Toast Griller is more than just a perfect appliance for your kitchen. You cannot just bake but can also use it to grill, toast, and of course, reheat your food in an OTG. It would be your most extensive help whenever you are in the mood of making one of the most delectable and exquisite cuisines, that too with less oil.

You can make the most delicious kebabs, tikkas, pizzas, cakes, muffins, pieces of bread, and so much more with the help of OTGs. OTGs assist you in healthy cooking because you can use them for cooking food with less oil. They are usually sturdy and performance-driven and are also available in multiple capacities.

So now that your doubts are solved, and myths are busted, grab one and enjoy without delay!

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