Side by Side Refrigerator vs Double Door Refrigerator – Which is Better?

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When planning to buy a refrigerator for your kitchen and searching for the ideal one, then two of the most popular types of refrigerators that you will recommend are double door refrigerators and side by side refrigerators. It is essential to analyze both the products to choose the best refrigerator for your home. In this article, we will discuss and compare side by side vs. double door refrigerators for a better understanding of their pros and cons. 

Differences Between Side by Side and Double Door Refrigerator

In this section, we are going to discuss the key differences between side by side and double door refrigerators. 

1. Both of side by side and double door refrigerators are energy-efficient

Double door refrigerators are usually more energy-efficient just because of the design. As you need to open only one compartment at a time. On the other hand, the side by side refrigerators are also energy efficient, and only one side is required to be opened at a time. But due to the complex design, they are not as energy-efficient as double door refrigerators.

2. Different position and design of the freezer

This is one of the most significant differences between a double door and side by side refrigerator. The freezer is usually present on top of the main door in a double door refrigerator, but the freezer is present below the main door in some models. On the other hand, in the best side by side refrigerators in India, the freezer compartment is present right beside the compartment where you store the food. 

3. Different uses of side by side and double door refrigerators

There is no vertical divider in a double door refrigerator, so you can easily store larger pans and pallets if you are planning for a party in your house. On the contrary, due to the side-by-side design, the storage space is automatically reduced. 

4. Extra installation requirements for side by side refrigerators

If you choose either one of these models, it is better to opt for a professional installation service, especially in a side by side refrigerator that requires an existing water line to provide water and ice from the dispenser without opening the refrigerator door. 

5. Side by Side refrigerators are costly than double door fridges

More features mean that you have to pay more to buy a certain model of refrigerator. The price of a refrigerator having the same features also varies from brand to brand. Products like Samsung convertible refrigerators are priced lower than side by side refrigerators. The installation cost is almost similar for both the refrigerator. 

6. Side by side door refrigerators are easier to use than double door models

In some double door refrigerators, the freezer is present below the main door. If you or any of your family members suffer from backache, this might not be the ideal choice for you. But if you are buying a side-by-side refrigerator, you will not face any such problems as the freezer door is present at eye level.

Side By Side Vs. Double Door Refrigerator

Side by Side vs. Double Door Refrigerator

FeaturesSide by Side RefrigeratorDouble Door Refrigerator
Energy EfficiencyEnergy-efficient but draws more electricity.It is also energy-efficient and consumes less electricity.
AppearanceIncreases the aesthetic appeal.Simple designing.
Storage and usesStorage space is less.Storage space is more.
InstallationInstallation is difficult.Installation is easier compared to a side-by-side refrigerator.
CostThe price of a side by side refrigerator varies between 600 USD and 1800 USD.The cost of a double-door refrigerator falls in the price range of 1050 USD to 3600 USD.
Ease of UseEasier to use due to the availability of more spaces and racks.Has comparatively less space.

How and when does a side by side refrigerator help?

Side by side refrigerators have two completely distinct compartments. Both these compartments have separate doors of their own. One side is the freezer compartment, and on the other side, you can store food. A side-by-side refrigerator requires a lot of space and has a water and ice dispenser on the outer side of the refrigerator. 

side by side refrigerator in kitchen

The Benefits a side by side refrigerator provides

1. More Convenient Storage 

Having a kid in your house means they may open a refrigerator several times for taking out snacks and soft drinks. If you keep these drinks and snacks within reach of the children, they will keep the door open for less. On the contrary, you can also control the foods and other beverages that are not meant for children away from them, or you can simply put them on a higher shelf. This bigger space and side by side setting make the storage of food and drink more convenient and more accessible. 

2. Finding the Items Become Easy

It might be frustrating if you cannot find the exact item you are looking for in the refrigerator. Having a side by side refrigerator means that you can easily find the food item or drink. As you do not need to open the refrigerator for a longer period, it becomes more energy efficient. 

3. Requires Less Space

If your kitchen area is small, you need to have a refrigerator, in which the doors can be easily opened without causing any inconvenience. The doors of a side-by-side refrigerator require less sweep area to open the door. 

4. Water and Ice Can be Dispensed Easily

Most people preferred to have a side by side refrigerator instead of a double-door refrigerator because of this feature. You can take water and ice out of the refrigerator without opening the refrigerator. As it saves more units of electricity as water and ice cubes can be dispensed easily.

The Downside of Side by Side Refrigerators

1. Ice and Water Dispenser Requires Regular Maintenance

Before selecting a side by side refrigerator, you need to ensure that the place where you are planning to put the refrigerator has a proper water plumbing facility. If your house or the apartment that you are living in is old, then you might face difficulties with the pipeline and water filtration process. Repair the waterline and, if needed, replace the water filter. In short, after buying a side by side refrigerator, you may need to spend quite a considerable amount to keep that in proper condition.  

2. Requires Wider Space

Very few side by side refrigerator models are there which fit in a narrow space, but most of them require a lot of space as they are broad in size. So, before buying, make sure that there is enough room so that this type of refrigerator can fit in easily. 

When Should you Choose a Double Door Refrigerator?

A double door refrigerator usually has two doors. One door is the main door, and the other one is the door of the freezer. The double door refrigerator is an ideal inclusion for large families having more than 5 family members. 

To choose a double door refrigerator, you should know about the pros and cons. When you compare the side-by-side refrigerator with a double door refrigerator, you will find some advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons are mentioned below. 

double door refrigerator in kitchen

What does a double door refrigerator offer?

Fulfilling Daily Needs

If you have a big family, then you may need to store a large amount of food in the refrigerator. Your daily needs can be fulfilled by purchasing a double-door refrigerator.

Bigger Shelves

Usually, side by side refrigerators have bigger shelves than double door refrigerators. This makes it easy to store large vessels and big containers inside the refrigerator.

Separate Freezer 

As the name suggests, two doors are present in a double door refrigerator. One is the main door, and the other door is separated for the freezer. You can open the main door without opening the door of the freezer and vice versa.

Higher Refrigerator Capacity

A double door refrigerator usually has a capacity between 235 liters and 495 liters. This huge capacity makes it easy for you to store a whole lot of food at once.

Frost Free Technology

In the freezer, you need not clean the ice on your own. With the frost-free technology, the ice will be cleaned automatically. In this way, these refrigerators work efficiently.

What will you not get in a double door refrigerator?

Not cheap in price

The cost of the double-door refrigerator is usually high. The price of this type of refrigerator usually starts from 20000 INR. Keep this thing in mind before selecting a refrigerator for your family. 

Does not consume low power

A double door refrigerator consumes a lot of power as it comes in high capacity. In comparison to a single door refrigerator, the power consumption is 20 to 25% more. The power consumption also increases because of the presence of the frost-free technology present in it. 

Won’t fit in a small kitchen

Models of double door refrigerators have a larger food space. Ensure that you have a specific area in your kitchen or dining where you plan to keep the refrigerator. 

Side by Side or Double Door Refrigerator? – Conclusion

Finally, it depends on your preference. Some people like the double door models of refrigerators, while others prefer to buy side by side refrigerators. Consider the factors mentioned above before buying a refrigerator to complete the setup of your kitchen.

If you have a small family, you might want to take a look at single door refrigerators. Compare single door vs double door refrigerators to know about their differences.

As both these models have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, choose the one which fulfills your needs. Buy either side by side refrigerator or double door refrigerator from the online or offline market. Happy shopping!

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