Stand Mixer Vs. Food Processor – Which Should be Your Choice?

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In this fast-moving life, you may not like to spend enough time in the kitchen.

Are you planning to make your work comfortable and convenient?

Lafe becomes comfortable and easy when you take the help of electric gadgets like mixing and food processing machines.

Are you in doubt about which one to choose- a stand mixer or a food processor?

These two kitchen appliances function closely but there are certain points you need to consider.

First, you need to know the benefits and limitations by comparing stand mixer vs food processor. Over time, electric gadgets have made the kitchen work easy and comfortable. There are many tools that you may use in the kitchen. These electric kitchen appliances can help in grinding, kneading, mixing.

Likewise, a stand mixer can help you in different ways. You may get different varieties of stand mixer on the market. Only a little difference exists in its functionality.  

What is the function of a Stand mixer?

A stand mixer is a motor-powered helper. It can churn the ingredients for a long time, for which you can use it for grinding the spices. Or can do the mixing task for your cooking. As it is an electric appliance, thus can subtly combine the ingredients. In this way, you can save time on your cooking preparations.

You can usually get three types of attachments with the stand mixer, including a dough hook, a paddle, and a whisk. You can make creamy butter to knead the dough with these three accessories.

stand mixer

When should you get a stand mixer?

It would help if you had a stand mixer for mixing cookies and cake batters. The best stand mixer in India with three-blade attachments can fulfill your purpose. If you want to mix meatloaf or meatballs, then also it is helpful. If you want smooth butter or fluffy cream, you can use the whisk attachment.

You can use the dough hook for getting pliant pizza dough or stiff baguette dough. Apart from these benefits, you can spiralize vegetables and fruits with handy attachments of the stand mixer. You can get a variety of attachments with the stand mixer. These attachments work as ice cream maker, juicer, meat grinder, vegetable sheeter, pasta rollers, and spiralizer.

What does a food processor do?

You can get several kitchen appliances in the market that processes the food. But a food processor can do many works in a single tool. If you want to cut, slice, or chop vegetables, the food processor can do it easily and quickly.

A food processor can grind, shred, and can make a puree of any food. You can use it for extracting vegetable juice, or citrus juice can knead bread dough. A food processor helps to beat egg whites or cake batter. You can also grind vegetables and meats in the food processor. With using a food processor, you won’t need an extra electric beater.

food processor

When to get a food processor?

When you need to grate common things like carrots, cheese, your food processor can do it easily. It has a shredding disc that does the job of slicing apples and potatoes. The food processor can easily and quickly slice, chop, shred the food.

A food processor is helpful, especially when you have to prepare a lot of meals. If you are having an aversion to chopping vegetables, you can use them. Some people don’t go for chopping or cutting vegetables due to their fear of sharp tools. The food processor is useful to them. 

Stand Mixer Vs. Food Processor

Both the appliances- a stand mixer and a food processor are equally important for the kitchen work with different functions. A stand mixer is different in its application and working methods from the food processor. A stand mixer is unlike a food processor regarding costs, safety, convenience, and power usage. Thus, before deciding to buy the appliance, you should know everything about the appliances.

Difference in Working Methods

Stand Mixers are good at mixing, kneading and beatings

A stand mixer is an indispensable, powerful motorized base kitchen tool. Before it comes to the market, people used to make cookie dough by hand. They spent a large part of the time whisking the cream or egg whites until they get the result. Now the stand mixer has come into the market to make the tasks easy.

As the stand mixer runs by a powerful motor, so it can make stiffer doughs. For example, you can get thick bread dough or cookie dough from the stand mixer. You can buy some other accessories for the stand mixer. You can use those accessories for making sausages to ice cream. 

There are several types of stand mixers based on different working methods available in the market-

  • Tilt-Head Stand Mixers: Mini stand mixer is perfect for a small family. You can get a compact and efficient motor perfect for a small family or a few people.
  • Bowl-lift Stand Mixers: This type of stand mixer gives a large bowl, perfect for a large family. Its motorhead is slightly tilted. This helps to add ingredients and exchange the accessories with ease.

Efficient cutting, grating and chopping by a food processor

A food processor is an important kitchen appliance. While preparing food, it makes easy the tasks. The food processor is a fully electric motor-driven tool. A food processor is similar to a blender that requires a small amount of water to blend the food.

Usually, a food processor has, on, off and a pulse button. The on and off buttons exercises stop and start the food processor. You can use the machine at high speed to get the work done quickly and can save electricity. There are different types of food processors available in the market.

  • Mini food processor: You can opt for the mini chopper food processor which can be used as a vegetable chopper. It is so handy that you can take it in your suitcase while going on vacation. This is a great appliance for your kitchen. 
  • Electric food processor: This type of food processor is powered by a electric motor, integrated with a control system. Electric food processors are easier to use and need less effort and time.
  • Heavy duty food processor: It is sturdy and strong. You can make a thick mixture in it without having the slightest budge or smoke.

Read more about different types of food processors to know about their advantages and disadvantages.

The heaviest part of a food processor is its motor. Its heavyweight retains the machine stable when the motor is running. The motor spins at high speed for fine grinding that you can control from the switch control option. You can use the trip switch to stop and start the food processor. Especially when the bowl or lid is not properly placed.

Application and usability

Stand Mixers are multifunctional

You can make pizza dough to buttermilk bread in a stand mixer.

Having a party at home and need a shredded chicken?

Don’t worry; your stand mixer can give you what you need. If you want to turn and fold the dough in the mixing bowl, use the dough hook.

What else do you need when you have a stand mixer?

Do you want to cook a new dish of meatloaf or meatballs?

There is no need to buy it from the market because your stand mixer can give you the same thing you will get from the market. You know your kids love mashed potatoes, so just use the stand mixer’s paddle and make it.

You can use a stand mixer for getting cranberry orange granola or strawberry chocolate granola. Your stand mixer is of great help when making egg salad or stuffing or mixing dips. Pizza is a tasty and sumptuous dinner and a demanding food for your kids.

If you think to give them a surprise, just take the help of your stand mixer and get the pizza dough. You can occasionally opt for traditional bread or cinnamon rolls also. Apart from these, you can make different cookies.

A Food Processor is a single tool for chopping, grinding, slicing and pureeing

If you have a food processor in your kitchen, it means you have 50% lesser work. If you are not ready to spend enough time in the kitchen, don’t worry! Your food processor can give you that respite by making your work easier. The food processor works in a multifunctional way.

It does the work of chopping, slicing, grinding, and pureeing the food smoothly and quickly. It’s known that Indian cooking is normally rich in spices. For making a tasty dish, you will nice infusion of spices. Then what if you have a food processor? You can easily get the spices blended that you need for cooking.

Do you want mincemeat, or chopped nuts, or chutneys?

Everything is available in the food mixer. Most people don’t like to make dough by hand. Thus, the food mixer has come up in the market as a helping hand to them. This amazing machine helps you in making dough for roti, chapati, naan, and paratha.

You can even use it to churn butter and making ghee for a plethora of menus. Cutting spinach is a hectic task; use your food processor and get what you want. Serve your family or friends the delicious dishes in no time using a food processor. 

Safety in operation and maintenance

Stand Mixers are safe to use and maintain

Are you planning to purchase a new stand mixer?

Then you must buy it from an authentic dealer. You will get the manufacturer’s instructions; you carefully need to follow those. You should register the new stand mixer with the manufacturer. In the future, if any emergency arises, you can contact them.

A faulty product may be a cause for severe damage. It is better to return the defective product and replace the new one. If replacement is not possible, then you can ask for repairing it. Every dealer provides the customers with the benefit of free online checking. You should take advantage of it.

You need to be careful of the unguarded rotating attachments because it may lead to serious injury. For a safety measure, should use an interlock guard. Suppose the interlock system is not functioning correctly; better it is not to use for that moment. Let the electrician check it and mend it, then use the stand mixer.

Food Processors are also available with adequete safety

Using any electronic gadget means you should be alert and careful of it. No difference with a food processor! What you need is to follow the instruction of the manufacturer.

You must check the plug point and socket regularly for burn signs or sounds. Also, be careful about circuit-breakers tripping, fuses blowing, etc. If you feel the plug point is too hot, call the electrician. An RCD should fully protect your house. It is very important as it is a life-saving device. 

Frequency of Cleaning and ease of Maintenance

Stand Mixers do not need heavy maintenance

You should clean and dry your stand mixer. Clean it with soap and warm water. Separate all the attachments and then clean the pin and spring of the stand mixer so that the mixer does not get clogged with food. This happens when the batter has splattered around the bowl. After cleaning, you need to put oil on the pin and spring. It helps in smooth functioning in the future.  

Regular maintenance work well for Food Processors

You can wash the removable pieces of the food processor with mild soap and warm water. However, you should not scrub the accessories of the processor with hard pads or abrasive cleaners. Dry the blade with a soft dish towel to avoid rust.

Cost involvement

Stand Mixers are costlier than food processors. The cost of a stand mixer ranges from a minimum of Rs 6000 to over Rs 40000. The cost of a food processor ranges from a minimum of 3000 to over 10000.

Ease Of Use

You can easily understand the use of a stand mixer. While purchasing, the dealer or the manufacturer will explain you. If you cannot recollect the instructions, you will have the manual. Therefore, don’t worry about its usage.

Although the food processor is different from a stand mixer, it is easy to handle. It is very simple to know how to use it. The manual will help you, which you will get at the time of purchasing. You can understand from the manual.

In conclusion, we can say that both the stand mixer and food processors are easy to use.

Power Requirement

Stand Mixer: A stand mixer requires 500 watts or 4kWh of electricity for every hour of using it.

Food Processor: The power requirement of a food processor is 400 to 700 watts. The bigger food processor requires 1200 watts of power.

stand mixer vs food processor

Stand Mixer and Food Processor Comparison

Point Of Difference Stand MixerFood Processor
Working Principle Stand mixer is useful for mixing, kneading, and beatings.The food processor is useful for cutting, grating, and chopping quickly.
ApplicationStand mixer is helpful for all purposes, make pizza dough, mixing meatballs, or mixing meatloaf.A food processor works in a multifunctional way. It does the work of chopping, slicing, grinding, and pureeing the food smoothly, and quickly.  It helps a great in Indian cooking.
SafetyIt is safe to use, the only thing you need to buy it from an authentic dealer. It is safe to use. You need a regular check of the socket and plug point.
MaintenanceVery easy to maintain.Needs handle delicately. 
Cost A stand mixer is less costly than a food processor.The food processor is costlier than the stand mixer. 
Ease of UseHelpful to use in your kitchen. A good kitchen aid when you are preparing variety of dishes
Power RequirementThe power consumption rate is high.The power consumption rate is the highest. 

Final Words : Stand mixer or Food Processor?

The stand mixer and the food processor both are perfect and useful appliances for the kitchen. You can use the stand mixer for culinary creations such as batters, doughs, mixes, or homemade pasta. But a stand mixer may not help you in every respect. In that case, you may think about a food processor.

A food processor can be useful for cutting, chopping, or for making cold drinks. You can make sauces and soup or for making any thicker mixer. It can also help you in whisking, kneading, and mixing. So, read the comparison of food processor vs stand mixer to decide which one will be useful for your purpose. 

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