Different Types of ladders and Their Uses

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A ladder though not a complete tool to finish working at height but is a medium required to get the job done. Like, no one can think of painting lofty walls without a ladder. And can you trim the branches of the tree without a ladder?

Ladders are crucial in fixing things that are at height and where our hands can’t reach. There are different types of ladders, and their uses also vary. Below are listed 14 different ladders for your convenience while using them. 

14 different types of ladders and uses

Each type of ladder varies with the material used to frame the ladder and based on their functions. Some of the ladders are best for home use and are inexpensive, while others are for skilled usages. Let’s begin with some basic types and how they are used. 

different types of ladders and uses

1. Step ladder

Among the different types of ladders, a step ladder is the most popular one. A step ladder is used for multiple purposes and is easy to use. You can use a step ladder on almost any basis because it is self-supporting. The ladder consists of two sets of rungs and steps connected with the top cap’s help.

Based on the design of the steps, you can climb on both sides of the ladder. There are two, three, four-up to 10 step ladders. There is a spreader at the back which limits the stretching of one side from the other. 

Versatile functions are performed by unfolding and folding step ladders like plastering the ceilings, wiping the windows, and replacing the bulbs. A step ladder is ideal for household purposes including fixing the height of the kitchen chimney and cleaning the ceiling fans.

2. Short step stool

Not necessarily all ladders have to be good in height. For household purposes, if you want a stool that would help you reach high shelves, you can use step stools. These stools are generally four-legged and built with stainless steel. These are a smaller version of conventional step ladders.

3. Extension Ladder

Apart from household activities, are you opting for a ladder that will help you with high heights?

Like for example, are you wanting to repair your roof or pipelines?

Then go for the extension. As the name suggests, you can extend the ladder as much as you need. In a structural pattern, the ladders consist of a base and a fly. While the floor remains at the ground, the fly is extended with increased reach.

But the main difference between a step and an extension ladder is that the latter is not self-supporting. To work with an extension, lean the ladder with some concrete support. For safety, the extension ladder consists of non-skid feet and hooks at the top. 

4. A-frame ladder

The next which comes in the list of different types of ladders are the A-frame ladders. As the name signifies, they appear like the alphabet A and are self-supporting. There are spreaders at the back part of the ladder. These ladders are mainly used for garage repairing, trimming the garden trees, and setting up holiday bulbs. 

5. Shelved A-frame ladder

For painting and home decor, this kind of ladder is the oldest form. Similar to the features like an A-shaped ladder, this ladder comes with an extra shell to carry stuff. The ladder serves the purpose of painting well because the shelf holds the painting cans. For taller rooms, these ladders are helpful. The ladders are either made with aluminium or stainless-steel frames. 

6. Articulated ladder

If you need a portable ladder, then go for the articulated ladder. This kind of ladder is defined according to the job. The layout of the ladder makes it easy to travel outdoors with it. To make it intact, several locking hinges are there. The height range of these ladders is limited. Overall, they are used for multiple purposes. 

7. Attic ladder

Attic ladders are used for reaching the high top from the ground floor. They are set based on hinges and easily reach the top floor, allowing you to get the loft at an angle. These kinds of ladders are perfect for loft floors. Though these ladders are steep, they are strong enough to take loads. 

8. Platform ladder

Platform ladders look similar to a typical step ladder. However, they are much more comfortable than a step ladder. For safety purposes, these ladders come with a guardrail. Due to its broader steps, you can skilfully work for hours. These ladders are also mobile and come with caster wheels. These ladders are helpful for factory workers and for stocking goods on shelves. 

9. Flexible ladder

Similarly, like the name does not go with a typical ladder, flexible ladders are rare. They are made with equipment that is folded and are stored. Flexible ladders mainly for recreational purposes like carving. And climbing in flexible ladders is not at all easy. Substantial upper body strength is required for this purpose. These ladders are highly used during the emergency escape. 

10. Telescope ladder

Though not wholly flexible like a foldable ladder, a telescope ladder also collapse into thin sections. Later, these ladders are elongated with needs. The extent of the locked-up rungs raises the safety question of the ladder. They are also high in price. These ladders can be used for indoor repairing and facing works. 

11. Podium ladder

Among the different types of ladders and their uses, podium ladders have ample standing space and are well locked. The frame of the ladder is also robust and safe for usage. You can buy podium ladders if you are looking for ladders to fix the running cable and painting high walls. 

12. Rope ladder

Made with wooden logs and tight nylon ropes, these lasers are kids’ favorite. They learn how to climb with these ladders. These are good as a back lawn playset. But adults must pay attention to the anchor in of these rope ladders. That is, something concrete must anchor the ladder with the ground. These ladders are used for emergency exits. 

13. Warehouse ladder

Warehouse ladders are portable for traveling. These ladders are used, in warehouse buildings. Also, you can use them for storing things at a height. Their platforms make them suitable along with the stability. 

14. Multipurpose ladder

Multipurpose ladders are ideal for both household and outdoor usages. Additionally, you can travel with them. They are used for more than twenty purposes. The sturdy legs and self-supporting system of the ladder make it stable. They also come with hinges to keep them steady while using them. 

These different types of ladders are assembled with materials like wood, aluminium, etc. Based on the price range, the materials are used for ladder construction, select a type of ladder that is made with high durability and serves your purpose. 

choose a suitable ladder

How to choose a suitable type of ladder?

Knowing about the different types of ladders and their uses is not enough. Before choosing one, you should first know which ladder is suitable for your needs. Below are the criteria listed based on which you can decide to choose one of these types. 

  • Sort out and compare the features

As mentioned in the earlier part of the article, there are more or less 14 types of ladders. You must start comparing the features of one ladder with the other one. Like, for your home usage, compare how different is a platform ladder from a step ladder. Analyze which ladder have maximum benefits for your use. After that, consider the price factor and what’s your budget. 

  • Check for a suitable working height

For customized images, the height factor gets significant. Look for a step ladder stool for lower height tasks and extended loft ladders for high height tasks. Calculate your height along with the size of the ladder to reach the desired altitude. For example, if you want to reach 11 feet, you have to purchase six feet longer ladder. 

  • Look at the balanced weight ladders

Another factor you should focus on is the weight the ladder would carry. For household purposes, you can buy an aluminium ladder because only one individual will stand on the ladder at a time. But for professional usage, look for ladders that are from wood and fiberglass. A fiberglass ladder is ideal for electrical and heavy-duty construction work. 

So, choosing the right ladder for yourself is important because your safety depends on the ladder you use. But overall, select an appropriate ladder for yourself based on the required job. 


Types and Uses of Ladders: Bottom Line

Ladders have become a crucial tool for our regular works. It is a matter of your safety hence, you should know different types of ladders and their uses before purchasing one. For household purposes, look for lighter ladders that you can easily carry. On the other hand, for professional usage, wooden or fiberglass ladders are preferable.

Additionally, wisely decide on a ladder of your use. For that purpose, the above criteria can help you sort out a ladder. Thus, look for a ladder with which you can work at your pace. 

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