AC in Winter: A Viable Room Heating Solution

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An Air conditioner or AC gives us the ultimate relief on hot summer days. If you already own an AC, no one can know about it better than yourself. But when the winter approaches, you do not need it to cool the room. At this time, you may be thinking, can this AC be used as a room heater?

The answer is- yes, it is theoretically possible with some practical difficulties involved. To solve them, manufacturers are now producing all-weather or hot and cold ACs based on reverse cycle technology. Learn more about the theoretical aspects, problems, and solutions below.

Theoretical background

Heat pumps work in a principle just opposite to that of air conditioners. Science defines a heat pump as a means of moving heat energy from a high-temperature source to a low-temperature system. An air conditioner does the reverse- it transfers the heat from a low-temperature source to the higher-temperature surrounding.

Understanding the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle can help you realize how your air conditioner works. Regardless of the size of your air conditioner, this system will work the same. A refrigerant powers the process, which transfers heat from one segment to the next before releasing it into the atmosphere.

vapor-compression refrigeration cycle

The refrigerant rotates around the cycle and passes through the compressor, condenser, throttle valve, and evaporator. In this cycle, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from your room using the evaporator and transfers it to the condenser, where it is released into the atmosphere.

To use an AC as a room heater, the cycle has to be reversed, otherwise, the room will not heat up. This is exactly what heat pumps do. So, theoretically, it is possible.

The practical problems

Many people ask, can ac heat the room in winter? There are a few problems in using AC as a room heater during winter when the temperature drops. Here are the major reasons-

  • Inefficient process: In general, AC faces inward while the back is faced outside. When you reverse it, the machine will struggle and ultimately fail to cool the outside and dump all heat inside your room.
  • Fails below a fixed temperature: Many air conditioners are manufactured in a way to prevent cooling below a specific temperature. So, if it’s colder outside, the AC will fail to work as a heater.
  • Costly investment: As said earlier, you can use a heat pump that works oppositely to an air conditioner. But it is very costly and not worthy to use as a room heater.
Can AC Be Used As Room Heater In The Winter

The ultimate solution – Hot and Cold AC

The all-weather AC or Hot and Cold AC is suitable for both winters as well as summers. It is equipped with a cooling and heating system based on the latest reverse cycle technology.

Benefits of Hot and Cold AC:

  • During summer, the cooling system chills the air. But during winter, the cooling mechanism is turned off, and the heating system operates to make the atmosphere warm to the desired temperature.
  • If you’re feeling chilly, you can easily turn on the heat mode on your air conditioner’s remote controller and adjust the thermostat to your preferred temperature by pressing a single button.
  • As portable heaters may overload electric circuits, reverse-cycle air conditioning is far more convenient, less expensive, and safer to operate.

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Split AC is one such air conditioner that can both cool down and heat up your room. Built with a dual inverter compressor this hot and cold split AC can run in the summer, winter, and even the monsoons. Unlike ordinary air conditioners, it comes with a gold fin condenser that is more resistant to corrosion and extends heat exchange for a long time.

High airflow is provided by Voltas’ distinctive louver design, which helps cool the room more quickly and eliminates any hot spots in a short time. With the Dual Display function, you can see both the set temperature and the ambient temperature simultaneously.

However, any normal split AC will consume less power than hot and cold ACs because of the heating facility. While the heating facility is an advantage, excess power consumption is a disadvantage. Overall, a hot and cold AC is the best choice if you want to use your air conditioner as a room heater.

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