How to Use a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

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Semi-automatic washing machines are small and portable, and perfect for small apartments. The mechanism of the semi-automatic washing machine is different than the fully automatic washing machine.

In the best semi-automatic washing machine, you need to add water manually, connect the hoses, use your hands to put clothes in the dryer after washing, and drain the machine after each use. 

Though these are certain things that you need to do manually in a semi-automatic washing machine, many people prefer it as it is affordable than the fully automatic ones. Besides, many people believe these machines come with enough longevity. If this is the first time you are buying a semi-automatic washing machine, knowing the step-by-step guide will help you to use the machine perfectly.

No matter which washing machine brand you choose, you can follow the user manual to find any special instructions to follow for that particular brand. Else, the basic methods of using it are almost the same for every brand. Today, we are going to discuss the basic steps of how to use a semi-automatic washing machine.

how to use a semi automatic washing machine

Step-by-Step Guide to Use a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

A semi-automatic washing machine comes with a single tub or double tub that helps wash loads of clothes. A semi-automatic machine can reduce much of your load of washing clothes by hand. It can washes, rinse, and dries your clothes quickly, and your clothes become cleaner and softer after every wash. Here are the detailed steps to use the semi-automatic washing machine-

connecting the semi-automatic washing machine

Step 1: Connect the washing Machine

  1. It would be best to plug in the washing machine if you had an electrical socket near the sink. Having the washing machine near the sink will help you to fill the machine quickly and easily. 
  2. Now, connect the hose pipe to the faucet in the sink and the washing machine. While buying a hose, you need to make sure whether both the ends fit snuggly to the faucet and the washing machine. You will get the hose with the machine, but it is replaceable too. If it doesn’t fit perfectly to the faucet, hold it to fill water in the machine.
  3. Place the draining hose over the sink. The draining hose is connected to the bottom of the machine and comes with an open end that you can securely place over the sink to drain the washed and dirty water away from the machine. 
choosing the correct semi-automatic setting

Step 2: Washing off Your Clothes

  1. This is the most crucial step of using a washing machine. Fill the washing machine with 2/3rd part with water. Here, you can check the user manual to know how much water you need for the number of clothes. You may find the markings inside the machine to fill water.
  2. Now, add detergent to the water before adding clothes to it. Depending on the load of laundry, you need to use a suitable quantity of detergent. You can use powder or liquid detergent of your choice. Follow the user manual to use detergent for the particular machine.
  3. Mix the detergent well with the water. Close the lid of the machine and set it in the ‘Wash’ mode. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then turn off the machine. You will find the dials and buttons on the top of the machine with suitable labels. So, you won’t find it difficult to operate.
  4. Now, put all your dirty clothes into the washing machine. Always put as many clothes as per the capacity of the machine. You will find it in the user manual how much load it can take. It is always better to put lesser clothes than the actual capacity of the machine for effective washing.
  5. Now, set the time for around ten minutes to wash the clothes thoroughly. If your clothes are too dirty and soiled, you can select the timer for more than 10 minutes; nearly 15 minutes is enough. 
  6. In many semi-automatic washing machines, you will find settings, like ‘normal wash’, ‘heavy wash’, etc. You can choose any of these options according to the dirt on your clothes.
wash your clothes well with semi automatic washing machine

Step 3: Spinning Your Laundry and Drying It

  1. Once washing is done, open the lid of the washing tub and bring out the clothes. Put those into the spin tub one by one. The spin tub is the smaller one beside the washing tub. If there is any covering inside the spin tub, replace it before turning it on. 
  2. Now, turn the spin timer for 2 to 5 minutes. If you just want to rinse those, you can set the timer for 2 minutes. Five minutes is enough to dry clothes.
  3. For rinsing, run the water for 2 minutes while starting the spin cycle. Thus, all the soap water will be rinsed well. Once you semi-dry the clothes, you can hang those for drying completely.
spinning and drying your laundry

Step 4: Draining the Machine and Putting Away Those

  1. Set the machine on the ‘drain’ mode so that the water doesn’t remain inside. The dirty water will be drained through the basin. Once the contaminated water is completely drained, you should dial back to the ‘Wash’ mode to turn off the machine.
  2. Once your washing is done, you need to open the washing tub and the spin tub and wipe off both the tubs with a towel. It is vital to keep it moisture-free to maintain your semi-automatic washing machine.
  3. Disconnect the washing machine and also don’t forget to remove the hose from the sink. Keep your washing machine in such an area so that it doesn’t come in your way.

So, these are the steps of using a semi-automatic. Though you need to do certain things manually, using a semi-automatic washing machine is very easy.

Tip for first time users of semi-automatic washing machines

So far, you get the idea of using a semi-automatic washing machine whether you are a pro or a beginner. All such washers are top loading washing machines. If you are planning to use one of them for the first time, follow the following tips-

  • Cleaning and maintaining the washing machine is essential. If your washing machine has stains or grime, you can run it with hot water and bleaching powder solution. You will get rid of such marks.
  • While using it for the first time, make sure you don’t put any hard or sharp objects in it as those can cause permanent damage to the machine.
  • Always drain the dirty water after usage. Never forget and store the water inside the machine as that will cause damage and rust to it.
  • You can use any type of detergent, like liquid, powder, or tablet ones. But, make sure those are not too harsh on your clothes and appliance. Check out the user manual if it has any such tips on using a detergent for washing clothes.
  • As it is semi-automatic, it can’t deal with speed and water automatically like the fully automatic washing machine. So, while using it for the first time, you need to remember that you should do all these things manually.
  • You can wash almost every type of clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine. But remember to use water and detergent differently for different fabrics. For cotton and linen, always use cold water to avoid shrinkage. While washing woolens, you can use lukewarm water and separate detergent for washing cotton and denim.
  • While washing clothes for the first time in the semi-automatic washing machine, you should not mix up clothes. Wash white-colored and light-colored clothes separately from the dark-colored ones.
  • Always put a lesser load to wash in your semi-automatic washing machine for the first time. This will determine more effective washing. Also, choose the load as per the weight of dry clothes, not the weight of wet clothes.
  • Saving water is also very important in today’s life. So, if you are using a semi-automatic washing machine for the first time, you can pour water into it with a bucket. Thus, you will know how much water you will need instead of filling it through a hose.
  • If you are using it for the first time, you should not use the washing machine repeatedly. Always give a break of half an hour after first use so that the motor gets to cool down.

FAQ about semi-automatic washing machines

How does a semi-automatic washer dryer work?

Once your clothes are washed in the washing tub of the semi-automatic washing machine, you need to remove those manually and put those into the spin tub. If there is any additional cover, you should remove it before working on it. Put all the clothes into it and set the machine in ‘Spin’ mode. Set the timer for 2 to 5 minutes. For drying, 5 minutes is enough.

What is the difference between semi-automatic and automatic washing machines?

The fundamental difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic washing machine is the first one runs automatically, and no manual effort is needed. To run a semi-automatic machine, you need to do something manually. You just need to load the fully automatic machine with dirty clothes, cover the lid and operate it with buttons. Washing, spinning, rinsing, and drying, everything will be done automatically. There is one single tub for everything. In a semi-automatic machine, you need to wash and dry separately. Once washing is done, put all the clothes into the drying and spinning tub. Also, after each washing, you need to drain the dirty water in the semi-automatic washing machine, which is done automatically in the automatic machine.

How do you clean a semi-automatic washing machine?

It is crucial to keep your semi-automatic washing machine cleaned and maintained. After every use, you need to wipe off the tubs with a dry towel. Make sure it is fresh and clean while storing it. To remove stains and germs, you can go for a hot wash with bleaching powder. Fill the washing machine with hot water and add 2 cups of bleaching powder. Now, turn on the ‘Wash’ mode. Run the washing machine thoroughly and drain the water.

Using a Semi-automatic washing machine : bottom line

So, here you get enough information on using a semi-automatic washing machine. The operation of a semi-automatic washing machine is not as easy as a front load washing machine as it does not have fully automated features. But it is not that hard as well. We have discussed the steps of using it so that it won’t be a problem for you to operate it. Once you follow our thorough guidelines, it won’t be difficult for you to use a semi-automatic washing machine.

Also, specific tips will help you to use it for the first time. With all these tips, you find it practical to use and know how to maintain the appliance so that it helps you for a long time. Be gentle while handling the machine.

We have also developed an FAQ section where you will get answers to specific common questions regarding using semi-automatic washing machines. Once you go through it, you won’t have any doubt regarding the use of the machine. Go for any brand, and don’t forget to go through the user manual.

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