Can We Use A Steam Iron Without Water? – The Definitive Guide

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Ironing is essential for your clothes when you go out. It is after ironing your clothes that you will look tip-top and have a refreshing look. The types of iron have also evolved over years. And one of them, namely steam iron, is professionally used to make the clothes free from wrinkles.

The best steam iron works like a hand-pressing iron, but it also has a separate compartment that stores water which later turns into steam by the application of heat. The process of steam generation is quite similar to a garment steamer. The superheated steam then emits from the steam holes of the soleplate and makes the fabric flattened.

But, Can We use a steam iron without water?

Steam iron is undoubtedly more effective iron in removing wrinkles than dry irons. And this type of iron is mainly used for flattening the creases fast effectively. Now, if you doubt whether you can use your steam iron without water! 

Then, your answer for that is, of course, YES, you can use your steam iron without water. Unlike a dry iron, a steam iron utilizes more strokes to flatten the garments, and at the same time, it also uses spray and mist functions for getting the desired results. In most modern-day steam irons, there is a feature of turning the steam iron into a dry iron. You can do so because these days iron, have steam, and the dry feature can help to control your requirement.

You have to fill the water reservoir of a steam iron, and then you have to use the spray feature. Other than that, for a steam iron turning to a dry iron, you can also leave the tank dry if you have a fear of water leakage or spills. In that way also you can use a modern, usable steam iron for dry iron. You can learn more about their differences by comparing steam iron vs dry iron.

Since the answer is yes to your question about if you can use steam iron without water, now let’s learn how you can turn it to dry iron.

can we use steam iron without water

A step-by-step guide to using steam iron without water

Step 1: Wash the clothes thoroughly

The first step is mainly for the smooth operation of the steamed iron. Firstly, you have to clean the clothes with quality detergents thoroughly in a washing machine or by handwashing. This will ensure that no debris, oil, and unwanted material stays with the clothes. Make sure that no dirt remains in your clothing.

Otherwise, it will damage especially the soleplate of your steam iron by blocking the entrance with debris and dirt. After you wash the clothes, dry them well, and the clothes get enough sunlight. Once you are assured that the clothes are properly dried, then you can dry-iron the clothes.

Step 2: Empty water from the tank of the steam iron

This step is optional for the users. It is based on your discretion whether to empty the water from the water tank or not. However, it is suggested to remove the water to have no chance of water leakage or spilling. 

To discharge water from the steam iron, you first have to unplug the plugs from the board. Following that, you have to wait to cool the water tank of the iron. And after that, you have to vacant the water tank for dry steaming. However, note that the water tank is detachable for some steam iron, while the rest have an inbuilt one. In the case of an inbuilt water tank, you can remove the water by tilting the iron upside down. 

Once you remove the water, you have to wipe the droplets and moisture that remain in the soleplate of the steam iron. To wipe the moisture, you have to use a microfiber cloth to dry the iron’s soleplate. However, if there is no water in the steam iron, you can shut the device by turning it off from the dry setting.

Step 3: Set the “Dry” option from the setting knob

For most steam irons, they come with a dry setting option. You have to move the dial or switch the option off. In case your iron doesn’t have a “dry” option, then you can also try an alternative. You can do so by turning the lowest minimum temperature and then slowly increasing the temperature after some time. If you don’t even find the lowest minimum option, take the help of the iron’s manual. Review it and choose the appropriate setting for the “dry” option.

Step 4: Preheat the steam iron

After selecting the appropriate dry iron option, if you are ready to use the iron, you have to plug it in again and switch it on to preheat. Post preheating the iron, you have to choose or select the fabric type and set the accurate temperature for ironing. For preheating the iron, you have to at least wait for five to seven minutes to make it ready to use.

Step 5: Lay the clothes on a flat ironing surface

Since the iron is ready to use, you have to pick your garments and lay them on a flat surface. You can use an ironing board for making your clothes rinse-free. Ensure that the ironing board is heat-resistive so that there do not occur any unfortunate accidents due to overheating. At the same time, you have to lay the garments on the flat surface compulsory because otherwise, it won’t efficiently make the clothes wrinkle-free. 

Step 6. Lay a towel on the iron board

After choosing an appropriate flat surface to iron the clothes, you have to cover the flat board with a white towel. It helps in safeguarding the board or the surface from any kind of heat damage. Follow some of the given instructions to be on the safer side.

Step 7: Iron the clothes

You have to start ironing your clothes once all the proper setup is being done. For ironing the fabric, you have to maintain an accurate temperature. Wait for the time when the iron indicator light turns yellow or green. Some iron indicator lights can also turn red. So, take the help of your manual guide. 

Step 8: Turn off the steam iron

Now once you have known that you can use steam without water, you have to cool it after you use it so that no future accident can occur. Place the iron in a safe place out of reach from kids and pets and unplug the iron from all other electrical connections.

However, you need to remember that you can’t instantly do it in a warm condition to refill water in the tank. So, please wait for some time to cool the water tank and then refill the water for further using it in a dry mode from a steam iron. You will also need to clean the steam iron soleplates regularly to keep them effective.

Using Steam Irons without Water – Conclusion

Steam iron is one of the most efficient ways of flattening your clothes and is mostly used in modern-day homes. In this article, you got the answer to whether a steam iron can be used without water! Other than that, in detail, how to use dry ironing with a steam iron is also covered.

However, remember that you properly use a steam article in a dry mode because there are probabilities of accidents without precautions. And finally, you should cool down the iron in a place in your room that is out of reach for the kids.

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