Wet Grinder Vs. Dry Mixer Grinder – Comparison with Key Differences

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In Indian households, grinding and mixing are essential cooking activities. Traditionally, these tasks were performed using manual tools like mortar and pestle. However, with the advent of modern kitchen appliances, wet grinders, and mixer grinders have become popular.

While both appliances serve a similar purpose, they have distinct differences in terms of their functionalities and applications. Wet grinders are used for grinding soaked lentils, rice, and other grains, while mixer grinders are used for grinding and mixing spices, dry fruits, and vegetables.

It can be confusing to decide which one to choose for your kitchen, as both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between wet grinders and dry mixer grinders to help you make an informed decision.

Wet Grinder Vs. Mixer grinder – Comparison

FeaturesWet grindersMixer grinder
Time from being usedUnlike, electric mixer grinders, wet grinders are conventional machines, which are in use for decades.Mixer grinders can perform multiple functions. It can mix, grind, and blend a variety of food materials.
VersatilityWet grinders can be only used for preparing fluid batter or semi-liquid batter.Compared to the mixer grinder, a wet grinder is bigger and can grind more items at one time.
Construction of grinderA wet grinder comes along with the granite stones usually mounted on a bowl.Mixer grinders operate electronically. Therefore it comes in two jars. For the process of grinding.
CapacityThe Mixer grinder consumes less power in comparison to the wet grinder.There is complex structuring of a dry mixer grinder and it cannot load more items to grind at one time.
PriceThe wet grinders cost more than the mixer grinder.Mixer grinders cost less because of their low capacity to make the batter.
EfficiencyA wet grinder is more efficient in grinding items.It is less efficient in grinding function in comparison to wet grinders.
Power consumptionSince the motor of the wet grinder works faster, therefore it consumes more power.Mixer grinder consumes less power in comparison to the wet grinder.
Cleaning processThere are some difficulties in cleaning a wet grinder.You can clean a mixer grinder easily.
Heat generationIt generates lesser heat.More heat is generated, which affects the flavor of the food.
Family consumptionA wet grinder is ideal to use for joint families of more than four family members.Mixer grinder works only for three to four family members in a family.
wet grinder vs. mixer grinder

wet grinder vs. Dry mixer grinder -Which is better and Why?

Dry mixer Grinders are a more recent innovation

A wet grinder is at least ten years old and is referred to as one of the conventional grinding food items. The appliance is composed professionally, which helps you to make good quality food batter from grind food items or grains. With the best wet grinder, you can easily make fluid as well as semi-fluid batter.

The main difference between a wet grinder and a mixer grinder is that the latter is new to the market. The machine is made in an advanced way to deal with multiple functions at one time. Juicer mixer grinders are a more modern version of them with juicing facilities.

So, for you, old or new, which one is gold? 

Mixer grinders are more versatile than wet grinders

Wet grinders are not made for handling multiple functions at a time. It is only used for making smooth fluid batter or semi-fluid batter only. With the help of a bowl and grinding stone, the appliance fulfills its function.

A mixer grinder is composed of multiple functions. One positive side of the mixer grinder is its versatility, due to which it became popular in the market. You can use it for mixing, blending as well as grinding different food items. And all at ease and within minutes. Know more about the pros and cons of a mixer grinder.

You can buy a mixer if you are looking to deal with multiple kitchen stuff in one appliance. Otherwise, a wet grinder will suit you if you are looking for smooth battering. 

Wet grinders have simpler construction than mixer grinders

A wet grinder functions in a simple way. It comes with a granite stone mounted on a bowl. There are some additional stones attached to the motor part of the grinder. When the motor rotates, one of the stones rotates so that it crushes the food ingredient. The stones are used for grinding the items most finely without remaining any food crumbles.

In comparison to this, a dry grinder usually comes with two small jars for different uses. And on them, one jar is used for wet processing and the other for dry processing. In this way, you can use both functions within the same machine. The wet grinder vs. mixer grinder construction is one of the notable points for you to consider. 

Wet grinders have a higher capacity than dry mixer grinders

The capacity of the mixer grinder is not that great. You can indeed use a mixer grinder like Prestige Iris for multiple functions, but that does not help enhance the motors’ capacity. And in addition, it has a complex structure due to which you can’t load more items at a time in the dry mixer grinder.

The wet grinder is comparatively bigger and can grind more items at a time. The motor of the wet mixer grinder also works fast, which gives it an additional benefit. 

Mixer grinders are cheaper than wet grinders

The motor of the wet grinder makes it price more in the market. The motor of a wet grinder is speedy as compared to a mixer grinder. Therefore, you will not find a wet mixer grinder below Rs 3000 in the market.

The dry mixer grinder usually comes in the average price range and, thus, is affordable for all households. But the maintenance cost of the mixer is not low. Its several attachments like food processors, or spiral machine need regular maintenance, and therefore, its monthly charges are also high.

Wet grinders are more efficient than dry mixer grinders

The primary purpose of a grinder is to grind food grains and other stuff. And the goal is well fulfilled by a wet grinder. With the help of more power, the motor makes a smooth fluid batter with leaving crumbles of food.

And in opposition to that, using a mixer grinder is not satisfactory for the sole grinding purpose. You will find small or medium size crumbles in the food jar after the grinding process is complete. Due to this, the food quality gets degraded with a mixer grinder as compared to the wet grinder.

In this way, in the wet grinder vs. mixer grinder comparison, the former gets a plus point in this aspect.

Wet grinders consume less power than mixer grinders

If the wet grinder’s efficiency is more than that of the mixer grinder, it is obvious the former consumes more power. It takes more time to grind in a wet grinder because of its limited mechanisms. Thus, a wet grinder consumes more power than a mixer grinder. 

Dry mixer grinders take more time than wet grinders to clean

The containers and the wet grinder as a whole are heavier and more extensive than a mixer grinder. It, therefore, takes more time to clean a wet grinder as compared to the mixer grinder. The mice grinder is portable, and the jars are smaller in size, which takes less time to wash the jar. 

Mixer grinders generate more heat than wet grinders

The next point in the comparison of wet grinders and mixer grinders is that of heat generation. The dry grinder generates more heat due to its complex structure and working process compared to a conventional wet grinder. And the worrying part about heat generation is that more heat can ruin the original flavor of the food. The aroma of the food evades and gives an artificial fragrance.

Secondly, since the wet grinder uses a stone for finding, it is durable for a more extended period. This is mainly because the stone stays sharp for more time as considered to the metallic blades

Wet grinders are suitable for bigger families than mixer grinders

Always buy a grinder, keeping in mind the size of your family. That is, if you have a nuclear family, then you don’t need an unnecessarily heavy and oversized machine in your kitchen. A mixer grinder is sufficient for smaller families, a family with three to four adult members.

If you are buying a grinder for a business or a kitchen of a joint family, then consider the wet grinder. The containers used for the wet grinders are larger and suitable for more family members of a family. You can grind food grains for more than five to six members in a wet grinder. Therefore, make your wise choice and buy the grinder which will be suitable for your kitchen.

Wet grinder or Mixer grinder – Which one to choose?

After analyzing the comparison of the wet grinder vs. mixer grinder, you must have selected your favorite one. If you are still confused between the two, decide whether you want to make the perfect batter for your food or perform versatile functions. If you wish to get a smooth batter, pick wet grinders, or have multiple features, nothing is better than a dry mixer grinder. 

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