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Getting your beloved fish a healthy diet is the uttermost priority of any fishkeeper. Hobbyists often tend to buy an average quality food commonly available in the local fish store. But before you buy, you need to check which level in your tank the fishes dwell, if it is suitable for them and what type of food they need.

Some of the good brands mention all these details on the label of the fish container or pouch. Before you buy fish food, you must check all these facts. To ease your research, in this article we will guide you to find the most suitable aquarium fish food brand in India.

best fish frood brand in India

Fishes and Best Brand for Food

Fishes and InvertebratesFish Food Brand
Community Tank with different types of fishesTetra
GoldfishHikari, Tetra
African and American CichlidsHikari
Tetra, Danio, Barb, Rasbora, Guppy, Molly, Platy fishHikari
Betta fishHikari
Flowerhorn, Arowana, ParrotsOcean Free
Turtle, CrabHikari, Taiyo

Best Brands for Aquarium Fish Food

In India, the fishkeeping hobby has grown quite popular. To meet the demands, some good brands have come into play.

1. Hikari

People who are in fishkeeping hobbies for several years must have heard of Hikari. It is the biggest brand for the best aquarium fish food in India. Headquartered in Japan, the company has now worldwide business covering North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

They are known for making high-quality foods for different types of freshwater fishes like cichlids, guppies, catfishes, tetras, parrots as well as shrimps, turtles, and crabs. On top of that, Hikari also has some good quality foods for marine fish. The price of their products is not too cheap but very reasonable because of the highest quality.

We have researched and used the following products practically for a month to check the quality and price if these are worth buying. What we have found is these are highly nutritious and perfect for the type of fish mentioned on the label. The growth and coloration of the fishes are the ideals.

2. Ocean Free

This is another great brand that produces high-quality premium fish food. Ocean Free specializes in producing food for marine fishes and freshwater cichlid fishes. They are the most popular brand for hobbyists with Flowerhorn, Parrots, and Arowana fishes.

Ocean Free’s food range for Flowerhorn fishes is known to be one of the best in India. They have special food for growing their humps as well as beautiful coloration with no compromise in nutrition.

Arowana, being a delicate fish, needs a lot of care. They are carnivorous and surface feeders. Therefore, you must feed them with a proper diet. Ocean Free comes with some excellent food for Arowanas.

The following products are some of the best fish foods from Ocean Free.

3. Tetra

If you are looking for the cheapest fish food with reasonable quality, Tetra can be your solution. Based in the USA, Tetra markets food for all kinds of fishes including Discus, Angel, Tetra, Guppy, Arowana, Koi, and Marine Fishes.

Tetra produces flake, granules, and pallet types of food to suit different types of dwellers in the tank. It is the most popular brand in India because of the low price range. Therefore, if you are tight on budget, it can be the best choice.

These products are most liked by aquarists.

4. Taiyo

Based in Chennai, Taiyo manufactures very good quality fish foods. They are also known for producing good quality fish foods in a cheaper price range. Tayo’s product range includes general fish food, floating pallet for goldfishes and carps, food for parrots, turtle, and many more.

How to select the right food for your fishes?

Before you buy any dry food for your fish, you must check which type of food they need. Apart from living foods like bloodworm, artemia, sludge worm, brine shrimp, and feeder fishes, the foods can be categorized mostly in the following way.

  • Flakes and Crisps: Best for Surface and Mid-feeding fishes. Good for Goldfish and Carps.
  • Pallets: Can suit most of the fishes as there are 3 types of pallets- floating, slow-sinking, and fast sinking.
  • Wafers: Ideal for bottom dwellers like Pleco.
  • Frozen Food: Can suit most types of fishes as it can be made of bloodworm, daphnia, or brine shrimp.
  • Dried Food: It is a very good option for the carnivorous fishes but can suit most types of fishes except the algae-feeders.

If you have a community tank with mixed types of fish, pallet-type fish food can suit you best. For a species-only tank, the hobbyist must select the right food as per the above description. Brands like Hikari, Ocean Free, Tetra have the best fish food that you should try as per your requirements.

Tips for selecting the best fish food brand in India

  1. Before buying fish food, first, assess which type of food you need.
  2. Check which brand can suit the food type most.
  3. Select the quantity of fish food (50g, 75g, 100g, 500g, 1Kg, etc.)
  4. We recommend choosing a bigger quantity as it saves a lot of money. It depends upon the consumption rate.
  5. Always buy from the brand that is a specialist for a particular fish. For example, if you have Malawi Cichlids, we would recommend Hikari. But, if you have a Flowerhorn, you should definitely go for Ocean Free.

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