Airflow (CFM) Calculator for Fan, AC and Air Cooler

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For every cooling appliance, airflow is a crucial point of consideration. Without proper airflow, the effectiveness of the machine decreases. With this calculator, you can easily compute the airflow required (CFM) for your room. Just put the dimension of your room in the box, and when you click the button, it will calculate the ideal CFM required.

Why is the calculation of airflow important?

When we buy a fan, air conditioner, or air cooler, we must ensure it is adequate for our room size. With a low-capacity appliance for a large room, you cannot make the most out of it. The same logic is applicable to over-capacity machines. Without proper airflow, the following things can happen-

  • Insufficient cooling effect reduces the efficacy of the appliance.
  • More energy will be required to cool down the same space. It will reduce the efficiency of the machine.
  • If the home appliance runs for a long time in overloaded condition, its durability will reduce, create noise, and ultimately fail.
  • The machine will get heated faster.

You will find two types of devices to recirculate the room air- fan and blower. Fans are ideal for small and medium-sized rooms. Blowers produce more airflow compared to fans, and thus, they are ideal for large rooms.

For these reasons, you must choose a product that can distribute the air properly in your room. Airflow is usually measured with the unit of CFM- Cubic Feet per Minute. All types of fans- ceiling, table, exhaust, and pedestal fans come with a rated CFM. Air coolers and conditioners also have a similar rating. It helps to determine the suitable room size.

Now, what if you already know how much airflow is needed for your room?

This is what this calculator does. You can easily calculate the suitable airflow requirement according to your room’s length, width, and height.

Airflow (CFM) Calculator For Fan, AC And Air Cooler

How to use this Airflow (CFM) calculator?

To calculate the ideal airflow requirement for your AC, fan, or air cooler, follow these steps-

  1. Put the length, width, and height of your room in the respective boxes. Note that the unit must be in feet.
  2. Click on the “calculate” button. It will instantly compute the ideal minimum airflow (CFM) for your room size.

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