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Understanding the electricity bill is a tedious task for many Indians. All of us own multiple home appliances in our homes. When planning to buy a new home appliance, we must check how much electricity it consumes.

To help people understand the electrical efficiency of their homes and its monetary implications, we have built this online electricity consumption calculator. Simply fill up the details in the boxes and click the “calculate power consumption” button to compute the electricity usage.

This online energy consumption and electricity bill calculator will help you estimate the power requirement and its cost daily, monthly, and yearly.

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Energy Consumption Calculator For Home

How To Use This Power Consumption Calculator?

  1. Check any home appliance’s rated power (watts) on its label and put it in the first box on the calculator. For example, a ceiling fan has a rated power in the range of 35-80 watts. You can also sum up the total wattage of various home appliances and put it in the box to calculate the home power consumption in India.
  2. After completing the previous step, put the duration of use in the next box.
  3. Choose an efficiency for your appliance. For a typical new home appliance, it is usually around 90%, but with time, the equipment becomes less efficient.
  4. Now, click on the “Calculate Power Consumption” button. The calculator will show you power consumption and electricity bill on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

What Benefits Can You Get From This Energy Calculator?

  • Understanding which home appliance consumes how much electricity from this power consumption calculator allows you to plan your power requirement and usage more efficiently.
  • You can also get an overall idea of how much electricity your home appliances like fans, lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, TV, and washing machine consume.
  • Get daily, monthly, and yearly estimations of power consumption with a click.

How to Calculate Electricity Consumption at Home?

Every electrical appliance in the market comes with a rated wattage or operational power range in watts. Some appliances allow the user to change the power depending on the requirement.

The actual wattage of common household appliances should be within the range of power mentioned in the above table. Thus, with new innovations, home appliance brands constantly upgrade their products, focussing on power-saving solutions.

To calculate power consumption in India, you must know that the consumed electricity depends mostly on two factors-

  1. The wattage of the appliance
  2. Run time

By multiplying these two factors, we can get the theoretical power consumption by the appliance.

Power Consumption= Wattage*Run Time

But the actual consumed power can vary from the rated wattage because of the machine’s efficiency. New appliances usually run with approximately 90% efficiency. With time, natural deterioration starts in various parts of the machine. It results in decreasing the efficiency of the appliance. Therefore, you need proper cleaning and maintenance to keep the efficiency up. To calculate the electricity cost, multiply the power consumption with the electricity tariff.

All these factors are considered to design this electricity consumption calculator. So, simply put the required information and calculate the power consumption in a fraction of a second!

Range of rated power of home appliances in India

home appliance power consumption and energy calculator

These are the typical wattage range (rated power) of common home appliances and kitchen appliances in India-

ApplianceMin. PowerMax. Power
Air Conditioner600 Watts3000 Watts
Air Cooler50 Watts200 Watts
Ceiling Fan35 Watts80 Watts
Dishwasher1000 Watts2000 Watts
Electric Kettle1000 Watts2000 Watts
Geyser/ Water Heater1000 Watts2000 Watts
Induction Cooktop800 Watts3000 Watts
Microwave Oven1000 Watts2500 Watts
Mixer Grinder400 Watts1200 Watts
Refrigerator200 Watts800 Watts
Room Heater1500 Watts3000 Watts
Steam Iron1000 Watts2200 Watts
Television70 Watts300 Watts
Toaster600 Watts1200 Watts
Tube Light20 Watts40 Watts
Vacuum Cleaner1000 Watts2000 Watts
Washing Machine700 Watts2000 Watts

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